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  1. He keeps averaging 2 K/IP and he'll be up earlier than that ...
  2. Looking at Cron's numbers, I realize it is still very early in his career, but he's got some serious Dave Kingman/Chris Davis numbers at this point. 64 PA, 5 HR, 15 RBI, 26 K, 0.207 BA
  3. Colin Jones, 2011 49ers Stefan Crichton, 2017 Orioles Geno Espineli, 2008 Giants (you'll have to take my word that the other digit is a 3) In the first of 6 appearances in the countdown, few or none of which will actually show his number, is L.D. "Little Dutch" Meyer, Dutch Meyer's nephew, who played MLB on either side of WWII. He wore 43 in his 1937 rookie season for the Cubs.
  4. So are we implying that the only reason Epstein got popped is because the "Deep State" would be willing to embarrass Trump due to their association but not the Clintons due to their association? Or are we implying that only a Republican DoJ cares about pedophiles and that a Democratic one wouldn't have? (after all, Hillary did have that sex slave/torture chamber in the pizza shop basement)
  5. Since we're talking college, I'm gonna say false, but if we were talking pros, I wouldn't be sure, given the whole weird-ass "football move" aspect to possession.
  6. Today is a bumper crop of Frog pros ... Ty Summers, 2019 Packers Josh Carraway, 2017-18 Titans ... ... and 2019 Rams I posted this picture 3 days ago for Justin Rowland's place in the countdown, but there was another Frog who got his NFL cup of coffee with this same team, Billy Gault ... second row, 3rd player from the right. Jim Shofner, 1958-63 Browns Lyle Blackwood, 1977-82 Colts What's another word for pirate treasure? John Booty, 1995 Buccaneers Tom Gramly, 1968 Indians Not to spoil anything, but in four days I will be posting a shittonne of Kurt Thomas pictures, but for one season, with the 2008 Sonics, he wore #44. Goo Kennedy, 1976 Utah Stars
  7. False if for no other reason than I feel like I see pass rushers get shoved in the back past the QB by a burned OL all the time.
  8. You'll love the post about that song then if you are offended by my slight of TO ... Jerry Butler, Curtis Mayfield, and Clarence Carter were all straight-up soul-music greats. They had serious success and made incredible music. And yet none of them ever got to #1. But here comes smug dipshit Tony Orlando, recording a washed-out and empty version of one of their great old songs, giving it an annoyingly parentheses-laden ’70s title, and landing at #1 for three weeks. Chart history can be so aggravating sometimes. Here’s something that should not surprise you: Tony Orlando & Dawn’s retitled “He Don’t Love You (Like I Love You)” sucks shit. As written, “He Don’t Love You” is a song of need and desperation. ... Orlando sells none of that. He sings it with the same smiley smarminess that he always used for everything. ... And the music is, of course, pure ’70s chintz, replete with strings and horn-stabs and xylophones. It bops along, jaunty and cheerful, utterly oblivious to the heartbreak that it’s supposed to convey. You hear a song like this, and you understand why disco needed to show up when it did. Pop needed something to change. This bullshit couldn’t keep happening.
  9. Stan Petry, 1989-91 Chiefs ... ... and 1991 Saints Football-reference says Clint Gresham (2010 Seahawks) and Jonathan Anderson (2018 Cardinals) wore 45, but Anderson never got into a game and Gresham is wearing 49 in the 2010 team photo, so I didn't find any pics.
  10. On a related note, and going back to the discussion about the overall shittiness of Top 40 pop in the early-to-mid 70's, the number one song in the US on the day of my birth? Tony Orlando and Dawn with He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) ...
  11. @Feeling Froggy, given your interest and knowledge of the Texas recording industry, I think you'd appreciate todays entry for the #1 Billboard hit (from 3.5 weeks after the day of my birth, May 28, 1975) Freddie Fender's "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" https://www.stereogum.com/2051164/the-number-ones-freddy-fenders-before-the-next-teardrop-falls/franchises/the-number-ones/
  12. Bruce Alford, Jr., 1968-69 Bills. This appears to be a made-up article from some guy's (or lady's, don't want to be sexist ... but probably guy's) fantasy simulation, as the Bills lost to the Patriots on November 23, 1969, 35-21 ... no field goals were kicked and both teams stood at 3-8 after the game. However, it appears that he has a legit picture of Alford that he got from somewhere. The only other picture I could find is a team photo ...
  13. I didn't see this posted; please forgive if I missed it. Our new scoreboard is slightly larger than Baylor's: https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/7/14/20693811/revivalry-is-alive-and-well-new-tcu-scoreboard-built-with-the-bears-in-mind-baylor-rhule-patterson The loge boxes, suites, and club seats being built on the stadium’s east side will be complemented by a new, improved scoreboard as well - one that will measure 108’4” wide and 48’6” high. That’s 5,500 square feet of Snackwards Cam, for those of you playing at home. While it was a foregone conclusion that the Horned Frogs would take this opportunity to upgrade a scoreboard that left something to be desired, the measurements were set with a very specific goal in mind: be bigger than the one at the school 90 miles down I-35. Baylor's video board measures in at a barely visible 107’ wide by 47’ high. The Bears’ McLane Stadium opened in 2014. Not to critique Ms. Triebwasser's math, but that puts us at a little over 5254 ft^2 compared to baptist's 5029, a little over 225 more square feet. Suck it, rapey bears!
  14. Marvin White, 2010 Bengals Paul Dawson, 2015-16 Bengals (I think this is the only example of two Frogs wearing the same number for the same team) ... ... and the 2017 Seahawks Justin Rowland #47, 2nd row about 1/3 of the way across from the left, 1961 Vikings Egypt Allen was one of the six players suspended by Wacker during the "living death penalty" era of the mid-80s and played in 6 games, 3 as a 'scab' replacement player, during the 1987 NFL season, wearing #47 for the Bears. A couple of ignominious bullets on the resume. I can't find a picture of him. In the first of 12 appearances on the countdown is Jim Busby who wore #47 in his 1950 rookie season for the White Sox. Despite a journeyman 13-year career where he wore 12 different numbers for 6 different franchises, you can find damn few pictures of him with his actual jersey number revealed. So I'll just try to find a picture on the right team from the right year and you'll have to take baseball-reference.com's word that he actually had the number on his back ...
  15. And it was announced today that Cashner will wear 48 for the Red Sox, but no pic at this point ...
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