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TCU Tennis 2018-19

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Nick Chappell is currently playing Adrian Obert in the Palm Coast Futures tourney - he lost the first set 4-6 and then went down a break in the 2nd set and I had basically given up hope, but then he rallied and took 4 straight games to take the 2nd set 6-4 and it's now 3-1 in the 3rd and he just got a break at love!  So, he has a chance to take this!


%$#@!!  Just as I start really following it, he gets broken.  3-2.  Back to even on serve.

Obert is German and currently doesn't have a ranking, but has a career high of #588.

3-all.  Nick had 2 break points, but couldn't convert.

3-4.  (sigh) Another break.  Now, Nick's down a break again (and it all happened right after I began following this one closely).

4-all!  Nick breaks back!

4-5.  (sigh)  Neither player can hold serve.

Chappell falls 4-6, 6-4, 4-6.  No breakthrough this week either.  He's up to #616 but can't get higher...

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It's Match Day!  TCU will host Loyola Marymount in our home opener today at 2:00 p.m. in the first round of the ITA Kickoff - our 4th consecutive hosting of an opening regional in the tourney that eventually morphs into the National Indoors.  Loyola Marymount has also only played one match this season - losing 3-4 to Fresno State.  They won the doubles point but then lost 4 singles matches.  Lukas Moenter and Ethan Prost are their top players.  TCU and LMU have never played in tennis so this is the inaugural match.  If we win, it'll be either Oklahoma State or Arizona State (again).  We've missed winning the regional 2 years in a row, losing to Utah State in 2017 and San Diego last year - obviously, it'd be nice to actually make the Nationals this year, primarily for the competition and the highly ranked teams we would undoubtedly face.  I'm especially hopeful that the Frogs win our regional because the Nationals will be in Chicago this year at Mid-town Athletic Club, which is about 3 miles away from my home and is my old tennis club (2/12-2/15).

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We're just about to start.  The doubles line-ups will be Rybo/Gray v. Lukas Moenter/Lucas Moreno; Stalder/Kruger v. Nick Borchenko/Diego Nava and Jong/Fomba v. Nguyen Thien/Ethan Prost.  Our singles line-up will be Rybo; Gray; Stalder; Kruger; Fomba and Roldan.


And we're off!  Rybo/Ali trail the Lukas's 0-1; Stalder/Kruger 1-all; Fomba/Jong 2-love.

%$#@!!!  Streaming not working.  Alex/Ali 1-all; Reese/Bertus 1-2; Luc/Sander 2-1.

Rybo/Gray 3-1; Stalder/Kruger 2-3; Fomba/Jong 3-1.

4-1; 3-all; 3-2.

5-2; 3-4; 3-2.

Rybo/Gray take it 6-2!

But Stalder/Kruger fall 3-6.

TCU clinches the doubles point with a 6-4 W by Fomba/Jong!  TCU 1 LMU 0!

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On to the singles!  Rybo v.Moenter; Gray v. Borchenko; Stalder v. Nava; Kruger v. Moreno; Fomba v. Max Kaiser and Roldan v. Austin Di Giulio.   Oops- late switch; Jong will play at #6 in lieu of Roldan.


And we're off!  Rybo 1-love; Gray love-1; Stalder 2-love; Kruger love-1; Fomba love-1; Jong love-1.  We need 3 of these.

Rybo 2-1; Ali 1-2; Reese 3-love; Bertus 1-all; Luc love-2; Sander 1-all.

Alexandrovich 3-1; Alastair 2-all; the Red Widow 4-love!!; Bertus the Boer 2-all; Luc 1-2; Sander 1-3.

Rybakovsky 3-2; Gray 3-all; Stalder is rolling 5-love; Kruger taking command 4-2; Fomba 2-3; Jong 2-3.

The Red Widow is eating a bagel with cream cheese 6-love!

Rybo 5-2!; Gray 4-3 (up a break); Kruger 4-3 (up a break); Fomba 3-all; Jong 2-4.

Getting dicey.  Rybo 5-3; Gray 4-5; Stalder 6-love 1-love; Kruger 4-all; Fomba 3-4; Jong 3-4.  The Lions are fighting back.

