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You like oranges? How do you like THEM oranges?

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Hey guys my mom brought orange slices! Let's go get some!

I understand why UT lost now! The team gets orange slices in practice. Then in Provo, someone's mom (probably Daje's cough) bought orange slices to the game! The team got confused and thought that this was a practice.

Oh well... I've already heard how BYU is a better team then LSU and TCU better watch out. Come'on folks, Ash sure looked like a Heisman canidante to me!!!!!! Oh, oh, oh! BTW, Ash broke his ribs last week, but we won't find out until next June!

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Wow - 550 yards rushing.  Amazed that a team with some of the best athletes in the nation couldn't spread BYU out and simply out

athlete them on offensive side of ball. 


Kinda surreal watching UT throwing a hail mary with 1 second left just to try and make score look better.

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