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  1. Not necessarily for 2020, but at some point I'd love to see us revisit a few of the "rivalries" we formed in our CUSA/MWC days: Louisville, Southern Miss, Utah, Boise State.
  2. I turned that game on right when Tulane ran the fake-kneel play. Pretty crazy. Just googled. Am now a fan.
  3. Carpenter hit a game-winning HR in the Top of the 10th against the Cubs at Wrigley last night. Cardinals now lead the NL Central by 3 games, with a magic number of 7.
  4. In the other thread, I predicted 38-27 and I'm going to stick with it. In my view, the key numbers for us are 35...and 35. That's 35 minutes of possession time and 35 total carries between Sewo and Jet. If we're on track to hit those, I think the second half of the game will be relatively stress-free. I do think the first half will be, as is the norm against SMU, fairly tense.
  5. I dreamed about this game last night. Here's how it played out: -A patented slow start for the Frogs against the Ponies. One major missed assignment on defense and a costly turnover by the offense let SMU jump out to a 14-0 lead. -Frogs regain some measure of control in the 2nd quarter, but trail 17-14 at the half. -Our defense and running game take over after the half, with Darius scoring a back-breaking TD with 6 min left to take a commanding 38-20 lead before SMU scores one late to make the final 38-27, Frogs.
  6. Briles getting caught cheating at a 2A high school would be pretty, pretty, pretty satisfying.
  7. The main difference between Purdue's offense and SMU's, to me, is that the Mustangs aren't one dimensional. They've got several dangerous RBs and a better OL than the Boilermakers - along with, as noted, a veteran QB. They don't have any individual WR as good as Moore, but as usual they have several receivers capable of making big plays - Proche, Roberson, etc. Our D needs to be ready with their A-game.
  8. Yep - Demercado is another for that list. Love that Coleman will enroll in January. Very interested to know more about his background growing up in Germany.
  9. They are. Can't take the Ponies lightly.
  10. According to Spotrac, just a shade under $65 million to this point. Not bad for a 2-star running back coming out of high school!
  11. I really like this - for both teams. Looks like the roster for the team the Rangers will be rolling out aren't just also-rans. It's guys (like Sam Huff, Curtis Terry, Tyler Phillips, Jason Bahr) that are expected to be with the big club sooner than later.
  12. Before we get going with this discussion, could we take a moment to Remember The Five?
  13. I don't have a full list, but I did see that Brennen Wooten is now at Hardin-Simmons. In the season opener, he threw for 215 yards and 3 TD/0 INT and added one score on the ground in a 63-0 road win over Sul Ross.
  14. Andy's big statistical start to the season - his 35 completions and 418 passing yards both currently lead the league - he's on the verge of a few milestones. -He needs 22 completions to reach 2,500 for his career -1,482 yards to reach 30k -10 passing TDs to reach 200 -1 victory to reach 69
  15. Please do! I've been swamped at work lately, so I'm sorry I've dropped the ball a bit. Was planning on updating this thread and the minor league one sometime this week.
  16. The right thinks Trump is strong and capable. The left thinks he's strong and dangerous. I just think he's a moron.
  17. Jared will probably know more about this, but it sounds like a pro tennis event is coming to TCU this fall: FWBP: TCU to be venue for new professional tennis circuit
  18. If you have season tickets, you probably got an email this morning about buying single-game tickets for the Big 12 games. They become available to the general public on Saturday, so let's scoop up as many as we can for our purple-wearing brethren. I got 4.
  19. According to the participation report for the UAPB game, the following true freshmen played: -Trevius Hodges-Tomlinson -Kee'yon Stewart -Dee Winters -Josh Foster -Max Duggan -Darwin Barlow -Wyatt Harris -Nook Bradford -Jordy Sandy -Brent Matiscik -Griffin Kell -Adam Plant Y'all remember anyone else getting in the game? I thought I remembered seeing Barquet in there at some point, but I was also pretty drunk so...
  20. I may revise after watching Purdue against Vanderbilt this weekend, but as of now I'm thinking: -Duggan starts -We clean up a lot (but not all) of our self-inflicted errors on offense -Moore burns us a few times -DL mostly dominates, but we have a few mix-ups by LBs that lead to big plays from Purdue WR/RBs other than Moore -We get good Darius, who scores one of his signature nail-in-the-coffin TDs to seal a 31-21 win
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