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  1. I mixed up my numbers earlier. Lodolo had actually turned down $1.75 million from the Pirates in 2016, not $1.57 million. So each of his seasons at TCU were "only" worth $1.23 million apiece.
  2. The projection for his slot was $5.43 million When you recall that he turned down $1.57 million when he was drafted by the Pirates at #41 overall in 2016, each of his three seasons at TCU were worth $1.29 million.
  3. Really would've liked to see the Alamo Bowl kick the Pac 12 to the curb and get either the Big Ten or SEC in there. Would've also loved to have seen the Sun Bowl get into the Big 12 mix.
  4. Our current 88: Artayvious Lynn A few memorable 88s: Jimmy Young Ranorris Ray James Maness Buddy Illes 2010: TCU 45, Baylor 10. GP's 88th win at TCU. Robert Griffin* called it a fluke, despite it not even being as close as the score. Good job, Big 12. ...and a few bonus 88s: The Playmaker/Winter Weather School Closure reporter Talk Radio hit theaters on December 21, 1988 - and must've been gone from them soon after. It made just $3.4 million on a $4 million budget, but I always liked it and it's set in Dallas. *THE THIRD!!!!! I know without that distinction, you weren't sure whether I was talking about him, his non-famous father or his non-famous grandfather.
  5. Brandon WIlliamson selected by the Mariners in the 2nd round, #59 overall. $1.19 million slot money.
  6. Priester goes #18 to the Pirates. Estimated $3.48 million signing bonus for that slot. He gone.
  7. ...now to see if he slides...
  8. Lodolo goes #7 to the Reds Frogs handed L's to several top picks, including: -Andrew Vaughn, Cal (#3 to the White Sox) -JJ Bleday, Vanderbilt (#4 to the Padres) -Josh Jung, Tech (#8 to the Rangers) -Shea Langoliers, Baylor (#9 to the Braves) -Alek Manoah, West Virginia (#11 to the Blue Jays)
  9. Our current 89 is a walk-on from Dallas named Hayden Fox. GoFrogs.com doesn't have a photo of him with the official roster, so I did a quick Google Images search: A few memorable 89s: Kyle Clifton Vincent Pryor O'Day Williams LT had an 89-yard TD run against UTEP in 2000, as part of a "disappointing" 305 yard day after having set the NCAA single-game record with 406 against the Miners in '99 -No photo that I could find, but Jimmy Oliver had an 89-yard TD reception from Max Knake in the win over Tech in 1994. ...and a few bonus 89s: August 23, 1989: Nolan Ryan's 5,000th strikeout November 9, 1989: The Berlin Wall starts to come down
  10. -Arrieta gave up 5 runs and 10 hits in 5 IP last time out, against the Dodgers in LA, to drop to 5-5 on the year. His ERA ticked up to 3.96. Next scheduled start is Wednesday afternoon against the Padres in San Diego. -Cashner gave up 6 runs in 5 IP last time out...but got the W against the Giants. He's now 6-2 on the year with a 5.04 ERA. Next scheduled start is Thursday evening against the Rangers out at The Temple. -Carpenter has a three-game hit streak going for the Cardinals, including a walk-off home run over the weekend against the Cubs. He's hitting .220 for the year with 8 HR and 20 RBI. -Holaday hit his first home run of the season over the weekend out in San Diego. In 4 games since the Marlins called him up, he's 1-for-9 with that 2-run HR. -Cron, who must be dizzy from the Diamondbacks' inability to make up their minds on him, is 4-for-14 (.286) in 9 big league games. All four of those hits are doubles. -Crichton is scoreless through his first 4 relief appearances for the D'Backs, with 3 K's, 1 hit and 0 BB across 2.2 total IP.
  11. Our current 90: Ross Blacklock A few memorable 90s: Terrell Lathan Jared Kessler KaVontae Turpin's 90-yard punt return TD against Kansas in 2017 And a bonus 90: June 11, 1990: Nolan Ryan's 6th career no-hitter
  12. Our current 91: Shameik Blackshear A few memorable 91s: LJ Collier - Kent Trammell ...and a bonus 91: May 1, 1991: Nolan Ryan's 7th career no-hitter
  13. Our current 92: Benedict Brafi A few memorable 92s: Chad McCarty Ray Burns November 7, 1992: Back when beating UT was still a big deal Deante Gray's 92-yard TD reception from Boykin against Tech in 2014 Michael Reeder hit 92% of his FG attempts in 1995 ...and a few bonus 92s: My man, DeShawn Stevenson
  14. Ah, ok - thank you. So yeah, we'll have two (more!) departures then. My guess is that at least one of them will be (another) of the guys who were originally slated to have to sit out a year.
