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  1. Our current 6s: Darius Anderson Innis "Thump" Gaines A few memorable 6s: Bart Johnson Brian Bonner Elisha Olabode Bram Kohlhausen Sean Stilley Andre Davis Andrew Cashner Kyle Bacak with one of the most clutch bunts in TCU history September 16, 2006: TCU beats Tech and the game is darn-near sealed by the Great White Hit when Marvin White laid out a poor Tech WR who's soul darn-near left his body right there on the MWC logo. ...and a few bonus 6s: Tyson Chandler Tom Grieve in his playing days The season 4 finale of The Wire aired December 10, 2006 6
  2. Our current 7s: John Stephens Jr. Trevon Moehrig A few memorable 7s: Brandon Hassell Kenny Hill Greg McCoy Kolby Listenbee Stanley Washington Josh Watson Boykin threw for a school-record 7 TD passes in TCU's 82-27 win over Tech in 2014 ...and a few bonus 7s: Pudge Super Sub Steve Beuerlein DeSagana Diop Wilco dropped the criminally-underrated "Sky Blue Sky" on May 15, 2007 7
  3. Not on the roster currently: Jake Eissler and Dion Henderson.
  4. A few memorable 8s: Davey O'Brien Sam Demel Kyle Winkler Austen Wade October 16, 2008: unranked TCU 32, #8 BYU 7 ...and a few bonus 8s: Troy The first episode of Breaking Bad aired January 20, 2008 The series finale of The Wire aired March 9, 2008 Yim Yames and the boys dropped what is, to date, their third best album on June 10, 2008 8
  5. At least according to Fox 4's Weather App, the forecast for Saturday the 31st: Partly cloudy, high of 88...
  6. Our current 9s: Te'vaillance Hunt Atanza Vongor A few memorable 9s: Josh Doctson Mat Boesen Alex Ibiloye Nick Browne Evan Skoug November 14, 2009: #4 TCU 55, #16 Utah 28 in the loudest game ever at Amon G. ....and a few bonus 9s: Tones Romes Mike Modano Hank Blalock 9
  7. The teams haven't started filling their rosters yet. I believe they have a draft sometime this fall - I'll be interested to see if teams have regional rights to players, the way they did in the AAF last year. Would be cool to see a collection of former Frogs playing for the Texas-based teams.
  8. I'm such a sucker for the concept of spring football, knowing full well it'll never actually work. So here are the team names for the new XFL that's starting in February: -Dallas Renegades -Houston Roughnecks -D.C. Defenders -L.A. Wildcats -Seattle Dragons -New York Guardians -Tampa Bay Vipers -St. Louis Battlehawks
  9. Our current 10s: Mike Collins Deshawn McCuin A few memorable 10s: Dez White Rafael Priest Steve Stamp Prince Fowler Hank Thorns Vladdy November 6, 2010: #4 TCU 47, #6 Utah 7. ...and a few bonus 10s: Michael Young Jim Sundberg Brenden Morrow 10
  10. I know App State's been putting good teams on the field for a while now - and I'd enjoy watching us play them - but perception wise, I don't think a win over them would move the needle for us in the eyes of the pollsters.
  11. I made this reference recently in a discussion about him and how, given his injury issues, he might just hang it up and get his degree.
  12. I don't think that going from playing a UAPB/Grambling to a UNT/Middle Tennessee would make any difference in regard to SOS or pollster perception. We either go undefeated or we don't. Maaaaybe playing all road games against Michigans/UCLAs would buy us some slack if we finished 11-1, but I doubt it.
  13. Our current 11: Dylan Thomas A few memorable 11s: Max Knake Ranthony Texada Skye Dawson Marcus Jackson Drew Coleman Sonny Gibbs Brandon Parrish November 12, 2011: Josh Boyce snatches a would-be interception to score the game-winning two-point conversion on the Smurf Turf ...and a few bonus 11s: Danny White JJ Barea in his first run with the Mavs Bengie Molina 11
  14. Weird - I swear it was in there earlier. Maybe they had to pull it from the release for some reason?
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