Rybakov takes his first set 6-3; Gray 5-all; Stalder 2-1 in his 2nd; Kruger 5-all; Fomba 5-4!! Jong 4-5.

Yess!!!  Fomba storms back and takes his first set 6-4!!  That's 3 first sets won!

And Ali Gray takes his first set 7-5!!  Some clutch play by the young Frogs!!

And the Krugmeister takes his first set 7-5!!  And Jong ties his first set at 5-all!!  Looking good in the Worth Hills neighborhood!


All 2nd sets now except for Jong (TCU won 5 first sets).  Rybo love-1; Gray 0-0; Stalder 3-2; Kruger 0-0; Fomba 1-love; Jong still 5-all in the 1st.

Alex 1-2; Ali 1-all; Reese 4-2; Bertus 1-love; Luc 3-love!!; Jong 6-5 in his first.

Sander Jong wins the 6th first set for the Frogs 7-5!  Confidence is high!!

Who's gonna clinch the W?  Rybo 2-all; Gray 1-2; Reese 5-2!; Bertus 2-1; Fomba 3-love; Jong 0-0.

The Red Widow strikes first with a 6-love, 6-2 W and it's TCU 2 LMU 0.

Alex 3-2; Ali 2-all; Bertus 4-1; Luc 5-1; Sander 1-love.  My money is on Bertus and Luc for the 2 more W's.

Luc Fomba makes it TCU 3 LMU 0 with a 4 and 2 W!  Just one more...

Rybo making a bid for the clincher 5-2; Gray 3-all; Kruger 4-1; Jong 2-1.

Break out the brooms as Bertus Kruger gets the clincher 7-5, 6-1 as the Frogs sweep LMU 4-0!  We're 1-1 on the season and will probably face 4-0 Oklahoma State tomorrow for a ticket to Chicago!


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Oklahoma State beat Arizona State 4-3 to set up tomorrow's final in the Ft. Worth Regional of the ITA Kickoff between the Frogs and the Cowboys.  ASU took the doubles point and quickly rattled off two singles W's to take a 3-0 lead.  But Oklahoma State won the next 4 singles matches in succession in dramatic fashion (led by Artur Dubinski , Mathieu Scaglia and Maxim Tybar) to win and advance to a 4-0 record (and plunging ASU to 0-3).  The Cowboys are ranked 20th, so tomorrow's match should be close.  If we play like we did today, we should be favored - if we play like we did against Tulsa, we won't.  It's scheduled for 1:00 p.m. - I won't be free until about 3:30, so maybe someone else can provide updates.

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15 hours ago, Endless Purple said:

Frogs beat Ok St 4-0 and advance to the ITA Indoors

This is great news!  It means that the  Frogs will be in Chicago in 3 weeks at Midtown competing against some of the best teams in the country.  This is the first time we've advanced to the Nationals since 2016 and beating the Cowboys is our first W over a ranked team this season (and we'll need more of those to move up in the rankings; especially when the poll reverts back to the computer rankings in a few weeks).  We're 2-1 and our only loss is to a ranked Tulsa.  We won the doubles point with ease and then took 3 straight matches in singles, with Rybakov over Dubinski as the clincher.  Stalder and Kruger were the other winners.  That's 2 sweeps in a row and this will send a message to the remainder of the Big12 that we'll be a force to be reckoned with.  The Cowboys did have their best player out with an injury, so they'll be better when we match up with them later in the year.  Next up will be a trip to Arlington to face UTA on 2/1.

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4 hours ago, Lyle Lanley II said:

Took my kiddo out to the match this afternoon - we had a good time, watched Fomba and Jong come back to win in doubles and then Reese Stalder in singles.  Sat in front of an older gentleman...turns out, it was Tut Bartzen!

Watching college tennis is usually a blast - especially for kids.  And you can't beat the price either...

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12 hours ago, Lyle Lanley II said:

Took my kiddo out to the match this afternoon - we had a good time, watched Fomba and Jong come back to win in doubles and then Reese Stalder in singles.  Sat in front of an older gentleman...turns out, it was Tut Bartzen!

Wow, Tut was an older gentleman when I was in college 25 years ago. Glad to her he's still getting out to see matches. 

