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  1. @frogtwang could be Stella... 🤣
  2. Going to the Purdue game? Registration deadline for the Alumni Association trip is July 31! https://book.anthonytravel.com/r/tcu-horned-frogs-football/tcu-19-football-at-purdue-land-package-pkg-6664 The Ultimate Horned Frogs Football Experience! Game Ticket is not included in the package. To purchase game tickets please visit GoFrogs.com Travel Package Inclusions: 3 Nights Hotel Accommodations at The Westin Michigan Ave Stay in the ideal location on the Magnificent Mile with plenty of attractions and dining steps away from your hotel! Check In: Thursday, September 12 Check Out: Sunday, September 15 Welcome Event on the Spirit of Chicago Start the weekend with the Official TCU Alumni Association Welcome Event on the Spirit of Chicago, Thursday, September 12! Dinner buffet and beverages included. Cruise Time: 7:00- 9:30 p.m. Wrigleyville Rooftop Experience Attend the Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates game, Friday September 13 at 3:05 p.m. Reserved rooftop seating overlooking left field. Ballpark fare, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages included Official TCU Alumni Tailgate Admission Join us at the Official TCU Alumni Association Hospitality Tailgate! Includes entertainment, meal and fun for everyone! Gameday Transportation Round-trip bus transportation between the hotel and Ross-Ade Stadium. Welcome Event Transportation Guests will be provided round-trip transportation from your hotel and the Navy Pier where you will board the Spirit of Chicago. Bus will be departing from the hotel at 6:00 p.m. Commemorative Souvenir Your official souvenir to get you gameday ready! Credential & Lanyard On-Site Experiences Anthony Travel Tour Director Dedicated Anthony Travel staff members will be on site and available for every step of the trip! All Taxes and Fees View Full Reservation Policies
  3. I watched one of the games ARob played in. He wasn't any worse/better than any of the other guys, really. There was one kid from Kentucky, Wenyen Gabriel, who was pretty good. I don't know why, maybe it was the camera angle, but Alex didn't look like the shortest player on the court anymore.
  4. You belong in the punitentiary, Jared. 🙄
  5. Very interesting! I especially related to this quote, "Your possessions, you don’t really own them. They own you. The more you get rid of, the freer you are.” I found exactly the same to be true when I sold everything in my house recently in preparation to move back home. Seeing all that junk walk out of my house during the moving sale was an incredibly uplifting feeling. I only have a half-empty 5x5 storage unit now and I'll probably pare it down even more before I finally head south after Christmas.
  6. Psychiatrists use Mueller Report to track Donald Trump’s mental health, warn: ‘There is very little time now’ “There is very little time now,” she says. “Things will likely escalate from here ... This is how the chaos, violence and fear so apparent in Donald Trump’s psychology translates into chaos, violence and fear in the White House, the nation and the world at large.” Lee and four of her colleagues will summarize their analysis of the Mueller Report -- and answer questions -- during an “online town hall” on July 16. Mueller is scheduled to testify before Congress the next day, but reports Friday indicate the former special counsel’s testimony might be postponed by a week. https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2019/07/psychiatrists-use-mueller-report-to-track-donald-trumps-mental-state-warn-there-is-very-little-time-now.html
  7. Your guide to 13 early-season college basketball tournaments https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/27163155/your-guide-13-early-season-college-basketball-tournaments
  8. Everybody's quoted in this article...Switzer, Mac Brown, Sonny Dikes, Houston Nutt, that guy sitting on his tailgate on the side of the road in Oklahoma after a tornado eating his pork rinds getting interviewed by the local TV station (be sure to click that twitter link if you haven't seen the video). And, did you know that the inception of Horns Up came the week of their game with us in 1955? Fun article. Mac's a crybaby. And apparently, CDC didn't want to comment. The petty, wonderful and delightfully weird rise of Horns Down https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27160980/the-petty-wonderful-delightfully-weird-rise-horns-down
  9. The first class of the new medical school is in the house!
  10. Good GP interview in Pressbox DFW by Matt Mosely. A conversation with TCU coach Gary Patterson https://www.pressboxdfw.com/a-conversation-with-tcu-coach-gary-patterson/ "...So really what Alex [Delton] was able to bring in here and do was he was a guy who was voted by his teammates as a team captain. Any time you find a guy that’s voted on by your own teammates…and you know I hold Kansas State’s program in high regard with Coach Snyder’s group. And he hasn’t proved me wrong as far as what kind of person he is, how he’s handling himself coming in. He hasn’t acted like, well I’m a grad transfer, this should be given to me. Really him and Shameik Blackshear, the defensive end from South Carolina that’s here. Both of them have been tremendous, they’ve been tremendous team people, work wise, they’ve been unbelievable work ethic. You couldn’t ask for a better two guys coming in at two positions that we need somebody to play very well."
  11. How a small Texas town has reacted to the hiring of Art Briles The overwhelming feeling among the town's power brokers is that this was an unbelievable opportunity -- a chance to help a coach who was clearly wronged, in their opinion; a lucky break for a small town to get a legendary coach who had been made a scapegoat by the Baylor board of regents. "A school district has an opportunity to hire someone like this to coach your kids? I don't know how you could turn that down," said Tom Ramsay, 79, a former five-term state legislator whose name adorns the section of Highway 37 that runs in front of Mount Vernon High School and who had four children who went to Baylor. "I'm impressed with his character." https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/26943300/how-small-texas-town-reacted-hiring-art-briles
  12. Maybe a "Go Frogs" would have cheered him up a little? Glad you made the trip there on your bike to support him, J. I think Alex would have been grateful had he known.
  13. Now, you can't just leave us hanging with that little nugget. What's that story?
  14. Copeland's fake teeth are too perfect. Needs the gap in front. Otherwise, passable resemblance now that you mention it. However, I think you do Andy a grave disservice. 😆
  15. 😆 That guy is doing the Lord's work! That still seems like a cop out from BB. 'Oh, our lid is frozen on the carton. Tampering would be evident.' Malarky. Hope there's a big stink about that bs.
  16. Happy 243rd, America! (Tried posting Stars and Stripes Forever but it didn't work. Damn phone.)
  17. That's about $38,500USD at today's exchange. Better than sitting around not getting paid, I suppose, and he's playing ball. Good for him!
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