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Senor Ballistico

The official 2019 TCU Football countdown thread

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David Roach, 2009 Rams



Tony Jeffery, 1991 NY/NJ Knights (4th row, 4th from left)



Greg Evans, 1998 Redskins



Brandon Finnegan, 2014 Royals



Scott Atchison, 2005 Mariners



Carl Warwick wore #27 for the 1962 Cardinals 

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There was an Okeh release of one of my favorite tunes from 1927 for Blind Lemon, but it was also released at the tail end of 1926, so I will save it for tomorrow and post this great 1927 release instead...



She only had one record for 1927, and it was a bit of a departure from the more bluesy or vaudevillian tunes she usually did. Ragtime on both sides, from July 10, 1927...

Side A...


Side B...



Also from Columbia, and also released on July 10, 1927...




Black Patti Records was founded in Chicago and died in 1927. They released 55 albums over seven months of operation. A more detailed history can be found on the Wikipedia, but I am noting them here for an excuse to post some cool label porn. Their 5th lowest catalog number in full peacock glory...



From the Spring 1927 to Spring 1931 Sears Roebuck & Company catalogs, Sears offered a budget record at 24¢ each under the Challenge label. There was a disclaimer issued for all Challenge records that Sears' other label, SilverTone was the better sounding record. By 1929, both labels would be phased out and Conqueror would replace them. An early pressing...



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14 hours ago, Senor Ballistico said:





Remember when Tech fans led the charge claiming TCU couldn't maintain the week-to-week grind necessary to compete in the Big 12...and then after this game in 2014, claimed that TCU was bullying its opponents....Compared to before 2014, Tech interlopers have been vewwy vewwwy quiet in here....


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Our current 27:



Ar'Darius Washington


A few memorable 27s:



Jason Teague



Tony Jeffery



Nobel Atkins



Cubby Hudler



Jordan Kipper



The 2007 season opener was Andy Dalton's Horned Frog debut.  His first victory at TCU, as a redshirt freshman, was a 27-0 win over Baylor.


A few bonus 27s:



Super Bowl XXVII







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Great enough to be used as a movie title. December 1926...



She's back to her old self, singing about that subject she did so well. April 10, 1926...



For a dash of variety. November 1926...



The movie 'Public Enemies' originally brought me to this tune, pictured here on a pressing from 1926...


... Which brings us to Madison Records being formed in 1926 as a subsidiary of Grey Gull Records. They were a cheap label, with junky shellac, and horrible pressings. They were sold through Woolworth's. The above record is the lowest catalog number I have found, and likely their first release.

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Image result for derrick kindred cleveland browns

Derrick Kindred, 2017-18 Browns


Image result for linzy cole buffalo bills

Linzy Cole, 1972 Bills.  He also wore 26 for two games with the '72 Oilers.


Image result for marvin white cincinnati bengals

Marvin White, 2007-08 Bengals


Image result for dutch meyer detroit tigers

L.D. "Little Dutch" Meyer wore #26 for the 1942 Tigers


Image result for chris eddy 1995 oakland a's

Chris Eddy wore #26 while having a cup of coffee with the 1995 Oakland A's.  Here he is in his TCU uniform.

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Our current 26:



Vernon Scott


A few memorable 26s:



Derrick Kindred



Marvin White



Mike Renfro



Keaton Jones



Sean Wymer


A few bonus 26s:



Kevin Smith



Johnny Oates



Jere Lehtinen




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I only have one artist for 1925 that I listen to and know (some of) the songs from...


February of 1925...



Some random 1925 releases from other labels (I am not familiar with any of them, just random postings to add to the mix of Bessie)...


From Sears...



From Okeh...



From Victor...



Columbia introduced Harmony Records in 1925. They were a budget label that would last until 1932, then later reappear in 1957. The revived incarnation lasted until 1974. The lowest catalog number I have found...



Columbia also introduced Diva Records in 1925. They also lasted until 1932 (remaining stock of the last pressings made in October 1930), and were made to sell in W. T. Grant retail stores. The earliest pressing I have found, from 1927...



And Columbia introduced Velvet Tone Records in 1925. Of course, they died in 1932, too. They were also a budget brand and identical material to Diva and Harmony. Pressing from 1925...



Electrola was founded in Berlin in 1925. They would go on to become part of EMI. A pressing from 1925...




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Image result for marvin white detroit lions

Marvin White, 2009 Lions ...


Image result for 2009 dallas cowboys new york giants

... and that fuzzy guy way over on the sidelines is, I think if the game to which this photo is attributed is correct, Marvin White during his 3-game stint in 2009 with the Cowboys


Image result for linzy cole chicago bears

In his last appearance in the countdown, Linzy Cole, 1970 Bears


Jason Goss wore #25 for the 2003 Cardinals. No pic to be found.



Pete Donohue wore #25 for the 1932 Red Sox

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As of today, we're 90% of the way throug the offseason


Our current 25:



Wyatt Harris


A few memorable 25s:



Kevin White



KaVontae Turpin



Walter Roach



Ryan Carroll



Alex Robinson



Casey Pachall threw 25 touchdown passes in 2011


A few bonus 25s:



Mike Napoli



Joe Nieuwendyk




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She had some true blues to sing about in September 1924...



