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  1. Bengals to start Andy Dalton at quarterback again, sit Ryan Finley https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28162424/bengals-start-andy-dalton-quarterback-again-sit-ryan-finley
  2. Much better shooting by the Frogs this half!
  3. Building character. 🤣 (In this thread because Rex Chapman.)
  4. Congratulations to our first place, first-time, Week 13 winner presbyguy! He was the smartest one out of all of us and only gave the Ducks 2 points on their game with the Sun Devils (all of us chose Oregon at anywhere from 2-9 points). There are a bunch of sad faces around Portland today, let me tell ya. Following closely behind her hubby, FriskyFrog came in second this week, having also been let down by ut. The Purple Troll bested his wife's score by only one measley point, based on his placement of Ory-gone. It was very close at the top once more this week. That Damned Computer™ has first place overall tied up, most likely. (I'm serious about disqualifying computer assisted technology from our pick'em next year, btw. We need to discuss this.) Frisky and 152 are tied for second place. The Ransacker is right behind the Ladies of TFH. Two weeks to go in our game! Frogs are gonna rock the Hillbillies on Friday!
  5. I bet we'll have a story from our roving reporter, @NewfoundlandFreeFrog at the Austin tourney any minute. 🌐🎾👩‍💻
  6. We are bird(ers) of a feather. Glad you enjoyed your show, nonetheless. I would have volunteered to clean horse stalls for four hours rather than listen to 20th century opera.
  7. Dragging half the D with him!
  8. Y'all come to the chat room!
  9. https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/index.php?/topic/12314-cdcs-email-and-office-phone/ DOn't miss the new thread on #Fire DelConte!
  10. Oh, upset on the Hilltop! Sorry, little Ponies.
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