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  1. The Ticket comes to TCU

    So you are saying that the people who told me what they told me did not say or mean what they said? SInce I am not supposed to try to convince you I won't as all I know is what I know and what I have been told. A big problem comes from that they still see us as some little bitty school who someone how continually is fighting the huge odds stacked against us. Two guys at Wrigley Field had a better idea about the facilities in the baseball program at TCU compared to other programs around the country than a guy I know who runs a travel team who is up the back side of UT and A&M. Don't know how many high school coaches I know who did not realize that all this time while Texas has been practicing under basically a tent when they go "indoors" TCU has had a climate controlled environment for well over a decade. Big part is we just have not sold the story, but again I am either hearing it wrong or lying so I am done on this topic.
  2. The Ticket comes to TCU

    I won't. Just know what I know from talking to friends who are in high school coaching in the Houston area, exposure to high school sports in the area, and interaction with family, friends, business contacts around the country. Believe as you wish, but if you believe we are viewed the same by athletes in the state (outside the Metroplex) with those out don't know what to say.
  3. The Ticket comes to TCU

    That we are not respected more outside of Texas than in Texas?
  4. The Ticket comes to TCU

    Actually there still were the Oilers in Houston. Problem is Bud Adams was a moron and Tex Schram was a visionary. By basically giving away the radio rights in South Texas he built up a fan base in what should have been Bud's backyard. It took a conscious decision and an action plan to spread the Cowboys footprint. TCU is fighting a law of simple numbers with an alumni population of ~ 100k so we will never be the dominant target audience in any area. Seriously, in which city in Texas will we not lag behind? TCU receives regular coverage in the Metroplex and will continue to do so, but gets very little attention elsewhere. Hell, I can't tell you the last time the Alumni group had an organized function in Houston and yet all the sports continue to recruit here. Schloss has pulled great talent out of the ORWAL Little League and Dixon has the future leader of his program coming out of Houston. The number of kids coming from California show there is huge value to the school to looking outside the Metroplex, but again that defies the thinking that unfortunately has handcuffed the school for far too long.
  5. The Ticket comes to TCU

    Their value is in having a guaranteed home game victory in which all those tickets are sold whether anyone shows up in them or not. Great value in opening up with LSU or THE Ohio State in terms of exposure that offset the loss of ticket revenue, etc...... playing Rice or Tulane or UNT or Air Force doesn't and from a business perspective if you are not lifting the exposure profile of the programs you opt for the payday.
  6. The Ticket comes to TCU

    In respect to the Cowboys you do realize why they are so popular in South Texas and San Antonio? Their GM decided to make sure their games were covered across the state instead of dominating an area they had in their back pocket when the Texans left for KC to become the Chiefs.
  7. The Ticket comes to TCU

    Why not try to get exposure in Houston, Austin, SA? In CDC's very comments we see the value of TCU having a presence outside of the Metroplex. Look at the numbers for kids from California. Lodolo is referenced and look at the group of signees for Schloss. I believe it is 3 from California, 2 from Az., 2 for Colorado, 2 from Illinois, and 1 from Wisconsin. That is 8 kids from out of state and 6 from Texas. Do you think that is an accident? No one said to stop marketing. Please show me where I said that. What I said was that it sure seems like they are working the same ground which you already have regular exposure. Is TCU not going to get Metroplex media coverage come August through the Fall in football? DMN and FWST going to stop their coverages? Not get any mention on the radio? Same for basketball etc...... What I do know is that when you have markets as big as Houston and Austin/SA and they are only 3-4 hours away. Easy driving time and you are not touching them you are missing out. Been in sales far too long to know that when you stop looking for new markets you are dead. As you said you don't stop marketing ever.
  8. The Ticket comes to TCU

    Why not? Seriously, if TCU is not established in Dallas by now what the hell has been going on up there. You do realize there is a reason our athletic programs and the school itself is more respected outside the state than in the state.
  9. Bob Stoops Retires

