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The official 2019 TCU Football countdown thread

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I've been travelling and/or sick for a few days.


Our current 65:



Colson Altmann


A few memorable 65s:



Dick Lowe



Brady Foltz



The "Hurricane Game" against Stanford was a pretty memorable experience for any of the 10,000 or so of us that were actually in the stands that rainy, rainy day while the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Fort Worth.  Despite the size, it was quite possibly the most vocal crowd I can remember at Amon G. this side of the 2009 Utah game.  Anyway, it was GP's 65th win at TCU.



Nick Browne, one of the last men's soccer players at TCU, also kicked 65 career field goals on the gridiron



Baylor just could not handle Jalen Reagor on his 65-yard TD reception from The Muehl in last year's win in Pappadeauxville.




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Bo Schobel, 2006 Colts



Keith Flowers wore 64 for the 1952 Lions, but I cant find a picture.  Here he is in a Frog uniform, maybe wearing 64? ...

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