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  1. PurpleDawg

    Restaurants in Walking Distance to Stadium

    Thank you for the update, Burner. I appreciate the help keeping this area current. 👊
  2. PurpleDawg

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    All Kiwis are awesome. It's the second best country in the world.
  3. PurpleDawg

    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    That a way, Horned Frog! Go, Cam, Go! 👏🏻
  4. PurpleDawg

    The Music Thread

    @Boston Frogdo you have this TJ album? Got heavy play on my road trip.
  5. PurpleDawg

    College GameDay (9/15)

    I told you you won the day! Woot!
  6. PurpleDawg

    Week 3 Games

    TD, Clones! Only down 7 again. 31-24
  7. PurpleDawg

    Week 3 Games

    Go Clones!
  8. PurpleDawg

    College GameDay (9/15)

    Corso's on old fool.
  9. PurpleDawg

    College GameDay (9/15)

    @Frog1422 not a cupcake defense.
  10. PurpleDawg

    College GameDay (9/15)

    Made 'em all happy with that Dutch's grub. lol
  11. PurpleDawg

    College GameDay (9/15)

    "TCU has a wedding cake defense." -Corso
  12. PurpleDawg

    College GameDay (9/15)

    Well done, anyway, dude! You got on camera and won the day!
  13. PurpleDawg

    College GameDay (9/15)

    Just tuned in. Where are our guys?
  14. PurpleDawg

    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    Come on, you Frog!
  15. PurpleDawg

    It's 2018 College Pick'em Time!

    Go Frogs! You, girl, are a true Horned Frog Fan!