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  1. Lyle Lanley II

    God save us....

    I'm not sure if you're comparing someone to Stalin - or if you're implying that Joseph Stalin is literally the only option besides Trump.
  2. Lyle Lanley II

    God save us....

    I agree. Which is why I'm glad there's a better option.
  3. Lyle Lanley II

    God save us....

    Maybe, but Trump takes it to the extreme. Weld is far more intelligent than him.
  4. Lyle Lanley II

    God save us....

    However you want to classify him, he's got far more integrity than the moron he'll be running against.
  5. Lyle Lanley II

    God save us....

    Sounds like Bill Weld is indeed throwing his hat into the GOP primary ring. He has a 0.00% chance of winning, but he's got my vote.
  6. Lyle Lanley II

    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    I'm as mystified by this as I am envious of you for it.
  7. Lyle Lanley II

    MLB Frogs - 2019

    A few updates: -This Marlins' camp outlook makes it sound like Ferrell (as a Rule 5 draftee) has a leg up on the battle for a spot in the 'pen, while Holaday is probably facing an uphill battle to claim a roster spot against fellow backstops Jorge Alfaro and Chad Wallach. -Sounds like Kevin Cron's main competition for the 1B job in Arizona is Jake Lamb, who enters camp as the favorite. But Lamb's struggles against left-handed pitching may present an opening for Cron. -Cincinnati has named their starting rotation and, unsurprisingly, Finnegan is not among them. He does remain in consideration for a bullpen role, though at least one Reds' blogger thinks his chances are slim.
  8. Lyle Lanley II

    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    Frogs win, 4-1!
  9. Lyle Lanley II

    It is NOT too early to start a 2019 Baseball Thread

    According to some that were listening to the coaches' show on the radio, Saarloos said that first shot at closing duty goes to Marcelo Perez, the freshman from Laredo - and that Haylen Green will begin the season with midweek starting duties. If that form holds, you're looking at middle-relief options that include Coughlin, Mihlbauer, Eissler and King. Wow.
  10. Lyle Lanley II

    It is NOT too early to start a 2019 Baseball Thread

    Yep - he and Henry were JUCO teammates. Both apparently have a little pop at the plate, too.
  11. Lyle Lanley II


  12. Lyle Lanley II

    It is NOT too early to start a 2019 Baseball Thread

    Per the Game Notes on GoFrogs.com: -Starting rotation will be Lodolo vs. Fullerton on Friday, Janczak vs. UVA on Saturday and Williamson vs. Vanderbilt on Sunday -Lineup looks like it'll be: C- Humphreys 1B - Guenther/Shepherd 2B - Henry SS - Wolfe 3B - Goodloe/Frew (per Carlos Mendez' twitter, Oviedo is out for the weekend with an arm injury that isn't considered a long term concern) LF - Watson CF - Rizer RF - Keefer DH - Isola/Brown
  13. Lyle Lanley II


    I mean, yeah, postseason success has eluded him. And trust me, as a Cowboys fan I understand that's the metric by which QBs are judged. On the other hand, I wouldn't say he has nothing to show for it. He's led a previously sad-sack franchise to two division titles and three other playoff berths, earned three Pro Bowl berths (yes, I know those are de-valued now), and thrown for nearly 30k yards and 200 TDs to put him in close range of breaking franchise records in those categories. Also, the afore-mentioned $67 million he's been paid to this point.
  14. Lyle Lanley II

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    New Bracketology out this morning has the Frogs as a #9 seed playing Ole Miss in the first round.
  15. Lyle Lanley II

    Attacking the TCU Hoops record book: 2018-2019

    Not the result we wanted tonight against KU, but JD Miller did reach the 1,000-point mark for his career.