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  1. Some sort of terrier something, Frisky?
  2. Thank you, Uncle Twang! It's his #6 and he's about to get a dental dinosaur to celebrate. Nothing's too good for my little man.
  3. I'm liking the fact that some of you will have extra tickets that you maybe will need butts for since I'll be getting to town about half way through the season and didn't order a single season ticket for myself.
  4. Haha! First wife/husband smack down on TFH!
  5. OK, so what type of insurance would cover a person's residency in a facility like yours? Long term care?
  6. Up here in Oregon, they have adult care homes all over the place. They are just regular homes in regular neighborhoods where somebody opens up the spare bedrooms and takes in old people. I think they're regulated in some way, but it's mostly the Russian immigrants running them. There is one across the pasture from my house. An ambulance arrives over there about every six months and then the vacancy sign goes up.
  7. You know, they actually do fly horses on specially equipped planes. They have stalls in the cargo hold. Very interesting how they sometimes have to blindfold the horses to get them on and off.
  8. You've been reading all the Kellen Moore threads and taking notes.
  9. I'm thinking about doing the Iowa St and Kansas St games. Just staying up north for the week in between. Surely, there's something to do up there.
  10. Is Wes the cute one on the left in that picture? Hubba hubba!
  11. Welcome to both Rabble and Seagull. We are delighted you have joined us. Jump in to the FREEDOM pool!
  12. Welcome, Endless Purple! Very happy to have you here in our sandbox. Hope you noticed the "no trolls allowed" phrase in our terms of use. I think you'll like us!
  13. I'm proud of your, JS! (Also happy that my future care needs will be met by someone qualified to give care to old folks.)
  14. Whatever. Damn kids and their crazy talk...
  15. Yes, go to the top right corner of your phone screen and touch the square with four squares inside it. Once it opens, choose "blogs" and there it is.
  16. Mighty touchy, aren't we Mr. Dual Citizenship? I wasn't implying it was a longer wait because the testing was being done in your native country.
  17. So, Blood Canada will be doing in-depth analysis. Poor patient has to wait a long time, it seems.
  18. But, they didn't take your marrow this morning, did they?
  19. Is that where the patient is or where the testing is done or both? BTW, safe journey!
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