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  1. Yeah, I've hated that guy ever since. Kinda bugs me that he's had a nice pro career.
  2. Oh good, since Cam Warner left, we've had an opening for an Australian Hill College player. Maybe that was the problem last year.
  3. Our early incarnations of the Addie/Super Frog costume are borderline nightmare fuel.
  4. I don't really think anybody over here is a jerk. I've always felt like egos are kept in check and nobody really tries to start fights over here. Can't say that about KF.
  5. I'm pretty ticked about Robinson since I defended the kid all year. But my thought is that maybe he just doesn't have the maturity (yet?) to handle a leadership role at the college level. And if he decided to cut out because he wasn't being adored, that's definitely maturity as well. Wish the kid well, but I sure hope we don't end up with another Baker Mayfield type out there.
  6. One of the bear boards found us and were amused. https://bearinsider.com/forums/2/topics/85494
  7. Ok, so I collect sports cards. This story has been making the rounds lately and it kind of cracks me up. A card that very recently would have been considered all but worthless (and not scarce) is going for decent money thanks to this. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/menendez-brothers-appear-in-background-of-mark-jackson-basketball-card/
  8. Harold Baines... guess they'll let anybody into the HOF now (except 'roid users and cheaters).
  9. LIES! Teller and Ulam are the debbil! Bobby Boucher's Mama invented the Hydrogen Bomb!
  10. OU 28, TCU 10 I think we keep Murray and the OU offense under control, but based on this year's trend, I don't know that we even score 13 points. I also expect at least one turnover to end up being a score for the OU defense. Offensive MVP: Unlikely Defensive MVP: Summers Special Teams: Anybody that doesn't screw up
  11. Could be our defense is still getting us respect. I'm just starting to worry we might get shutout at some point this season.
  12. Lawdy, I am terrible this year. The only reason I'm not dead last is that DangerFrog forgot to fill picks last week. Still, I'm tied with DF for last, but at least I'm not in last by myself.
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