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Duquesne Frog

Frog History Thread

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I couldn't think of a good place to put this and couldnt remember if we had a thread of this nature.  Maybe we could turn this into some ruminations about Horned Frog history. 


Melissa Triebwasser at Frogs o' War posted and elegy to the 1998 Sun Bowl, the game that Mark's the beginning of the Frog Renaissance weve enjoyed over the last 2 decades.  In the thread is a link to a youtube link to the entire game with Sean McDonough and Terry Donohue announcing.




I rewatched most of the game with a few observations ...


USCs defensive line coach that day was current LSU coach Ed Orgeron.  


For all the damn buzz about Chris Claiborne, by far the better USC linebacker that day, was Zeke Moreno.  I was probably biased by how inconsequential Claiborne was in that game but i was surprised to see that he did go on to have an ok pro career, mostly with the Lions.


I forgot that Papadakis windbag got their final TD.


LRBW2XAPCotYHCGMFP's defense was so epic in that 4th quarter, stopping USCs gathering momentum dead in its tracks once they figured out how to stop the option.  And there was quite a bit of future NFL talent on that defense, more than I remembered. 


Landry Burdine made the tackle on the opening kickoff.


Why in the hell did we have Royce Huffman returning punts? I know he may be one of the best overall athletes TCU has ever had, but he was no punt returner.  Especially with that sophomore on the roster that year wearing #5...

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18 hours ago, Duquesne Frog said:

Landry Burdine made the tackle on the opening kickoff.

I 💜 Liverlips.


13 hours ago, Rothbardian said:

Mike Mayock sighting as well...sideline reporter.



Excellent thread, Duq. Thanks!

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That's the one 👆 where I got the chickenpox. Not the most fun band trip of my college career.

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ESPN came up with a list of the 150 best college coaches in history, and the Frogs get 3 (plus an alum who didnt coach at TCU) on the list ...


135. Dutch

125. Francis Schmidt



Johnny Vaught comes in at 44.  A lot to complain about on the list, but that's what lists are for ...




You may note that not a single rapey u coach makes the cut ...

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