  15. The answer to any question that starts with this is always no.
  16. Cron's first three base hits for the D'Backs have been doubles, and Crichton's first two relief outings for them have been scoreless.
  17. Our current 93: George Ellis A few memorable 93s: Chase Ortiz Mike Tuaua Jalen Reagor's 93-yard TD reception from Kenny Hill in the 2017 Alamo Bowl Darius Anderson's 93-yard TD run against Ohio State last year Josh Boyce's 93-yard TD reception from Andy Dalton against Utah in 2010 ...and a few bonus 93s: January 31, 1993: The Cowboys' emphatic coronation in Super Bowl XXVII. My second-favorite sporting event ever to be played in Pasadena. February 12, 1993: Groundhog Day hits theaters. Bing AGAIN!! August 4, 1993: Nolan Ryan whips Robin Ventura's ass October 5, 1993: The NHL comes to Texas
  18. This year's draft starts on Monday. Lodolo is projected to go early in the 1st round. I've read a few items by Rangers bloggers that hope he'll fall to Texas at #8, but expressing doubt he will. I believe The Athletic's mock draft had him going #7 to the Reds. Josh Watson (a 35th round pick last year) and Rizer (undrafted last year) have probably boosted their stock with solid senior seasons. Janczak will be an interesting case - he was a 32nd round pick last year. Overall, you'd think his senior season would drop his stock - but if he can bring more magic in the NCAA Tournament like he showed in OKC, that might not be the case. We have a lot of draft-eligible juniors besides Lodolo that we'll need to keep an eye on during the process - Jake Guenther, Chuck King, Brandon Williamson, Jake Eissler, Haylen Green, Hunter Wolfe, Austin Henry, Zach Humphreys, Conner Shepherd, Alex Isola, Andrew Keefer, Cal Coughlin. I doubt they'll all be drafted, and we've faired pretty well with drafted juniors returning in recent years. Wymer signed with Toronto after being picked in the 4th round a year ago. Having a solid senior class next year could be big. As for the newcomers, I believe Quinn Priester is the main one we need to fear going pro. Last year, you'll recall, we lost Cole Winn (Rangers, 1st round), Alek Thomas (White Sox, 2nd round), Adam Kloffenstein (Blue Jays, 3rd round) and Mateo Gil (Cardinals, 3rd round) to the draft.
  19. Not like I'd want to lose it, but I knew my track record and knew I'd be upset with myself. Dunno the model. It was gold.
  20. I've lost every watch I've ever owned. Wore my Dad's Rolex for a while after inheriting it, but knew I'd end up losing it so I traded it to my brother.
  21. Our current 94: Corey Bethley A few memorable 94s: Josh Carraway, on my second-favorite touchdown of his Robert Pollard Henry Niutei 1994 SWC Co-Champs! Jeff Gladney's 94-yard pick six in Baghdad in 2017 Josh Boyce's miracle 94-yard TD reception from Boykin to force OT against Hill Tech in 2012 ...and a few bonus 94s Kenny Rogers' perfect game at The Temple: July 29, 1994 January 2, 1994: The Cowboys grab a crucial Week 17 win in the Meadowlands to clinch home field advantage in the subsequent playoffs that will end with them winning their second consecutive Super Bowl. Emmitt Smith leads the way with 168 yards rushing and another 61 receiving...playing with a separated shoulder. Yeah
  22. Stefan Crichton called back up by the D'Backs!
  23. Looks like a couple of new additions to the team: -Jaire Grayer, a 6'5" grad transfer guard who averaged 11.0 points and 5.3 rebounds per game in 102 career games at George Mason: ...and Taryn Todd, a 6'3" Class of 2020* guard from Canada who played at Findlay Prep in Las Vegas last year: *-edited thanks to angelosfrogs' sleuthing
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