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  1. Roy Moore

    I haven't been paying attention to this thread lately. I sure hope neither side is attempting to claim the moral highground.
  2. Big 12 Tie breaker scenarios

    Neither UT nor A&M will allow that matchup to happen. And they'll both blame the other side.
  3. TCU/Tech: Predictions, Picks to Click and Uni Talk

    If we can get our running game going, our chances to win skyrocket.
  4. TCU/Tech: Predictions, Picks to Click and Uni Talk

    Frogs 45, Red Raiders 31 Tech leads at halftime, 24-21. Offense - Hicks early, Sewo late. Defense - Boesen redeems himself. Special teams - Someone makes their kicks.
  5. Roy Moore

    A sixth accuser has come forward: Story from al.com
  6. Roy Moore

    The letter was modified before being reshared to mischaracterize the intent of those pastors. Perhaps that doesn't meet the technical defintion of forgery - so if I've used that word incorrectly, I apologize. It definitely shows deceitful intent, though.
  7. Roy Moore

    The credibility problem with the Moore defense keeps growing. You may have seen where they published a letter of endorsement from 50 pastors who stand by Moore, even after the allegations. Turns out, it was forged.
  8. Roy Moore

    Interesting to see the developments after the 5th accuser came forward yesterday. -Moore said he didn't know her. Yet he signed her high school yearbook. -Moore's wife said the restaurant referenced in the accusation wasn't even open at the time of the alleged attack. It was. The Moores' defense seems to have inconsistency to it, whereas the accusations have corroboration.
  9. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Pretty spot-on assessment, in my opinion. Olden, I believe, will play a role much like Brandon Parrish did last year. Totally agree that having Samuel and/or Mayen available would be nice, but I hope both of them can use their redshirt year to mature they way Noi obviously has.
  10. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Fresh, pre-season bracketology here. Frogs are a projected #7 seed, playing Virginia Tech in Pittsburgh. Other Big 12/Texas teams in: -Kansas, #1 seed -West Virginia, #3 seed -Baylor, #6 seed -A&M, #7 seed -Texas, #8 seed -OU, #9 seed -SMU, #10 seed -Tech, #11 seed -UTA, #13 seed -Texas Southern, #16 seed -SFA, #16 seed
  11. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    No news on Kevin Samuel, I assume, is bad news?
  12. Rooting Interests

    I hope you are right.
  13. Rooting Interests

    I'm not sure the committee would be that punitive to the loser of that game, if both teams come into it unbeaten.
  14. Indictments and Pleas

    As details of Carter Page's testimony emerge, it does not look good for anyone claiming there was no contact with Russian officials.
  15. Week 12 TV (11/18)

    My vote: day game.