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  1. The Music Thread

    Something for Boston as he sets out on vacation today...
  2. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    It's up and ready to go. Our group name is The Frog Horn and the password to get in is GMFP (shocker). It's the same format as the week-to-week pick 'em with 41 games to pick and then place in order of confidence, from least (1) to most (41). There's also an option to auto-fill the picks if you want. With so many games to pick, don't wait until the last minute. Get in the group early so that DUSHEE has some competition! Here's the link: http://games.espn.com/college-bowl-mania/2017/en/group?groupID=147329 GO FROGS, BEAT THE TREE!
  3. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    TCU will return to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl with the same curfew and bed check procedures as two years ago, when Trevone Boykin was arrested and sent home following a bar fight, coach Gary Patterson said. “It was tight last time,” he said Friday after practice when asked if curfew restrictions would be tighter for this trip. “We had bed check. He was in bed check. We knew what we were supposed to do. You can’t control knuckleheads.” (<---my emphasis) http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article190160689.html
  4. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    Running back Darius Anderson will be a game-time decision for the Alamo Bowl as TCU takes as much time as it can to make a decision about whether to use its leading rusher against Stanford. Horned Frogs coach Gary Patterson described a balancing act between getting something out of his top back and maximizing his recovery for next season, when he will return as the team’s most experienced and explosive back. “You can’t accomplish any more in this season, so you got to make sure he is ready to go and there’s no chance of putting him in harm’s way,” Patterson said after Friday’s practice. http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article190228854.html
  5. The TCU Variety Thread

    Very good. Searching For Slingin' Sammy Baugh Baugh was a decent high school football player, but his No. 1 sport was baseball. He played third base and had a great arm. In 1933, Baugh joined the baseball and football teams at Texas Christian University. He expected to play third base and punt for the football team. He’d always been good at that. Most college teams from the East and Midwest were still avoiding the forward pass, but Dutch Meyer – the football and baseball coach at TCU – loved it. "Hell, we could throw the ball any time we wanted to," Baugh told Daly. "And Dutch told us, 'If you've got a reason for doing it, I'll never second guess you.' " Soon Meyer figured out that his third baseman with the strong arm would actually make a darn good passer. http://www.wbur.org/onlyagame/2017/12/15/sammy-baugh-forward-pass
  6. The TCU Variety Thread

    Regarding TCU, but doesn't fit anywhere else? Put it here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is TCU’s firework obsession because of Boschini? ‘It doesn’t hurt.’ “I am a big firework nut,” Boschini said. https://www.tcu360.com/2017/05/is-tcus-firework-obsession-because-of-boschini-it-doesnt-hurt/
  7. 2017 Bowl Thread

    N. Texas has come roaring back from being down 15-0 and nothing going right for them in the 1st quarter against Troy. 22-20 Trojans at the half.
  8. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    Add Arkie St to the naughty list for many elves. What a way to start the bowls. Congrats to Newbomb for winning day one.
  9. The TCU Variety Thread

    Fantastic!! Congratulations to lil' sis! What about the money?
  10. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    What Zebra said. Also, be sure that you're putting the game you feel least confident about at the number 1 spot and your most confident game at the number 41 spot. Somebody always gets that inverted and has a bad experience, to say the least.
  11. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    I imagine Colorado State made some folks unhappy, too.
  12. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    Western Kentucky let quite a few people down today. I had them at #33. Dadbernit.
  13. God save us....

    I have spoken to an attorney and she said my best option is to try to hang on for the 10 year SS deal in her opinion.
  14. 2017 Bowl Thread

    38-28 Boise, final!
  15. 2017 Bowl Thread

    I don't agree with allowing Royce Freeman to be on the Oregon sideline since he decided not to play in the bowl to preserve himself for the draft. Neither does Mac.
  16. 2017 Bowl Thread

    24-14 Blue Horsie Idahoans at the half, except the Ducks are not out of it yet. Two defensive INTs for TDs on consecutive series at the end of the second quarter.
  17. 2017 Bowl Thread

    Holy cow, these unis in the Las Vegas Bowl. Woof!
  18. The Christmas Thread, 2017 edition

    Do you put sticky notes on your pole?
  19. God save us....

    Well, I know I'm not going to get alimony from him. He's been waiting on his poor 95 year-old mom to die for years so he can get half of her property. She has been in the same house on the San Francisco Peninsula for nearly 60 years and, last I heard, the property value for the dumpy little 1100 sq. ft. place (which hadn't been updated much since it was built) on one-quarter acre was over $1.2M. She's also got Disney and ABC stock and a lot of other investments. He has to share it all with his brother, but the IRS and CA and OR tax people are going to want their shares of it, too. I'm not sure he'd have much left to give to me, anyway. Oh, and he filed for bankruptcy while we were married, so he may have to pay that back, too? IDK. And, yes, I'm very aware I made a huge mistake marrying that one. The first one wasn't such a great choice, either.
  20. The Christmas Thread, 2017 edition

    That's really your house? I thought it was a joke. Well done!
  21. The Christmas Thread, 2017 edition

    When is that, like, the 17th or something? We need a pole.
  22. God save us....

    I'd like to see some reform on the married filing separately for people whose spouse has abandoned them. My wish-he-really-were ex #2 refuses to file for divorce because he said five years ago when he left me that he couldn't afford to file`the papers (and I refuse to do it on principle). He has stopped all communication with me since mid-2015. I don't know if he's alive or dead and I have no way to contact him. I know that he was living with the woman he left me for and getting paid under the table from her home business in California. He's hiding from the IRS because he owes them and he has a judgement against him for the house he walked away from up here in Oregon. Every year at tax time, I have to file married filing separately and pay the penalty. I don't qualify for head of household because I don't have anyone else living with me that I provide care for (the dogs don't count, darn it). The only potential benefit of keeping things as they are is that if I hold out for 10 years being married to him, I can claim his Social Security benefits at his death.
  23. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    I like these Troy helmets. Very nice color with the liquid chrome.