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Senor Ballistico

The official 2019 TCU Football countdown thread

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Image result for stan petry kansas city chiefs

Stan Petry, 1989-91 Chiefs ...


Image result for stan petry new orleans saints

... and 1991 Saints


Football-reference says Clint Gresham (2010 Seahawks) and Jonathan Anderson (2018 Cardinals) wore 45, but Anderson never got into a game and Gresham is wearing 49 in the 2010 team photo, so I didn't find any pics.

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A few memorable 45s:



Sammy Baugh



September 18, 2010: TCU 45, Baylor 10....and it wasn't even that close.  We were up 35-3 at halftime, and the trash-talking Baylor fans in my section left at the end of the 1st quarter.  Afterward, Baylor QB and Jar-Jar Binks lookalike contest winner Robert Griffin (THE THIRD!!!!! Please don't confuse him with his non-famous father or his non-famous grandfather) called the Frogs' win "a fluke"



Silly SMU tried an onside kick and LaDarius Brown took it to the house for a very short 45-yard kickoff return for a TD in 2013.


A few bonus 45s:



V-E Day: May 8, 1945



V-J Day: August 15, 1945



A.C. Green



The Dutch Oven, in his finest moment






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Your 1945 Heisman winner, Felix "Doc" Blanchard, AKA Mr. Inside:

Image result for doc blanchard heisman


Bonus: Your 1945 National Champions, who are often referred to as the greatest team of all time: https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2016/12/9/13843204/1945-army-football-season-world-war-2 " In nine games, Army took on six of the best teams in the country and beat them by an average of 45-6."

Image result for 1945 army team

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As promised, a far more sincere effort. With an amazing group collaborating. My favorite track from both Ella and the Ink Spots, and they had a bunch of great ones between them...



I was going to post Musicraft 312. It seems that a picture or video of that specific 78 does not exist on the internet, according to Google and DuckDuckGo. Which is perplexing, because it is the most famous version of about a half dozen different ones the artist did of it. I will instead post a picture of a similar one, also from 1944:


Pretend the catalog number reads "312 A", and the title reads "(BLACK GAL) WHERE DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT?" That is the version that Nirvana based their version on, as well as the version most encountered on any Lead Belly CD you will find (the train and decapitation version with my girl and shivering the whole night through). I don't feel that it was his best song, or even his best version of Black Girl/In The Pines/Where Did You Sleep Last Night?. I don't even think that Lead Belly did the best version of the song (that version is coming in a few days, and it isn't blues, even if it is blue...) But I felt that because of Cobain (even if he falsely attributed it to being a song written by Huddie Ledbetter), it was probably the one Lead Belly song that couldn't be left out. The internet fooled me, though.


And on a sadder note - December 15, 1944.


He had more top hits than Elvis and The Beatles, so narrowing it down to one just won't cut it. I have a favorite that isn't included here, but a fair start would be this 78rpm album released in April of 1944.


For a track listing...



A: American Patrol
B: Song Of The Volga Boatmen
C: Tuxedo Junction
D: In The Mood
E: Little Brown Jug
F: Moonlight Serenade
G: Star Dust
H: Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand




Comet Records was founded in 1944. They were a jazz and R&B label that would be bought up by Black & White in a few years. Their main claim to fame was that they recorded but sat on a session with Red Norvo and his Selected Sextet. Musicians in there included Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie "Bird" Parker, Flip Phillips, Teddy Wilson, Specs Powell, Slam Stewart and J. C. Heard. Their most famous artist that actually saw a release on the label was a Texan from Linden (not Don Henley), though...


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Today is a bumper crop of Frog pros ...


Image result for ty summers green bay packers

Ty Summers, 2019 Packers


Image result for josh carraway tennessee titans

Josh Carraway, 2017-18 Titans ...


Related image

... and 2019 Rams


Image result for billy gault minnesota vikings

I posted this picture 3 days ago for Justin Rowland's place in the countdown, but there was another Frog who got his NFL cup of coffee with this same team, Billy Gault ... second row, 3rd player from the right.


Image result for jim shofner cleveland browns

Jim Shofner, 1958-63 Browns


Image result for lyle blackwood baltimore colts

Lyle Blackwood, 1977-82 Colts


Image result for john booty tampa bay buccaneers

What's another word for pirate treasure?  John Booty, 1995 Buccaneers


Image result for tommy gramly cleveland indians

Tom Gramly, 1968 Indians


Image result for kurt thomas seattle sonics

Not to spoil anything, but in four days I will be posting a shittonne of Kurt Thomas pictures, but for one season, with the 2008 Sonics, he wore #44.


Image result for goo kennedy utah stars

Goo Kennedy, 1976 Utah Stars

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A few memorable 44s:



LaMarcus McDonald - I gave him a high 5 at Fuzzy's one time, back when they weren't a chain, were open 24/7 and didn't give an F about serving beers after 2am.



Chris Manfredini - bonus Reeves Dalton appearance!



Johnny Vaught - always remember to remind your Ole Miss friends that their stadium is named for one of ours.



Big Game Howie



Darius Anderson's 3rd TD run of the day, coming with 2:37 left, was the nail in the coffin of TCU's 44-31 win in Stillwater in 2017


A few bonus 44s:



Robert Newhouse



Ken Hill, Sr




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1943 was smack dab in the middle of the Musician's Union strike of 1942-44. Most releases during that period would be found on V-discs like so...


The commercial music had to be released on rationed shellac and beeswax (used for cutting the masters). Because of the strike, most of the releases were from recordings made before 1942, and the labels were starting to run low on new material to put to market. This made for a smaller than normal output of releases in 1943...





King Records was founded in 1943, originally focusing on country music. Their biggest claim was launching the career of an unknown artist by the name of James Brown.


