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  1. I believe he was making fun of the filename of your picture. Fellatio with an ice cube in the mouth?
  2. Well, no offense to the man, but I hope he fails miserably and catastrophically.
  3. Briles OR Petrino? Moral integrity is obviously really high on Mizz State's list of qualifications for their coaching job ...
  4. Frogs o' War seems to think that Dixon and the Frogs are in the clear ... hope this is right ... https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/1/8/21057855/tcu-basketball-receives-notice-of-allegations-from-the-ncaa-for-ex-assistants-actions Last year, Barker was accused of accepting a bribe to steer TCU Basketball players towards a sports agent. Court testimony from former agent Christian Dawkins seemed to indicate that the bribe had been quickly returned, something that may keep Barker from being slapped with the almost unrecoverable Level I violation. Former Oklahoma State assistant Lamont Evans was issued one in November, but the Cowboys avoided NCAA trouble as a program, and it’s unlikely the Frogs will face anything further.
  5. Rut roh. Was worried about this little sword of Damocles ... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/college/2020/01/09/tcu-basketball-ncaa-allegations
  6. I love him as host. No industry is as self congratulatory as the movies and he does a great job humbling a room full of people who desperately need it. Can we stop giving awards to Patricia Arquette? She is everything conservatives hate about liberals ...
  7. Good lord no. Hasn't been for at least 20 years, I dont think.
  8. And with one game, the Fightin' Soliches vault DUSHEE into 2nd place. I think black it out has got it sewn up, tho ....
  9. The killers were Wiscy and OhioState. I still think Wiscy was fine as a high confidence pick ... they had no business losing that game. They spotted Oregon 2, arguably 3 TDs and only lost by 2, and outgained Ore by a ton. The confidence in Ohio St. was less defensible, but Ohio State had several opportunities to put that game away too.
  10. Been rewatching Ken Burns' Baseball documentary and just got through the episode on the 50s that talked about his perfect game. Sad to hear.
  11. The B1G is absolutely killing DUSHEE ...
  12. I've encountered a disconcerting number of anti-vaxxers among the parents at my kid's Catholic School.
  13. Eddie Murphy SNL episode is one of the funniest I've seen un a long time. Pulled out a lot of his old characters ... Buckwheat, gumby, Mr. Robinson ... all hilarious. Only Velvet Jones didnt translate too well to modern day.
  14. DUSHEE didnt win the bowl pick em last year. I think with so many kids sitting out and with the playoffs further deemphasizing the importance of even the "big 4" bowls, bowl performance is more random and noisier than the regular season.
  15. Didnt mean to imply that you didnt. I was referring specifically to the "lesser of two evils" races. We seem to get more of them every year. Or at least our modern cynicism and/or unreasonable expectations of whoever is in the office makes it seem like we get those races all the time. I'm just saying that I'm not sure not voting for one of them sends any real message to them or their parties to give us better candidates. Nor does voting for them either, granted. But I do think the extremists takeover of political parties has been greatly aided by people in the middle throwing up their hands and saying phuc it every election. I'm not sure it isn't better to hold your nose and vote for the person who you think would be a little less awful than the other guy. Because if you dont, then you run the risk of the really, really awful guy winning. Trump, case in point. FWIW, I dont think the problem is fixed until we make politicians less worried about their extreme fringes and more worried about the majority of their constituents.
  16. Absolutely. I think straight ticket voting is generally bad. But I think the Republucan party, at least at the federal level, is so off the rails that the only way to get that particular party to come back to reality is to punish them at the polls. Since holding power is the only thing any of them care about, deny them that power. I think Democrats still fear both their extremist and centrist wings. Depending on their district, they feel like they can be ousted from either direction. It's why Pelosi hemmed and hawed about impeachment until the Ukraine Whistleblower thing broke out. I see very little evidence that anyone on the right fears being held accountable by the centrists in their party. They are only worried about the far right. The only time any Republican expresses any centrist view is after the announce they aren't running for reelection. I struggle with this. I totally get what you are saying in principle, but I also think that apathy and cynicism is a part of what has given us this broken system. Not the only reason, but one of a multitude of reasons.
  17. Furthermore, I dont see the Democrats promulgating such a complete false alternative reality/propaganda as the Republicand.
  18. I'm stubbornly independent, but I do not see (a)moral equivalence between the mainstream of the two parties now. While I agree that Democrat leaders have done numerous bad and immoral things while in power, and the Democrats have participated in the ever increasing unitary executive authority that has happened over the last century plus (FDR being perhaps the biggest culprit), I havent seen the Democrats go into full infallible monarch mode like the current Reps are. And to go all in on that concept for THIS guy, of all guys. I honestly think that if the Democrats had nominated someone with similar disregard to constitutional notions of a citizen president and republican government, there would be far less blind loyalty to that president, if for no other reason that the Democratic base is far more diverse and fractious than the Republican base. Right now, I dont see anybody in the Rep party who gives a shit about what is best for the country over what is best for the party.
  19. The thing that I find truly chilling about this whole thing isn't Trump or the people who voted for and continue to support him ... that eventually the office would be held by a person like him was statistically inevitable and political tribalism is very basic and understandable. What is chilling is the length to which the powerful people within his party who know better have cowed to Trump and have enabled him ... this has really exposed the weaknesses in our political system and has created a playbook for the next populist demagogue who will almost necessarily be more competent, savvy, and capable. The abject cowardice of the Republican party to put our small-r republic over party ... it's going to be a long time before I can vote for a Republican for federal office again.
  20. Seriously? I'd think you'd have to make a concerted effort not to have seen Steve Carrell in anything. The Office? Early Daily Show? Anchorman? Foxcatcher? Little Miss Sunshine?
  21. There is a new Slow Burn season out now which is hosted by a new guy and is about the Tupac/Biggie imbroglio/murders. I'm not a rap guy and probably wouldn't have listened to it if it weren't a Slow Burn production, but I've stuck with it because I'm trying to understand what all the fuss was. Still not sure I understand, but I'm definitely not in the correct demographic.
  22. My new obsession is Revolutions hosted by Mike Duncan. He goes through immense detail about pretty much every European/New World revolution that has occurred since the English revolution the mid 17th century. Right now he is in the middle of the Russian and I've gone back and listened to his series on the English, American, French (1789-1810), Haitian, Bolivarian, and French again (1830-32). Now I'm catching up on the 1848 revolutions (touched on in the Victoria PBS Masterpiece series, if you've seen). Hes also got a massive series on the Roman Republic/Empire that I'll get to eventually. If you are a history buff, it is a daunting in scope but absolutely fascinating.
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