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  1. Lyle Lanley II

    Texas (and other states') Elections 2018

    The early "lead" the O'Rourke had in terms of yard signs in Ridglea Hills has evened out with a bunch of Cruz signs being put out. I've heard complaints on both sides of people having their signs destroyed. Seems silly to me.
  2. Lyle Lanley II

    2019 Football Schedule

    I believe the last contract they signed was up through the 2019 season. Without getting into a redundant argument over whether or not we should keep playing SMU, my guess is that we'll see a joint announcement from both schools sometime in the near-ish future announcing another 8-10 years of home & home games.
  3. Lyle Lanley II

    2019 Football Schedule

    Good thing we get an extra week to recover after playing Arkansas Pine-Bluff
  4. Lyle Lanley II

    OU - 7½ @ TCU

    At least on the Yahoo sports app, the line has moved to Sooners -8
  5. Lyle Lanley II

    Whatever happened to ...

    Take it with a grain of salt, but someone (who is not part of the program) had told me that Broadnax was serving the last part of his suspension against Tech.
  6. Lyle Lanley II

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Hopefully Angus will develop the way fellow Kiwi, Steven Adams, did under Dixon at Pitt: Before: After:
  7. Lyle Lanley II

    Frogs in the NBA

    Pelicans waived Brandon McCoy and Darius Morris today. That gets them down to 18 on the roster - they'll have to cut 3 more to get to 15 by Monday afternoon.
  8. Lyle Lanley II

    Bowl Eligibility

    At this point, I'm less concerned with what record we end up with or what bowl we (may or may not) go to - I just want to see us playing better football by the end of the season.
  9. Lyle Lanley II

    Frogs in the NBA

    Not great news from the Pelicans' preseason finale last night, a 134-119 loss to Toronto. Kenrich played 7 minutes, tallying 2 rebounds and 1 turnover without taking a shot. Garlon Green had a DNP - Coach's Decision.
  10. Lyle Lanley II

    Attacking the TCU Record Book: Football '18

    Update after the Tech game: KaVontae Turpin: Current career receptions: 140 (PASSED John Washington, now #8 all-time) -Needs 8 to pass Jimmy Young for #7 -Needs 11 to pass Cory Rodgers for #6 -Needs 13 to pass Stephen Shipley for #5 -Needs 22 to pass Josh Boyce for #4 Current career receiving yards: 1,686 -Needs 127 to pass Reggie Harrell for #10 all-time Current career receiving TDs: 12 (TIED Jeremy Kerley & Phillip Epps for #10 all-time) -Needs 1 to tie Jimmy Young, LaTerance Dunbar and Kelly Blackwell for #7 -Needs 2 to tie Stephen Shipley for #6 -Needs 3 to tie Stanley Washington for #5 Jalen Reagor now has 11 career receiving TDs, one behind Turpin.
  11. Lyle Lanley II

    God save us....

    I'm neither of those. You didn't hit a nerve - I was making fun of your comment.
  12. Lyle Lanley II

    God save us....

    I guess Roberts is a leftist.
  13. Lyle Lanley II

    Frogs in the NBA

    According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Green and Williams both remain on the bubble to make the Pelicans' roster: LINK Through 4 preseason games (all Pelican losses): Green: 16 points, 25% FG, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 1 turnover Kenny Hustle: 12 points, 50% FG, 15 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, 0 turnovers The Pelicans finish out their preseason schedule tonight at home against the Raptors - then open the regular season next Wednesday against the Rockets in Houston.
  14. Lyle Lanley II

    God save us....

    Was I labled as being a "leftist" earlier in this thread for pointing out that government interference in free markets isn't exactly something conservatives traditionally champion? Would it be leftist of me to point at that debt continues to increase?
  15. Lyle Lanley II

    Whatever happened to ...

    Montrel Wilson, I believe, has never been fully cleared medically after his injury last year. Snell played against Southern, but hasn't played since.