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Here are the results of the other regionals in the ITA Kickoff - there were 15 regionals and Illinois, as host, advanced automatically to the National Indoor finals in a few weeks:


#1 Wake Forest beat Memphis 4-1 in Winston-Salem;

#17 Notre Dame beat #13 Oklahoma 4-2 in Norman;

#22 TCU beat #20 Oklahoma State 4-0 in Ft. Worth;

#3 Mississippi State beat Arizona 4-1 in Starkville;

#8 Texas beat Miami 4-0 in Austin;

Tulane upset #19 Florida State 4-2 in Tallahassee;

#16 Virginia beat #9 A&M 4-3 in College Station;

#7 UCLA beat San Diego 4-1 in Los Angeles;

#11 Baylor beat #24 Michigan 4-1 in Ann Arbor;
#5 USC beat UCSB 4-1 in Los Angeles;

#6 North Carolina beat Duke 4-1 in Chapel Hill;

#10 Stanford beat Oregon 4-0 in Palo Alto;

#4 Florida beat FAU 4-1 in Gainesville;

#14 Columbia beat Dartmouth 4-1 in New York City;

#2 Ohio State beat Arkansas 4-1 in Columbus.


So, Tulane was the only unranked team to advance; other than Tulane, TCU is the lowest ranked team; 4 ACC teams, 3 Big12 teams; 2 SEC teams; 3 Pac12 teams; 2 Big10 teams; 1 AAC team and 1 Ivy League team will be at the Nationals in Chicago; A&M was the highest ranked team to be upset; and the Frogs were 1 of 3 teams to sweep their respective finals.  I "think" the brackets will work as presented above and we'll face #3 Mississippi State (again) and, if we win, presumably face #1 Wake after that, but I'm not totally sure about that.  If we lose, there'll be a consolation bracket, so we'll get more than 1 match in regardless of how we do.  Getting to play (and possibly beat) #3 and (maybe) #1 will be good for us no matter how well we do.  Having missed out the last two years on this early season bash was a real drag; now, we'll get an early chance to show our stuff.  Bear in mind that we traditionally are not a good indoor team; maybe that'll change this year. 


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Tennisrecruiting.net is reporting that TCU has gotten another verbal commitment for the fall of 2019 in addition to Jacob Fearnley.  Tadeas Paroulek from the Czech Republic is now listed as a recruit and the website now rates the Frogs as the 17th best recruiting class this year.  Paroulek is 19 years old and is highly rated by the UTR and Pro ranking rating services.  His current ATP ranking is #642, which is higher than Nick Chappell (#661) and almost as high as Alex Rybakov (#491), and his career high is #531 in singles and #766 in doubles.  He's played in a bunch of Czech, Hungarian, Slovakian and Turkish Futures tourneys; most recently in December in Antalya, where he made the Round of 16 in singles and the finals in doubles.  He's a righty; he has a Facebook page but it's all written in Czech and I can't make heads nor tails out of what he's saying.  We'll need to replace both Rybo and Reese after this Spring and it looks like Roditi is counting on Fearnley and Paroulek to do that.  Hopefully, both of them will absolutely destroy that traitor Jenson Brooksby every single time they play him.


Excitement is obviously already building in Chi-town about the upcoming Nationals (I'm sure the guys will just love the forecasted -15 temps and -40 wind chill factors) but we've got to play UTA, Wichita State and #4 Florida before that happens.

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Both #518 Jerry Lopez (in his first tourney of the year) and #616 Nick Chappell are into the main draw at the Futures Tourney in Weston (Florida) and will play either today or tomorrow - Lopez against Nicolas Mejia of Colombia (who just beat Chappell at the most recent Futures tourney) and Chappell against Ricardo Rodriguez of Venezuela.  Cam Norrie's next tourney will be in Houston - unfortunately, Joker won the Aussie Open instead of Cam.


