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  1. I have great respect for Kenny Hill. He may not have been the greatest Frog QB we ever had, but I think he's a great person.
  2. Card of the day for May 27, 2020 Craig Farmer - 1994 FleerProCards # 3872 I saw that today is the 26th anniversary of a Frog baseball milestone. On this day in 1994, TCU Baseball recorded its first NCAA Tournament win with an 11-3 win over Memphis. The Frogs also won the Southwest Conference regular season title outright for the first time in nearly 40 years. The roster that year was a solid bunch of guys, several of whom went on to play some pro ball, and also included two players from Texas baseball royalty - Reid Ryan and Tim Grieve. Craig Farmer was a senior on that 1994 squad but went undrafted. His pro career was brief, playing with 3 teams over 2 seasons (and 1 inning of 1 game in 1998), although he had relatively decent numbers.
  3. Card of the Day for May 26th, 2020 Tim Mauser - 1992 Topps Debut '91 #120 We've been spoiled in the Schlossnagle era with Frogs having success at the Major League level. Sure, we had some Frogs in the early, early days of pro ball (I know of some cards from as early as 1910) and we had a Frog or two in the pros for most of the time from the 30's on, but except for Jeff Newman, there hasn't been many Frogs with staying power at the top level until Schloss. The late '80's Frog squads started enjoying a little more notice from the pros, but unfortunately, many former Frogs ended up stuck in the minors. Tim Mauser had some promise entering the 90's after being drafted by the Phillies. Started out pretty well in the minors but just didn't have the talent to stay in the Show. Philly stuck with him for about 5 years of development before shipping him to the Padres. He went 2-6 with 2 saves for his American career with both wins and both saves coming with San Diego. Also spent some time in Taiwan. After baseball, Tim ended up in Aledo where he's president of a construction business.Inducted into the TCU Letterman's Hall of Fame in 2005.
  4. Arizona (and by the way, I'm only answering these if I don't have to look them up)
  5. I get that you are going more recent, but somehow a Washington Mt. Rushmore without Sam Baugh seems blasphemous.
  6. Card of the Day for May 22, 2020 Kenrich Williams - 2019 Panini Father's Day #73, serial numbered to 199 It's a rarity! A pro basketball card featuring someone at TCU not named Kurt Thomas! There was a five year gap between Kurt Thomas's last game and Kenrich joining the NBA. That didn't stop Kurt Thomas from having cards made during those years though. Apparently a long career can garner you some post career longevity in the trading card world. But back to Kenrich. Before the 2018-2019 season, the last time a trading card featuring an NBA rookie from TCU was 1999 (Lee Nailon). Based on my research, I have found mass produced cards for 14 former basketball Frogs. This includes development/minor league cards. Also, two of these players transferred out of TCU and didn't finish their collegiate careers there and two players are women. How many can you name?
  7. I have autographed cards of his, but they were signed before I got them. I've never had a chance to meet LT in person. I really want to get my copy of LT and Me signed by him. I already have it signed by his mom.
  8. Card of the Day for May 21st, 2020 LaDainian Tomlinson - 2001 Bowman Since it was pointed out that today is LT Day (5/21), here's one of LT's rookie cards! LT blows away the competition for "most cards by a Frog" with over 8600 (as of today). I have about 1/3 of them, but I don't know that I'll ever come close to completing this part of my collection. He's got some rare and pricey cards out there.
  9. Card of the Day for May 20th, 2020 Jalen Reagor - 2020 Leaf Metal Draft - Touchdown Kings Autographs, Purple variation serial numbered to 25 Reagor had a slew of cards come out before he was even drafted. There are more on the way, but there are already 200+ cards featuring Reagor. Granted, most of them are color variations (like this one) of some other base card, but still, it's kind of ridiculous. At any rate, I quite like this one. Purple variations hold a premium for me (obviously) and that it's autographed as well is just icing on the cake. Fortunately, I got mine before the draft and I think I paid about $8. Since the draft, his cards have exploded and this one is probably $20 at least now. I've had to put Reagor cards (and Gladney) on the back burner for a while because they are just too pricey. I'll keep working on older cards that typically don't have as high a demand.
  10. Am I gonna have to start doing this again to get some more content on here?
  11. I think Josh should maybe start thinking about a new career. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/11/26/vikings-cut-josh-doctson/
  12. Sam Demel doing something different: http://www.fortworthbusiness.com/news/former-tcu-mlb-player-wife-now-pitching-new-winery/article_df7bde7e-0cae-11ea-9762-cbdfa59b8e0c.html?fbclid=IwAR1ASnzzYcfwPDtFPdIXr1RA2Ola9hbJT9DBTwGn9dP__ufm4f9sjulR4tc
  13. It's not often you see somebody win with just 1 pair
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