For a Texas connection, Ivory Joe Hunter (Kirbyville), Moon Mullican (Polk County), Johnny "Guitar" Watson (Houston), and Joe Tex (born in Rogers, but grew up in Baytown) were all on King labels, or divisions of the King label.


King's various other divisions included Queen (founded in 1943 also, the original division for "race records"), Federal Records (1950, for R&B and where James Brown ended up). King aquired De Luxe records in 1952, and absorbed Bethlehem Records in 1962. King was bought out by Starday Records in 1968.


An early (3rd release in the catalog, December 1, 1944) King label...


The earliest Queen I have found (1945)...


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Image result for colin jones san francisco 49ers

Colin Jones, 2011 49ers


Image result for stefan crichton baltimore orioles

Stefan Crichton, 2017 Orioles


Image result for geno espineli san francisco giants

Geno Espineli, 2008 Giants (you'll have to take my word that the other digit is a 3)


Image result for dutch meyer chicago cubs

In the first of 6 appearances in the countdown, few or none of which will actually show his number, is L.D. "Little Dutch" Meyer, Dutch Meyer's nephew, who played MLB on either side of WWII.  He wore 43 in his 1937 rookie season for the Cubs.

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Our current 43:



Izaih Filikitonga


A few memorable 43s:



Tank Carder



Cliff Murphy



Lindy Berry



The Frogs shutout Kansas, 43-0, in 2017


A few bonus 43s:



Don Perkins



Cliff Harris




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Come on, nobody's gonna post the Immaculate Deflection? :)

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1 hour ago, PurpleDawg said:

Come on, nobody's gonna post the Immaculate Deflection? :)




I took this before the game from my seat that was kind of in the bend of the oval near the goal line on the TCU.  The seats didn't look great when I bought them but Andy's TD run happened right in front of us and then the immaculate deflection was in that same endzone.  Sometimes you get lucky with bad seats. 




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1 hour ago, DirtyThirdFrog said:

I think Izaih Filikitonga is going to be a big time player for us.


I may have told this story on here before, but I know someone who played in high school with his Dad.  Said he was the most naturally & freakishly strong person he'd ever met.


I've been impressed to see how Izaih has put on weight since getting to campus.  He was in a walking boot at the spring game - I hope he's healthy coming in to fall camp.

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I am going to break pattern here and ignore the first release date of this next 45rpm being in the 50s because the song itself was originally just aired over the radio in 1942. It is my feeling that too much time had passed between the broadcast and the first posthumous release to treat it otherwise. And it is my favorite Miller track. (Bonus use of the song and the quirks of a turntable can be found in the 2009 movie Triangle, to beautiful effect.)...



We are also going to be quadruple dipping into this well. Along with it being a great tune, it allows adding an Asch record label to the list...





In 1942, musician Johnny Mercer formed a cute little record label side project out on the west coast. They released four 78s (including one of Mercer's own: #103) on June 29, 1942. This is the lowest catalog numbered shellac...



I am not about to even start listing all of the Texas connections or subsidiaries to that behemoth. The Wikipedia is probably the best place to start for the history of Capitol Records, though.


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A few memorable 42s:



Ty Summers



Matt Panfil



Carl Knox



Ron Clinkscale



Casey Pachall ended his playing days at TCU with 42 career TD passes


A few bonus 42s:



Jackie Robinson



Jerry Stackhouse




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Colin Jones, 2012-present Panthers



John Booty, 1988-90 Jets ...



... and 91-92 Eagles ...



... and 1993 Cardinals



Lyle Blackwood, 1981-86 Dolphins



Derrell Palmer, 1950-51 Browns



John Preston wore 42 for the 1987 Cardinals.  Not sure if he is in this pic.  Might have been a scab player ...



Don McDonald wore 42 for the 1961 Bills.  We will assume the 42 in this picture is him.

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The best version of the song, in my opinion...


His first recording, and before he found electricity. Greatness...


CCR did a really good cover, but it couldn't hold a candle to this version. Three down, only one more. I wonder what could be next?...



Formed in October of 1941, Gold Star Records (originally as the Quinn Recording Company) was briefly covered in a previous post. As previously mentioned, they are in Houston. They are also the oldest registered recording studio in the Southeastern US. They started out doing radio advertising recordings, but released their first honest music 78 in 1946. Their main musical focus initially was blues/R&B, hillbilly/country, and Cajun music. That first 78 ended up being the first and only Cajun song to ever make it into the Billboard Top 5...


Gold Star recorded and/or released albums of a slew of Texans such as Lightnin' Hopkins (Centerville), George Jones (Saratoga), the Sir Douglas Quintet (from San Antonio), Freddy Fender (born in San Benito, spent a lot of time in Corpus Christi), and Jape Richardson (aka The Big Bopper) (born in Sabine Pass, grew up in Beaumont). While they didn't record him, an Abbott, TX native earned his first two songwriting credits for other artists on songs recorded in the studio...


and a tune done by Ray Price...


The studios were purchased in 1983 by this guy...


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John Booty, 1994 Giants



Greg Evans, 1995 Bills 


George Layne wore 41 at some point during his 2001 rookie season with the Falcons, but I didn't find a pic.



Lance Broadway, 2007-09 White Sox

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Our current 41:



Brandon Bowen


A few memorable 41s:



Daryl Washington



Jonathan Anderson



Shannon Brazzell



Jared Janczak



The Frogs beat UNLV, 41-0, on Halloween afternoon 2009


A few bonus 41s:












Charlie Waters









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Gawd. Kevin Brown's arms!?!?! Roids much?


Also. Darryl Washington was a baddddd MF'er. Both on the field and real life, unfortunately.

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