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  1. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Big game tonight on ESPN 2 with interest to the Frogs, as St. Bonaventure hosts #16 Rhode Island. The Bonnies have won 7 straight to jump back into Lunardi's field (as one of the "Last Four In" currently).
  2. I don't know who's in the lead, although I know Cumbie has been all over the kid all along. St. Pius beat College Station last year - same team that beat Aledo in the state title game. ...although they lost to All Saints. Can we get an Aledo/All Saints non-district game?
  3. Grant Gunnell de-committed from aggy tonight.
  4. The Athletic- boom or bust?

    I took advantage of their kick-off special over the weekend, got 30% off my subscription for the first year and a free T-shirt that I'm sure I'll never wear. The content is good so far. Really looking forward to seeing how it progresses.
  5. 2018 Recruiting thread sponsored by the TCU Show Window

    Madre London is leaving Michigan State as a grad transfer at the end of this semester. He has 924 total rushing yards and 8 TDs (along with 100 receiving yards and 1 rec TD) in his first three years in East Lansing, but it sounds like he may be looking for an opportunity that provides more playing time. Another guy I wonder about is Larry Rose from New Mexico State. He rushed for more than 4,500 yards and scored 42 total TDs in his four years at NMSU, becoming one of this highest-graded tailbacks in the country. I haven't seen a bunch of hype on his status as a draft prospect, so I wonder if a year of facing Power 5 competition might be intriguing to him. He's originally from Fairfield, TX - about 30 minutes south on I45 from Corsicana.
  6. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    ...and right as I posted that, Rybakov clinched it. 4-0, Frogs win.
  7. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Frogs won the doubles point, and have taken two singles matches thus far for a 3-0 lead.
  8. Attacking the TCU Hoops record book: 2017/2018

    Updated after the win over the Longhorns: Kenrich Williams: Current career rebounds: 810 (PASSED Kurt Thomas, H.E. Kirchner, Dick O'Neal and Mickey McCarty - now #5 all-time) -Needs 47 to pass James Cash for #4 -Needs 78 to pass Gary Turner for #3 -Needs 108 to pass Ronny Stevenson for #2 -Needs 157 to break Reggie Smith's school record -At his current season average of 9.6 per game, he's on pace to end the regular season with 868, which would put him at #4 Current career steals: 131 - (#6 all-time) -Needs 3 to pass Ryan Carroll for #5 -Needs 7 to pass Malcolm Johnson for #4 -Needs 25 to pass Corey Santee for #3 -Needs 33 to pass Mike Jones for #2 -Needs 38 to break Kyan Anderson's school record -At his current season average of 1.9 per game, he's on pace to end the regular season with 142, which would put him at #4 Current season total rebounds: 230 -Needs 129 to pass Ronny Stevenson's 1957 season for #10 all-time -At his current season average of 9.6 per game, he's on pace to end the regular season with 288 - 22 shy of Stevenson's mark Current season total steals: 46 -Needs 12 to pass John Lewis '89 for #10 all-time -At his current season average of 1.9 per game, he's on pace to end the regular season with 57 - one steal shy of Lewis' mark Vladimir Brodziansky: Current career blocks: 157 (4th all-time) -Needs 10 to pass Kurt Thomas for #3 -Needs 14 to pass Derrick Davenport for #2 -Needs 15 to break James Penny's school record-At his current season average of 1.6 per game, he's on pace to end the regular season with 167 - one block shy of Thomas' mark Current career points: 1,258 -Needs 169 to pass Gary Turner for #10 all-time -At his current average of 15.6 per game, he's on pace to end the regular season with 1,352 - 74 points shy of Turner's mark Current season total blocks: 41 -Needs 11 to pass Craig Sibley '89 & Marlon Dumont '02 for sole possession of #10 all-time -Needs 13 to pass Karviar Shepherd '14 for #9 -Needs 25 to pass Alvardo Parker '07 for #8 -At his current season average of 1.6 per game, he's on pace to end the regular season with 51 - which would put him at #9 Alex Robinson: Current career assists: 367 (PASSED Jamie Dixon - now #8 all-time) -Needs 11 to pass Hank Thorns for #8 -Needs 48 to pass Tony Edmond for #7 -Needs 93 to pass Darrell Browder for #6 -Needs 109 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #5 ...Needs 209 to break Corey Santee's school record -At his current season average of 6.0 per game, he's on pace to end the regular season with 403 - which would put him at #7
  9. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Fresh bracketology this morning. Frogs have dropped to a #10 seed, projected to play Butler in Nashville. Other Big 12 teams: -Kansas, #2 seed (0-2) -Tech, #3 seed (0-1) -West Virginia, #4 seed (1-0) -Oklahoma, #5 seed (0-2) -Texas, #9 seed (0-1) -Kansas State, #11 seed (0-1) "Last Four Byes" Other TCU opponents: -Nevada, #8 seed (1-0) -Belmont, #14 seed (1-0) -SMU, "Next Four Out" (1-0) -St. Bonaventure, "Next Four Out (1-0) Other Texas schools: -aggy, #9 seed -Houston, #12 seed "Last Four In"
  10. The Coaching Carousel Thread

    I believe Hernandez caught a few passes against TCU while he was playing at Utah.
  11. Signing Day thread

    That choosing TCU and joining the Frog family is a lifetime decision, not a four-year decision. Obviously, I hope these kids live past 58, but #40not4 sounds better than #UntilYouBecomeACorpse
  12. Signing Day thread

    WR Omar Manning WR Nijeel Meeking WR Al'Dontrae Davis OL Wes Harris OL Quazzel White OL Coy McMillon DL George Ellis DL Terrell Cooper DL Ezra Tuaua* DL Dennis Collins CB Noah Daniels S Lakendrick Van Zandt* S Kerry Johnson* S Michael Onyemaobi *-I think these guys are eligible for redshirts, but not certain
  13. Signing Day thread

    Looks like the LOI's are in for all current commits now other than Jacoby Simpson. Still waiting on decisions from Vernon Jackson, Aaron Brule and Jashaun Corbin. Hoping for some other last-minute surprise/unknown diamond in the rough.
  14. There was lots of buzz on twitter last night that a 2019 commit could be coming very soon. One name speculated about was Justin Osborne, the 6-4, 275 OT from Flower Mound Marcus that will be playing his senior year at IMG Academy in Florida. Right now his crystal ball is 50% TCU, 50% OU - with offers also from A&M, Michigan, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Arkansas & Missouri amongst others.
  15. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    ESPN's "Bubble Watch" is out today: For the Big 12: Lock: Kansas Should Be In: Tech, OU, West Virginia Work To Do: TCU, Texas K-State Their TCU summary: RPI: 26th SOS: 17th BPI: 21st SOR: 30th "It's not like Northwestern* or anything, but the Horned Frogs appear to be on their way to their first NCAA tournament appearance since 1998. Jamie Dixon, I salute you. TCU has its outstanding offense to thank. Not even the loss of point guard Jaylen Fisher to a knee injury has been able to slow down a Horned Frogs attack that takes care of the ball and hits its (relatively infrequent) 3s." *-they're referring to Northwestern's long tournament drought, which ended last year.