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  1. Ah yes, that age old conservative value of big, central government leeching power away from the states...
  2. I wasn't trying to get political, just pointing out the riduculousness of any remnants of the "just the flu" narrative that might still be out there.
  3. It's good to see that the fatality rate is low - but I guess that just means the transmission rate is pretty high because the sheer number of deaths is staggering and dwarfs that of even an exceptionally high year for the season flu.
  4. ...and just like that, the Trump campaign has been given the gift of Joe Biden's notoriously clumsy mouth. If you're the betting type, after this I'd be sliding my Veepstakes chips in the direction of either Kamala Harris or Val Demings.
  5. These manufactured Biden scandals keep falling apart quicker than a scheme to sell meat at The Sharper Image.
  6. You have to wonder how many of these lives could've been spared if we had better leadership.
  7. The American death toll has now passed 95,000.
  8. Bad news: the Fred's on Bluebonnet Circle is going out of business for good.
  9. In addition to Hump & Dalton Brown, Gene Wood also tweeted out this week that he'll be back for one last dance. Elsewhere, the Big 12 Tournament would've been starting today up in OKC...
  10. Brian Estridge tweeted this morning that Shane Sims, who played on the TCU offensive line in the early 2000s, has passed away.
  11. TCU has made the Top 12 for Andrew Mukuba, a 4-star safety from Austin LBJ. The other teams on that list are Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Georgia, Texas, Auburn, Arkansas, UCLA, Arizona State, Michigan State and Missouri.
  12. Just finished this one, it was a pretty quick and eye-opening read. I knew the basics of the story of the USS Indianapolis' secret final mission and the fact that it was sunk by a Japanese sub, but not all the grisly details. Yikes.
  13. Oh I thought you were asking a question.
  14. The American death toll has now passed 90,000.
  15. Less than a week before the Libertarian Party selects their nominee, Justin Amash has dropped out of the race.
  16. We are now 60% of the way through the offseason...if the season starts on time.
  17. Cal's coach now looking at off-campus sites to hold fall camp.
  18. Possible flip? Noah Bolticoff, a 6'5", 265lb 3-star OT from Rose Hill, KS has decommitted from Kansas State. Several crystal ball predictions now see him becoming a Frog. If Rose Hill, KS rings a bell, it's because it's the same high school that sent Blaize and Brady Foltz to TCU.
  19. The American death toll has now passed 85,000.
  20. I don't have an issue with the power of Congress being questioned. My problem is that the argument to limit their power in this instance seems to be about who they believe should be above the law and not need to comply with orders that would clearly be enforced on folks like us. I don't think anyone is above the law.
  21. My comment on twitter about this clown: "I bet that dude just DOMINATES all the sixth-graders that show up at his local paintball place on weekends"
  22. As it relates to Alabama as a potential replacement for Cal on the schedule, we should probably also pay attention to yesterday's announcement that the Cal State system will likely be online-only this fall...which puts in doubt the fall sports at its member schools. Here's a list of the non-conference opponents currently slated to play the three FBS teams in that system (Fresno State, San Diego State and San Jose State) this fall: -Central Michigian (hosting San Jose State on Sep 5th) -Idaho State (visiting Fresno State on Sep 5th) -Sacramento State (visiting San Diego State on Sep 5th) -UC Davis (visiting SJSU on Sep 12th) -Colorado (hosting Fresno State on Sep 12th) -Toledo (hosting SDSU on Sep 12th) -Penn State (hosting SJSU on Sep 19th...TCU's currently scheduled bye-week...) -UCLA (visiting SDSU on Sep 19th) -Texas A&M (hosting Fresno State on Oct 10th) -New Mexico State (visiting Fresno State on October 17th) -BYU (hosting SDSU on Nov 14th) -UConn (visiting SDSU on Nov 14th)
  23. I heard that Evans tried to open up his salon during quarantine 😜
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