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  1. @Frogfaninbedford I love your Frog story! TCU picked up a lot of people like your granddad and you all across the area over the years and it's still happening. Our fan base can't only be alumni who graduated from TCU. Membership on our board bears that out. I'm very glad you found us. (And, I still think of it as NTSU. 😁)
  2. @DirtyThirdFrog wasn't it you that had a Husky several years ago? They are such clowns. 😆
  3. So happy Rex Chapman got his life back on track. His Twitter is so much fun!
  4. Even fewer than the 31 points behind Joe Biden that he was polling at most recently?
  5. She's ok! Released from hospital. https://www.savannahnow.com/sports/20191116/update-photographer-injured-during-georgia-auburn-game-released-from-hospital
  6. Can we just try to keep the political thread civil, please? We normally do a pretty good job of it, but it's straying into rancor, I'm afraid. Just pretend your talking to a friend across a table over a couple of beers, yeah? Thanks.
  7. Good to see you, EP. Interesting fact.
  8. WOOT! OU with the INT for the game!
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