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  1. "Effusive" was a bit of an understatement ...
  2. And in Baseball America's projections, we're a 2-seed in Fayetteville ... Other conference mates: Texas, 2-seed in College Station OU, 3-seed in Nashville (meaning that Vandy is a host) Tceh, hosting Baylor, 2-seed in Baton Rouge WVU, 2-seed in Raleigh Okie Lite, 2-seed in Corvallis https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/projected-field-of-64-41719/ Also of note, BA has UTA in among the first 8 out of the tournament. A little surprising, that.
  3. Sure. I'd frankly be shocked if they sent Texas that far away from home, especially as a 2-seed. I think they'd be far more likely to send a smaller fan base away if there weren't enough regionals in the southwest to host them all.
  4. In their latest projections, D1baseball has TCU as a 3-seed in Fayetteville ... Other Big XII-II teams: Okie Lite , 2-seed in College Station Baylor, 2-seed in Baton Rouge OU, 3-seed in Lewuhvul WVU, hosting (really?) Tceh, hosting Texas, 2-seed in Corvallis https://d1baseball.com/projections/college-baseball-projected-field-of-64-april-17/
  5. It is completely reasonable to expect occasional hitting funks and occasional bad outings from pitchers, even on "championship level" teams. We have evidence this team can hit. They've scored 6 or more runs in 21 of 35 games the season. They've gotten double-digit hits in 20 games. They are going though a funk. We have seen very little evidence that this team can pitch, outside of Lodolo (and maybe King and Perez). There is no funk ... this is what the team has to work with. And when a team can't pitch, it is going to lose games during hitting funks.
  6. Jared, there is no reason to get vulgar ...
  7. Stay hard, Notre Dame ... (the Cathedral in Paris, not the University in South Bend, Indiana)
  8. The extended dragon scene was the one part I could have done without, or at least less of. It was a little too Neverending Story for me ...
  9. Solid first episode, although surprisingly short. When they announced the first three episodes would be an hour with the last 3 between 80-90 minutes, I expected the episodes to be a FULL hour, not 50 minutes once credits and extras are pulled out. Definitely ready for some shit to go down in the next two episodes. As to your theory PD, I think it's probably a good one ... I've seen it in other places. Another is that
  10. Really needed a sweep from that series. Seton Hall is not a good program.
  11. That cat has a sensitive perception of evil ...
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