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  1. Don't you people know that Art is a good Christian man!?!?!?! He wrote two damn books making sure everybody knows!!!
  2. Sitting at a high school soccer game in a middle class, largely white suburb and over the PA comes Straight Outta Compton. Can you imagine that song getting played at a suburban white public school 30 years ago? The PA guy would have been fired on the spot and drug out of the stadium. How catastrophically Tipper Gore failed ...
  3. No way. I think Georgia is legit. And while I think Florida has done absolutely nothing to deserve their current ranking, I'm not sure they can be considered "dumpster fire" material either. But the rest of that division is mediocre at best ...
  4. Just noticed that the Georgia State team that went into Neyland and beat Tennessee 38-30 two weeks ago got absolutely curb-stomped this week by Western Michigan, 57-10. And Michigan State beat Western Michigan last week 51-17. So by the transitive property of college football, Michigan State should beat Tennessee by 8 + 47 + 34 = 89 points ...
  5. Va Tech losing 14-3 to Furman at half. Starting to worry about Justin Fuentes' job security...
  6. I suspect Purdue is a mediocre .500-ish Big 10 team. If we cannot beat them, I will suspect that we are a mediocre .500-ish Big XII-II team. Maybe I'm off and Purdue is a legit contender for the B1G-West, but Purdue is nothing if not consistently average, at least since Tiller left. We, OTOH, have bounced between mediocre and conference champion caliber year-to-year recently. I think this game tells us what we are.
  7. Also not bad for a guy who was dismissed as a first-round bust by his first organization. Hopefully Doctson has a similar career trajectory ...
  8. And those two road games were Duke in 2010 and Penn State in 2011. Basically, every single year, Alabama plays 7 home games, 4 road games, and a neutral site game during the regular season.
  9. Oklahoma State is about to come into a ginormous inheritance ...
  10. Not only that, but the fact that Purdue has only BEEN to 1 more Rose Bowl than TCU, as have Northwestern and Minnesota. TCU has been to the same number of Rose Bowls as Indiana, Harvard, and Washington & Jefferson ...
  11. Also in reference to the Frogs o' War podcast (Ilistened to it this morning so it is on my brain), they (Jamie Plunkett and Melissa Triebwasser) brought up that there has been a lot of Purdue social media commentary that Moore will be the best receiver that we have ever seen. They then listed off all the Big XII-II receivers that are now starting on Sunday in the NFL that we've seen and (for the most part) shut down over the last half decade or so.
  12. This was brought up on the Frogs o' War podcast too. They pointed out that Bama has played precisely two true OOC road games during Saban's entire tenure at Bama. The sense of entitlement is strong in Tuscaloosa ...
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