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  1. Schools here asked for opinions, but ultimately they are going to make the call whether it is on campus or at home ...
  2. They're leaving it to you to make the choice? And you cant change based on circumstances?
  3. I've read that Scott totally didn't get the satire Kubrik was going for in Strangelove and that Kubrik would basically prod him to act crazier and crazier until he got the take he wanted. Supposedly, Robert Stack totally didn't get the humor in Airplane! either. Maybe there is something in casting people without good senses of humor into farces ...
  4. I can't stop looking at his floppy hand as he delivers that "punch" ... there is no way he wouldn't have broken a finger or wrist if he's actually connected ...
  5. A member of the old Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association, a predecessor to the Big 8 ...
  6. And a black guy was shot down while jogging through Brunswick, Georgia. I don't think most liberals condone the violence that has come from protests or their aftermath any more than most conservatives condone what happened to Ahmaud Arbery. Unless you want to conflate violent white-supremacism with all conservatives, I'm not sure why liberals need anything shoved up their asses. But to pcf's point, if those BLM protests had been armed to the teeth the way those COVID-shutdown protests had been, frankly both white conservatives and liberals would have lost their shit. Anchors on Fox News would have had aneurisms rupture on air. Descriptions of "thugs" and "gangsters" would have been spewed out like machine gun fire. Which is part and parcel to the BLM argument.
  7. Do you think he could name a single battle fought in the Civil War that wasn't named Gettysburg?
  8. And to make the point again, after the protests, the protesters mostly went back to their homes. After going to the beach, Spring Breakers collected into bars and maxed the capacity of their rented beach houses.
  9. Question is pretty much at the heart of the whole Confederate statue issue. The whole reason those statues exist is due to a bullshit historical revisionism that turned traitors and slavers into honored heroes and symbols pining for an era where the inalienable civil rights of a large portion of Americans were, and would continue to be, denied. Honestly, I don't think Trump gives two figs about the Confederate statues, but because a significant and vocal part of his base does, he pretends he does. But I don't think it is an illegitimate line of questioning to try and get the President to take a moment and think about why people want to take those statues down. As foolhardy as asking him to do so may be ...
  10. We are scheduled to go to Rehoboth in a few weeks and they are seeing a big spike in COVID cases because it was "Senior Week" a few weeks ago and they had 1000s of kids staying in approximately 3 houses. So the problem with beaches isn't their outdooriness so much as their congregating people in overcrowded houses nearby. And they effectively spread the virus among themselves and then spread it to the surrounding community. Which goes to the larger problem that people seem to struggle with is that you can't isolate the non-symptomatic carriers from their social networks. Perhaps not a one of them felt ill, but they did a bangup job increasing cases to everybody in the vicinity and then bringing it back to their communities.
  11. Agree. As a society we swung from complete trust in the government and a media that actively worked to sweep things that made political leaders look bad under the rug to the idea that the government can do nothing right and all politicians are evil. As a Radical Moderate, I firmly believe there is a happy medium between the two where we acknowledge that an accountable government can not only be good at doing some things but is the only effective tool for doing some of those things and that there will always be corrupting forces that will act on those in government and we should be on guard for those. That said, for 3 of the last 5 presidential elections, I am totally uninspired and holding my nose to push the button for the person I'm voting for. (I actually think we had two reasonably okay choices in both 2008 and 2012. 2004, 2016, and 2020 were all horror shows).
  12. I think as long as there isn't an outside threat to the country, the party tribalism gives cover to always believe the other party is always a greater threat to the country than anyone inside your own party. Conservatives and Libs can get together if we're being attacked by the dirty Ay-rabs. It's the only way to explain how conservative evangelicals can continue to support Trump ... if those Libs get more power, they'll institute late-term abortions and single-sex bathrooms, and that is more of a threat to America than a philandering pathological liar ...
  13. That's a tough one. Did OU forgive Darrell Royal for his 20-ish year stint at Texas?
  14. Re. Re. Because casting ... I came to that realization pretty quickly. At a basic level, I get tribalism. It makes evolutionary sense. They identify with that tribe, he is the head of their tribe, and while he may be a bastard, he's their bastard, and a far sight better than the other tribe's bastard. (Aside, this is also part of the absurdity in the conservative argument that "Identity Politics" is only what Democrats do ...) The thing I still struggle with is the utter fecklessness and cowardice of those in the tribe with the power to do something about their bastard. The Lindsay Grahams, the Ted Cruzes, the Marco Rubios who knew from the outset what a monster the guy is and have not just stood by and done nothing, but have completely submitted to their fear of being "primaried" and getting a trademarked Trumpian nickname and have cajoled and enabled him every step of the way. This Anne Applebaum article from the Atlantic does a really good job of explaining how this happens, but even after reading it, I am still gobsmacked at the cowardice of Congressional Republicans and their willingness to let Trump have his way with their tribe. In a decade or so, when we're able to step back from this era and look upon it with a little more clarity, I think it is going to be clear that some of the things Trump has done (his relationship with Putin and the Russians, the dismantling of the mechanisms of government to hold the executive accountable, the abdication of his job to use government to aid Americans in the event of a natural disaster, the abdication of doing anything about (and actively encouraging) foreign actors manipulating our elections, his utter contempt for the Emoluments Clause, etc.) makes Nixon's and Clinton's relative crimes and misdemeanors look like child's play. What makes Trump different from Nixon is the capacity to feel shame and the willingness of members of their own party to hold him accountable. And I know that Republicans took a long time to get there with Nixon, but they eventually got there.
  15. To follow up, they called and brought her in yesterday, and I am now a third-time uncle to Adela. Found out that the hospital had 3 COVID-positive women in labor at the hospital when she was originally scheduled. My SIL has had a rough go at timing her big life changing moments. She had to push up her wedding because her father was dying and now she's had her first child in the middle of a pandemic in isolation from family ...
  16. Prisons and meat processing plants are the top cluster cases in the country, per the NYT ... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.amp.html
  17. Purely anecdotal, but my SIL was scheduled for an elective induction to give birth to her first child this morning in Austin and was turned away from the hospital because there weren't enough beds. I don't know for certain that the beds were filled for COVID patients, but I suspect ...
  18. OMG, someone posted a blog that isnt a mind-numbing post about statistics!!! Go see who wrote it and enjoy!!! http://www.thefroghorn.com/blogs/
  19. I find the conservative response to the pandemic is awfully similar to the hopey-changey message that they criticized, perhaps rightly, during the Obama campaign. The difference, I'd argue, is that Obama's hope/change message was a high-level mission statement that every politician running against an incumbent party uses, and wasn't a specific policy toward a concrete thing, like, say, an ongoing pandemic.
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