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  1. We could potentially play 3 today. Or two plus. If we beat OSU, we are scheduled to play them again this evening, although I'm not sure how pushing the end of the Rapists-Frogs game to this morning will affect things.
  2. Stay hard, Theresa May's political career ...
  3. There has got to be a 'Sammy Baugh Clause' written into QB contracts now expressly forbidding competition in rodeos as an off-season activity ...
  4. Added an insurance run in the 5th but left the bases loaded. Might come back to haunt us. 15-1 Frogs ...
  5. Les Miles is paying off already, going for two for the win in OT ...
  6. Well, I finally got a chance to see it last night ...
  7. Really hope schloss spends the off season sleeping on the couches of every decent high school pitcher in the country ....
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