    Interesting timing and it would have to be one whale of a scandal for Bob to be forced out at OU. Off hand I can recall the Big Red Auto scandal, the recruit who held his ex-girlfriend hostage by holding a screw driver to her neck, then there was the defensive tackle who attacked I believe his roommate with a bat, the linebacker who red-shirted after the sexual assault, and of course the Austin Box tragedy. In all honesty the Joe Mixon incident really is pretty tame compared to some of the other things and I am curious if it is a health issue. Remember that his Father I believe died before the age of 60. Think the story goes he, Ron Stoopes Sr., suffered a heart attack while coaching a team in which one of the opposing coaches was his oldest son, Ron Stoopes Jr. Bob has won a NC, has more money than he can spend, and no matter what he does there he will never replace Barry Switzer, the Elvis of Oklahoma, in the hearts of Sooner Nation.
  10. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Be happy to as soon as I figure out how to get the file size below the allowable threshold.
  11. The Ticket comes to TCU

    I must be confused because any time I visit my parents in Dallas I seem to recall that Channels 4, 5, AND at least 8 are shown in BOTH Ft. Worth AND Dallas. Might be mistaken Vlade, but I thought there was a waiting list for season tickets for football and the reason why the stadium is half empty many a time is not because the tickets were unsold, but that they were unused. Curious did CDC talk about stopping the in and out policy that might at least curb some of the flight to the parking lot to drink at half time and then wander back in some time during the third quarter. College football fast fell out of the public focus in the Metroplex when the Cowboys came to town just like in Houston with the Oilers. The idea of scheduling UNT is one of the dumber things I have heard since people wanted to add Tulane to the Big 12. Here is a news flash people. If the good people of Dallas, the on air talent of the Ticket and any other medium are not very well acquainted with Patterson, his program, likewise for Dixon, the rest of the TCU sports etc... either they just don't give a damn or someone at TCU needs to get fired. TCU has damn near no presence in the Houston area and I mean among the alumni let alone the media despite a number of athletes coming from this area and it being just as loaded as the Metroplex. Maybe it is time to think a bit bigger in terms of branding for TCU instead of targeting the " highest rated morning show in the target demo in DFW". I can not tell you the number of coaches and parents in the Houston area I have encountered who think our athletic facilities are second rate. I found people at Wrigley Field who knew more about TCU than people in Houston and that is the school's fault.
  12. The Ticket comes to TCU

    I have to say it but wooing at anything close to a strong breeze during the games does a far better job of making our fans look and sound douchey. Being on the Ticket is not exactly NPR and it is pretty amazing TCU would actually pay for the air time. I understand the idea of getting attention, but is that really going to fill the seats next Fall or sway a recruit to pick TCU over say Texas and or Tech? I didn't major in marketing, but I really wonder at times exactly what the strategy is in regards to branding for the school and the athletic department.
  13. The Ticket comes to TCU

    For half the money and breakfast at Bubba's I will stand on overpass over 75 in Dallas in the Morning and in the afternoon the Bush Toll Road wearing a sign that reads, "TCU None of our head coaches are douchebags" It will reach roughly the same audience as the morning ticket and subtly remind people that schools like UT and such have some major d-bags leading their programs. Win-win for everyone involved.
  14. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    If he doesn't do we really want him around? Similar to when I talk to friends who are UT supporters and they tried to defend having Casey Horny around by saying it is possible he really didn't know what was happening in Waco. Do you really want someone working in your program so out of touch, so dense, they were the only one in McClennan County with no clue of what was happening at Waco?
  15. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Wow, thanks for clarification. Seems like he is indeed headed overseas. Maybe he has bills to pay, maybe responsibilities aside from being tired of school, but I am certain Jaime and his staff will find someone to fill the spot and work the hell out of that kid just like they did last year's roster. Not the ones you miss, but what you do with the ones you do get.