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Uniforms: 2019 Edition

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Christmas in January for Vlade!


I hope they tone down the lizard print theme or get rid of it entirely. I want a clean classic look with the option of mixing black in as an alternate or an all-black uni for black out games.  However, my best guess is that our primary combo will be purple/black/purple because that seems to be what GP likes and I can't blame him.  Some of TCU's greatest games have been played in those unis.








What we need to do is to bring more purple back to the helmet.  The lizard skin pattern on the helmet mixes in some darker colors and makes the purple look very muddled.  The same goes for the pants and jerseys.  If you look at the difference between Boykin's pants and the purple pants from earlier years, the frog skin pattern mutes the purple and makes it look too dark. 




Look at how much better the unis looked without the frog skin pattern.  The purple really stood out.




Hopefully, we go back to true purple and leave the camo/frog skin/lizard print crap behind. 


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