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  1. Chuck said there were 1,200 fans there last night and about the same this afternoon. Surprised a Big Ten school with an enrollment of nearly 50k wouldn't draw better than that - especially given the opportunity to get out of the cold.
  2. We are now 30% of the way through the offseason.
  3. While much of the discussion on this board has been about the presidential race, we do have another race here locally in which there doesn't appear to be a good candidate... Anyone with thoughts on Kay Granger and her primary fight against (TCU grad) Chris Putnam?
  4. Looks like a bit of a taller wall for all of right field and right-center. I wonder how big a crowd they're able to get for these games?
  5. Frogs are headed to Minneapolis to take on the Golden Gophers this weekend, with the games being played inside at US Bank Stadium (home of the Vikings). The dimensions of the baseball set-up at US Bank: LF: 345 L/CF: 365 CF: 381 R/CF: 345 RF: 301 (😳)
  6. Unfortunately for Kenny, his legacy was tinted from the beginning because it was being viewed through the lens of the 2014 & 2015 seasons, along with the hype he brought from his family, his time at Southlake and the flashes he showed early on in College Station. The celebration penalty against Arkansas tarnished his image among Frog fans and cast a shadow on the rest of the 2016 season. By the time 2017 rolled around, many had already made up their mind on him to the point that the frustrations of the Iowa State game outweighed what was largely a fantastic senior season for him (and the team). I think we'd all have been glad to have the '17 version of Kenny leading our team the last two seasons.
  7. Bernie's medical records are the 2020 version of Trump's financial/tax records. The only reason to keep them hidden...is if there's something worth hiding. In either case, it's easier to take the heat of not releasing them if you've got a brainwashed cult of followers who'll angrily argue against the concept of transparency.
  8. Since he hasn't pitched at all through four games, is it safe to assume that Cal Coughlin is injured?
  9. Night of Champions scheduled for next Wednesday - the 26th. 6:30pm at the Sam Baugh indoor facility. Free admission.
  10. Lady Frogs now a projected 6-seed in the newest women's tournament bracketology
  11. Riley Cornelio announced as the starting pitcher for tonight's game against Abilene Christian.
  12. Another local name I've been told Frog fans ought to keep a close watch on: JoJo Earle from Aledo. He's a 5'9", 170-lb 4-star slot WR that racked up 2,030 total scrimmage yards last year and scored 25 TDs for the Bearcats. He's got offers from Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Ole Miss, USC, Washington, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado...and on and on...
  13. Was I the only one really impressed by Conner Shepherd's defense at 3B over the weekend? He made a couple of plays that I don't think he could've made his sophomore/junior seasons.
  14. How does the youth of our team compare to the experience level of other teams ranked as highly as the Frogs?
  15. Every time they call me about subscribing, I tell them it's real simple: I won't subscribe while Mac Engel is employed there, but I absolutely will the day after he's fired.
  16. Some of the UK fans there yesterday were real cocky.
  17. Also read somewhere that Harrison Beethe, the Fort Worth native, is in the closer role for now. Perez may be an option for the weekend rotation or midweek starter. Riley Cornelio, the true freshman from Colorado, is pencilled in as the starter for Tuesday's game against Abilene Christian - but Schloss said that may change if he's needed out of the 'pen against Kentucky.
  18. Story in the Star-Telegram this morning had a projected lineup: 1. Porter Brown, LF 2. Tommy Sacco, SS 3. Austin Henry, 1B 4. Gene Wood, RF 5. Hunter Wolfe, DH 6. Conner Shepherd, 3B 7. Zach Humphreys, C 8. Gray Rodgers, 2B 9. Phillip Sikes, CF
  19. Sounds like, after initially turning them down, Mel Tucker has now agreed to become Michigan State's new coach. So now Colorado is open. Get paid millions and live in Boulder? I'll take it.
  20. Couldn't find a photo of Saarloos with his jersey # showing, but he wears #2.
  21. A morning spring game before an afternoon home baseball game - I'm already making plans to be on campus all day.
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