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  1. TCU @ KSU

    John and Brian pregame show will start now.
  2. Week 7 - Other Games

    28-17 TT. Who do we want to win?
  3. Prayers requested

    I haven't checked in lately but I was thinking about Tyler today. Prayers of comfort for the Farmer family.
  4. Happy Birthday, crunch!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. I'm listening to the Frogs post game show. Brian will be hoarse tomorrow.
  6. Oh my. Wyoming and Oregon are playing. What a colorful game!
  7. Sept 9 Vs Arkansas: Will Frogs go Hog Wild?

    Chat room today?
  8. Hmmmm. Is it too much to ask for 4 homeruns in a row?
  9. Wish it was more of a nail bitter.
  10. SEC x 2 ???? Please, no. Go Frogs.
  11. They're trying...still a goose egg.
  12. Frog fans are loud.
  13. Lady luck, why????
  14. Where are our base hitters? Come on Skoug
  15. Feel like we're competing against Florida and the announcers.