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Change at Killerfrogs

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11 minutes ago, Army Frog Fan said:

Nope.  It's automatic.

Do not try to expedite the unsuspension process.


Seriously, though, I wonder if she'll make some changes and let some banned posters come back. I will not be going over to find out. I haven't been back since the day we all left the first time. 

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Yeah just saw she kinda brushed it off, but you can tell Wes has already had it with him, as have other posters.


For those who didn't see it, Fiesty went on a drunken tirade because the new owner said this in one of the paragraphs in her welcome post:


And to the winner of the posts so far... "ScottPatrick". Thank goodness I didn't just take over UC Berkeley's fan forum. Despite popular belief, Trump voters are not all racist. But I do hate those Baylor Bears!!

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Haha! Perfect timing! Happy Vlade Divac Day, everybody!



   On 9/5/2013 at 1:02 PM, Vlade Divac said: 

This thread will be up for less time than it'll take me to write or for you to read, but who cares...
Speaking out against this board's troll situation isn't going to do anything longterm. The only way to be heard is to take your traffic to Frog Horn. You can take it elsewhere, but a concentrated effort toward one site will be more impactful. In the grand scheme, most readers will not do a thing, so those of us that will need to move together. And if you're not willing to move, next time you're in The Varsity just tell them how annoying you think this site has become.
Scott has reigned with an iron fist, and his ego has grown to insurmountable proportions. He's an internet mogul, former TCU football sensation, video star, advertising executive, and really tough too. But he's also an assh*le. Anyone that's been banned out of the blue knows what I'm talking about. His abuse of power is disgusting. 
Wes, you're a good guy. But you got in bed with the wrong kind of person. You've let Scott bully this site, and now you, to the point where your asset is damaged beyond repair. You banned roddog for a little while... Great job. It's a much larger problem you have on your hands. Too little, too late. roddog will be back, and trolls will continue to run this board.
I look forward to your threatening emails and PMs.
Let freedom ring, motherf*ckers. 

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Been around long enough to know that fan message boards are sort of like an amoeba. They aimlessly grow, shrink, divide, and sometimes get eaten up by other organisms. They pretty much react to local stimuli and there really is no way to control them.


Not sure where I am going with this...

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