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  1. Lyle Lanley II

    Current Frogs in Summer Baseball

    I believe most of these leagues have wrapped up for the summer. I'll get around to a full recap of our guys, but I did just see that Zach Humphrey's was awarded the "Platinum Glove" award for catchers in the Cape Cod League for his defensive work behind the plate. Considering the level of competition in that league, this is a great honor for Zach!
  2. I was living in an apartment building in Dallas at the time. I ran out my front door, screaming down the hallway and ran into some fellow TCU grads (that I didn't know) who were doing the same thing.
  3. Lyle Lanley II

    Why Cole Novak didn't play last year

    Sixth Street is worse than the last time you went there. I know, I know...
  4. A few memorable Frog 17s: Co-ry Rod-gers! Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap! Sam Carter Tyler Luttrell Michael Reeder David Rascoe Chad Huffman Matt Curry Bo Schobel recorded a single-season record 17 sacks in 2003 ...and one, dandy, bonus 17:
  5. Lyle Lanley II

    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    I concur that Texada is the real deal, but point of clarification - he redshirted in 2013, his first year on campus
  6. What a great photo, and what a great day in the history of TCU football. Those that weren't there just wouldn't understand the raw energy in the stadium that night. Beyond Ryan Christian, a few other memorable Frog 18s: Quentily Harmon Nick Orr Preston Morrison Sammy Baugh threw 18 TD passes while leading the Frogs to the 1935 national title. ...and a bonus 18: "Everyday Eddie" Guardado
  7. Lyle Lanley II

    Week 1 TV (8/30-9/1)

    For those of you ready to watch any college football, there are a few games being played on Saturday, 8/25: -Prairie View A&M at Rice | 6:00pm CT on ESPN+ -Hawaii at Colorado State | 6:30pm CT on CBS Sports Network -Wyoming at New Mexico State | 9:00pm CT on ESPN2
  8. Lyle Lanley II

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    I've seen several outlets reporting this information recently. Are they aware we start three safeties? Or is GP just being very coy about the weak safety spot?
  9. A few memorable Frog 19s: Matt Schobel Michael DePriest Patrick Batteaux Frank Horak Luken Baker Davey O'Brien threw for 19 touchdown passes in 1938 on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Frogs to a national title ...and a bonus 19:
  10. A few memorable Frog 20s: Deante Gray Nick Sanders Jack Spikes Greg Walls Dennis Nutt Preston Guillory Chase Ortiz sacked Case Keenum late in the 4th quarter of the 2007 Texas Bowl, helping stop a Houston drive that threatened the Frogs' narrow lead. This was the last of his 20.5 career sacks at TCU.
  11. Lyle Lanley II

    Frogs in the Minors 2018

    -Kevin Cron has a 7-game hit streak going for Triple-A Reno (D'Backs), where he's now hitting .331 and up to 20 HR & 85 RBI -Jantzen WItte has been promoted back to Triple-A Pawtucket by the Red Sox organization, and is 8-for-22 (.364) with a HR and 6 RBI in his first six games back there. -Preston Morrison has extended his scoreless streak to 7 appearances/9 and a third innings. In that span, he's given up just 1 base hit, has 9 K's against 1 walk and has lowered his ERA from 5.85 to 4.74 -Durbin Feltman's first three appearances for Advanced-A Salem (Red Sox) have produced three scoreless innings. -Austen Wade is now 7-for-23 (.304) in his first 8 games for Advanced-A Lynchburg (Indians), with two doubles in that span. -Luken Baker has 6 hits across his last 4 games for Peoria (Cardinals), where he's now hitting .286 with 5 doubles, 1 HR, 8 RBI in 15 games since his promotion
  12. A few memorable Frog 21s: Kyle Hicks Bo Schobel Clayton Jerome Matt Vern Brian Trieglaff Lance Broadway ...and a bonus 21:
  13. Lyle Lanley II

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    I'm still trying to figure out what our depth chart looks like at safety. With the news that Onyemaobi is spending more time at CB, is Moerhig stepping into the #2 spot behind Niko Small at FS? If I'm understanding the various reports correctly, it sounds like Gaines is the starter at SS, with Issahaku and Van Zandt behind him. ...which brings us to WS. With no mention of Markell Simmons at FS, has he moved over to WS? Is Vernon Scott in the mix there?
  14. A few memorable Frog 22s: Aaron Green. "ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME?!?!" Darrell Lester I.B. Hale Logo Tevaseu Chudi Chinweze ("Chinweze Fo-Sheezy!") LT scored a TCU record 22 rushing touchdowns his senior year. ...and a bonus 22: I know there'd already been an Emmitt post this morning. But really, is one post enough for a Hall of Famer that won three championships, an MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, Rookie of the Year, was selected All-Pro 5 times, selected to the Pro Bowl 8 times, led the league in rushing and rushing touchdowns 4 times apiece and has rushed for the more yards and touchdowns than anyone else who has ever played in the NFL? Nah - in fact, here's a few more:
  15. It was great to see the Frogs on the cover - but like most years they've done so (other than 2012), they got scared of the sales numbers that would've come from a TCU-only cover. It shoulda been GP with Bo Schobel that year. 2019, though. That might be our year again.