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  1. My UT friend with whom I was texting during the series just told me that this was revenge for us celebrating on the longhorn logo in the regional back whatever year that was. Which actually made me feel pretty good. In any other era of TCU sports it would have been us happy to wait 5 years to get revenge on UT. We've been the alpha dog for a while. Let's hope we are back soon ...
  2. I think it may be time to pitch around Clemens ...
  3. B9 ... still Wymer Strikeout ... Mihlbauer in for Wymer Ground out ... Infield single ... Clemens with another 2 run jack. Ballgame 5-3 badguys
  4. Top 9 ... Shepherd ... Walks Boulware ... Grounds out to left side, Shepherd to second, one out Air Mail ... HBP Balta ... Flies out Suave ... Fielders choice Frogs leave two again.
  5. Still Wymer ... Horns go down 1-2-3
  6. Humphreys grounds out Obi-wan ... Base hit Oveido ...5-4-3 double play Bottom 8th coming up ..
  7. Wymer works his third inning after the stretch ... Horns strand a two out walk On to the 8th ...
  8. Air Mail and Balta single with 1 out Rico Suave at the plate ... Strikes out Rizer ... Grounds out. Two left on ...
  9. Tied at 3 after two-run dinger by Clemens
  10. Frogs up 3-1 bottom 5 ... Horns threatening ...
  11. Duquesne Frog

    The Music Thread

    Why is Lando killing all those people? Kidding aside, pretty powerful video. Hes come a long way from Troy and Abed ...
  12. Duquesne Frog

    God save us....

    Active shooter situation in Santa Fe, Texas (outside Houston). Suspect in custody. No word on casualties yet ... https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/18/us/texas-school-shooting/index.html