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Park It: Parking and Tailgating @ TCU

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Here is where we share information on the parking and tailgating options for Horned Frog Football at Amon G. Carter Stadium on the TCU campus. This thread covers all the information you'll need for getting into and out of the stadium and area surrounding it. However, if you need further clarification, please feel free to ask questions in this thread.


All football stadium parking is reserved, so the only way to get in those lots is to purchase a pass from a season ticket holder.  There are several pay lots within walking distance to the stadium (be advised that some of the churches and schools may not permit alcohol consumption on their property).


TFH posters can hopefully share their personal experiences with various lots below.



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All information updated for 2017.


Info Links

The official site of TCU Athletics has put together a great page of information devoted to parking, with additional tips and info on shuttles, cabs, and bus routes. Here is an excellent map of the campus. Also, here is the page devoted to directions to the TCU campus from just about anywhere you're coming from in the Fort Worth area. From the FortWorth.com website, here is their link to transportation service options, including limo companies, taxis, and car rentals, among others.

*TCU parking lots open five hours before the kick. Most off campus lots open three hours prior to kick-off. Closing times vary.

* You can also follow #tcugamedayparking on Twitter for live game day parking information.


Parking with Shuttle Service

Many off campus shuttle locations are available to get you to the game. Service begins three hours before kick-off and the last shuttle will depart Amon G. Carter Stadium 45 minutes after the game. Click here for map of shuttle routes. This page includes directions from many starting points to get you to the parking and shuttle locations (scroll about one-quarter down the page).


Free shuttles with free parking (Tailgating is not permitted at these shuttle locations. Shuttles begin three hours prior to kick-off and the last shuttle departs Amon G. Carter Stadium 45 minutes after the end of the game.)

  • McKinney Bible Church ~ 4805 Arborlawn Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76109 ~ 500 spaces available
  • Travis Avenue Baptist Church ~ 800 W. Berry Street, Fort Worth, TX 76110 ~ 300 spaces available


Free shuttles with paid parking (Shuttles begin three hours before kick-off and the last shuttle departs Amon G. Carter Stadium 45 minutes after the game ends.)

  • Paschal High School ~3001 Forest Park Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76110 ~ offers paid gameday parking for $15 (a pre-paid reserved option is also available) benefiting its Athletics Booster Club and includes a free shuttle to Amon G. Carter Stadium. See their website for details and/or reservations. First come/first served and prepaid reserved game day and overnight RV parking is also available. This lot is the only area close to TCU offering RV parking. The Paschal HS parking lot offers 900 spaces for TCU game day parking. Tailgating, with alcohol, is permitted.
  • University United Methodist Church ~ 2416 W. Berry Street, Fort Worth, TX 76110 ~ has game day parking available for $20 and reserved parking in its 120-space lot. Information can be found on the church's website. Shuttle service for this lot is located at Paschal High School, directly across Forest Park Blvd. from the church. Tailgating is allowed with no alcohol permitted.
  • St. Stephen Presbyterian Church ~ 2700 McPherson Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76109 ~ 154 spaces available. Tailgating, with alcohol, is permitted. General gameday parking available for $20 per space.


Stadium Parking

Parking in TCU lots adjacent to Amon G. Carter Stadium and the parking structure are reserved for season parking pass holders. There are a few pay lots at locations within short walking distance to the stadium with a very limited number of game day spaces available, but these spaces go early, so plan accordingly. Tailgating and alcohol policies differ. Check with each location for information. No game shuttles are provided at these locations, except St. Stephen Church.


ADA/Handicapped Parking With Shuttle

Handicapped/ADA parking is available for $20 per space. A valid state issued handicapped hangtag or license plate will be required for entry into the designated Handicapped/ADA parking garage, which is in the Lot 5 Garage (2017 Pro-Football HOF Inductee LaDainian Tomlinson lot). It is located at the corner of West Cantey Street and Stadium Drive. Parking is limited, so ADA eligible fans are encouraged to arrive early. This parking opens five hours before game time.



Street Parking

TCU is surrounded by neighborhoods on all sides and this can make for some interesting challenges for traffic on narrow streets already crowded by student parking. The situation is made worse by temporary "no parking" signs erected on game days in several areas. Many residents in these neighborhoods sell parking spaces in their driveways and yards to game attendees, but expect to pay up to $50 per vehicle for very close parking. Some of the streets a little farther from the stadium do allow street parking, but these will come with a walk of up to one mile with a large portion of that UPHILL if you park north or west of the stadium. The neighborhoods south and east of campus are on flatter ground.



Tailgating usually means BBQ and Tex-Mex at Horned Frog games. TCU fans are gracious hosts and you will most likely be invited in to join the party in progress. Your invitation chances improve if you're carrying a 12-pack of beverage with you. You will find the school's parking lot policies, which pertain to tailgating, at the bottom of this page. Don't forget to check out Frog Alley for other pre-game options.

* Be sure to read TCU's Rules and Regulations for Athletic Events for what is allowed to be taken into the stadium.

* Please be aware that backpacks, diaper bags, and other similar bags will not be allowed into the stadium.


For more information on parking and tailgating, please call the TCU Frog Club at 817-257-7700.


TFH posters will jump in and give more information on parking and tailgating in this thread.


Welcome to TCU and GO FROGS!

