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  1. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    5 minutes from now (4:30 CT).
  2. I wonder if Sark gets fired after the game if they lose hah!
  3. I would love it if we could flip Walker... Guy is tough as nails and would be a starter with a little coaching. He only played 1 year of high school ball (his senior year) which is why he was barely recruited. Would love to see him in the right shade of purple! If you have not seen his film take the time to check it out, he knows how to hit.. http://www.hudl.com/v/12vcSJ
  4. Expansion Watch

    What do you think the chances are that the big 12 dissolves/OU or Texas leaves? If that happens, when is it most likely to happen? Any idea?
  5. OU @ TCU

    I agree that our 1st half play needs to improve... I think Kenny Hill can improve though in terms of accuracy/INT's. I need to go back and look at all of them, but I think at least 2-3 of his interceptions probably would not have happened if it were not for penalties. Keep in mind that Hill had not played at a high level for over year until this season. He has also had to learn the rhythm of our fast pace offense. Our flux of penalties really screws up that rhythm making things much more difficult on him and also put him in way too many long yardage situations. I really think penalties are our main problem in holding our offense and KH back, and the difference in the Arkansas game. Hopefully we can clean them up vs. OU and allow our offense and KH to actually run the fast pace aspect of our O that is so detrimental to its success.
  6. Great game for Robinson again.. This was vs. Cedar Hill.. A lot of polls had them #1 preseason. DeSotto had not beat them in 3 years. Very impressive start to a senior season for Robinson. He also threw for 276 yards and four touchdowns and ran for 240 yards and three touchdowns in his previous game vs. midland (500+ total yards and 7 TDs without a turnover, including leading his team to a last minute game winning drive).
  7. Iowa State

    Hope those I spoke to were wrong! Would be great to see him back. Guy is tough as nails for his size.
  8. That's a big safety for us! Do you think the staff plans on moving him to lb like wilson? Great pursuit/play recognition on his film.. hard hitters are always welcome.
  9. Iowa State

    Just for clarification, I had two friends tell me Turpin is out for the season. One from the team, and the other a personal trainer for the team. Feel really bad for him, one of the nicest and most positive guys on campus. Hate when bad things happen to good people.
  10. Iowa State

    Gray at corner??
  11. Iowa State

    Sorry, I probably missed this info somewhere. Isaiah Graham is out for the second straight week.. Anyone know what his injury is? How long he's out for?
  12. Yeah I was shocked it was a real thing too. I believe it's right when school starts. The start of the year. It's a MWF class. From my understanding the athletic department approached the music department and told them they need a bigger marching band. They told them they needed money/scholarship to create a bigger band. So all band members now get $3,000, gear, and travel expenses for away games + bowl game. However, the band still wasn't quite big enough.. So the last few years they've allowed people who do not play instruments to sign a contract to make all rehearsals, classes, away games, and arrive to home games 4 hours early. They currently receive $750 after first two games. Another $750 after 6 games. Then the final $1500 after the bowl game. All they have to do is meet all the requirements of the above contract. Learn their drill/steps/choreography, and basically just act like they're playing. Usually with Tubas, trumpets.. Etc.. It's refered to as "shadow marching". Last year it was $2000. Next year it will be 4,000 and 5,000 the year after. I think it stops after that.. I think the goal is to eventually transition all of the shadow marchers into true band members, and use this program as sort of a means of scholarship to recruit band members out of high school. As currently we have a non-audition marching band. Hope that clears things up a bit!
  13. I have friends that are in the band, but don't play instruments who are part of that program. I have been asked multiple times to do it as well.
  14. They're paid to be in the band and walk around with instruments and pretend like they are playing to make the band appear larger then it is. They just have to go to practice and learn the choreography etc.. I'm not sure specifically on the gear. Just TCU/team Nike gear. Probably includes clothes/backpacks etc. I doubt they advertise it in the magazine.. but I have not read it.
  15. They started paying students who do not play instruments $3000 + free gear + away game travel expenses to be in the band just to walk around with an instrument. It was previously 1,000 or 1,500 last year I think. Hence the extra addition in size.