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God save us....

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2 hours ago, PurpleDawg said:

No. Apparently, I didn't use my words to clearly state what I meant. (See how easy that was to not get defensive and snarky?)


What I'm saying is, we can respond to each other without the rude or offensive crap creeping in. I'm guilty of it, too. I gave you a red arrow the other day because I felt you were being rude. I could have just said something rather than using a shortcut. This thread stirs up a lot of passionate responses and it's easy to get feathers ruffled. But, we can all be civil. As I said, we don't want to turn this place into THAT board, and if you do, maybe this isn't the place for you. (<---hypothetical "you")




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8 hours ago, Mike M. said:

By the way, is CHIP funded yet? Anyone? Anyone?


Nope. And won't be after the democrats  filibuster the continuing resolution tonight. Ya know, because the needs of 800,000 illegal immigrant children are more important than funding CHIP, our military, etc.

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Let's restore some dignity to the board, and refrain from calling countries that have been run into the ground by tinpot dictators and corrupt elites - shitholes.  It is beneath us. 


If you will join me, we can call them turd world countries.

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