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  1. The XFL Draft starts tomorrow. I'm sure we'll see several Frogs selected, - though I'm not sure if this league will have the kind of regional priorities that the AAF did, which resulted in several TCU guys being on the San Antonio team. Would love to see them land on either the Dallas (Arlington) or Houston teams, though.
  2. I had some UT fans cancel their plans to come for the game. The seats I had for them are in Section 226 - in the visiting section on the east side, where we used to put the opposing band. Let me know if you're interested - then we can discuss price (which will be highly dependent on whether the occupants plan to wear purple or stomach-acid orange)
  3. Word is the Frogs won their secret scrimmage against Mississippi State this weekend in New Orleans: Star-Telegram write-up MSU is coached, you might remember, by Ben Howland - Dixon's old boss at Pitt. They were a tournament team last year and in the "First Four Out" in ESPN's preseason Bracketology. Starting 5 for the Frogs were Edric Dennis, RJ Nembhard, Desmond Bane, Diante Smith and Kevin Samuel. Main three subs were Francisco Farabello, PJ Fuller and Jaire Grayer. Bane and Dennis were reportedly the leading scorers.
  4. I'm afraid this police shooting is going to end up warranting it's own thread. Already being picked up by the national media. Not great for Fort Worth.
  5. Aw what happened, I thought we could cuss on here?
  6. Sounds like the coach Briles was using that wasn't a school district employee was Lynx Hawthorne, who'd played for him at Baylor. ...and the two players whose eligibility is in question are both relatives of Hawthorne's. ...and the reason this case was brought back up by the district committee was because they'd lied on their initial paperwork in regard to their new home address in Texas. In short, Baylor gonna Baylor. Also, as always, #$%@ Baylor.
  7. I mean, the Kurds didn't even help us defend our airports during the American Revolution...
  8. Took me a while to get around to updating this after last Saturday - hope you'll understand. Jalen Reagor has now passed Reggie Harrell for #10 on the all-time receiving yards list. -He now has 120 career receptions, so he needs 14 to tie Richard Woodley for #10 all-time -He now has 1,823 career receiving yards, so he needs 288 to tie Cory Rodgers for #9 all-time -He now has 20 career TD receptions, so he needs 2 to tie Josh Boyce for #2 and 9 to tie Josh Doctson's school record Darius Anderson now has: -2,127 career rushing yards, so he needs 475 to tie Matthew Tucker for #10 all-time -532 rushing yards this year, so he needs 546 to tie Ed Wesley's 2010 season for #10 on the single-season list -18 career rushing touchdowns, so he needs 3 to tie Andre Davis & Ed Wesley for #10 all-time -7 career 100-yard games, so he needs 1 more to tie Mike Lutrell for #10 all-time Max Duggan now has 9 TD passes this year, so he needs 8 to tie Kenny Hill's 2016 season for #10 on the single-season list.
  9. Putting popcorn on my shopping list.
  10. It's worth noting that the Frogs have worn the same combo in each of their trips to Ames as part of the Big 12: Purple/White/White 2013: W, 21-17 2015: W, 45-21 2017: L, 7-14
  11. I am cautiously optimistic this week.
  12. 2020 Schedule is out: LINK Frogs open with a home weekend series against Kentucky that starts on Valentine's Day.
  13. The Star-Telegram has a story up on the baseball team's game against the Rangers. They've changed their paywall on the website to where I can't even provide a link, but you can read it for free if you download their app. Here are the highlights, though: -Charles King and Marcelo Perez (moving from the bullpen) are the main candidates to lead the rotation. They'll be joined by Russell Smith and Caleb Sloan when they're 100% (and both guys are ahead of schedule) along with newcomers Drew Hill, Johnny Ray, Jacob Meador, Nolan Hudi and Riley Cornelio. -Austin Henry is moving to 1B, Hunter Wolfe is moving to CF, JUCO transfer Tommy Sacco is pencilled in as the starting SS.
  14. Quick update here after the Kansas game. According to the official participation report on GoFrogs.com: Played in 4 games (1 more appearance and the redshirt is burned): -Nook Bradford -Max Duggan -Josh Foster -Tre'vius Hodges-Tomlinson -Jordy Sandy -Dee Winters Played in 3 games: -Wyatt Harris -Griffin Kell -Kee'yon Stewart Played in 2 games: -Darwin Barlow -Dylan Jordan -Deshawn McCuin Played in 1 game: -Thomas Armstrong -Andrew Coker -Blair Conwright -Daimarqua Foster -Zach Marcheselli -Brent Matiscik Has not played yet: -Adam Plant...(this is an exaple of why I tend to doubt the official report. I believe he's played in every game) -Brannon Brown -Marcus Williams -Karter Johnson -Earl Barquet -Colt Ellison -Donavann Collins
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