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  1. Hopefully we can continue to avoid large spikes, and prepared to respond to a potential one.  Then, hopefully we start to see a descent from the plateau of case numbers and the still steadily-climbing death count.  Would love to see the death toll slow down or even stop.

  2. Boom! 💯 days 'til kickoff!


    We are 64.41% of the way throught the offseason.  



    Gary Patterson's 100th win at TCU came in a 38-17 home win over Louisiana-Monroe on September 17, 2011



    Believe it or not, Jim Wacker was TCU's head coach for exactly 100 games.



    BJ Catalon's kickoff return TD against LSU In 2013 was the most recent of six in TCU history to go for exactly 100 yards.  


    (The others were Cory Rodgers against BYU in 2005, LaTerance Dunbar against SMU in 2000, Phillip Epps against Rice in 1978, Frank Horak against Tech in 1965 and Carl Knox against Oklahoma A&M in 1946).




    Darius Anderson's nail-in-the-coffin touchdown run against Texas in 2017 gave him exactly 100 yards for the game and instantly silenced the way-too-cocky UT fans sitting in front of me.  He broke that poor Longhorn safety's ankles worse than that one scene in Misery.




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  3. Another potential grad transfer: Rico Bussey, the wide receiver from UNT.




    Originally from Lawton, Oklahoma - Bussey caught 128 passes for 1,941 yards and 21 TDs in his four years with the Mean Green - but his senior season was cut short when he tore his ACL in the second game last year...a road game against Cal.  


    Miami, Nebraska and Virginia Tech have been mentioned as other potential landing spots...at least by this Februay report from Bleacher Report.  


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  4. 11 minutes ago, Zebra Frog said:

    If Trump shuts social media down, which I don’t think he can do, isn’t that in conflict with what his Free speech, gun toting, no-mask wearing, Land of the Free, followers are so adamant about?  He can’t afford to piss them off.  It won’t happen


    People caught up in a cult of personality don't care one bit about ideological consistency.  They'll go along with whatever their Dear Leader says.  

  5. 8 minutes ago, PurpleDawg said:

    Pompeo is starting to pander for goodwill because of his current issues with the inspector general and because he wants to run for senate soon. 


    I think he's got his sights set on a presidential run in 2024.

  6. At 7:11 this morning, the president tweeted:




    ...then at 9:24, his Secretary of State tweeted this:




    So which is it?  Does the administration think rules should apply differently to them?  Or is this the type of mixed signals that are a symptom of incompetence and a lack of true leadership?

  7. 3 hours ago, DirtyThirdFrog said:

    How are the restaurants close to campus? Most of them back open? I could use some Buff Bros right about now.


    Overall, I'm not sure - I haven't been back over in the campus area since this whole thing started.


    The bad news on Bluebonnet Circle continues, though, as Rusty Taco is closing down that location permanently.  I believe that was in the space that had been previously occupied by Tiff & Andi's and The Boom Room.  I've never eaten there, but I know some people that really like the one over closer to my house.

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  8. On 5/10/2020 at 1:05 PM, Lyle Lanley II said:

    Totally concur with the praise for Fleabag.  If y'all liked it, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the executive producer of the show "Run" that's on HBO right now.  


    "Run" concluded last night, and I'd like to formally un-endorse it.  The ending was such a letdown, I'm really mad I wasted any time on it to begin with.

  9. 26 minutes ago, Rothbardian said:

    For those who are intellectually honest, you can blame Trump for the 100,000 COVID deaths or the 38 million unemployed, but not both...


    He himself might disagree with you:




    Then again, I wouldn't consider him intellectually honest 🤪


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  10. It's good that testing has finally started to increase, and the drop in the percentage of positive results that was expected to come along with it is welcome news, too. 


    But I wouldn't say we're "running out of sick people"  as the tweet proclaimed - we're still adding 20,000 or so new cases a day and still losing 1,000 + American lives nearly every day.   



  11. 1 hour ago, Rothbardian said:

    The LP Party nominated Jo Jorgensen!


    She is easily the smartest presidential candidate RN.


    I'll definitely keep an open mind, as I agree that the major parties haven't delivered the best candidates.


    1 hour ago, Rothbardian said:

    she got her undergrad at Baylor...and a MBA at SMU.



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  12. Remember when Trump criticized Obama for playing golf during the Ebola outbreak?


    That outbreak took 2 American lives.  So today, as the American death toll for COVID-19 passed 98,000, Trump is....playing golf.



    (please note, I'm not diminishing the value of those 2 lives lost in 2014.  In fact, Trump was right to criticize Obama - the presidency is a 24/7 commitment, and especially so during a time of crisis.  It's really the stunningly naked hypocrisy of the whole thing - the attitude that rules apply to others but not him.)

  13. Demings certainly lacks name recognition on a national level to this point.  But if they believe she can create a 3-point swing in her home state and deliver Florida's 29 electoral votes, she'll be under strong consideration.  



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