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  1. One of the interesting stats I've been watching is hospitalizations. They'd remained fairly constant for the past 5 weeks or so, but today dropped to the lowest since April 21st. Hopefully this is part of a downward trend and not a one day blip.
  2. 94 days 'til kickoff. We are now 66.55% of the way through the offseason. Our current 94: Super, duper excited to see Corey Bethley step up to be the leader of the D-Line in his last season before he becomes a millionaire. ...and a fun-to-remember 94: What a moment. What a game. Love Josh Carraway.
  3. 95 days 'til kickoff. We are now 66.19% of the way through the offseason. Our current 95: Can't wait to see what Terrell Cooper can do with his expected ascension to full-time starter status. A former 95: Oh goodness, Devonte, what might've been...
  4. “Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples - while judging ourselves by our best intentions. And this has strained our bonds of understanding and common purpose." -George W. Bush
  5. And intentionally so, because it'd be ridiculous to downplay a large-scale loss of life.
  6. Well, those are full-year numbers for non-infectious diseases. I, personally, find it alarming that a new disease went from being unknown to surging to the top of the list of causes of death so quickly. The men and women who died in service of our country also would've eventually succumbed to the inevitability of death. So would I say that we shouldn't observe Memorial Day and all just go to work like it's a regular Monday? No, because it'd be absurd to make even the hint of downplaying the loss of their lives based on amateur statistical analysis and skewed speculatiion.
  7. From Sonny Cumbie: ...and a response from Artayvious Lynn: @Taymike88 Thank you for the phone call today your heart was weighing heavy I can hear it in your voice, you meant every word.
  8. There are a handful of movies out there that I won't let myself watch until I've read the book. With the remake of one of them due out in theaters later this year (if theaters ever become a thing again), I'm finally digging into the book: So far: man, this thing is DENSE. I kinda scoffed at the fact that there was a glossary in the back, but I will now admit I've been using it quite a bit!
  9. Glad to see other statements put out by Coach Dixon and Chancellor Boschini, along with Garret Wallow. Good leadership here at TCU.
  10. Yeah I mean however you slice it, 100,000 + dying is awful.
  11. According to the CDC, heart disease (the #1 leading cause of death in America) kills 647,000 Americans per year - or 1,772 per day. In April, COVID killed 58,760 Americans - or 1,958 per day. Very scary that a new infectious disease that can spread asymptomatically can jump so quickly from being unknown to such a leading cause of death. Hopefully it will continue to trend downward.
  12. That's all you can do during a time like this - actively listen to the perspectives of others, be open-minded about opinions that come from those with different experiences than our own and articulate our own viewpoints without anger when possible. I doubt very much we'll agree on everything, but disagreement can (almost) always be expressed respectfully. I hear you, but it's very easy to make a misstep on a sensitive issue like this - even if intentions are pure - and the amplification that a moment like right now would provide to an errant aside could possibly do harm to the overall dialogue. Again, I believe GP is a leader but a very unpolished public persona. I think we have to extend grace to people on the timing of public statements relative to continually unfolding developments. Coalescing thoughts on a complex issue and and how to make a public statement are skills that comes more naturally to some than others - and we also have no idea what else may have been going on in Gary's private life last week. On this, I definitely agree with you - and much of my thoughts on leadership (or the lack thereof) are better suited for the general forum. In regard to being constructive, I think we should encourage leaders like Coach Patterson to continue down the path he's started with this statement and into action. Positivity will generate more traction than negativity, and deriding someone for the lack of polish on their initial statement will only create more timidity about potential misteps further along that path.
  13. On the topic of reading from a script, you've seen and heard the man speak extemporaneously as much as we have - he rambles. Public figures everywhere read from scripts when expressing viewpoints on sensitive issues - most of them just have more polished camera presence than him. He'd be the first to tell you he'd be a bad politician. On the topic of the substance of his speech, I will disagree with your assertion that he said nothing. He expressed that he must do better to be part of the solution, and challenged his peers to do so as well. Should we continue to hold leaders in our community accountable for their role in effecting change? Yes. Should we expect that they have a fully-formed plan of action immediately? No. I applaud Coach Patterson for this statement, and will join you in hoping that he and his colleagues in the coaching profession can make strides in using their voice for good on this issue the way they have with education, hunger, cancer research and other issues.
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