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  1. I think Josh should maybe start thinking about a new career. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/11/26/vikings-cut-josh-doctson/
  2. Sam Demel doing something different: http://www.fortworthbusiness.com/news/former-tcu-mlb-player-wife-now-pitching-new-winery/article_df7bde7e-0cae-11ea-9762-cbdfa59b8e0c.html?fbclid=IwAR1ASnzzYcfwPDtFPdIXr1RA2Ola9hbJT9DBTwGn9dP__ufm4f9sjulR4tc
  3. It's not often you see somebody win with just 1 pair
  4. Just been busy and what not. Been lurking, but haven't had much to say.
  5. I have yet to see a complete game from our boys this year. Seems like we either get a hot start and then turtle up or a slow start and then a frantic comeback attempt. If we could get a solid 4 quarters out of this squad, we can beat OU. But I'm not betting on it.
  6. Hell, they are basically XFL Baylor. They have 5 Baylor guys: Shawn Oakman KD Cannon Ahmad Dixon Cordon Moog Jalan McClendon
  7. That was a brutal game. Andy's done about all he can with the Bengals. Kinda wish they'd let him loose so he could maybe have a shot somewhere else. But then again, he might not get a chance to be the starter on any other decent team just because of his age.
  8. I'd like to, but getting off work at 5:30 and having to get to the stadium from Hurst, I'm not sure it's feasible for me. I'd love to see the Ballpark one more time, but alas...
  9. All I know is that I'm calling "that play" the Sewo-no from now on.
  10. Completely unrelated to anything important, but I just have to say that every time I see your screen name, I don't read it as "Frog Twang". My mind always has it as "Frog T. Wang"
  11. I think we should leave the bands where they've always been... except Texas. Put them way up in the nosebleeds.
  12. Hopefully Banogu has better development and usage from the Colts than Hughes received.
  13. From what I could see, this looked like another Jerry Hughes/Colts kind of thing. They drafted him and then utilized him poorly (although the injuries didn't help). Hoping he does like Hughes and does well with his second team.
  14. According to this Sportingnews.com article, the 53-man roster deadline is this Saturday, August 31st, at 4pm Eastern.
  15. What the...?!?!? We lost Tim McHugh! He's going to Tennessee now. Posted on his Twitter like 2 months ago.
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