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  1. After the last few years, this makes me worry about the shoe dropping when I open the daily blat in the Startlegram or on the webwidenetworldinter thingies....
  2. HEBFrogfan

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    How many players are left?
  3. HEBFrogfan

    Clemson v. Alabama

    My mama would say "darn" instead of "damn"....
  4. HEBFrogfan

    The Sports Dump

    So, It's Jalen Hurts to OU?
  5. HEBFrogfan

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    Or Southern University of ....
  6. HEBFrogfan

    Really Early 2019 Football Thread

    Will the long hair translate to a championship?
  7. HEBFrogfan

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    We just can't have nice things....
  8. HEBFrogfan

    ¡2018 Bowl Thread!

    Hmm...something about wearing purple, bowl games, and being behind at half....
  9. HEBFrogfan

    TCU vs Cal Predictions

    TCU 14 Cal 11
  10. HEBFrogfan

    Too early to start a 2023 expansion thread?

    It it's truly a playoff tournament, then's it's one-and-done with no possibility of two-and-'Que....All other bowl teams would have only one post-season game....Why should tournament losers be rewarded with another game?
  11. HEBFrogfan

    Christmas Thread 2018

    Yes, Lawd...bring us whirled peas.....
  12. Originally known as Addie (for the original name of the school, Add-Rand College, named for the founders), but sometime in the late 1970s/early 1980s, the mascot became known as Super Frog....You can guess as to the age of the alum/fan you're talking to if she/he knows "Addie".... LOL
  13. HEBFrogfan

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    Well, there were those thoughts about SR, too....
  14. Until he decommits because of nefarious actions by other schools....
  15. HEBFrogfan

    Big tackle gets TCU offer

    And, regrettably, news when they actually honor the commitment....