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  1. Our current 21s: Noah Daniels - ugh, devastated that he's going to miss the season Daimarqua Foster A few memorable 21s: Bo Schobel Kyle Hicks Johnny Fobbs Jim Fauver Clayton Jerome Lance Broadway Matt Vern Brian Trieglaff ...and a few bonus 21s: Prime Time Ruben Sierra Guy Carbonneau Antoine Roussel 21
  2. Doctsology really would've been a better name.
  3. Someone sent me a screenshot yesterday from Noah Daniels' Instagram story. Sounds like he may be hurt and out for the year.
  4. Our current 22s: Michael Onyemaobi Blair Conwright A few memorable 22s: Aaron Green...are you kidding me...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? Logo Tevaseu I.B. Hale Darrell Lester Schloss Chudi Chinweze ("Chinweze Fo' Sheezy") - we were a tournament team in '05 if he hadn't gotten hurt LT running for one of his 22 TDs in 2000...unless this photo was taken on one of the like five that were called back that afternoon in the blowout of the eventual Big Ten champs A few bonus 22s: Emmitt Smith, on the afternoon he wouldn't let a separated shoulder keep him from carrying the team to home-field advantage Bob Hayes Rolando Blackman Jim Bibby Will Clark ByrdMan Brett Hull 22 (& 24)
  5. I could absolutely be wrong, but I think Kenny was a student assistant (not a GA) last year while he finished his undergraduate degree.
  6. Our current 23: Tony Wallace A few memorable 23s: Jim Swink Aaron Brown BJ Catalon Marvin Godbolt Mike Lutrell Jamie Dixon Alex Young ...and just one bonus 23 for today: 23
  7. Our current 24s: Julius Lewis Darwin Barlow A few memorable 24s: Joseph Turner Trevorris Johnson Forrest Kline Josh Elander Darrell Browder Mike Jones A few bonus 24s: Larry Brown Everson Walls Marion the Barbarian Mark Aguirre Jim Jackson Hunter Pence 24
  8. I have a cousin that is racist af. She truly believes that white people are inherently better than other races and that races shouldn't mix because the evils of our society are all the result of minorities. I make fun of her to her face in front of the rest of our family...a lot.
  9. As of today, we're 90% of the way throug the offseason Our current 25: Wyatt Harris A few memorable 25s: Kevin White KaVontae Turpin Walter Roach Ryan Carroll Alex Robinson Casey Pachall threw 25 touchdown passes in 2011 A few bonus 25s: Mike Napoli Joe Nieuwendyk 25
  10. Which is more likely: -He's a senile old man and got two Ohio cities confused -He doesn't care enough to be accurate in such a statement -He genuinely doesn't know the difference between the two cities -He messed it up on purpose because trolling people is a true leadership attribute
  11. Wyatt Harris (at 6-3, 218) and sophomore walk-on Connor Koch (at 6-3, 220) are now listed as DEs after having previously been listed as LBs.
  12. Our current 26: Vernon Scott A few memorable 26s: Derrick Kindred Marvin White Mike Renfro Keaton Jones Sean Wymer A few bonus 26s: Kevin Smith Johnny Oates Jere Lehtinen 26
  13. -Arrieta gave up 1 run and struck out 5 in 4 IP against the Giants on Thursday. He took a no decision to remain 8-8 and shaved his ERA down to 4.44. Next scheduled start is Tuesday in Phoenix. -Cashner gave up 6 runs against Tampa Bay on Thursday, taking his 3rd L in 4 starts since being traded to the Red Sox. He's now 10-6 on the year with the same 4.44 ERA as Arrieta. His next scheduled start is Tuesday against the Royals. -Carpenter remains on the DL, he hasn't played since July 15th. -Young tallied 9 K's and only gave up 3 hits & 2 runs in 6.2 IP against the Nationals on Saturday, but got no run support and took his first L in the Big Leagues - but he also picked up his first Big League base hit. He's now 4-1 with a 2.60 ERA. Next scheduled start is Friday night at Dodger Stadium. -Holaday's 10-game hit streak finally came to an end on July 29th, but he started a new one by tallying a hit against the Twins on Thursday. He's now hitting .290 for the year with 2 HR and 7 RBI. -Alexander got beat up by the Rangers out at The Temple on Friday, dropping to 0-2 and expanding his ERA to 4.50. Next scheduled start is Wednesday afternoon at home against the White Sox.
  14. New commit over the weekend: Jimmy Holiday, a 6'0" 185lb athlete from Madison, Mississippi. Three-star recruit, has offers from Kansas & Air Force. Looks like he's a high school QB that'll be converted to either WR or DB.
  15. Our current 27: Ar'Darius Washington A few memorable 27s: Jason Teague Tony Jeffery Nobel Atkins Cubby Hudler Jordan Kipper The 2007 season opener was Andy Dalton's Horned Frog debut. His first victory at TCU, as a redshirt freshman, was a 27-0 win over Baylor. A few bonus 27s: Super Bowl XXVII Vladdy 27
  16. -Matthew Baldwin has been assigned #18 -Griffin Kell has been assigned #39 -Christian Williams is no longer on the roster -Trevon Moehrig has switched from #17 to #7 -Dee Winters has switched from #7 to #13, and is now listed as a linebacker
  17. Our current 29: Thomas Armstrong A few memorable 29s: Stephen Hodge Matthew Tucker Josh Doctson caught a school-record 29 touchdown passes Brandon FInnegan Aaron Schultz celebrating his go-ahead HR in Game 3 of the 2010 Super Regional in Austin. A few bonus 29s: Adrian Beltre DeMarco Murray Rusty Greer 29
  18. Our current 30: Garrett Wallow A few memorable 30s: Lonta Hobbs Denzel Johnson Aundre Dean Don Looney A few bonus 30s: TCU's own Larry Brown, Super Bowl XXX MVP Dan Reeves Neftali Feliz after A-Rod went down LOOKIN' Ben Bishop 30
  19. Our current 32: Ochaun Mathis A few memorable 32s: Travin Howard Corey Connally Joseph Phipps Clyde Flowers Carven Holcombe Karviar Shepherd A few bonus 32s: Walt Garrison Jamal Mashburn Brandon Bass Hambone Monty in his playing days 32
  20. Oh man, that game. We seemed to have control of it, then their PG hit like 18 threes in the final five minutes and we lost. Also, their fans were VERY displeased with me bringing up the fact that they had been caught cheating.
  21. Our current 33: Sewo Olonilua A few memorable 33s: Robert Merrill Jaden Oberkrom Marquise Gainous Chris Washburn TCU went into Norman and stunned OU in the 2005 season opener - it was GP's 33rd victory at TCU. And oh my what a road trip for ol' Lyle... A few bonus 33s: Duane Thomas Tony Dorsett Frank Howard Cliff Lee Brendan Haywood 33
  22. True -. but weren't most of the "skip" years in basketball due to either our or their home arena being unavailable? My thought was, as the days go by without the football series being extended beyond this year, their unexpected absence from our basketball schedule may be an ominous sign for the ol' Battle for the Iron Skillet.
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