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  1. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    That is right. Texas is a special place. Virginia was, but not so much anymore.
  2. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    Richmond is thinner than TCU, especially along the front line. We have one good inside player- 6'7" TJ Cline. Cline shoots about 33% from 3 and scores about 19 per game. His greatest strength is his view of the game. He was third in the league in assists. He is one of the best passing big men in college basketball. He tends to get into foul trouble. If he fouls out, we will likely lose. Your Russian guy and your front line will dominate. I expect TCU to out rebound us by 10. Our 4 guard set is quick. All are very good shooters. Shawn Dre Jones is a senior leader, who scores about 17 per game. The next best player on the team is Demonte Buckingham. He averages about 12 per game and he is the next tallest starter at 6' 4"' . Buckingham handles the jump balls. We have 4 players who score in double figures, with others who contribute sporadically. Our team is quick, we use a lot of backdoor plays and we drive to the basket well. We shoot over 50% from 2, and we shoot about 42% from 3. We make up in lost rebounding by getting more turnovers and turning those into points. Our speed and passing are strengths, but it sounds like your players are a cut above what we are used to seeing. I want to see our 6'4" match up against your 7 footer for jump balls. It should be a fun game to watch.
  3. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    That is an excellent point, except George Mason has also made a substantial investment in its basketball program. It is paying its coach a hefty sum, has upgraded its facilities and has moved up to the A-10 as well. However, I like Mason. VCU on the other hand is a crappy school, in a crappy location and terrible academics. They also have dominated UR in basketball for the last 20 years. But I digress. What about tonight's game? What are your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    It also is not going to blow any teams away, either. It never has and never will. Our best teams are those that work within a system. Richmond is also more of a developmental basketball program. They rely on recruiting future talent that blossoms in their Junior or Senior years. TJ Cline, our best player, is an excellent example. This year's iteration is a good example of a gritty, grind it out type of team.
  5. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    This is true unless UTA keeps winning. UTA reminds me of VCU. VCU in Richmond was/is the same way about 10 years ago. They hired a string of very good coaches, and they paid them in excess of $1M each. Then they hired Shaka Smart (who is now at Texas). In his first season, Smart won the CIT tournament. The next season, he took VCU to the final 4 and every year he took them to the NCAA tournament. Before Shaka Smart left for Texas, he was making about 1.5M to 2.0M +/-. VCU is not a better school, but it has a much higher degree of visibility now than ever before. VCU now has a new arena, new basketball practice facilities and dedicated basketball weight and training facilities. Along the way, VCU switched from the Colonial Athletic Association to the Atlantic 10. VCU is still a lousy school, a crappy commuter school, poor classroom instruction, no admission standards, in a very rough part of town, but they have a very good basketball program.
  6. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    Radio Shack Killa: I love your signature- the little Baylor girl crying her eyes out into a river that shows a stranded bear. Very funny.
  7. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    At this point, UTA has the easiest path to Madison Square Garden and the finals.
  8. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    This is the most likely outcome. TCU wins tonight and eventually advances to play UTA in the finals of the NIT. The UTA "Movin Mavs" have a very good coach and an experienced team. They are killing everyone they play. If they are smart, they will pump a lot of money into the program and make it a point of emphasis. Their new arena is a step in the right direction. If they keep their coach after this year, they will be a force to reckon with.
  9. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    Where I come from, there are a few "Circuit City Killas" floating around. These are the morons who killed Circuit City by self-inflicted gun shot wounds, through stupid strategic decisions, to the financial health of Circuit City.
  10. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    This one is humorous. I am pretty sure Richmond is the underdog here. The University of Richmond has about 2800 undergraduate students, with about another 700 or so graduate students. We too are a private university. We are located in the city of Richmond, which has about 200,000 people (with the surrounding counties total population is about 1 Million). The entire state has about 6 million people, which is about the population of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our team has 2 senior starters and 1 sophomore starter and 2 freshman starters. Our coach did not settle on the 4 guard lineup until conference play started. When that occurred, the Spiders began to jell.
  11. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    The Horned Frogs victory over Kansas was one for the ages!
  12. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    I have clients in the Metroplex, including Ft. Worth, Dallas and the Mid-Cities area. I am there frequently. Haslet has changed, but it is still God's country. Texas is a special place. Yes, your coach is very good and your team is very good. Your team is much bigger than the Spiders, but this Spiders team in particular is very quick, and pretty well-coached. Our offense is based on the Princeton system, which involves ball screens, cuts and constant movement. Our default defense is a match-up zone defense, with frequent use of man defense and a 1-3-1 defense. Our coach has frequently switched defenses this year, which is something that he has been reluctant to do in seasons past.
  13. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    Richmond fan here. Feel free to visit us at Spidernation.com. By the way, Ft. Worth has a special place in my heart. I have spent time in the booming metropolis of Haslet, up I-35W. About the Spiders, we run a 4 guard set. The tallest starter is a 6'7" forward named TJ Cline. He was the A-10 player of the year. He averages about 19 ppg, 8 rpg and 6 apg. He has had 2 triple doubles this year. He is about 10 assists away from holding the season record for assists and passing is his greatest strength. Our next best player is ShawDre Jones, who averages 17 points per game. We also have the A-10 Rookie of the Year, a player named Demonte Buckingham (he wears a white head band). We have 4 players who average 10 points per game, with several others able to contribute significant minutes. Buckingham is 6"4" and handles our jump ball responsibilities. We have a small team and we are often outrebounded.