In 1924, Columbia founded Columbia Masterworks Records as a classical label. It was renamed CBS Masterworks in 1980. In 1990, it was sold to Sony and became Sony Classical Records. I have to sneak him in, because of who he is and because of how important this work is in musical history, even if I am not a huge fan. From 1928...



Herwin Records was founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1924. They sold budget jazz, blues and old-time records and lasted until 1930 when purchased by Paramount's owner, The Wisconsin Chair Company. From 1927...


In the 1960s, a new label was formed as Herwin by a collector. He reissued old jazz and blues tunes on it. From the revived label in 1964 (because any chance to post Skip James is worth grabbing!)...


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Image result for larry brown dallas cowboys

Larry Brown, 1991-95 Cowboys ...


Image result for larry brown oakland raiders

... and 1996-97 Raiders


Image result for richard woodley detroit lions

Richard Woodley, 1996 Lions


Sean Thomas wore #24 for the 1985 Bengals, but I found no picture


Image result for carl warwick st. louis cardinals

Carl Warwick wore #24 for the 1961 Cardinals


Image result for dutch meyer cleveland indians

L. D. "Little Dutch" Meyer wore #24 for the 1945 Indians


A slight digression on this Dutch Meyer, he went on to a minor league managing career after his playing days, managing the Dallas Eagles and the first African-American player in the Texas League, Dave Hoskins.  Hoskins joined the Eagles in 1952, 5 years after Jackie broke the color barrier in the majors.  Better late than never, I suppose.  Of course, TCU's football team didn't integrate until Linzy Cole in the late 1960's ... :ph34r:


Image result for dutch meyer cleveland indians

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Our current 24s:



Julius Lewis



Darwin Barlow


A few memorable 24s:



Joseph Turner



Trevorris Johnson



Forrest Kline




Josh Elander



Darrell Browder



Mike Jones


A few bonus 24s:



Larry Brown



Everson Walls



Marion the Barbarian



Mark Aguirre



Jim Jackson



Hunter Pence




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NOW it’s almost time for football:



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1 hour ago, Lyle Lanley II said:



Forrest Kline


Why do photographers not make athletes do these crazy posed "action" shots anymore?  Fantastic!  (I know this is a drawing, but it is a drawing of a photo).


1 hour ago, Lyle Lanley II said:



Mike Jones

Among the most disappointing TCU performances of my lifetime.  Not Mike Jones in particular, but this game ...

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1923 brings us to the end of what I know, like, and listen to for original music that isn't classical works redone by some random orchestra of the day. Also, it brings us to the beginning of the Empress of Blues' recording catalog...



All of the following are just random 1923 releases for label variety.


Victor from November 23, 1923 (and an awesome name)...



Sears (Silvertone)...



Paramount (and an artist I need to learn more about; heard of her, but haven't heard much, if any, by her)...






There is a bunch of conflicting information on when Cameo Records formed a budget line called Lincoln. The Wikipedia says 1923, and 45 Worlds lists a pressing (without picture) as 1922. Since I have nothing else for 1923, I am going to call it as good of a guess as any and put Lincoln Records here. As stated, they were a budget label, selling for 50¢ originally. They were also Cameo's way of double dipping and pressing Cameo masters with Lincoln labels and using a different name for the artist. Like this early pressing, from "Henry Scott", which was actually a pseudonym for the artist posted above,  William Robyn...


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Image result for kenneth davis buffalo bills

Kenneth Davis, 1989-94 Bills


Image result for jim swink dallas texans

It is surprisingly hard to find a picture of Jim Swink actually in a 1960 Dallas Texans uniform.  He only played in five games for the Texans, starting in three, but they were the first five games of the season and you'd think a big name like his coming out of college would have gotten some media coverage.  But I guess it was still a time before pro football became a juggernaut and in an upstart league that probably wasn't given a lot of attention.  But he's not even in the team photo that you can find online, so the team photo must have been taken later in the season.  His Fleer card, posted here, is clearly still in his TCU uniform ... I'm surprised they didn't just color his shirt red.  He did wear #23 for the Texans.


Image result for curtis fuller carolina panthers

Curtis Fuller, 2004 Panthers


Image result for carl warwick baltimore oriolesImage result for carl warwick baltimore orioles

Carl Warwick wore #23 for the 1965 Orioles (a memorabilia site claims to be selling a game-worn Carl Warwick Orioles jersey for those of you hardcore arcane TCU memorabilia hounds) ...


Image result for carl warwick chicago cubs

... and the 1966 Cubs


Image result for jim busby baltimore orioles

Jim Busby wore #23 for the 1957 Orioles (another example of two Frogs wearing the same number for the same franchise)

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Our current 23:



Tony Wallace


A few memorable 23s:



Jim Swink



Aaron Brown



BJ Catalon



Marvin Godbolt



Mike Lutrell



Jamie Dixon



Alex Young


...and just one bonus 23 for today:







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