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  1. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    I just got around to taking a peak at the Baylor board. Wow. This is going to get a lot worse for them before it gets better - if it ever does.
  2. Week 4 TV

    I'm surprised the FCC is letting FS1 show a snuff film that early in the evening...
  3. Week 4 TV

    What will be the TCU/OSU game's main competition for hosting Game Day?
  4. TCU vs. Arky Predictions and Picks to Click

    Give me Frogs 34, Hogs 24. Offense- No one has an eye-popping statistical day, but Kenny plays turnover-free and Hicks finds the endzone once on the ground and once on a reception. A few drives pushed forward by solid punt/kick returns and jet sweep/reverse minor trickeration. Defense - A bend but don't break mentality helps the TCU D force 2-3 FG attempts in the red zone and they score one big turnover. Special teams - Solid punt/kick coverage, efficient place kicking and 1-2 returns of 20+ help the Frogs win the field position game even if there isn't one big moment that breaks the Hogs' backs.
  5. Sept 9 Vs Arkansas: Will Frogs go Hog Wild?

    Last year, the Arkansas game told us all we needed to know about the 2016 Frogs - though we didn't know it at the time. I expect that this year's Arkansas game will tell us everything we need to know about the 2017 Frogs.
  6. TV Thread

    Sorry to interrupt the GOT party, but the pilot for The Deuce is now available on HBO Go. It's not bad.
  7. Frogs in the Minors thread for 2017

    Skoug had 2 home runs yesterday for Class A Kannapolis (White Sox) - his first two in A ball, and his 2nd & 3rd career professional longballs (he had one a few weeks ago in the Arizona Rookie League)
  8. TCU will host Rice's football team

    A sports media type from Houston just tweeted that he'd spoken with David Bailiff. Rice is en route home from Australia and will stay at TCU until they can go home to Houston. Hopefully there are opportunities for the FW community to pitch in to make these kids feel welcome.
  9. Hopefully I'll have to start tracking more, but here's a good place to start heading into the season Kyle Hicks: Current career rushing yards: 1,464 -Needs 1,139 to pass Matthew Tucker for 10th all-time -Needs 1.155 to pass Jim Swink for 9th -Needs 1,300 to pass Kenneth Davis for 8th Current career rushing TDs: 15 -Needs 7 to pass Ed Wesley & Andre Davis for 9th all-time -Needs 9 to pass Kenneth Davis for 8th -Needs 11 to pass Trevone Boykin for 7th Kenny Hill Current career passing yards: 3,208 -Needs 556 to pass Brandon Hassell for 10th all-time -Needs 679 to pass Steve Judy for 9th -Needs 756 to pass Leon Clay for 8th Current career completions: 269 -Needs 38 to pass David Rascoe for 10th all-time -Needs 49 to pass Steve Judy for 9th -Needs 56 to pass Casey Printers for 8th
  10. Former Frogs still playing college football

    As mentioned above, Trevorris didn't register any stats for Oregon State yesterday. I thought I noticed him in on a few snaps, but clearly never touched the ball. Andre Petties-Wilson had one catch for 3 yards in Portland State's loss at BYU. Brennen Wooten got the start for Tyler JC yesterday, completing 8 of 17 passes for 73 yards and two touchdowns in a run & defense heavy 28-6 win over Kilgore.
  11. Frogs in the Minors thread for 2017

    Bad news. Elliott Barzilli was released by the Marlins organization.
  12. Former Frogs still playing college football

    Oh wow, I didn't even run a search on Mike Freeze. I figured he was just back in Graham, staying home to watch TV with his girlfriend.
  13. Figured we all have some level of interest in seeing what these guys do with their new teams, so it'd be worth having a place for updates on them. -Trevorris Johnson | Oregon State. -Foster Sawyer | SFA -Cameron Echols-Luper | Western Kentucky -Zach Allen | Rutgers -Brennen Wooten | Tyler JC -Isaiah Chambers | Houston -Tipa Galeai | Utah State -Ty Barrett | Sam Houston -Torrance Mosley | Southeastern Louisiana -Andre Petties-Wilson | Portland State -Keaton Perry | Kansas -Tevin Lawson | Nicholls State Anyone else? Did DeShawn Raymond land anywhere? I'm not counting recruits that never made it to campus.
  14. Roster updates

    Al'Dontrae Davis assigned #80