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  1. In honor of TCU going undefeated in the SWC ...

    Hell, I don't remember a lot of the SWC, and I was a fan and a Frog during it. Taught me a lesson. Nothing lasts forever.
  2. Baylor haiku

    Haiku's are funny, Football game is serious, Not really either.
  3. Baylor tickets

    An Oral Roberts grad friend of mine has two on row A Westside UD at the N 30, and he wants $49. Each. He doesn't know how this works.
  4. New AGCS East Side Renderings Released

    "I cannot tell a lie - I'm drunk'
  5. Park It: Parking and Tailgating @ TCU

    McKinney? Good God, you might as well be going to Oklahoma. They came about an hour after game over. Couldn't get an Uber.
  6. Stay hard Hef

    Hef died on Humpday. RIP.
  7. Happy Birthday, crunch!

  8. Too early to start a 2017 football thread?

    Taxes gets who they want in recruiting. They have 99 problems, but that bitch ain't one.
  9. The Ocho Lives

    Agree. Fun game.
  10. 2017 College World Series Thread

    Congrats Florida. FU Robertson.
  11. America's Cup yachting starting in a few minutes.,,

    It's a refunding year.
  12. Newt

    I'm sorry, Aloha. Godsoeed, thank you, and Aloha.