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  1. Made some updates In the Show: -Alex Young - Reno (D'Backs) STATS AAA: -Riley Ferrell - Corpus Christi (Astros) STATS -Tyler Alexander - Toledo (Tigers) STATS -Jason Coats - Durham (Rays) STATS -Jantzen Witte - Pawtucket (Red Sox) STATS -Stefan Chrichton - Reno (D'backs) STATS -Kevin Cron - Reno (D'backs) STATS AA: -Durbin Feltman - Portland (Red Sox) STATS -Brian Howard - Midland (A's) STATS -Jerrick Suiter - Altoona (Pirates) STATS -Brian Trieglaff - Trenton (Yankees) STATS (INJURED) -Jordan Kipper - Bowie (Orioles) STATS (INJURED) -Taylor Featherston - NW Arkansas (Royals) STATS Advanced A-Ball: -Austen Wade - Lynchburg (Indians) STATS (INJURED) -Luken Baker - Palm Beach (Cardinals) STATS -Evan Skoug - Winston Salem (White Sox) STATS -Josh Watson - Stockton (A's) STATS A-Ball: -Sean Wymer - Lansing (Blue Jays) STATS Short-Season A & Rookie Leagues: -Brandon Williamson - Everett (Mariners) STATS -Johnny Rizer - Aberdeen (Orioles) STATS -Jared Janczak - AZL Indians Blue (Indians) STATS -Nick Lodolo - Billings (Reds) - STATS -Alex Isola - Elizabethton (Twins) - STATS Independent Leagues: -Matt Purke - Sugar Land Skeeters Status Uncertain: -Brandon Finnegan - (Reds) - was working in extended spring training, not assigned yet for this season -Jake Guenther - (Rays) - not assigned yet -Jake Eissler - (Indians) - not assigned yet/holding out hope he'll come back for his senior season Guys who appear to be out of baseball, at least for now: -Chad Huffman (last played in the Tigers' system last year) -Preston Morrison (last pitched in the Cubs' system last year) -Nolan Brown (last played in the White Sox' system last year) -Mitchell Traver (last pitched in the Angels' system last year) -Cam Warner (last played in the Tigers' system last year - I believe he may be playing back in Australia) -Jerome Pena (last played for the Aguascalientes Railroaders in the Mexican League last year)
  2. Not at present. LaGrave field was pretty much abandoned and overgrown with weeds. There is an attempt to bring them back though, but we'll see if happens.
  3. Did some digging on the "appear to be out of baseball" guys. - Matt Purke, at least as late as May 28th, is/was playing for the Sugar Land Skeeters (managed by my hero Pete Incaviglia) in the independent Atlantic League. He still shows on the roster on their web page, but I can't find anything that verifies he's still there. - Cam Warner did play for the Canberra Calvary in the Australian league last season (season looks like it ended in January). Even found a trading card on eBay of him with the Calvary. Everybody else appears to be confirmed retired except for Chad Huffman. I'm guessing he's retired, but he's still listed as a "free agent" on most tracking pages.
  4. Anyone read this? I just cataloged a copy today at work. Jamie comes up a lot (including having a part writing the foreword) and Melissa Triebwasser from Frogs O' War gets quoted.
  5. Jantzen Witte made his professional PITCHING debut yesterday. It went... not well. He should probably stick to playing infield. https://www.trifectanetworksports.com/pawsox-allow-19-runs-in-7-inning-game/
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