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  1. Sounds like if somebody was in your parking spot at any point on campus over the last few years, the culprit was probably Ross Blacklock ... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2878285-ross-blacklock-found-out-from-raiders-at-nfl-combine-he-has-37-parking-tickets TCU defensive tackle Ross Blacklock said Thursday the Las Vegas Raiders informed him at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine that he had accumulated over three dozen on-campus parking tickets while with the Horned Frogs. "The Raiders told me about my 37 parking tickets that I didn't know about," Blacklock told reporters. When asked how he wasn't aware of the large quantity of tickets, the Texas native said the school took the money straight from his student account.
  2. BTW, those 3 are on a pretty short list of people i MIGHT not vote for in an election against Trump. Although I'd have to think pretty hard about it ...
  3. New job is keeping me busy. I'm lurking and recapping games on Turk-vision ...
  4. Those were all totalitarian Marxists, with an emphasis on the totalitarian, since there is plenty to argue that none ofthem came came particularly close to replicating what Marx actually proposed. Regardless, not what Bernie is proposing. And to be clear, Bernie is probably the Dem I'd least like to see win the nom. But if forced ...
  5. Not a one. Although there were all of those Scandanavian gulags, of course ...
  6. I also suspect that the proportion of white supremacists internationally is roughly the same as Islamic extremists, but a much larger proportion of those white supremacists live in this country than Islamic extremists. Yet the latter gets far more column inches and social media rage. And while social Democrats may be responsible for higher tax rates in Europe, they seem to have very little actual blood on their hands. Same cannot be said for white supremacists ...
  7. Kerley managed to carve out a nice little career there, hopefully Doctson can too ...
  8. The Other Latif series from Radiolab is compelling as shit. It's only two episodes in but so far it is awesome. The story is that Latif Nasser, who is a reporter for Radiolab, finds that there is only one other person in the US with his name, and the other one is detained in Gitmo. So he begins to investigate who the guy is, where he came from, why he was detained, etc., talking to his attorney (who cant tell him much because most of the case against him is classified), finding his family in Morrocco, and basically following his path that brought him to Cuba. Really fascinating.
  9. Watching the Waldo episode of Black Mirror from 2013 ... prescient. Damned prescient. Just replace an animated bear with a reality TV star. ..
  10. That would have been targeting in the NFL ....
  11. I cannot even begin to fathom why anyone gives a flying phuc whether Beyonce and JayZ stood for the national anthem ...
  12. The Founders were big believers in Presidential Infallibility ...
  13. In Germany's defense, is there a difference between Iowa and Colorado?
  14. That Baylor natty example is the only thing keeping me from upping this post. I refuse to concede that I have to choose one or the other ...
  15. Yes. And the Dems decided to punt on Meuller because Meuller didn't take the step to say "yes you should impeach Trump for these offenses." So the Dems dithered and hemmed while Trump won the news cycle with "EXONERATED!!!" Nonetheless, the document outlined a number of actions I'd argue were at least as bad as blackmailing a foreign country to investigate his likely political opponent. Quoting myself from almost a year ago ... The Dems acted on Ukraine because the case was simple and straightforward. Taken in total, I think Trump's behavior in office has been anti-democratic, anti-republican (small-r), self-dealing, and in many regards utterly opposed to our national self interest and security. Hillary got eviscerated by the right (rightly, IMO, at least deserving of more criticism than I saw in the "mainstream" media) for being careless with sensitive emails, and, in turn, Trump has 1) revealed secrets of allies to adversaries, 2) has numerous confirmed inappropriate relationships with that same adversary, and 3) has undermined at every turn the very framework our country has in place to defend ourselves from those adversaries. Hillary being careless with emails seems pretty phucing small potatoes now ... Yep. Because the context of those two events were completely different, as you are well aware. Obama withheld aid from Egypt, with Congressional approval, because a democratically-elected leader (one that we really didn't find very palatable BTW, and we have a history of being complicit in the ousters of such people) was ousted in a military coup. Trump withheld aid, not only without Congressional approval but without even notifying them that he was doing it, to get dirt on a political opponent. Hokey or not, the House has a constitutional duty to investigate the activities of the executive branch, one of the vaunted "checks and balances" that we all learned about in civics class that seem to all be evaporating before our eyes. And the Trump argument that the POTUS is above accountability is one I find deeply troubling. Every bit as troubling as extra-judicial drone strikes. Which segues nicely into ... Yes, I know you think every modern president, and perhaps every president ever, should have been indicted on war crimes. Maybe some should have. That doesn't mean that what Trump is doing now isn't meaningful. As a self-professed anarcho-capitalist, isn't the century-long, yet exponentially accelerating, consolidation of power in the single chief executive concerning to you?
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