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  1. This is about as close as possible right now
  2. Great win Frogs! I was hoping you could take out Miss State.
  3. Florida barely survives Tennessee.
  4. TCU vs Miss State could be the best match of the super regionals along with USC vs UNC. I would be surprised if it isn't a 4-3 thriller.
  5. Norrie is getting prepared for ATP Houston in a couple of weeks. The Benitez situation is bizarre. But it's not ended up mattering much as he hasn't been playing this spring.
  6. Grant Chen was a good hire and he should make SMU a top 30 program again. But it will be difficult for them to match TCU's level and the other major Texas schools. Spencer leaving for NC State hurt them after their sweet 16 appearance in 2016.
  7. Arizona State is certainly better than their ranking, several close losses to highly ranked teams. They just re-started the men's program last year and they want to be an elite program.
  8. I am not a TCU fan but I do like the TCU tennis program and highly respect the job that Roditi is doing. I have seen TCU play several times in the past few years. I am a a big fan of college tennis in general and look around at other forums that discuss college tennis (there aren't many) and I found out that this thread existed and Jared clearly has a lot of knowledge of the TCU program.
  9. Texas beats Ohio State tonight. Seems like they won't miss Center too much this season at least.
  10. Looks like depth is stronger this year for TCU. In the past the teams have been incredibly top heavy.
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