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  1. Charlie Davis, 1975-79 Cardinals Aviante Collins, 2017-present Vikings ...
  2. ... and Arky lost to FSU 1-0, so the 3-seeds continue to roll ...
  3. 2006 Seahawks Marshall Harris wore #78 for the 1983 Patriots
  4. Sorry Boston, you don't get ALL the championships ...
  5. BTW, according to the Wikipedia, Alabi is starring in a show on Netflix called Family Reunion coming out this summer ... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9153270/
  6. Anthony Alabi, 2006-07 Dolphins Charlie Davis wore #79 in one game for the 1980 Oilers, but he's not in this picture. He will get a legit picture in a few days ...
  7. I assumed that is how "poule" would be pronounced. Is it just "pool"? German was the language I took in school, so I knew about the three genders, where the words for wife and daughter (die Frau and die Tochter) are feminine but the word for girl (das Mädchen) is neuter.
  8. That image is reversed. Doesn't matter with Irvin's 88 but Harper looks like he's wearing 08. Note the yard markers and the sign in the crowd ... it's subtle. You can return to this image on August 23 ...
  9. So @Boston Frog, it struck me that the French use of a rooster as the national symbol seems rather patriarchal, especially as their women wear it on their national soccer uniforms ... so I was using google translate to figure out how the French say 'hen'. Google says to most frequently used word is 'poule', but that it is also used as an insult roughly equivalent to 'tart' or 'floozy'. The next most frequent term is 'femelle' which can also be used to mean 'bitch' (although it doesn't specify whether that is the slur use or the dog breeding use of the word). So that leaves us with 'cocotte' which seems to be used as a term of endearment. Would the French ladies appreciate us woke American men in the #metoo era calling them 'la cocotte?' Maybe the French should just go with the more gender ambivalent 'chicken' or 'poulet'. Which I assume is pronounced exactly like 'poule' since the French always drop the consonants at the ends of words?
  10. Second 9 to 5 reference of the thread, and we're only 20+ days in ...
  11. Bruce Alford, Jr. wore #80 for the 1967 Redskins. Not sure the man wearing #80 in this picture of the 1967 team is him, but we're going with that. Dan Sharp wore #80 for the 1987 Falcons. Again, not sure he's in here (having trouble spotting an 80 jersey) but this is the best I can do ... Here he is wearing 80 for the Frogs:
  12. It was only 3-0 at halftime. 10 goals in the second half.
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