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  1. The Summer Olympics officially have a new starting date after their postponement. The games will begin on July 23, 2021 - almost exactly a year after they were originally scheduled (the opening ceremonies were slated for July 24th of this summer).
  2. Good read here about the logistics that the Chinese Basketball Association is facing in attempting to re-start their season, along with how the NBA is watching their progress - and potentially following their example: ESPN: What the NBA can learn from China's attempt to restart basketball
  3. Dan Patrick wants old people to die in order to save the economy. Sounds a lot like those "death panels" they said Obama wanted to create.
  4. Don't have the link handy, but I heard that the Houston XFL team's QB has been signed by the Carolina Panthers, and that the St. Louis XFL team's QB has been signed by the Chiefs. This is good news for the XFL.
  5. A look at which players may have leveraged their half-season playing in the XFL into an opportunity in the NFL: ESPN: Ranking the XFL players who could sign NFL contracts
  6. There's obviously a lot up in the air about the next NBA Draft, but The Athletic took a stab at predicting it and has a familiar name being selected in the 2nd round: 57. Los Angeles Clippers Desmond Bane | 6-5 guard | 21 years old, senior | TCU Bane stepped into an increased role with TCU this year and ran with it, averaging 16.6 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.9 assists. But the critical number above all is that he continued to shoot 44.4 percent from 3 despite the increased attention given to him by defenders every night. Over the course of his career, Bane took nearly 600 3s and splashed them home at a 43.3 percent clip. He’s also extremely strong, and has improved as a ballhandler enough to where he should be in good shape to attack closeouts. There are some concerns about how the funky mechanics on his shot will translate, but the numbers are the numbers. At the end of the day, Bane should probably be picked given the strength of this draft. Full mock draft here ($): The Athletic NBA Mock Draft 4.0
  7. Yeah, we just stumbled upon Tiger King last night. Only made it through one episode, which was insane - can't imagine how wild it gets from there! Other shows I"ve been into lately: -Westworld: Off to a promising start. Very different than the first two seasons. -Better Call Saul: Really coming into its own as a more-than-worthy successor to Breaking Bad. Such a wonderful slow-burn. -High Maintenence: If you've avoided it because it's a "show about weed", it's really not. -The Plot Against America: One episode in, it feels like David Simon has really captured the feel of the book. -Curb Your Enthusiasm: They've regained their fastball. This season has been pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.
  8. We are now 40% of the way through the offseason...I think...
  9. I'm devastated. When I went to go make dinner, I turned the console off. I thought it would save the season's progress and let me continue when I turned it back on. Evidently, I was wrong. So the one season I thought this damned virus couldn't cancel...has now been wiped out by faulty technology. I'm devastated. Fudge.
  10. I'm home alone this weekend - having previously had been plans of spending some time at Lupton, maybe grabbing a beer at a bar. Instead, though, Covid-19 has canceled errrrthing and my honey-do list of outdoor chores also got rained out. So I dug around in my garage, found my old Sega Genesis and figured out how to get it hooked up to my TV. This afternoon, I started a new season on College Football USA '97 - but with the schedule customized to match the Frogs' 2020 slate. The results, thus far: TCU 55, Cal 54 (Intercepted a 3rd & goal pass with 11 second left - had been down 12 in the 4th quarter) TCU 64, "Division I-AA" 14 (This game doesn't have Prairie View or any other FBS teams. FBS meant nothing in 1997) TCU 85, SMU 36 (Yeah, I ran up the score) TCU 46, Oklahoma State 22 Now 4-0, ranked 20th heading to West Virginia (after dinner). If you want to follow along, I'm still @Lyle_MF_Lanley on the twitter.
  11. The buck always stops elsewhere for Trump. He's such a child.
  12. So the XFL has now canceled the rest of the season. Since Houston is 5-0, will they be considered champions? And if so, would that title have an asterisk attached to it?
  13. If I'm reading tweets correctly, it sounds like the NCAA has canceled all remaining championship events for this year and the Big 12 has shut down all athletic competition at least through March?
  14. Question, Jared - how do the coaches decide which matches will end once a team has clinched victory, and which will play out all of the singles points? Is it mutually determined beforehand, or in the moment?
  15. Looks like a lot of rain in the forecast today for San Diego. Wondering if the game against the Aztecs will happen or not.
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