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  1. Wednesday was 45, so today is 44 ...
  2. Duquesne Frog


    I started listening to them when I'm running, and as might be obvious now, I've developed a pretty long list of ones I subscribe to. I listen to the potty-mouthed ones when I'm running (like the Dollop) and the clean ones at home when kids ears are around. I doubt your doggies will care one way or the other ...
  3. Duquesne Frog


    Oh, also, if you are in any way interested in language, Lexicon Valley is a really excellent podcast.
  4. Duquesne Frog

    TV Thread

    I wouldn't describe that as "gentle" ... I read a summary of it online including some of the viewer complaints. Writers of cult-favorite TV shows are damned if they do or don't in the social-media age ...
  5. Duquesne Frog

    TV Thread

    Caught up now, although I ended up sleeping through the finale while Mrs. Duq was watching. The scene you reference is gawd-awful to watch. I have to admit, I didn't know that was supposed to trigger labor ...
  6. Duquesne Frog


    Or the former linebacker ...
  7. Duquesne Frog


    The Frogs of War folks have a podcast that is weekly during football season that I've listened to some that isn't bad.
  8. Duquesne Frog

    TV Thread

    If you haven't seen the Hannah Gadsby special on Netflix, you should. I kept seeing all these reviews about how transformative it was, talking about it in such ridiculously effusive terms. So the Missus and I watched it last night and it is an amazing performance. It starts off generically enough, bits and light self-deprecating jokes. And then it turns into this epic deconstruction of comedy and gender roles and sexuality. It becomes powerfully confessional and angry and sad. At the very least, if you are a regular ol' white male like me, you should come out of it with a much greater appreciation of what it is like on the fringes of society. It is uncomfortable and provocative and deserves the effusive praise it has been getting ...
  9. Duquesne Frog


    Some of my faves: The Slate Political Gabfest -- Three rational, sensible people (usually David Plotz, Emily Bazelon, and John Dickerson) discuss politics in the way I wish everybody could discuss politics The Dollop -- Two comedians talk about some generally awful person or incident from history in a hilarious way. Note: Swings WAY left when it gets political ... The Bugle -- Used to be John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman. Now that Oliver is super-famous in America, just Andy Zaltzman and a rotating international cast of cohosts that do comedy bits about current events. Nerdist/ID10T -- If it still exists, Chris Hardwick and the best celebrity interview show for my money. The Infinite Monkey Cage -- Brian Cox (the physicist, not the actor) and Robin Ince and a rotating panel of scientists and comedians talk about science topics. Star Talk with Neil Degrasse Tyson is also very good, but usually not as funny. Stuff You Should Know -- Love the two guys who host that show. Stuff You Missed in History Class is also good and in the same vein. Radiolab and all their related side projects -- Hard to describe succinctly, but just excellent journalism and story-telling Freakonomics -- Makes economics interesting Dan Carlin's Hardcore History -- Episodes only come out like once every 6 months but they're usually like 4 hours long and take a deep dive into some major historical event. His series on WWI and the Mongols were phenominal. There are a bunch of others I like too, but those are the ones I'm most regular with ...
  10. Duquesne Frog

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Remember that I have a fake English degree as well ...
  11. Once again, I will be without much internet access next week, so this post has through next Wednesday, then when I get back I'll catch up ... Saturday Sunday No pro football #48s Monday Paul Dawson Justin Rowland, #47 for the 1961 Vikings, Second row, about a third of the way from the left Marvin White wore #47 for 3 games for the Bengals in 2010, but no pics. Egypt Allen wore #47 for 6 games with the 1987 Chicago Bears, but no pics. Jim Busby wore #47 in his rookie season for the 1950 Chicago White Sox, but no pic could be found showing the number Tuesday Bruce Alford Wednesday Stan Petry According to football-reference, supposedly Clint Gresham wore #45 his first two seasons with Seattle, but I'll be damned if I can find him in anything other than #49...
  12. Ryan Tucker Guy Morriss Keith Flowers wore #50 in a few games for the 1952 Detroit Lions, no picture Scott Atchison Chuck Machemehl wore #50 for the 1971 Cleveland Indians ... no picture Goo Kennedy
  13. Defensive end on a 5-man front line, so effectively a linebacker who almost always had run responsibility. I did play a touch of very undersized guard on the OL when things got desperate ...
  14. Duquesne Frog

    The Official Vladimir Putin World Cup Thread

    But will it be lit AF? As part of my growing awareness of international soccer, I'm just starting to understand that the French Ligue 1 is considered pretty inferior to Spain, Germany, England, and Italy's top soccer divisions. I guess outside PSG and Monaco, everyone else kinda sucks? It doesn't seem to have hindered their player development ...
  15. Duquesne Frog

    God save us....

    I can't imagine the Republican party using the Supreme Court to stoke fears and fire up the base prior to an election. Or to cynically use politics to deny qualified nominees a spot on the court because they might not align with their positions on key issues ... [/sarcasm]