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  1. "Good" game, Frogs (for some values of "good"). See you in 2020!
  2. That's what I love about bowl games. They're an opportunity for a cultural exchange.
  3. Great article - thanks for sharing! By the way: does your lizard mascot have a name?
  4. I've never heard any discussion on this topic, to be honest. (I think USC started out with religious affiliation, but that was ancient history). The closest I can think of concerns BYU -- that they would present a problem because they won't play basketball on Sundays, but not because the rest of the Pac-12 has any issues with their affiliation.
  5. Well, we let Arizona State in so our standards aren't insurmountable. ;)
  6. I remember catching horny toads as a kid (here in California)....but I haven't seen one in the wild for a long long time. Yes, blood spitting is gross/awesome. Our mascot (the human in a costume version) drinks through a straw he sticks in his eye, which is kinda the same.
  7. Hey, TCU fans! Cal fan here, following a link provided by your MercenaryLibrarian. Looking forward to offensive fireworks! And happy to discuss the game, our respective teams, and anything Cal-related I can share.
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