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  1. Ballgame! 11-2 Horned Frog win! Check out the pitch counts when you look at the box score. 😵
  2. The Frogs, being slightly peeved at their 5th inning performance, make up for it BIG in the 6th! 11-2 T-C-U with Conner Shepherd getting his 100th hit in a Frogs uniform!
  3. 5-2 Top of the 6th. Frogs had a couple of uncharacteristic blunders in the 5th.
  4. I miss SuperToad. Wonder where he's taken himself off to these days.
  5. two outs, Wolfe doubles to LF. Rodgers goes down on strikes. Minny wins 7-6.
  6. Hunter Wolfe RBI! 7-6 Them. T/7th Pitching change for MinnerSoda. LHP Bubba Horton. 1 out/Rodgers on 1st (HBP). Wild pitch, Rodgers to 2nd. (Chuck thinks it was passed ball, but nooooooo.) Byrne strikes out. Shepherd strikes out.
  7. Does yours like to snack on it while you scramble to get to it before they do? 🤢
  8. Crapola. Minnysota scores two runs while I was cleaning up. 7-5. To the top of the 5th we go!
  9. Austin Henry ties it up with a big 3 run double to the right field corner! 5-5 T/4th (Cleaning up dog puke, y'all bear with me...)
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