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  1. https://gofrogs.com/news/2020/6/26/general-from-the-desk-of-adjd.aspx
  2. What a happy looking kid. Thanks for keeping this up, Double L! I love seeing the new and former Frogs.
  3. It's like that graph the Georgia Dept of Health put out in May that showed a downward trajectory of COVID cases in the state only because all the dates were out of order on the x-axis. https://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/just-cuckoo-state-latest-data-mishap-causes-critics-cry-foul/182PpUvUX9XEF8vO11NVGO/
  4. Adding to @pcf's dashboard collection... The tri-agency COVID-19 Dashboard is a concerted effort between the European Space Agency (ESA), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The dashboard combines the resources, technical knowledge and expertise of the three partner agencies to strengthen our global understanding of the environmental and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Use the dashboard to explore environmental and economic indicators based on remote sensing data from ESA, JAXA and NASA, and investigate how social distancing measures and regional shelter-in-place guidelines have affected Earth’s air, land, and water. Explore individual countries and regions across the world to see how the indicators in each specific location have changed over time. Together, ESA, JAXA, and NASA will continue to update this dashboard with the most current information. https://eodashboard.org/
  5. It's a beautiful day for sailing into a new year! We all wish our favorite captain fair winds and following seas. Go forth and Seas the Day (with cake)! 🎂⛵💜
  6. Happy Father's Day to all our TFH dads! Hope you have a great day of smoked meats and beers. Here's an hilarious tweet thread to pass all that free time you'll have. Enjoy!
  7. Text: If you love Fort Worth, wear a mask. If you want the pandemic to end, wear a mask. If you want the economy to recover, wear a mask. We get it: It’s easy to forget. You’re out for only a minute. It’s uncomfortable, especially as the oppression of summer arrives. Maybe you’re embarrassed to wear a mask when so many others don’t. But Tarrant County is in danger. COVID-19 caseloads and hospitalizations are up, and not just among the vulnerable elderly. More young adults are sick, and Latinos are now hardest hit. Some of the increase is the result of more tests. And wider spread was inevitable as we opened more businesses. But if we don’t manage it, we’ll see devastating consequences. If you could do something to stop it, wouldn’t you? Well, this you can do. We know a face mask isn’t foolproof. Yes, the experts’ advice has changed. But for now, the best knowledge we have tells us that transmission of the virus is cut dramatically if a large share of people in crowded, indoor public places cover their faces. And no, it’s not the only thing to be done. It’s still vital to distance from others. City leaders must enforce restrictions on crowd capacities more forcefully, especially in bars. People in any leadership position must send the message to their followers. If you don’t use a mask because you personally feel safe, reconsider. It’s an easy way to strike a blow against a virus that so many of us feel powerless against. It’s neighborly. It follows the Golden Rule. If you don’t use a mask because you don’t trust the advice from experts: What harm could come from it? A little inconvenience? Afraid you’ll look silly? This nation survived bell bottoms, we’ll make it through this. And if you don’t use a mask because you’re on the political right and you think it represents the other party, ask what’s better for your side in November: a contained pandemic and an economy on the rebound or a raging outbreak that chases people into their homes and closes businesses again? A government mandate that everyone wear masks won’t work and would be impossible to enforce. But Fort Worth and Texas must do better than the behavior we’re seeing now. Do it for others. Or do it for yourself. But either way, wear a mask.
  8. Are you sure you spelled that correctly? lol
  9. The former senator agrees with you.
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