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  1. Aw, man. Seeing him at Billiy Bobs was an early date for me and the future Mrs. Duq ...
  2. Pebley region ... https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/3/27/21197020/best-tcu-moments-bracket-the-pebley-region
  3. Dixon region ... https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/3/26/21194984/best-tcu-moments-bracket-dixon-region
  4. Sure. There can be aspects of the response that do have certain parallels with wartime responses. But the whole "fighting the Chinese virus" bit is going to bite has already bit us in the arse ...
  5. Someone needs to put a stop to the couching of the response to COVID as a "war." We need to stop thinking of things that impact us without sentience as a military adversary. Coronavirus isn't "waging war" on us. It is a natural disaster. It would be just as stupid to declare a war on a tsunami or hurricane. Or drugs. And the framing is harmful because it puts people in the mindset of using wartime metrics to judge whether we are "winning" when those metrics are the wrong ones AND the concept of "winning" in the way one wins a war doesn't apply. [/soapbox]
  6. That region is all blowouts. The fieldgoal to beat LSU in the 1936 Sugar Bowl is probably not getting just treatment, especially since Jamie didn't even give it a writeup ...
  7. Schloss region ... https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/3/25/21194005/best-tcu-moments-schlossnagle-region-round-1
  8. GMFP's presser after that game was one of the players in the Patterson bracket.
  9. Patterson region. Gen Xers and Boomers need to go in and vote for Basil Mitchell ... he's getting robbed. Him blowing by Liz Claiborne may have been the single turning point that brought us the Patterson era ... https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/3/24/21192595/best-tcu-moments-patterson-region-round-1
  10. Main bracket ... https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/3/23/21191286/the-official-tcu-best-moments-bracket
  11. Jamie Plunkett doing a tournament of best TCU plays of all time: https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/3/22/21190373/best-tcu-moments-bracket-the-play-in-games
  12. Just a reminder that a REPUBLICAN president said this. Bernie is the dirty commie, huh?. https://triblive.com/news/wire-stories/trump-weighs-controls-on-companies-that-take-coronavirus-bailouts/ President Donald Trump said Thursday the government should take an equity stake in some companies that need bailouts because of devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the U.S. economy.
  13. Was listening to a doctor on NPR who was comparing and contrasting how we responded to South Korea. He argued that since they threw a ton of money and resources into testing and testing early, they new where the real hot spots were and how it was spreading, so they've been able to institute far less of the severe "social-distancing" than we have. They've been able to more carefully quarantine and they do far more societal monitoring ... taking temperatures of people as they walk into bulildings, etc. Ultimately, their economy won't take as big a hit as ours will because we are just blindly and dumbly shutting everything down.
  14. I bought that much reviled 6-Pack that remastered their first 6 albums with an Eliminator-era drum sound ... it was just such a good deal over what it would cost to buy each individually, but the sound is definitely not the same.
  15. + eleventy. Yvonne Craig as Batgirl was pretty easy on the eyes in her outfit as well ...
  16. About ZZ Top ... have any of you seen the documentary on Netflix about them? Basically just goes up through Eliminator, but has some great old footage of them. I am definitely partial to the early, bluesier incarnation of the band, but it was still a mindtrip to see those old Eliminator videos. Also ashamed to admit as a former Tylerite that I was unaware that their first 2.5 albums were recorded there.
  17. You went 4-0 with the 1997 team? That is impressive ...
  18. All of that said, yes the economic cost of these social-distancing measures will be very, very high. But so would the cost of the health care system breaking down and the subsequent social chaos that would ensue from that.
  19. The reason why this is different is that none of those other things you refer to here run the risk of overwhelming the nation's health care system. Well, the flu runs some risk of doing that, but the reason why the flu hasn't done that since 1918 is that we can vaccinate for it AND that the flu generally runs a pretty predictable course AND that most flu strains are transmitted from strains that have long existed in humans. This particular strain of coronavirus is different because it jumped from animal to human, so we have little natural immunity to it and no vaccine to help our immune systems along. Some estimates are that 3/4 of humans might get infected with coronavirus. There are roughly 325 million people in the US. If 75% of them get the virus, that's 244 million people. If the mortality rate is even 0.5%, that is 1.2 million Americans that will die. If 5% who get it have a severe enough reaction to need medical treatment, that is 12 million Americans in doctors offices and emergency rooms. If those 12 million people all seek that medical treatment, say, in the next 2-3 weeks, it will utterly overwhelm the American healthcare system and that mortality rate starts to increase substantially. In Italy right now, doctors are having to make decisions about which patients will get ventilators and respirators and which will lay in gurneys in the hallway helpless. If you want to understand why this is a BFD, read some of the stories coming out of Italy right now. The reason why your friend with the immune disorders can continue to "live life" during a typical seasonal flu outbreaks is herd immunity. It's the same thing that anti-vaxxers either don't get or don't care about. There are enough people who DON'T get sick from seasonal flu that allows those with compromised immune systems to generally get through at a relatively low risk of infection. And even if they do, they can go to the doctor or hospital and not worry about whether they can get treatment. The whole point of the "social-distancing" measures is not to reduce the number of people who get infected, but to reduce the rate at which people are getting infected. Those 12 million doctor's visits are probably going to happen either way, but we want them to occur over months rather than weeks. Because if they occur over weeks, that 0.5% death rate starts going way up.
  20. Yes, a down year for Dixon, but this year would have been one of the more successful seasons of the last 15 years or so. Look at the 10 years prior ... 2006–07 Neil Dougherty Mountain West Conference 13–17 4–12 9th MWC Tournament (1–1) 2007–08 Neil Dougherty Mountain West Conference 14–16 6–10 7th MWC Tournament (0–1) 2008–09 Jim Christian Mountain West Conference 14–17 5–11 7th MWC Tournament (0–1) 2010–present Season Coach Conference Overall Record Conference Record Standing Postseason 2009–10 Jim Christian Mountain West Conference 13–19 5–11 7th MWC Tournament (0–1) 2010–11 Jim Christian Mountain West Conference 11–22 1–15 9th MWC Tournament (1–1) 2011–12 Jim Christian Mountain West Conference 18–15 7–7 5th MWC Tournament (0–1) College Basketball Invitational (1–1) 2012–13 Trent Johnson Big 12 Conference 11–21 2–16 10th Big 12 Tournament (0–1) 2013–14 Trent Johnson Big 12 Conference 9–22 0–18 10th Big 12 Tournament (0–1) 2014–15 Trent Johnson Big 12 Conference 18–15 4–14 9th Big 12Tournament (1–1) 2015–16 Trent Johnson Big 12 Conference 12–21 2–16 Prior coaches couldnt get to .500 in the MWC. He has already gotten us to the postseason, and had more success there, at least in NIT terms, than Tubbs did. TCU is a really, really hard place to win in basketball. Dixon is already in Tubbs/Killer territory for program success. Which, granted, is a low bar.
  21. More media love for Blacklock ... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001105603/article/2020-nfl-draft-tcus-ross-blacklock-on-his-biggest-inspirations
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