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The TCU Variety Thread

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On 10/26/2018 at 1:04 PM, PurpleDawg said:
Muy muy triste.


Mi vieja fraternidad. Se gastaron una fortuna remodelación la casa frat este verano



Very very sad.


My old fraternity.  A fortune was spent remodeling the frat house this summer

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Gary Patterson is the elder statesman of the Big 12

With Bill Snyder’s retirement, Patterson officially becomes the longest-tenured coach in the conference. But he’s been the true leader for a while.




[Patterson said:] “I have watched people who have done more with less, when they started, and he [Snyder] was one of those guys that did that. You have to respect the things he’s done and how he does it.”


All of those lessons have given Patterson the respect of not just the coaches in the Big 12 conference, but across the country. And thus, he has gleaned leadership opportunities in not just his league, but at the national NCAA level. Patterson has served on multiple committees that examine the rules in and around college football, and is potentially in the running to preside over one of them in the future. He has served on the board of the American Football Coaches Foundation and is currently a president of the American Football Coaches Association, meaning he could very well be next in line to be football commander in chief. He knows the impact his voice can have on the future of the game and those involved in it. “To me, I keep fighting for the kids and for us doing the right thing. Not about money, but how we make decisions as a NCAA group, as a college group, making decisions for whats right for the student athlete, but more importantly - giving them what they want isn’t always right for them. It’s like your kids, you don’t always give them what they want bc they ask for it - usually that leads to a lot of problems.”


Having Gary Patterson as a voice of reason for NCAA Football is a good thing for all involved. Having him as the face of TCU Football is certainly great for TCU fans.



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20 minutes ago, angelosfrog said:

Is the existing exterior wall coming down or staying?  Anyone know? 

Looks like it's going to be incorporated into the new structure, to me.




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5 hours ago, angelosfrog said:

Interesting pics of the new east side construction at ACS.  Is the existing exterior wall coming down or staying?  Anyone know?



The new construction is going up around the existing structure. You can see it at about the 10 second mark of this video. 



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All about Mama's involvement the '85 football scandal (free article)...


The Pizza Papers and TCU’s 1985 football scandal

Chris Farkas, a 1971 TCU graduate, always denied he was part of any slush fund that involved, among others, Heisman Trophy candidate running back Kenneth Davis, who confessed to the whole scheme after one of coach Jim Wacker’s sermons on the perils of players accepting gifts from school boosters.


But some of Farkas’ personal papers, recently obtained by Sptspage, might shed clues as to Farkas’ role, and possibly the mechanics of a payment system that resulted in Davis and eventually six others being kicked off the team in 1985 and landed the TCU football program in hot NCAA water.


The documents were discovered by a close friend in Farkas’ home at the time of his death at age 54 in 2003. They have never disclosed until today.



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