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  1. Hey Frogs, Having been on vacation since the 31st and away from most of my devices until today, I'm late in offering my congratulations on the victory. I can't add anything new to the story line, so I'll just congratulate Mr. Kohlhausen on having the game of his life, and thank you all for your hospitality on this board. Take care, and best of luck in 2016!
  2. I don't think he'll return to college (but I didn't think Philly would fire him, either, so what do I know?). He hates in-home recruiting and schmoozing with donors. If the Niners, Dolphins or Titans don't go after him, I think he'd take a coordinator position, or maybe just take a sabbatical for a year.
  3. You're G.D. right she is. Isn't Johnny Manziel from Texas?
  4. We were tight with Walt. This photograph actually led to the Disney Corporation licensing Donald's image to Oregon. That's UO AD Leo Harris petting Puddles. And for the record, only the live Duck from back in the day was named Puddles. the mascot was called "Donald" for many years, but since renegotiating with Disney several years ago, the mascot is "The Duck." So does this frog of yours have a name?
  5. That's not far from the truth. Currently, the university receives about five percent of its funding from the state. The former president advocated going private, so the state board canned him. I live in Seattle, too, but I still hate the Dawgs, although it's kind of hard anymore. Oregon's won 12 in a row. So are Mel Renfro and Steve Prefontaine.
  6. Personally, I love the human highlighters. And I can't imagine that TCU has any fewer combinations. It's strange hearing uniform smack from a TCU fan. I mean. com'on, you had helmets with blood streaks on them a couple of years ago. I thought they were cool (except for the purple). I expect uniform smack from more conservative schools's fans, like USC, Michigan or the Whorns, but from a TCU fan? Blood streaks!
  7. You might be surprised to know that the Ducks have worn the all-yellow uniforms only once this season, against Georgia State. Their A-Bowl uniforms are pretty conservative, so you needn't sweat it. OTOH, being a Duck fan and Washington Husky hater, I detest purple
  8. Blasphemer! You're right of course. It's "historic" but also just old as hell. There's a plan to renovate the original east grandstand and construct a new west grandstand, supposedly by 2018. I was in Fort Worth once, about 30 years ago, doing a job for TUGCO. Awesome barbecue. I bought a white TCU hat for my souvenir; it was a crappy hat.
  9. Hey! That's exactly how Tyree plays safety too!
  10. Oregon safety Tyree Robinson runs the first smack of Alamo Bowl week! "They're really good. They're really good. I'm not even going to try and downplay. They're really good. They have good receivers and running backs, Aaron Green. But they're quarterback is really good so we got to make sure we get some pressure on him. Oh man, this is gon' be one helluva nasty build up.
  11. Sorry to hear it; really I am. OTOH, he'd have lit the Ducks up like a Christmas tree.
  12. Nevah! The Pac-12 has no use for a truck driving school.
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