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  1. Too early to start a 2018 Baseball thread?

  2. Too early to start a 2018 Baseball thread?

    We post links from FoW pretty often. With the change at the Startlegram, FoW may be our new primary local outlet for TCU news.
  3. The TCU Variety Thread

    Very nice and I heartily agree. A lot of class fell by the wayside when Prof left. Are you saving the chopped onion request for your next note to him?
  4. TV Thread

    I can see that about her. She does appear sometimes to just want to hang on to her crown, rather than have a more altruistic reason for taking her people into war. I love her because she's one of the few originals left on the show and also for her connection to Ragnar. Plus, she's a badass, intelligent woman who has to stay one step ahead of all the conniving, slimy, lecherous men around her. But, yeah, Hirst's writing sucks for her and most of the other cast. (I miss Rollo. Was excited when the Frankia troops were mentioned because I thought we'd see him. Alas, no.)
  5. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Oh, pookie. I'm sorry. How did you do it? Glad to hear you are in your new job. Hope it's going well. It's a good thing you checked in so we didn't have to send the sheriff out to look for you.
  6. TV Thread

    Why you want Lagertha to die? She and Bjorn are the only likable ones anymore. Well, maybe Floki, too, but he's getting too Zen now.
  7. God save us....

    Three litters; 9, 11, 7.
  8. God save us....

    I had a true bitch, but she died. She had 27 puppies, though, all of which went into service dog training. RIP Velvet.
  9. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

  10. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

  11. TV Thread

    JRM is a big disappointment. He's a much better actor than they're giving him dialog to work with. Did you ever watch the HBO series "The Tudors" in which he played Henry VIII? It was very good, if not at all historically correct, and JRM was an awesome Henry. You boys would love it because there was lots of Natalie Dormer (Queen Marjorie from GoT) nudity.
  12. God save us....

    No. Apparently, I didn't use my words to clearly state what I meant. (See how easy that was to not get defensive and snarky?) What I'm saying is, we can respond to each other without the rude or offensive crap creeping in. I'm guilty of it, too. I gave you a red arrow the other day because I felt you were being rude. I could have just said something rather than using a shortcut. This thread stirs up a lot of passionate responses and it's easy to get feathers ruffled. But, we can all be civil. As I said, we don't want to turn this place into THAT board, and if you do, maybe this isn't the place for you. (<---hypothetical "you")
  13. CFP Championship Game

    Sorry, I finally fell asleep.
  14. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Oh, that's upsetting. Just think what a blow it is for him, though.
  15. God save us....

    Calling someone names because they gave you a red arrow isn't helpful. Neither is ganging up on somebody with down arrows just because they are in a disagreement with your buddy. Nobody likes to see the red. We've prided ourselves here on not being THAT type of board. Let's maintain the civility, what do you say? Richard reacts poorly when the red is doled out to him, too. Don't be a Richard.