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Job Corp facility in San Marcos under DoL Investigaton

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The Gary Job Corp Center in San Marcos is now under Department of Labor investigation for health and safety violations. It started when MY FORMER, MUCH BELOVED DENTIST (and dog client) FROM OREGON, WHO MOVED TO SAN MARCOS IN 2016 TO WORK FOR THEM, BLEW THE WHISTLE. I'm so proud of him! This is what he said about it once he posted the story to his FB today:


The news of Gary Job Corps/MTC [private contractor who managed the facility] malfeasance has finally been released today. This has been the saga of our past year, and I was fired because of it. Read this, please. Share if you want. Be sure to note the links to other articles that give a wide picture of how Job Corps facilities, and the program overall, is a huge fraudulent game played on the taxpayers' sense of social welfare. It is enraging!! And the investigation isn't even complete yet!!


The sad part is the local newspaper, The San Marcos Daily Record, refuses to publish stories, especially negative stories, about Gary Job Corps, except for news releases provided by Gary Job Corps Business Liaison, Randolph Goodman. These releases are candy coated blurbs of "the wonderful partner" Gary is in the San Marcos community. People in San Marcos and Hays County will finally be able to read what has been going on for YEARS at Gary Job Corps. People cannot get enraged about that which they do not know.


As Graham mentions, there are links at the bottom of the story to other articles about the Job Corp and their contractor-of-choice. (I had no idea what the Job Corp was or did until this.) Murder, rape, drug abuse, employers telling staff never to call 911, etc. It's all there at the facilities run by MTC, all over the country. They run 10 correctional facilities and one transitional facility in Texas, too. Their contracts total $2 billion annually.

Gary Job Corps’s Management Firm Loses Contract, Under Investigation For Health & Safety Issues



"The complainant described the clinic lacked sinks for employees to wash their hands before, during and after dental procedures or exams. A plastic tote covered exposed electrical wires on the floor, bugs and rat feces throughout the clinic and an overall “deteriorating and poor condition” of the health facility itself.


"According to the complainant, MTC and the Health and Wellness Administrator, Brenda Brooks, ignored requests to purchase the necessary x-ray machine and to correct the additional health and safety issues reported by the complainant.


"In January 2017, Gary Job Corps Center was visited by a federal assessor/inspector. The inspector received a report detailing the deficiencies at the center’s health clinic.


"After the report was filed, the complainant said he was interrupted in the middle of a dental procedure for a meeting with the Job Corps Center Director, Lonnie Hall, to discuss the complainant’s concerns for the clinic and his patients. Following the 45-minute meeting, he was taken over to HR and officially terminated."


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This continues to be a large cluster. My former dentist (the whistle blower) posted this update:

"This will turn out to be like Jesus overturning the tax collector's tables in the temple...won't end well for Job Corps, MTC, and the associated players. Also, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is on this case, prepared to file additional actions with possible criminal charges. Corporations who restrict or limit dental licensee autonomy are guilty of practicing dentistry without a license, a Class III Felony!!! Oops, MTC, you might have thought about that before trying to squash me in retaliation (which is also illegal!)!! Ooops"



Here's the latest from the San Marcos paper about the contractors at the Job Corps site there. This whole ball o' wax is going to have long-reaching implications for the entire Job Corps program.


UPDATED Wednesday, April 4: Gary Job Corps’s Management Firm Loses Contract, Under Investigation For Health & Safety Issues



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PurpleDawg, Thank you for your post. This is a very significant topic but funny how the media shies aways because it lacks sex, violence, murder, theft, rape, and drugs...oh, wait, Job Corps have ALL THAT, and more! There is zero interest in the media to shout this garbage from the highest mountain, even with evidence of the Department of Labor calling Job Corps ineffective, expensive, and a cash cow for lawmakers and campus operating contractors. I am sorry to see it continue.

Graham D. Shea, DDS

Former Gary Job Corps Center Dentist

San Marcos, TX


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