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  1. Took me a while to get around to updating this after last Saturday - hope you'll understand. Jalen Reagor has now passed Reggie Harrell for #10 on the all-time receiving yards list. -He now has 120 career receptions, so he needs 14 to tie Richard Woodley for #10 all-time -He now has 1,823 career receiving yards, so he needs 288 to tie Cory Rodgers for #9 all-time -He now has 20 career TD receptions, so he needs 2 to tie Josh Boyce for #2 and 9 to tie Josh Doctson's school record Darius Anderson now has: -2,127 career rushing yards, so he needs 475 to tie Matthew Tucker for #10 all-time -532 rushing yards this year, so he needs 546 to tie Ed Wesley's 2010 season for #10 on the single-season list -18 career rushing touchdowns, so he needs 3 to tie Andre Davis & Ed Wesley for #10 all-time -7 career 100-yard games, so he needs 1 more to tie Mike Lutrell for #10 all-time Max Duggan now has 9 TD passes this year, so he needs 8 to tie Kenny Hill's 2016 season for #10 on the single-season list.
  2. Putting popcorn on my shopping list.
  3. It's worth noting that the Frogs have worn the same combo in each of their trips to Ames as part of the Big 12: Purple/White/White 2013: W, 21-17 2015: W, 45-21 2017: L, 7-14
  4. I am cautiously optimistic this week.
  5. 2020 Schedule is out: LINK Frogs open with a home weekend series against Kentucky that starts on Valentine's Day.
  6. The Star-Telegram has a story up on the baseball team's game against the Rangers. They've changed their paywall on the website to where I can't even provide a link, but you can read it for free if you download their app. Here are the highlights, though: -Charles King and Marcelo Perez (moving from the bullpen) are the main candidates to lead the rotation. They'll be joined by Russell Smith and Caleb Sloan when they're 100% (and both guys are ahead of schedule) along with newcomers Drew Hill, Johnny Ray, Jacob Meador, Nolan Hudi and Riley Cornelio. -Austin Henry is moving to 1B, Hunter Wolfe is moving to CF, JUCO transfer Tommy Sacco is pencilled in as the starting SS.
  7. Quick update here after the Kansas game. According to the official participation report on GoFrogs.com: Played in 4 games (1 more appearance and the redshirt is burned): -Nook Bradford -Max Duggan -Josh Foster -Tre'vius Hodges-Tomlinson -Jordy Sandy -Dee Winters Played in 3 games: -Wyatt Harris -Griffin Kell -Kee'yon Stewart Played in 2 games: -Darwin Barlow -Dylan Jordan -Deshawn McCuin Played in 1 game: -Thomas Armstrong -Andrew Coker -Blair Conwright -Daimarqua Foster -Zach Marcheselli -Brent Matiscik Has not played yet: -Adam Plant...(this is an exaple of why I tend to doubt the official report. I believe he's played in every game) -Brannon Brown -Marcus Williams -Karter Johnson -Earl Barquet -Colt Ellison -Donavann Collins
  8. Quick update after the win over the Jayhawks: The slow start for Jalen Reagor has delayed his ascent of the various receiving lists. He now has: -116 career receptions, so he needs 18 to tie Richard Woodley for #10 all-time -1,754 career receiving yards, so he needs 58 to tie Reggie Harrell for #10 all-time --18 career TD receptions, so he needs 5 to tie Josh Boyce for #2 Darius Anderson, however, has used his first portion of the stadium increasing his odds of moving up the career rushing lists. His 115 yards was his third consecutive 100-yard game, the first time a Horned Frog back has achieved that feat since Lonta Hobbs in 2002 (which got some on campus referring to him as "Lontainian Hobblinson"). Darius now has: -2,078 career rushing yards, so he needs 524 to tie Matthew Tucker for #10 all-time -17 career rushing touchdowns, so he needs 4 to tie Andre Davis for #10 all-time -7 career 100-yard games, so he needs 1 more to tie Mike Lutrell for #10 all-time
  9. I'd really like to, as I'm very interested to see progress of players on both teams - but I'll be out of town. Really hope there's a good write-up on it.
  10. I was there until the clock said 0:00.
  11. I'm not sure I have it in me right now to predict a lopsided win, but I do feel like our team is going to respond with a strong performance tomorrow. Max takes a step forward.
  12. This is what the Frogs wore when West Virginia and Game Day were in town two years ago. Were good luck then!
  13. Not necessarily for 2020, but at some point I'd love to see us revisit a few of the "rivalries" we formed in our CUSA/MWC days: Louisville, Southern Miss, Utah, Boise State.
  14. I turned that game on right when Tulane ran the fake-kneel play. Pretty crazy. Just googled. Am now a fan.
  15. Carpenter hit a game-winning HR in the Top of the 10th against the Cubs at Wrigley last night. Cardinals now lead the NL Central by 3 games, with a magic number of 7.
  16. In the other thread, I predicted 38-27 and I'm going to stick with it. In my view, the key numbers for us are 35...and 35. That's 35 minutes of possession time and 35 total carries between Sewo and Jet. If we're on track to hit those, I think the second half of the game will be relatively stress-free. I do think the first half will be, as is the norm against SMU, fairly tense.
  17. I dreamed about this game last night. Here's how it played out: -A patented slow start for the Frogs against the Ponies. One major missed assignment on defense and a costly turnover by the offense let SMU jump out to a 14-0 lead. -Frogs regain some measure of control in the 2nd quarter, but trail 17-14 at the half. -Our defense and running game take over after the half, with Darius scoring a back-breaking TD with 6 min left to take a commanding 38-20 lead before SMU scores one late to make the final 38-27, Frogs.
  18. Briles getting caught cheating at a 2A high school would be pretty, pretty, pretty satisfying.
  19. The main difference between Purdue's offense and SMU's, to me, is that the Mustangs aren't one dimensional. They've got several dangerous RBs and a better OL than the Boilermakers - along with, as noted, a veteran QB. They don't have any individual WR as good as Moore, but as usual they have several receivers capable of making big plays - Proche, Roberson, etc. Our D needs to be ready with their A-game.
  20. Yep - Demercado is another for that list. Love that Coleman will enroll in January. Very interested to know more about his background growing up in Germany.
  21. They are. Can't take the Ponies lightly.
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