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  1. Johnson was wearing a boot at Meet the Frogs.
  2. Barlow is committing tomorrow as well, per his Twitter. Signs are positive for the good guys.
  3. https://twitter.com/LongHornFrenzy/status/958153542027620352?s=17 If you enjoy making fun of Aggy you will enjoy this.
  4. Terrible and unnecessary hit. Frogs were going to kick the FG. A knee would have put it where JO wanted it. I still can't believe Catalon didn't fumble as hard as he got hit. What a warrior.
  5. As a fanbase? Yes. If you want to ever get the same feeling as repeatedly punching yourself in the nads, check out a game thread on the other board. It's the worst.
  6. Oops, let me try that again: I don't know where Dixon learned to coach but we need get him an couple highly regarded, defensive experts as assistants and it needs to happen now. This team dares to go out on the floor every game and play defense like that? Or should I say "not play defense like that?" Look, I'm sure they are trying really, really hard but maybe TJ's guys just don't have the drive to win for JD and it's time to move on. I mean, this team can't defend, can't shoot, misses too many free throws, haircuts are terrible, some of their names are hard to pronounce, they appear to be good kids that go to class - Seriously, that's not what this program needs to win. The worst part? I took time out of my day yesterday to occasionally check the score of the game while walking around the FWSSR. If I'm going to make that kind of effort to be a fan, this team needs to go out and win for me. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. It is time to call the Dixon Experiment the failure that it is. As a frog fan I expect, no, I demand, that we would have won a national championship by now. What are we paying for? Also, so the whole football +4 thing is ridiculous. I deserve the best seats in the stadium because I cheer harder than some donor that all he did was pay for the stadium. He probably doesn't even try to enter the Boot Scooting Boogie contest every week and I damn sure know he doesn't chase down the T shirt pickle shooter dude. I have an entire wardrobe of ill fitting pickle shirts. Give me my seats. And no more day games when it is hot. Patterson should know better than to schedule 2pm games when it's hot. What's wrong with that guy? Truly, what has he ever done for me? I ain't got no rings on my fingers. And dont get get me started on Schloss. Pathetic that we haven't even come close to winning a championship yet. That's all I'm going to say about that. Otherwise I might burn my season ticket. This may may seem overly critical but this is what TCU needs to start thinking about. We have done nothing as a program since CDC left. Nothing. No conference championships. No tourney championships. We haven't even gotten into the NCAA tourney in any sport since Jeremy Donuthole, or whatever his name is, took over. Im seriously reconsidering renewing my season ticket. I'm just not being personally rewarded enough for all the effort I put into this. These coaches, and definitely these players, are personally letting me down.
  7. It's hard to remember because we have come so far so fast but we are very few years removed from 1 win conference records. Let's give it a little time. I think it's safer to say we are over achieving this quickly into the Dixon Show rather than under achieving. Just think what it's going to be like when he has 4-5 of his own recruiting classes and time to grow them up? Patience. The payoff is coming.
  8. I'm not sure I can know what any of you know. But there are those on here that will recognize my handle I assume.
  9. Thanks. But I'm sure you will come to regret this sentiment. I'm a beating. Or so I've been told.
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