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  1. I dont know about you, but getting it that old really sucked. I'm still a little bitter that there is a vaccine now ...
  2. I wasnt a D-1 caliber player, even before the bout with chicken pox and the sore elbow. But i can say I was struck out by Nolan Ryan's son ...
  3. My freshman year. It was really that team that started my love affair with TCU sports. Then the football team won that asterisk-laden 5-way share of the SWC title the following fall. I actually made a terrible and failed effort to walk on to that team ...
  4. They'll try again Saturday.
  5. Maybe, maybe not, but that's not the universe we live in. Trump underestimated this and phuced up. He wasted months of preparation time. When he began to take it seriously, he used it to hold de facto press rallies where he touted his greatness rather than give the American people information. Then he used the crisis as a cudgel to beat political rivals and try to hurt Democratic governors. Then he turned on the medical experts in his own administration. He is a phucing disaster as a human and president. We had been lucky that up until now, most of his disasters were of his making (although Puerto Ricans may disagree). The fact that we were utterly unprepared for a real crisis could not have been more predictible. Dont know whether Hillary would have been more prepared. While rife with her own issues, I do think there is no question that she is a more competent human and politician than Trump. We dont live in that universe however.
  6. Most likely higher, given that the one way we know increases spread is gathering large numbers of people under one roof. Possible, sure. Very unlikely, but possible.
  7. That kid cleans up after himself far better than my teenagers do...
  8. Cell towers and communications employees are being attacked because people think 5G technology is causing coronavirus. Another example of why throwing shit against a wall isnt victimless fun. https://www.iflscience.com/editors-blog/5g-conspiracy-theory-turns-dangerous-as-telecom-workers-spat-at-during-covid19-pandemic/
  9. One of those shows where all the characters are pretty awful people ... Season 2 of Fleabag is fantastic. Before I watched it, I heard a critic on NPR call the one episode where the hot priest is tempted (dont think I'm spoilering anything by saying that) was the best episode of television hed ever seen. I think he was overreacting some, but only a little ... Concur.
  10. Going by wikipedia, four other women (including his first wife) filed suit against him in court, fifteen women have publicly accused him of assault, women at 5 different Miss America contests accused him of lurking in changing rooms. Prior to Reede, Biden's complaints had been in the "uncomfortably handsy" category. Trump has him beat in this ignominy by a wide margin. Biden is about to have to go through at least some gauntlet to account for his actions and since we are still before the convention, there is a greater than zero chance the damage will be bad enough that the Dems may have to consider changing candidates then. Trump, despite having many times more accusations, never went through the same gauntlet.
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