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  1. Stay hard, Pussy Galore. James Bond actress Honor Blackman dies aged 94
  2. @Jared how are you doing? Haven't heard from you in a few weeks. πŸ‘‹
  3. Of course, today the RNC chair comes out against it as a Democrat trick to skew the election by fraud. I'll be looking for a courageous reporter to ask the orange about his mail-in ballot request.
  4. We only have vote by mail in Oregon and it's awesome. It's been the law in this state for about 20 years and the officials say fraud is very low because they verify every signature on every ballot against the signature on the voter's registration. Turn out is also very high. Plus, voting machine malfunction/loss of votes never happens because there is a verifiable paper ballot to fall back on. And, it's cheaper for the state than having all those polling locations open with multiple voting machines. Not looking forward to giving it up when I get back home to Texas.
  5. And continues to be such a problem everywhere. I personally think the people fighting against the restrictions on movement, etc. don't understand that the numbers being released on people with the virus have no relation to the truth. "Testing, testing, testing" has been the refrain from the beginning. It's still non-existent in almost everywhere in adequate numbers.
  6. Don't you think there is more we as a country can do with a problem we can see, such as poverty, rather than this virus pandemic that we can't see? We can feed people. We can't bring people back from the dead after we diddle around and not do all we can to prevent them from getting sick to begin with.
  7. I saw this a few days ago and it made me tear up from pride in my fellow Texans, who happen to be just down the road from FW in Waxahachie. Watch this. There's also a written story here: Texas 'mom and pop' business flooded with orders for helmet ventilators amid coronavirus crisis
  8. Does this mean you'll also be rewatching Miami Vice?
  9. Now I need to fire up some Brothers Gibb! Thanks, Newf! 😎
  10. The reporting around his involvement is crazy. He's running a shadow COVID task force and the Oval Office occupant is pitting one against the other. Kushner has no business being that close to the administration.
  11. Jamie at Frogs o' War was saying he suspected Tech trolls as the spoilers.
  12. HBD to our favorite Ravens fan! I hope you packed in the pinot before the lockdown started. 🍷 It goes great with cake. πŸŽ‚πŸ˜Š Have a fabulous day, girlfriend! 😘
  13. Conversely, if musical theatre is your thing, Andrew Lloyd Webber is posting a different musical each week on YouTube for free. Starts tomorrow! Here's the YT link. https://www.youtube.com/theshowsmustgoon Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is calling all musical lovers! Starting this Friday, we’ll be releasing a full-length, smash-hit musical once a week for you to watch for free! It will be available for 48 hours, so you can tune in whenever you like over the weekend! First up, it’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat!
  14. I didn't mean to imply N.O. was on the scale of "NYC bad" because they are not comparable in population or the way in which they live (having been a NYC resident, I have direct knowledge of this). However, N.O. did nothing to mitigate the spread, just like Texas as a whole has waited for a month to do anything to stop the spread. It's all around us, anywhere we live in this country. I would just, respectfully, ask you and everyone else to keep your germs to yourself and stay at home so I don't get sick again, assuming what I was sick with a few weeks ago wasn't COVID-19. I'm one of those folks who we're all trying to protect...plus I've got the nuclear codes for TFH and if I go down, the monthly rent doesn't get paid. πŸ˜†
  15. I think Newf mentioned this somewhere, but I'll put in a plug for it, too. The Metropolitain Opera is streaming a different show for free every 24 hours on their website. Now, opera is not all stuffy, high-brow entertainment for the hoity-toity folks. Why, some of it is down right bawdy and pretty darn funny...and even in ENGLISH! Not only is the Met streaming the shows, it has also put together some interesting extra content to give context for each week's shows. For instance, one of the shows for this week (tonight, in fact) is Verdi's Don Carlo and it happens that there's a donkey with a key role in the production. So, they've got a behind-the-scenes, backstage interview with Sir Gabriel, the donkey. All of these supplementary content articles and synopses of the shows are available at the top of each week's list of productions at the link below. Give it a try. You don't know what you're missing and just think of how awesome the music will sound coming out of your surround sound at home and how beautiful it will look on your gargantuan big screen TV. After all, what else are you doing? Haven't you run out of Tiger King episodes yet? 😜 Weekly Streams: https://www.metopera.org/user-information/nightly-met-opera-streams/
  16. JKush needs to go read some more pandemic books. This is ridiculous.
  17. This is just not true. To name just one other, New Orleans is experiencing its own continuing effects of not shutting down Mardi Gras. What news sources are you reading and/or watching?
  18. I don't know how to make you or anyone else understand how important it is to follow these rules, @Army Frog Fan. Some people who feel the same as you are scared of the unknown, some are just cantankerous, lots are losing money and are pissed about it, some are impatient, some don't like to lose control of their lives, some just hate government in general. However, the people who are experts in many fields have decided this is the best course of action to keep the country functional for the time after the peak infection has passed, which will be at different times for different areas of the country. They say the Apex of the curve for Texas is going to be the first week of May, based on when containment efforts were put in place. Missouri, on the other hand, not until May 21, because they have yet to shut down non-essential services nor have they instituted a stay at home order. Most importantly, in every state the estimated timelines are based on people doing their part to follow the rules 100%. If enough don't do that, all bets are off. To address your point about the disparity between big and tiny cities, remember that the rural areas don't generally have adequate healthcare anyway. So, when several people get sick in those little towns and aren't near a large hospital, but instead have to be cared for at a small, area clinic or hospital, you don't have to be a genius to imagine what's going to happen. That clinic and those healthcare workers will very quickly be overwhelmed and their supplies will run out really fast. And, they can't transfer those folks to the big city hospitals because they won't have room to care for them. This virus is far, far more contagious than the seasonal flu, dude. Just wrap your head around that and stop comparing the two. We've all got immunity to the common flu virus and there is way, way more knowledge about it. NO ONE HAS IMMUNITY TO THIS and our best experts are mostly flying blind with this thing. I realize it's frustrating to not be in control. I just don't want you or yours to get sick.
  19. Army Frog said: "the epidemiologists are concerned with only one thing" That's their job, friend. Plus, most people do put the value of human lives ahead of all other considerations. Well, except for the orange moron and even he's coming around now.
  20. April Fool's prank for your kiddos...
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