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  1. Funny you should mention the minor league cards. That's actually one of my favorite sub-sets to collect. I have done a lot of research pulling names from the annals of minor league history and am only missing a handful or so of the hundreds of minor league cards out there.
  2. Oh TCUDoc, be careful of that rabbit hole. I made the mistake of going down the card collecting hole back in 2010 and it has taken over my life. I mentioned totals in the countdown thread, but I'll throw a few stats on my collection your way. This is according to my massive Excel spreadsheet which probably has a few calculation errors in it by this point (it's 9 years old and 3.2MB) but at any rate: Total known cards: 26,157 Total cards I own: 14,118 Oldest "card" (not a traditional trading card, but still in the same family): 1910 Sweet Caporal Domino Discs #39 Louis Drucke (I have one) Oldest football card (similar to the thing above): 1938 Dixie Lids #1 Sammy Baugh (Have one of those too) Oldest Basketball card: 1972-73 Topps #208 Eugene Kennedy (yup) I actually have most of the cards you have listed above. I think I might start a thread just devoted to this subject. Maybe even try and do a card of the day (or card every so often). Lots of interesting ones to discuss.
  3. I have one of these although this is just an image I pulled off the internet. My collection is in a state of disarray at the moment, but I keep track of what I have in a massive Excel spreadsheet. I might try and find a card for each day of the countdown if I remember. Fun fact: I am currently aware of 26,157 cards featuring former TCU folks. I have 14,118 in my collection.
  4. Yeah, that thread is freaking hilarious. I loved the one where somebody added San Jose State and someone else responded with "You spelled Baylor wrong"
  5. I have an obsessive nature when it comes to collecting things. I feel the need to get as complete a set of whatever it is regardless of whether I actually like all of the things in my collection. My primary hobby is collecting trading cards of people that played for TCU, even if they didn't finish their careers there. Right now, I feel dirty for having Robinson, Listenbee, and Boykin in my collection and while I still intend on completing my sets, it has to be a damn good deal for me to buy any of their cards. Who else would ya'll put on the blacklist, guys that came here and then pissed you off for something other than just poor play? Boomer White is the only baseball guy that comes to mind. The two Casey P.'s that played QB for us are on my list too.
  6. Jantzen Witte being noticed. I'd just love for him to make the show at least once. The Boston Red Sox and the curious case of Jantzen Witte
  7. Jantzen Witte sent to Pawtucket on Sunday
  8. He's been selling cars in Arizona for a while now. He seems to be enjoying it.
  9. Jerome Pena, according to his post on Facebook last Friday night, has retired from pro ball.
  10. Topps put out cards for the AAF. No Diarse card in this set, But Aaron Green, Nick Orr, and Cole Hunt have cards. For Hunt, it's his first appearance on cardboard:
  11. Am I the only one that sees Spencer Arrighetti's name and has the urge to yell "Spaghetti!" at him?
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