I don't think I've mentioned that Baylor's new head coach is Brian Boland, who led Virginia to 3 NCAA Championships in just 4 years.  They hired him last May after several years of getting beaten by the Frogs and falling into the middle of the Big12 standings after multiple years of being at the top (prior to TCU joining the conference).  Boland had "retired" from Virginia to be the head of player development at the USTA, but he only stayed there 1 year before accepting the Baylor job; presumably for a lot more money.  So he's obviously going to be Roditi's new competitor and is probably one of the reasons Jenson Brooksby turned his coat.

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The new rankings are out and the Frogs' victory in the Ft. Worth regional was noticed and we've moved back up to #16 in the nation, 3rd highest among Big12 teams.  Here they are:


1. Wake Forest (still the best, with Petros Chrysochos and Skander Monsouri as the team leaders)

2. Ohio State (led by J.J. Wolff)

3. Mississippi State (W although it didn't count; I think we'll play them in Chicago and Rybo could face Borges yet again)

4. Florida (we play the Gators next weekend)

5. USC

6. North Carolina


8. Texas (on our schedule; Christian Sigsgaard and Yuya Ito)

9. Stanford

10. Baylor (on our schedule)

11. Columbia (up from 14th; on our schedule)

12. Virginia

13. Notre Dame

14. A&M (on our schedule; highest ranked team not to make it to Chitown)

15. Illinois (on our schedule; W although it didn't count)

16. the Fighting Frogs of lil ole TCU

17. Tulane (formerly unranked but punched their ticket to Chicago and moved into the rankings; on our schedule)

18. Oklahoma (on our schedule)

19. Alabama

20. (tie) Oklahoma State (W; on our schedule)

20. (tie) Tennessee (on our schedule)

22. Florida State

23. Georgia

24. Michigan

25. NC State


ARV: Arizona State (W although it didn't count; on our schedule); Arkansas; South Carolina; Tulsa (L).  At this stage of the season, the rankings tend to track the teams that make the National Indoors, something that hurt us the past two years, but not in 2019.

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Here's how our Big12 competitors have fared so far early in this season.  Both Texas and Baylor remain undefeated; TCU, OU and OSU have just one loss; Tech has 2 L's.


Texas - 6-0 (W's over Mississippi; SMU, Washington, Miami, UTSA, A&M-CC)

Baylor - 5-0 (W's over UTA; Prairie View A&M, Penn, Georgia, Michigan)

Oklahoma - 5-1 (W's over ACU, Wichita State, Creighton, Omaha; Drake;  L to Notre Dame)

Oklahoma State - 4-1 (W's over Omaha, Creighton, Arkansas; Arizona State; L to TCU)

TCU - 2-1 (W's over LMU, Oklahoma State; L to Tulsa)

Tech 4-2 (W's over Bryant, Tulsa, Lamar, New Mexico; L's to Florida State, Tennessee)


Baylor's wins over Georgia and Michigan are perhaps the most impressive; Texas plays North Carolina this weekend; Tech faces A&M; OU's got Michigan.  Next weekend, we've got #4 Florida; Baylor's got #1 Wake.  But up next is UTA in Arlington tomorrow.

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Tomorrow's match against UTA will be the 26th all-time meeting with the Mavericks, with the Frogs holding a 24-1 historic advantage.  The only loss was in 1999 (3-4 in Arlington).  Since then, TCU has won 18 straight matches, including 4-0 sweeps in the last 3 meetings.  David Roditi is 7-0 against UTA as the TCU head coach.  This will be the 10th meeting between the Frogs and the Mavs in Arlington; TCU leads 8-1 all-time there.  This year, UTA is 2-2, with W's over Prairie View A&M and UT-Permian Basin and L's to Baylor and Rice.  Miguel Cabrera joined the team in January and is 3-1 so far and Enrique Pardo has 9 W's and is also 3-1 this Spring.  UTA is a good doubles team.  Obviously, we'll be favored, but our road record is 0-1 and we were favored against Tulsa.  The match is scheduled for 2:00 but I'm not gonna be available until later tomorrow night.

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I'm guessing that the match against UTA has started, but there doesn't appear to be any streaming or live scoring and the TCU twitter page is also silent, so who knows?  Yesterday, Baylor beat USF 6-1, Tech beat A&M 4-3!; and Mississippi beat Okie State 4-3.  Today, Texas is playing UNC and OU is playing Michigan.

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