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  1. Someone needs to send him a reminder that our center's name is Kevin Samuel, not Kevin Samuels.
  2. Jason Coats delivering, what was at the time in 2009, the signature moment of the Schlossnagle era with a game-winning hit to beat Oregon State and send the Frogs to their first-ever Super Regional. It is ,still, one of the fondest memories I have from a TCU sporting event that I witnessed first-hand. It was a great, great day at Lupton.
  3. Incoming transer: shooting guard Charles O'Bannon Jr, whose Dad & Uncle Ed anchored the UCLA resurgence in the mid-90s, is transferring from USC to TCU. As I understand it, he was a 5-star recruit coming out of high school (in Las Vegas), and will be immediately eligible for the Frogs next season.
  4. The 2004 Horned Frogs, led by 33 year-old (!) first year coach Jim Schlossnagle, won the Conference USA tournament to earn the NCAA Tournament berth that had unjustly eluded them a year before. With one win over Youngstown State in the Austin Regional, they finished the season 39-26.
  5. First two movies I watched this year were both Netflix originals: -The Highwaymen (with Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson, about the Texas Rangers that hunted down Bonnie & Clye) -The Two Popes (with Anthony Hopkins, about Pope Benedict & Pope Francis). Both really well done.
  6. You learn something new every day. While I previously knew that Matt Rhule played for Jerry Sandusky at Penn State, today I learned that his dad worked for Sandusky's charity organization, The Second Mile. LINK.
  7. Pretty proud of RJ for stepping up when Bane got in foul trouble, and for the team as a whole for overcoming an an attempt by the refs to gift the game to the Cyclones.
  8. Goodness gracious. If there's anyone with a more delusional view of their own intelligence than Hugh, it's our Dipshit-in-Chief
  9. A few nuggets I got from the game notes: -Jaire Grayer's dad, Jeff Grayer, is Iowa State's all-time leading scorer. I knew he'd played there, but not that fact. -Frogs have won 4 straight over the Cyclones, going for 5. -ISU leads the all-time series, 11-10. Going for a tie!
  10. Good write-up from Dave Campbell's on the Top 2021 prospects in Texas High School Football: DCTF: 2021 Rankings, Top 50 watch list
  11. Just saw on twitter that Lat Mayen will be transferring to Nebraska.
  12. First two days of the new year, and three big sports deaths: Larsen, David Stern & Sam Wyche.
  13. What are the odds Trump knows the difference between Quds and Kurds?
  14. I believe he chose to retire for medical reasons.
  15. Well, now Jeremy Clark is reporting that GP is denying the earlier report. LINK
  16. Doug Meacham is coming back. Official role uncertain. LINK.
  17. Not directly TCU-related, but in the neighborhood: Greenwood's, the German restaurant on Bluebonnet Circle, is closing down for good on January 11th.
  18. Incoming grad transfer QB: Logan Burnett from Mississippi State. Originally from Pelham, AL, he was a walk-on at MSU and played in 5 games in his time in Starkville - though none of it was significant playing time. So he's not being brought in to compete for the starting job, but rather add some seniority and depth to the QB room. According to his tweet, he'll be pursuing an MBA at TCU.
  19. Haha. At the risk of delving into general board territory, it was a great reminder heading into an election year that more government isn't a good thing.
  20. Quick update as the Frogs are set to enter their conference slate: Bane now has : 1,458 career points - that puts him at 10th all-time, needing 46 to pass Lee Nailon for #9 187 career made 3's - that puts him at 7th all-time, needing 4 more to pass Kyan Anderson & Brent Hackett for #5 107 career steals - so he needs 17 more to pass Jeff Jacobs for #10 all-time Samuel now has 109 career blocks - that puts him at 6th all-time, needing 25 more to pass Reggie Smith for #5
  21. We are now 10% of the way through the offseason.
  22. Freshman defensive end Adam Plant has entered the transfer portal. Word on the street is he's wanting to be closer to home due to an illness in his family.
  23. A little more info on Guyton: he'd previously quit football after 8th grade, and moved to Manor for his senior year. He joined the team mid-season, and is apparently a very talented basketball player as well.
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