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Do you wonder why your dog sometimes has nasty poops, bad gas, or tummy upsets? Does her coat look dull and flaky with dead skin? Does his breath stink like a dead skunk when he burps in your face? Is there some medical problem, whether related to digestion or not, that your vet just can't figure out, yet keeps sending you home with a different medicine to try each time you take your pet in for the ailment? The food you are feeding could be the culprit. If you are lucky enough to share your life with a dog (or cat), please read this VERY illuminating article (with disturbing pictures of rendering facilities) about what goes into commercial pet food*. And, once you've read it, SHARE IT with others who need to see it. The stuff in kibble is GARBAGE, literally, and the FDA, which is charged with monitoring the pet food industry, intentionally allows these illegal ingredients to go into pet food (see their statement in the article). Feed your pets a diet that is completely human grade food, which is not found in any kibble, to keep them healthy. You wouldn't feed your human children the ingredients pictured in this article. Don't do it to your beloved dog or cat, either.

*These ingredients are also rendered into animal feed (chicken, cattle, goat, etc.), which humans eat. Just another example of why knowing where your own food comes from is so vitally important.



Illegal, allowed by FDA, and NOT disclosed to Pet Owners

Every single day – all across the U.S. – piles of dead animals and trailer after trailer of carcass parts are ground, cooked, and sold to pet food/animal feed manufacturers. Every ounce of this material is illegal per federal law. Every ounce of this material is included in pet food/animal feed with no warning or disclosure to the consumer.


But the biggest crime is no pet owner is informed to what they are buying. Everyday pet foods and treats are sold to unknowing consumers that include illegal ingredients made from bloody dead animal carcass slurry, transported in an open trailer, dumped onto a bloody parking lot…with a picture of a grilled steak or roasted chicken on the pet food label. No consumer is informed because the FDA decided we don’t deserve to know.


What ingredients could this type of material be in? Any rendered ingredient such as chicken meal, beef meal, pork meal, by-product meal and any fat ingredient.



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