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Parking tips from Frog Fans:


~" If you stay at the Hilton Garden Inn-Medical Center, which is about 2 miles away from campus, they have free shuttle service on game days. They drop you off and pick you up about four blocks from the stadium gate...and also right in front of the grocery store to buy your beer for tailgating. Plus, your walk would almost entirely be on flat ground. Several Frog fans have said they've stayed at that Hilton property and liked it."

~"I would suggest parking near the baseball field on the west or south west side."  Lots 14 and 15. These are reserved lots, but there might be some individual spaces available on game days.~PD

~"Parking depends on how early you get to the game. If you wait until an hour before, your best bet will be on Berry St at Paschall High School and shuttle over. If you plan on getting there early and tailgating, then west of the baseball field on the grass is the best spot, but I would recommend you get there three hours before game time." Lot 14. See comment above. ~PD

~"Parking at Paschal High and using the shuttle works great to get you to the game, but afterward it's a lost cause. You'll be waiting forever to get on a shuttle - and once you do it'll be mired in traffic. If you do decide to park at Paschal, be prepared to possibly walk back to your car (about two miles or so, I'd guess)."

~"I would park at the corner of Colonial Parkway and Country Club. Always parking there and it's less than a mile walk.  No charge to park on the street. There are lots that charge $10-$20 if you want to park closer. The shuttles are a pain and a long walk."

~"At the corner of Berry and McCart, on your right, you will see a big parking lot. It's TCU owned. Park there. From there you can walk west across campus to the game. You might be able to find closer parking on the East side of University on campus as well." Lot 12 on this map. ~PD

~"You can park south of TCU in the neighborhood across Bellaire/Berry from the baseball stadium. There are usually spots on the streets, or you can park in the Albertsons' strip mall lot at the corner of Alton Road and Biddison. Plenty of spaces. It's free and you are only a three block walk from the paid Lot 13." 

~"Park behind the old Stripling & Cox department store on Berry - free." Behind the Walgreen's on Berry St.,between Merida Ave. and Sandage Ave. It's a Ft. Worth school district professional development building. ~PD

~"Be warned that the campus sits atop the higher ground above the Trinity River flood plain. If you decide to walk from the Courtyard by Marriott on University Drive, for example, it is a long, uphill slog for a good way. Some people get around better than others, so I'm just letting you know. Likewise, some of the neighborhoods to the west involve some long, uphill stretches. If uphill hiking is an issue, park to the south and have a long but flat walk."


Tailgating tips from Frog Fans:

~"There's a grocery store right by campus (Kroger, SW corner of Berry St and University Drive on the South end of campus). Buy your 12 packs and bags of chips there. It's an easy walk to the parking lots after."

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Parking tips from Frog Fans:


~"You can park free at Travis Avenue Baptist Church and take a free shuttle bus that will take you near the stadium festivities."



I can recommend this one - I parked at Travis Avenue last year.  The shuttle to the game is fairly smooth.  Getting back to the lot after the game is understandably more tricky.  But you can't beat the price.

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Parking at McKinney Bible Church also works quite well. Before the game, I never had to wait more than 20 minutes for a bus. After the game, I never waited more than 45 minutes.


Also, one of the best routes to TCU (especially Paschal parking) from I-20 is to take the Granbury Road exit. Head north on Granbury Road. Turn left on W. Seminary Drive and then immediately turn right onto Granbury Road. Head north on Granbury and go straight as it turns into Forest Park. Paschal High School will be on the right.

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Great interactive map of the campus I just found that shows all the outer parking lots. Remember that for this season (2014) parking lots are screwy due to Daniel Meyer Construction. You may want to call the Athletic Department if you have any questions about parking: 817-257-5658.




EDIT: Same for 2015. Still working on DMC.

EDIT: Everything's all done for 2016! WOOT!!

EDIT: 2017's even better! WOO!

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First, thank you all for this valuable resource....It really helps those without a clue of how it works at TCU.


Questions from an out-of-towner flying in for the game:


1) Plan on arriving early so we can be there for the Frog Walk. Is it possible to drop the wife and daughter closer to the stadium (like on Stadium Drive or the closest proximity), so they can avoid the trek from wherever I'm going to find parking or do they shut down/limit most of the surrounding streets on game day?


2) Is there food, drink, etc for sale and enough shade to find refuge from the sun? It looks to be warmer than I expected and toting an EZ Up isn't an option. Roasted wife and daughter, then a probable 4+ hour shootout in the stadium, while fine with me, will probably push them to their football limit.


Go Frogs!

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I'm so pleased this information on our board is useful! That makes me really happy. ?


They don't close the streets around the stadium because all the season ticket parking is adjacent to the stadium. You'd be able to drop off on Stadium Drive just steps from AGCS. 


However, you will never find close parking. The very best option is to ride the shuttle from one of the remote lots, either Travis Avenue Baptist Church or Paschal High School. The buses are air conditioned and drop off/pick up at the stadium. Your rental will be safe at either place. Several people here do this and highly recommend it. Details are in this area of the board. 


Yes, plenty of food, etc. for sale outside the gates pre-game. And some shade under trees and canopies. Dress appropriately, though. If it's going to be hot/humid, shorts and a Frog t-shirt will be the right choice. No need to make a fashion statement,  just be comfortable. You'll enjoy yourself more. 


Somebody will jump in here and tell you where to get food before the game. The Lettermen's Association does a BBQ in one of the parking lots that's supposed to be pretty good. 

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