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  1. When posting content from other websites, please post only a brief snippet of the article and then include a link to the cited story. Refrain from posting the entire content of the story. We recognize that this can be annoying and takes more time than doing a Select-All/Copy/Paste, but people who get paid to write the content can and do get upset (sometimes litigiously) when that content shows up elsewhere without credit or citation. We may take steps to edit posts that post too much or all of the referenced content. Please take no offense to this action; it is simply an effort to protect the board from unwanted attention. Thanks, Go Frogs
  2. Moved to the General Board for those who like to limit your drama to TCU sports. Thread will remain pinned on the General Board for a few more days, then released.
  3. An "official" statement, much of which will parallel what other individuals here have said, but with a few more specific details. Last week, in a divided vote, the Founders revoked crunch's posting capability due to a history of insulting and offensive behavior toward members. Some specific interactions occurred over the last few weeks over extremely sensitive issues where crunch was perceived to have gone out of his way to insult members who use this forum as a safe space to discuss such issues. This was not a decision arrived at easily and was not made in total unanimity or consensus. Nor has crunch been the only individual guilty of incidents of ad hominem attacks. But his persistence over a number of years had accumulated beyond a tolerable level for a majority of the active Founders. This decision has caused a significant level of consternation behind the scenes. Individual Founders have stopped posting due to both the decision to ban crunch and the lack of unanimity in wanting him removed. Let us be clear that no one else has had their membership revoked. No one else has EVER been discussed for revocation of posting privileges. Period. This all centered around one solitary member and a long history of provocative behavior toward a number of regular members. Let us also be clear that political ideology had absolutely nothing to do with this. A number of Founders and valued members of this board have expressed views on a wide spectrum of political opinion and will continue to do so, so long as they continue to do so with civility and by addressing the ideas they disagree with and not by attacking the individual presenting them. One of the Founders' goals in starting The Frog Horn was to provide a space for adults to interact as adults, to share thoughts and feelings freely and to debate and consider those thoughts as people who may sometimes disagree, but also as friends who do not attack. Right now we are failing at this goal, but we hope the actions taken will begin to restore a board closer to the ideals we set out to accomplish in the beginning.
  4. In your settings the emails for threads you follow was checked. You may have accidentally followed a thread. I have turned off that setting in your preferences, but you will still get emails for PMs and any of the others you selected.
  5. It can't have passed unaware to anyone who reads threads here that the past several months on our General Board have brought contentious and, at times, personally insulting dialogue between some of our members. The political threads have offered the worst examples of this, but sometimes the bad feelings have oozed into other areas of TFH. It has been especially disappointing to us that people who appeared to be friends (or at least not enemies) here and the other place became locked into such bitter and hateful debate that one or the other of them decided to leave TFH because of it. All of us have suffered because of this. When we began The Frog Horn, we came up with a list of ideals that we wanted to strive for in creating our community. These included: - our goal is to build the very best message board we can, not to bring down others or make money; - we will foster an environment where a wide variety of viewpoints can be respectfully expressed; - to the greatest extent possible, we will be transparent and forthcoming about what the Founders are doing and why; - we will value established, quality posters over those who seek to stir up trouble; - we will be responsive to the community's concerns and directly involved in shaping the culture in a positive way. It is important for us all to work together to make TFH a community where everyone can share their viewpoints respectfully with each other. We appreciate all of our members who work alongside us to shape the culture of the board in a positive way. Thanks for being here. We value the contribution of each of you who share our goals.
  6. The Frog Horn members contributed $764 to honor Old Scribe. Well done!
  7. Last day for donations to the Old Scribe memorial. See the first post in this thread for instructions. Thanks.
  8. We will close the donations out at the end of the day Monday, January 9. If anyone needs more time to make a gift, please PM the Founders.
  9. $519. Old Scribe was loved here.
  10. On this day when Old Scribe's family and friends gather to remember his life, The Founders would like to announce plans for honoring our cherished friend and community member. We have decided to open a group donation project for Pat's favorite charity, Don't Forget to Feed Me pet food bank. This is the charity that the family chose to include in his obituary. Knowing Pat's love of animals, which he often mentioned on our board, we are happy to help channel funds to this great organization. Donations for the group gift can be made via The Frog Horn's PayPal account. This is the only means of accepting donations we can honor. Please go to PayPal.com, sign in with your account information, and find the "send money to family and friends" area. Once there, you will type in "thefroghorn@gmail.com" for the recipient and fill in the amount of your donation. There will also be an area to type a message with your donation and it would be helpful if you could make a note that it is for Old Scribe. If you forget, that's no problem. We'll figure it out. If getting PayPal to work is too much for you, send The Founders a personal message and we can send you a money request (similar to an invoice) from our PayPal account and it will have easy instructions on how to get your donation completed. PayPal is a very secure and safe way to pay anyone with your credit, debit, or bank account. We use it every month to keep The Frog Horn running. We'll keep this going for a couple of weeks and then submit the group gift to Don't Forget to Feed Me after the new year. If there are others who are not on our board but who you think would be interested in participating in this group effort, please let them know this is open to anyone who wants to honor Old Scribe. Any questions, please post in this thread.
  11. The Founders are trying to determine how to best honor Old Scribe's life and contribution to The Frog Horn. We are waiting to learn what the family's wishes are regarding charitable donations. We would also like to hear suggestions from TFH members about memorials to Pat's memory. Please use this thread to post your thoughts about how we can honor a friend who will be sorely missed in our community. Once a decision has been reached, The Founders will post details in a separate thread. Thanks to those of you who have already contacted us regarding donations. RIP, Old Scribe.
  12. The permissions look correct. There is a limit to storing PMs; max of 50. Could the issue be that your mailbox is full?
  13. The Founders


    Just a gentle reminder that ripping into players personally is not part of what we do here. Nothing egregious yet, but some posts in some post game threads may be edging that way, and that is not where we want to go here.
  14. The Founders


    Because many of us Founders are OCD, the two Arkansas game threads have been merged.
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