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  1. Attach your pic again, it's not showing up. I read you're getting more snow tonight or tomorrow night?! Another big dump like you just had?
  2. This is cool for people who never get to see machinery like this, but the snow is coming down so hard that as soon as it's cleared it just fills in again.
  3. Good heavens, Newf, that's incredible. The guy who went out in it to walk to his friend's house is so obviously dead. He texted "lost" with 1% battery left last night. I agree it was a very stupid thing to do. Good thing you don't live where the avalanche occurred right into those houses! The pictures of the storm on Twitter are just unbelievable. Where will all the water go when it starts to melt and will it then cause flooding? I saw a tweet that said you're expecting rain on Monday?
  4. Yeah, just wait till he spends an entire winter out there on the Palouse. He'll be singing a different tune.
  5. 😬 Keeping you in my thoughts, friend. Tie yourself down so you don't blow away now that you've lost so much weight.
  6. Good thing you've been working out! Really hoping you don't lose power again. You need a generator or a fireplace/woodstove. Keep updating us, please. Are your kids with you?
  7. @NewfoundlandFreeFrog are you concerned about anything... losing power, roof holding up, digging out later, etc? Do you have a generator or alternative heat source. That all sounds very intense.
  8. OMGee! KEN STARR on the defense team for the Dipshit-in-Chief! Good lord. This has turned into a circus.
  9. I used to comfort myself with "all pets go to Heaven", but now I think it's where they are from. Going back is easy. ~A friend.
  10. Lev Parnas looks as phony as a $3 bill, but that he just threw Rick Perry under the bus makes me happier than almost anything else he's said so far.
  11. How have you prepared @NewfoundlandFreeFrog? That's a lot of snow!
  12. This +4 and everything else you said, angelos. CGP absolutely needs another mind who is an experienced and successful offense guy and who he knows won't feed him BS.
  13. Kill did this same job for Fuente last season, so it's not like GP made up a job out of thin air. See the article FrogTwang quoted up a little in the thread that mentions Kill's recent experience.
  14. Bryan Applewhite, most recently RB coach at Colorado State, heading to FW.
  15. But do you make a distinction for single game wins or multiple game tournaments? I can see giving LA the win if it was just a single game, but for a seven game series it gets muddy for me. I agree Houston should be disqualified.
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