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  1. MercenaryLibrarian

    Frogs in the Minors 2018

    I was in Louisville 2 weeks ago. Went to a Louisville Bats game. Got to see Finnegan pitch out of the bullpen. Unfortunately, he did not look sharp. Had a lot of trouble finding the strike zone.
  2. MercenaryLibrarian

    The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    I hope he takes TDWalrus so that he can revolutionize the Italian game of American football.
  3. MercenaryLibrarian

    Frogs in the Minors 2018

    I'm wondering if Jantzen might become trade bait in the near future. He seems to largely be doing okay, but now can't even get a regular spot in AAA. Are the Sox just that well stocked?
  4. MercenaryLibrarian

    Frogs in the Minors 2018

    Jantzen Witte is back at AAA Pawtucket
  5. MercenaryLibrarian

    The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    My brain first read this as SWBYPS and I was wondering what the hell had happened at the Yellow Pages.
  6. MercenaryLibrarian

    The Sports Dump

    Where was this published originally? And yeah, I work in Cleburne and my commute is like 35 miles from Southwest Arlington. You can get to the Hulen area in like 20 minutes. Eff Dallas.
  7. MercenaryLibrarian

    The Official Vladimir Putin World Cup Thread

    Once again Germany goes into Russia with confidence and fails miserably.
  8. MercenaryLibrarian

    MLB Draft thread

  9. MercenaryLibrarian

    MLB Draft thread

    Why did he even put his name in the draft if he knew he wanted to play football? I mean, I guess if the A's are desperate enough to let him slide on starting his pro career and are willing to allow for any possible injury... but that just seems ridiculous.
  10. I must apologize for doubting Schloss. Don't know what the circumstances were that led to this last week's drama, but I am thrilled he is staying.
  11. I mean that people will go sit in the boxes instead of the seats in the stadium. It's hurt the west side. And the updates are nice and all and I love Lupton, but from a arms race standpoint, we're playing in a Conference USA stadium while living in the Big12.
  12. I'll probably get yelled at for saying this, but I'm gonna lose a lot of respect for Schloss if he leaves. I get that he may want better (newer) facilities, but he's a god here. He can win here. He can recruit here. I'm hoping this is just a hardcore negotiating tactic to get a new stadium or whatever, and in that respect, I can agree with him. How about we quit tinkering with the AGC so we can add more boxes that take away from people actually sitting in seats and show baseball some love? But ultimately, I don't really see how MSU could really be considered a better gig than what he has here.
  13. MercenaryLibrarian

    Fantasy Baseball 2018

    I just wish I didn't have 5 players on the DL
  14. MercenaryLibrarian

    DMN -- Nice Article mentioning Patterson

    Dangit... I got sucked into the stat hole... More statistical analysis: Career vs OU (Patterson as HC of TCU, Briles as HC of Baylor) Patterson - 2-9, 1 win in Norman, Average score 31-23 OU Briles - 3-5, 1 win in Norman, Average score 36-31 OU Patterson vs OU playing the same teams that Briles did, 2008-2015 1-4, Average score 28-22 OU Patterson vs OU as a member of the Big12 1-6, Average score 34-26 OU Average margin of loss to OU: Briles - 21 pts Patterson - 12 pts (average margin of loss minus the two 2017 losses to Heisman winner Baker Mayfield, whom Briles never had to face, 8 pts) # of Double Digit losses to OU: Briles - 4 (Average margin, 24 pts) Patterson - 3 (Average margin, 22 pts) Additionally, Baylor's wins came against some of OU's weaker teams of the last decade while Baylor had arguably the three best teams in its entire history. And we had to deal with the clusterfrak that was the Pachall situation of 2012 and 2013. And again, Briles likely escaped a couple of losses to Baker Mayfield. So, by wins and losses, Briles has the slight edge, but overall? I'd say it's a wash. If OU didn't dominate Baylor while Briles was there then I don't see how you can really make the claim that Patterson has been dominated.
  15. MercenaryLibrarian

    DMN -- Nice Article mentioning Patterson

    Yeah, Baylor fans don't really understand football. Yes, Briles had more success against OU than we have, but I'd say dominating is a bit much. He went 3-5 with only one of those being in Norman. Plus, Briles had an extremely embarrassing loss to Baker Mayfield the only time Briles faced him. The then #4 Baylor lost at home to Mayfield and OU. The next week, we went up to Norman and lost by a point.