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  1. I'm not sure the committee would be that punitive to the loser of that game, if both teams come into it unbeaten.
  2. As details of Carter Page's testimony emerge, it does not look good for anyone claiming there was no contact with Russian officials.
  3. Yep, it was an admittedly low bar to clear. As awful as 2016 made both big parties look, 2017 has been even worse so far. The more damage they incur, the better.
  4. I voted for Governor Johnson. Goofy as he was, he was better than the other two. I don't think the Libertarians have anyone ready to run in 2020 that has nearly as much experience as he and Governor Weld did. I'm really hoping for a strong independent candidate.
  5. Anyone with season tickets that can't make it to the SMU game? I'll buy your seats from you.
  6. Why do so many people involved with the Trump campaign keep being untruthful about their contacts with Russia? I've seen each individual lie excused, but the pattern is what gets me. Why are they lying?
  7. Confirmed on Twitter: Purple frog-skin helmets, white jerseys, white pants.
  8. Frogs 35, Cyclones 20. ISU leads at the half, 17-14, but the TCU defense & running game take over after the break. Offense: Hicks and Anderson both tally 85+ (but neither hit 100), combine for 3 TD's. Sewo gets him another goal line TD. Kenny is efficient but not flashy. Defense: D-Line dominates, safeties confuse the new QB with exotic coverages. Special Teams: Innis forces a fumble on a kickoff. Uni's: Superstitious Gary goes with the same set he used at OSU & KSU.
  9. Kendall Rogers from D1 Baseball was at TCU yesterday as part of his fall tour. A few of his observations: -Luken Baker looks healthy and back to normal. Showing his usual power at the plate, and made some good defensive plays at 1B, too. -Freshman Adam Oviedo looks like the favorite to win the SS job. -Likes what he sees from 6'9" freshman LHP Russell Smith.
  10. I went out to a bit of the Purple-White game on Sunday. So many new faces, no updated roster to know who they are. #35 hit a home run while I was there, whoever that is. I was able to surmise that #9 is Connor Shepherd. He appears to be our starting 3B, and judging from the tweets coming out during the series he's got some pop at the plate.
  11. Has Kevin Samuel been cleared to play yet?
  12. I know, I know, I know. I shouldn't fall into the trap of picking a big win against KU. They've been a thorn in our side - even if a perennial victim - during our time in the Big 12. But I think we're going to destroy them. Frogs 52, Jayhawks 10. Offense- Hill has an efficient but not dazzling first half, Robinson gets to play plenty after the break. Darius Anderson breaks 100 getting back into the coaching staff's good graces, and Jaelan Austin finally finds the endzone in 2017. Defense - More blitzing means a lot of TFLs for Issahaku, Orr & Innis Gaines. Niko Small gets a pick. Banogu 2 sacks. Travin Howard another highlight-reel hit. Special Teams - More of the same. Nunez dazzles when we need him, Song hits what we need him to hit, Bunce produces touchback after touchback, the KU punter successfully kicks away from Turpin on punts but their kicker can't and he gets a few 30-yard returns to set up good field position, and the punt/kick coverage teams quietly do their job. Uniforms - Purple chrome hats, black jerseys, purple pants.
  13. Kenny Hill ***PASSED Jeff Ballard on the all-time passing yards list*** Current career passing yards: 4,361 (7th all-time) -Needs 261 to pass Casey Printers for 6th -Needs 763 to pass Steve Stamp for 5th -Needs 1,055 to pass Casey Pachall for 4th Current career completions: 369 (5th all-time) -Needs 63 to pass Casey Pachall for 4th -Needs 254 to pass Max Knake for 3rd
  14. My uniform prediction (but not preference): -Purple chrome helmets -Gray jerseys -White Pants (ala the UT game in 2015)
  15. Frogs, 45-27 Darius Anderson gets another 100-yard day, scores twice on the ground Niko Small comes up with an INT Sammy Douglas forces a fumble in kick coverage
  16. A couple of updates: -Trevorris Johnson has carried the ball 14 times for 55 yards and 2 TDs in 5 games for Oregon State. He also has 2 receptions for 23 yards. -Foster Sawyer has completed 68 of 104 pass attempts (65.3%) for 623 yards, 4 TD / 1 INT in 4 games for Stepen F. Austin. -Cameron Echols-Luper has 3 catches for 44 yards, carried the ball once for 3 yards in 3 games for Western Kentucky. Couldn't find any stats for kick or punt returns on their website, so not sure if he's had any action there. -Zach Allen has made one appearance for Rutgers - gaining 1 yard on 1 carry. Not sure if he's got the holding duties he had here in FW. -Brennen Wooten has been splitting time at QB for Tyler JC, who is undefeated and #2 in the JUCO rankings. Really hard to find stats for him, though. -Isaiah Chambers was not granted a hardship waiver, and is sitting out this season at U of H after his transfer -Tipa Galeai is no longer listed on the roster for Utah State. Don't know what happened there, but it's definitely disappointing. -Ty Barrett has played in one game for Sam Houston State. -Torrance Mosley has 15 tackles (1 for a loss) and 2 pass break-ups in 5 games for Southeastern Louisiana. -Andre Petties-Wilson has 5 catches for 44 yards in 4 games for Portland State. -Keaton Perry is now playing WR for Kansas. He's appeared in one game this year for the Jayhawks, with no stats. -Tevin Lawson has 14 tackles (1 for a loss), one pass break-up and a fumble recovery in 5 games for Nicholls State.
  17. He's not. I believe they're talking about Charles M. Analbeads
  18. I just got around to taking a peak at the Baylor board. Wow. This is going to get a lot worse for them before it gets better - if it ever does.
  19. I'm surprised the FCC is letting FS1 show a snuff film that early in the evening...
  20. What will be the TCU/OSU game's main competition for hosting Game Day?
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