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  1. PurpleDawg

    Hey Baylor

    I better go clear the chat history...
  2. PurpleDawg

    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    Andy will be facing Lamar Jackson today. Flacco out with hip injury. RGWannaBe is the #3. (Had no idea that loser was still on a pro team.) Can you imagine the pressure of having two Heisman winners as your backups? Well, I guess one winner and a washed out faker. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25306541/lamar-jackson-baltimore-ravens-expected-start-cincinnati-bengals
  3. PurpleDawg

    It's 2018 College Pick'em Time!

    Mercenary Librarian, come on down! Or, should I say up? Coming in out of nowhere this week with a great slate, you were only three points out of first place. Except for the Red Bull chugger's team, which all of us picked, you would have left me in the shade. But, way to go, man! You shared #2 spot with DUSHEE this week and Newf was just behind in third. (Had Newf remembered to make a pick in the Kentucky/Middle Tennessee game [???], our top three might have had a different look.) We all agreed on Oregon, Georgia, A&M, Kentucky (except where they were skipped), and, sadly, West Virginia, as I already mentioned, this week. Top five overall and total points: DUSHEE 464 Rana 455 PD 451 Newf 437 gofrogs152 427 You're in my sights, Rana. Two more weeks, y'all!
  4. PurpleDawg

    Hey Baylor

    Yeah, it really wasn't a big deal to them...
  5. PurpleDawg

    Hey Baylor

  6. PurpleDawg

    Too early to start a 2018 TCU Football thread?

    I take exception to this. Did you see the hit he put on that receiver yesterday near the end of the game? His new name is Garrett Wallop, courtesy of DangerFrog.
  7. PurpleDawg

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Hard to believe it's been 40 years since Jonestown. For you young people here who don't know the story, look it up and learn, please. History often repeats itself and the personality type of Jim Jones is very prevalent. This guy was there as a reporter with the congressman who was assassinated. He was also shot, but survived by playing dead. He wrote a book about it. This is a short interview with him. Very interesting Q & A. And, it wasn't Kool-Aid. It was Flavor Aid. 40 years ago, this journalist survived the Jonestown massacre. He warns it could happen again. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/40-years-ago-this-journalist-survived-the-jonestown-massacre-he-warns-it-could-happen-again/2018/11/16/bae22596-e9aa-11e8-b8dc-66cca409c180_story.html?utm_term=.b3bebe3e21c3 What do you think are the lessons of Jonestown, what it ultimately taught us about who we are? I’m not sure, frankly, that, at the time, the real lessons of Jonestown were very clear. You know, people focused on the mass suicide-murder, the bodies. Anyone who was alive at that time, it was a very striking image, and people may even remember Jim Jones because there was something about him that was frightening. But the real lesson of Jonestown, and I wish our country had understood this: These people followed someone who led them to destruction. They believed in this guy. He lied to them. He cheated. He was involved with the sexual abuse of boys and girls in his temple. He took their money. He really enslaved them. And then he betrayed them, and then he led them to their deaths. I wish we had learned to be more cautious about following people who promise things and then betray the trust that people have given them. And I just hope that it doesn’t happen again.
  8. PurpleDawg

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Elitists. 😡 “What I don’t understand is why they chose to buy a house in a Landmark Zone when you have these needs. I don’t mean to be heartless or uncaring but this is not the neighborhood for that. Here you conform to the rules, not the other way around.”
  9. PurpleDawg

    Week 12

    OSU beats WVU 45-41. Sad.
  10. PurpleDawg

    Hey Baylor

    I didn't think so, either, of course I wasn't there. Where were you sitting? How many shy did it look like to you?
  11. PurpleDawg

    Week 12

    Come on, Hillbillies, wrap this up!
  12. PurpleDawg

    Hey Baylor