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Lyle Lanley II

Former Frogs still playing college football

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Figured we all have some level of interest in seeing what these guys do with their new teams, so it'd be worth having a place for updates on them.


-Trevorris Johnson | Oregon State.

-Foster Sawyer | SFA

-Cameron Echols-Luper | Western Kentucky

-Zach Allen | Rutgers

-Brennen Wooten | Tyler JC

-Isaiah Chambers | Houston

-Tipa Galeai | Utah State

-Ty Barrett | Sam Houston 

-Torrance Mosley | Southeastern Louisiana

-Andre Petties-Wilson | Portland State

-Keaton Perry | Kansas

-Tevin Lawson | Nicholls State


Anyone else?  Did DeShawn Raymond land anywhere?  I'm not counting recruits that never made it to campus.


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I watched Colorado State stomp a mud hole into Oregon State.  Trevorris was not one of the several ineffective-- and one pretty damn effective-- running backs OrSU tried against Colo State. Too bad. Warming the bench on a shockingly bad PAC team. 

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As mentioned above, Trevorris didn't register any stats for Oregon State yesterday.  I thought I noticed him in on a few snaps, but clearly never touched the ball.


Andre Petties-Wilson had one catch for 3 yards in Portland State's loss at BYU.


Brennen Wooten got the start for Tyler JC yesterday, completing 8 of 17 passes for 73 yards and two touchdowns in a run & defense heavy 28-6 win over Kilgore.


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A couple of updates:


-Trevorris Johnson has carried the ball 14 times for 55 yards and 2 TDs in 5 games for Oregon State.  He also has 2 receptions for 23 yards.


-Foster Sawyer has completed 68 of 104 pass attempts (65.3%) for 623 yards, 4 TD / 1 INT in 4 games for Stepen F. Austin.


-Cameron Echols-Luper has 3 catches for 44 yards, carried the ball once for 3 yards in 3 games for Western Kentucky.  Couldn't find any stats for kick or punt returns on their website, so not sure if he's had any action there.


-Zach Allen has made one appearance for Rutgers - gaining 1 yard on 1 carry.  Not sure if he's got the holding duties he had here in FW.


-Brennen Wooten has been splitting time at QB for Tyler JC, who is undefeated and #2 in the JUCO rankings.  Really hard to find stats for him, though.


-Isaiah Chambers was not granted a hardship waiver, and is sitting out this season at U of H after his transfer


-Tipa Galeai is no longer listed on the roster for Utah State.  Don't know what happened there, but it's definitely disappointing.


-Ty Barrett has played in one game for Sam Houston State.


-Torrance Mosley has 15 tackles (1 for a loss) and 2 pass break-ups in 5 games for Southeastern Louisiana. 


-Andre Petties-Wilson has 5 catches for 44 yards in 4 games for Portland State.


-Keaton Perry is now playing WR for Kansas.  He's appeared in one game this year for the Jayhawks, with no stats.


-Tevin Lawson has 14 tackles (1 for a loss), one pass break-up and a fumble recovery in 5 games for Nicholls State.

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I wish Tipa had been able to control his temper -- both for his sake and ours.  He would've been a major contributor this season.  We could probably could've used Lawson in the rotation too.  Lawson made some plays against A&M.  Other than those two, and maybe Mosley, I don't think any of those guys would be on our two deep so they made the right decision to leave.

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