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  1. I think it's still early to know. So many teams are in bowl practice and coaches who may be available or wanting to move are busy with their current teams. Also, as someone said previously, GP usually likes to give the person he is replacing time to find a new job before he announces a change. I think we should be patient. If nothing happens soon after all the bowls have been played, then we start scratching our heads.
  2. Woot! Woot! Another PERFECT PICK'EM this week! Congratulations to Rana for correctly picking every game in Championship Week! Looks like you had very little faith the Sooners were actually going to pull off that win, but fortunately for all of us, they did. 😉 The Purple Troll and last week's winner, the Ransacker, were tied up for second place with just one point off a perfect score (dadgum that Central Michigan team). Army Frog and Arrrgggh were tied for fourth place in this final week. So, who was our 2019 Pick'em winner? Drum rolllll..... That Damned Computer™ once again cleans up in our annual contest with a winning score of 673 points. The Scottish Ransacker finishes second this year with 660 points. gofrogs152 takes the bronze medal with 651 points. Congratulations to all our winners and be sure to check your mailboxes for your fabulous prize packages worth thousands of Frog dollars! 💰💲🥂Thanks everyone for playing. I'll have the Bowl Mania game setup in a couple of days, so watch this space!
  3. I think Cajun is going to mop the floor with Boomer.
  4. Basketball, too! Don't forget it's Desmond's final year. 😍
  5. Not only that, but after Charlie hit the turf hard and was obviously so wobbly and took a while to get up, when he went to the sideline Rhule was in his face barking at him for taking the hit. Same old, same old going on with that place.
  6. Oh, lordy. Someone is selling the damn things now.
  7. See, I'm not the only one re:the smock. 🤣
  8. Florida State expected to hire Memphis football coach Mike Norvell https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/acc/2019/12/07/florida-state-mike-norvell-expected-fsu-football-next-coach-faces-challenges/4365458002/
  9. Poop! It was a nice pass and catch, though. 23-20 /9:41 to go. Get yer heads out yer butts, Sooners!
  10. Looks like a kindergarten fingerpainting smock to me, but you've got a point. From everything Gary Danielson was spewing a little while ago, Rhule's the next incarnation of Our Lord.
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