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  1. Our current 78: A few memorable 78s: Herb Taylor Josh Vernon Robert Deck ...couldn't find a photo of Victor Payne. Turpin had a 78-yard punt return TD against SMU last year. ...and a few bonus 78s: Leon Lett - what a fantastic career that is unfortunately most well-known for 2 bad plays. The Cowboys won Super Bowl XII on January 15, 1978 Jim James was born April 27, 1978 The Deer Hunter premiered December 8, 1978 (though it's wider release wasn't until after the new year)
  2. Riley Ferrell has begun another rehab assignment - this one with the Marlins' Advanced A-Ball affiliate, the Jupiter Hammerheads. He registered 1 strikeout in a perfect inning of relief first time out.
  3. Crichton called back up by the D'Backs.
  4. Our current 79: Esteban Avila A few memorable 79s: Nic Richmond Weldon "Scratch" Edwards Jaden Oberkrom kicked a school-record 79 field goals in his time at TCU, none bigger than the game-winner in Morgantown in 2014 Josh Doctson hauled in a school-record 79 receptions in 2015, including this rather momentous TD in the comeback against K-State LaDainian Tramayne Tomlinson was born June 23, 1979 ...and a few bonus 79s: Harvey Martin Erik Williams Alien hit theaters May 25, 1979 The video for "1979" Jason Isbell was born February 1, 1979
  5. They folded after the 2014 season, but there's hope here locally that the ballpark can get brought back up to speed and get a team (presumably another incarnation of the Cats) playing there either next year or the year after: Ballpark Digest: LaGrave agreement could pave way for Cats' return
  6. Our current 80: Al'Dontrae Davis A few memorable 80s: Dan Sharp from his playing days Chris Kaylakie Buck Jones Game Day ventured to Provo for the Frogs' blowout of BYU in 2009. It was GP's 80th win at TCU. ...and a few bonus 80s: Alvin Harper The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters May 17, 1980 The Mavericks' first game was played October 11, 1980 - a win over the Spurs.
  7. Curing cancer and prosecuting Trump both sound expensive. Let's get Mexico to pay for it!
  8. A couple of redemptive developments for guys that had been struggling: -Alex Young has tallied 10 K's across his last two starts for Triple-A Reno (D'Backs), both W's in which he pitched 5 innings. He's now 4-2 on the year with a 6.23 ERA - down from 7.32 in early May. -Durbin Feltman is pitching to an ERA of 1.35 across his last 10 relief outings, totaling 13.1 IP for Double-A Portland (Red Sox), improving to 2-1 along the way and lowering his ERA from over 11.00 in early May down to 5.24 currently. -Sean Wymer gave up 2 runs in 6.2 IP last time out for Class A Lansing (Blue Jays), picking up his first W in over a month. He's now 3-5 on the season with a 7.57 ERA.
  9. Our current 81: Pro Wells A few memorable 81s: Reggie Harrell Cole Hunt Ja'Juan "Doo Doo" Story KaVontae Turpin had an 81-yard punt return for a TD in the hard-fought season-opening win against South Dakota State in 2016. The Frogs were down 17-7 in the second quarter before this play. ...and a few bonus 81s: Terrell Owens, in one of the cooler moments from one of my least-favorite Cowboys. I was at that game, against the Packers on a Monday night. Raiders of the Lost Ark hit theaters on June 12, 1981
  10. Just saw a tweet that Dylan Jordan will not be enrolling at TCU and will instead be going the JUCO route...
  11. Mat Boesen is also playing up in Canada, and impressed at least one writer in his preseason debut for the BC Lions: Bake's Game Takes: BC 38, Calgary 36
  12. I apologize for missing yesterday - that storm was a doozy in our 'hood. Our current 82: Jason D'Armore, a walk-on WR from New Jersey A few memorable 82s: Josh Boyce, in one of the many moments that made him one of the most clutch players in the history of this program. Bryan Engram Charlie Reid We ran out of fireworks ...and a few bonus 82s: Jason Witten Blade Runner hit theaters June 25, 1982
  13. Our current 84 is Dominic Dnunzio, a walk-on TE from Cleveland. I can't find a photo of him. A few memorable 84s: Dominic Merka after returning a blocked punt for a TD against West Virginia Cody McCarty - taken from us way too soon Michael DePriest scored an 84-yard TD on a reception from Jeff Ballard against Iowa State in the Houston Bowl on New Year's Eve, 2005 ...and a few bonus 84s: Jay Novacek April 26, 1984: Moody Madness. The Mavs beat the Sonics in a decisive Game 5 of their first-round playoff series at Moody Coliseum. An indoor tennis tournament had been book at Reunion Arena, forcing them to play at SMU. The game was on pay-per-view!
  14. The new XFL held a try-out event in Arlington yesterday. A few familiar names among those participating: -Trevone Boykin -Foster Sawyer -Tayo Fabuluje -Nick Orr -Paul Dawson -Jawuan Johnson
  15. Yeah, you never know what's going on at home, how much progress they've made on acquiriing a degree, what level of connect they feel to the program, etc. And take it with a grain of salt - I'd heard that like 3rd-hand at best.
  16. Catcher update: -Humphreys just tweeted out that he's staying for his senior year! -Word is Isola is leaning toward signing with the Twins
  17. I saw on twitter last night that Ranthony Texada had an interception in his second CFL preseason game.
  18. Our current 85: Christian Williams - I thought he was a senior last year, but I guess he got a redshirt? A few memorable 85s: Jeremy Kerley Sonny Campbell Ladarius Brown Not the most fondly remembered season in TCU history, but the 1985 cover of Dave Campbell's Texas Football was pretty great ...and a few bonus 85s: Kevin Williams in a fantastic photo of a great moment from a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. New Coke was put on the market in April of 1985 Back to the Future hit theaters July 3, 1985 NES was released in the US in October of 1985
  19. That photo with Wacker is really something. Unbelievable, you might even say.
  20. We're gonna be a matchup nightmare for some teams...and vice/versa.
  21. I'm keeping an eye on this one. He definitely has the potential to come back, have a solid senior season and boost his draft status considerably. On the other hand, I'd heard rumors during the season that he may have been unhappy. Could be that he takes advantage of this opportunity.
  22. As of today, we are two-thirds of the way through the offseason.
  23. Our current 86: Jack Heathcott, a walk-on WR from Memphis A few memorable 86s: Kelly Blackwell Shae Reagan Corey Fuller, right after a TD reception on an end-around pass from Brandon Carter in OT against West Virginia in 2012 Trevone Boykin threw for a school-record 86 TD passes in his career at TCU I believe this photo is from a different play in the same game, but Aaron Green scored on an 86-yard TD run on the first play from scrimmage against Kansas State in 2015. Oh, what a night that was. ...and a bonus 86: It was published the previous year, but Lonesome Dove won the 1986 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 5'7" Dallas native Spud Webb won the Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA All Star Game festivities at Reunion Arena in 1986
  24. Jacob Meador tweeted out this morning thanking the Mariners organization for drafting him...but also announcing that he'll be pitching at TCU!
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