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  1. If anyone in the country thinks that we wouldn’t destroy Notre Dame the way that we’ve played and the way that they’ve played, they’re simply wrong, or a Notre Dame fan. Which is kind of redundant now that I say it.
  2. LSU is starting Ohio State's former 3rd string QB. Alabama is screwed!
  3. Oof that hurts about the RBs. Hopefully by week 3 they’re feeling better
  4. Wrong year. Think I meant 2006. It was the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.
  5. We deserved the title in 2010. Utah deserved the title in 2008. UCF deserved the title in 2017. Boise deserve the title in 2007 AND 2009.
  6. He’s such a crazy talent. Seeing him against Stanford was something special. He’s a guy who, *knock on wood* barring injury, we’ll get to cheer for for the next decade or two.
  7. Great! The dude has a friggin cannon. Reagor can outrun literally everyone on the field. Should be a good combo
  8. Welp, at least now we go into the Ohio State game with a coaching advantage. Could be significant.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/TheBrettMcMurphy/posts/2042037522486968 Pretty gnarly stuff in here. Urban knew about Zack Smith beating his wife and not only didn’t fire him, just last week he denied knowing. The cover up always gets ya. So, uh... who do y’all think the next coach of Ohio State will be?
  10. Yeah, not at all. Dude might be my favorite all time TCU player and he just cannot stay healthy.
  11. The thing I noticed most about Shawn in the Texas Tech game was his willingness to throw deep. Wasn't always the prettiest, but he was slinging it. Picture that guy, not playing in 30 MPH winds, with an improved deep ball as he gets older. Now picture Jalen Reagor's long touchdown in the Alamo Bowl. I think you see where I'm going with this. The next three (let's be honest, two) years could be a LOT of fun.
  12. To be honest, I often forget the General Board exists.
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