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  1. A question for any lawyers we might have on the board: How often do trials end after opening statements, skipping the introduction of evidence or the testimony of witnesses?
  2. Just rustled up a few buddies and grabbed cheap tickets for Wednesday on StubHub (still PLENTY available). Good opportunity for the Frogs to get to 5-2 in conference play. ESPN's BPI gives the good guys a 63.7% chance of winning. A lively crowd would help.
  3. Corey Wren, as was widely expected, chose Florida State.
  4. It's always amazed me the number of Breaking Bad fans who have, for whatever reason, never given Better Call Saul a chance. Perhaps it was because the early reports of the show being green-lit were that it was going to be a sit-com. Between it and El Camino, I'd like to see Vince Gilligan explore more storylines in the BB universe.
  5. After hitting .339 and earning All-Star honors in the Alaskan League over the summer, Bobby Goodloe might be poised for a breakout sophomore campaign.
  6. Some bad news to report: Augie Mihlbauer had shoulder surgery and will miss the entire season.
  7. Our last two #19s: Luken Baker & Jake Guenther...have created large shoes to fill for Harrison Beethe, the incoming JUCO pitcher (and Fort Worth native/Arlington Heights grad) who'll be donning #19 this spring.
  8. We are now 20% of the way through the offseason.
  9. Cal Coughlin wears #20 for the Frogs. Am I the only one who thinks he and our current AD were separated at birth?
  10. Chuck King is back for his senior year, having tallied 120 K's in his first three seasons at TCU. Is this the year he finally locks down a weekend rotation spot, or does he continue with his Swiss Army Knife role?
  11. Absolutely agree. Our country is run by two private fundraising organizations, both made up almost entirely of narcissistic, borderline sociopathic assholes. Both of them employ a sales technique that relies on pounting out the hypocrisy of the other and peddling fear in order to corral loyalty from the feeble-minded.
  12. In that cynicism implies a mistrust based on a perceived lack of sincerity or integrity of those in the political realm, I can't imagine not being cynical.
  13. Jim Schlossnagle, seen here shaking hands with Superman for some reason, is entering his 17th year as head coach at TCU having won 682 career games with the Frogs (and 759 overall when you include his two years at UNLV).
  14. For whatever it's worth: Arkansas lost last night, 77-70, to Mississippi State - who the Frogs had reportedly beaten in a "secret" scrimmage before the season started.
  15. Commitment announcement scheduled for 5:00pm on Sunday for Corey Wren, a super speedy 5'9" WR from John Curtis HS in New Orleans (same school as Garrett Wallow & Kenny Cain). Frogs in the Wren's Top 5 along with Oklahoma, Florida State, Oklahoma State and Louisville.
  16. Other Frog minor-leaguers that have received big league camp invites by their parent organization: -Riley Ferrell (Astros) -Jantzen Witte (Red Sox) -Brian Howard (A's)
  17. Stubhub is full of cheap tickets for the home game against the Longhorns next Wednesday night. Less than $10 for the upper sections.
  18. A good behind-the-scenes piece on the making of 1917: LINK
  19. Certainly no harm in speculating, or even hoping, here amongst us fans. Overall, I agree with most of what you wrote. Our boys have a lot of work to do for our current long shot to become a realistic one. Winning in Fayetteville would be a great next step, but the Hogs will be very tough. Can't let a potential loss carry over into the game against the 'Horns next Wednesday.
  20. Haylen Green is back for his senior year, and the lefty from Lufkin is likely to be used as a swiss-army knife again this season. He'll be one of the most called-upon names coming out of the bullpen during weekend series, and might see a few Tuesday/postseason starts when necessary. He's had moments of greatness sprinkled throughout his first three seasons at TCU, most notably when he took a no-hitter into the 9th against Lamar his freshman year.
  21. Update after last night's win over Lubbock Junior College: Desmond Bane: Current career points: 1,562 (#7 all-time) -Needs 63 to pass Kyan Anderson for #6 -Needs 69 to pass Reggie Smith for #5 ...needs 325 to break Darrell Browder's school record Current career steals: 116 -Needs 8 to pass Jeff Jacobs and crack the career Top 10 list -Needs 10 to pass Brent Hackett for #9 -Needs 14 to pass Darrell Browder for #8 Current career 3-pointers made: 209 (#5 all-time) -Needs 9 to pass Bingo Merriex for #4 -Needs 23 to pass Michael Strickland for #3 -Needs 25 to pass Ryan Carroll for #2 -Needs 35 to break Corey Santee's school record Kevin Samuel: Current career blocks: 124 (#6 all-time) -Needs 10 to pass Reggie Smith for #5 -Needs 43 to pass Kurt Thomas for #4 ...needs 48 to break James Penny's school record Current season-total blocks: 47 -Needs 8 to pass Vladimir Brodziansky '18 for #10 on the single-season list ...needs 50 to break Derrick Davenport's single-season school record of 96 in 2000
  22. About three weeks from pitchers & catchers reporting, Andrew Cashner remains a free agent. There's speculation out there mentioning him as an option with several teams, though, including the: Orioles and Marlins (both of which he's pitched for previously) as well as the Indians.
  23. Chris Ellington hit .344 and .331 in his two seasons at TCU, 2008 & 2009 - winning two MWC titles along the way and helping lead the Frogs to the Super Regionals for the first time.
  24. This thread will really get going toward the end of spring training when team assignments start rolling in, but I saw something on the other board that caught my eye. According to the twitter feed of Bryan Smith, who covers the Cubs' minor league system, the Northsiders acquired Jerrick Suiter this offseason with the intention of converting him to a pitcher. This comes after he made two relief appearances late in the season last year for Double-A Altoona (Pirates), posting a 0.00 ERA in 1.2 total innings, tallying 1 strike out, giving up 1 hit and walking none. You may also remember that Jerrick was a two-way player his freshman season at TCU, making six appearances (and two starts) on the mound for the Frogs, going 0-1 with a 3.60 ERA.
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