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  1. Alastair Gray advanced to the Round of 16 today with a 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 victory over USC's Riley Smith at the All-American in Tulsa. He'll next play a very tough opponent in Florida's Oliver Crawford tomorrow. The Frogs' singles record is now 10-5 in this tourney. But Ali and Jacob Fearnley lost 3 and 4 in the doubles to the 3rd seeded Florida doubles team of Ingildsen/Berducci.
  2. Unfortunately, both Luc Fomba and Jacob Fearnley lost today - Luc 6-1, 3-6, 4-6 to Oradini and Jacob love and 2 to Malbasic. So Ali is the only Frog left standing although both of the others, I think, will get matches in the consolation bracket. Gray will face Riley Smith of USC tomorrow.
  3. The early results from the All-American in Tulsa are in and Alastair Gray has advanced to the 2nd round with a 4 and 1 win over Jonas Ziverts. He will next play the winner of the match between USC's Riley Smith and Ohio State's Camron Kingsley. Luc Fomba and Jacob Fearnley play this afternoon.
  4. With Norrie out in Shanghai and Rybo out at Fairfield, attention shifts back to Tulsa for the All-American. For some reason, I couldn't find the results from today's matches, but the main draw has been announced so we can glean who won and who didn't. The 64-player main draw includes Ali Gray, who will play Arizona's Jonas Ziverts tomorrow, but he had already qualified. And it also includes Luc Fomba, who will face a very tough opponent in Mississippi State's Giavanni Oradini, and Jacob Fearnley, who will play Arizona's Filip Malbasic. So we can assume that Luc and Jacob won their matches over Musitelli and Schacter although who knows by what scores. Tadeas Paroulek apparently lost to Rengifo, but he's listed as a "Lucky Loser" with a "sign-in" at 8:30 tomorrow morning, so he's likely to play either in the Consolation bracket or, possibly, be an alternate for the main draw. This means that we'll have at least 3 Frogs in the main draw and that our combined record, so far, is 9-3 overall, which is pretty good. It'd be nice, however, for Luc, Jacob and Ali to each go deep into the tourney.
  5. Jared

    AP Poll

    Uh, I'm not very optimistic about going 11-2 with no real passing game and a porous defense and a tendency to fumble in our red zone. I think we're going to struggle to get bowl eligible. Sadly...
  6. Meanwhile, in China, Cam Norrie, after trips to Zhuhai and Beijing, has been playing in the Shanghai Open. He first won 2 qualie matches over Schnur and Fabbiano, then he won his opening rounder in the main draw 7-5, 6-2 over Gilles Simon, but this morning, he played and lost to ATP#4 Daniil Medvedev 3 and 1. So, he won 3 and lost 1 in Shanghai and his loss was only to the 4th best player in the world. Not bad. And Alex Rybakov just finished his opening rounder at the Fairfield Challenger, losing in 3 sets to Jack Draper (ATP#340) 1-6, 6-2, 5-7. Alex has been steadily moving back up in the rankings and is now #597, but he needs to actually get some W's and go deeper in the Challengers like he's been doing in the Futures.
  7. Each of Luc Fomba, Jacob Fearnley and Tadeas Paroulek advanced today in the qualies at the All-American in Tulsa. Fomba beat Bennett Crane 2 and 2 and will now face Old Dominion's Francois Musitelli; Fearnley won over Illic 1 and 1 and will now play A&M's Noah Schacter and Paroulek beat Thelwall-Jones 3 and 4 and will now face ETSU's Frazier Rengifo.
  8. Unfortunately, both Eduardo and Max lost their 3rd round matches in the pre-qualies at Tulsa today and are out at the All-American, probably the biggest of the college fall tourneys. Eduardito lost 2-6, 7-6 (9-7), 2-6 to Tennessee's Andrew Rogers and Max lost 4 and 2 to Baylor's Ryan Dickerson. But fortunately, that just means that 3 more Frogs will be playing in the qualies tomorrow. Luc Fomba will be taking on Indiana's Bennett Crane, Jacob Fearnley will be facing Belmont's Marko Illic and Tadeas Paroulek will be playing Tulsa's Tom Thelwall-Jones. Ali will be awaiting the main draw. I'm a little concerned that Sander Jong, Bertus Kruger and Juan Martin aren't playing - maybe they just didn't qualify or maybe they're still injured and Roditi is just holding them out.
  9. Jared

    AP Poll

    No votes in the Coaches Poll - SMU 22nd; Baylor 23rd.
  10. It looks like SMU has that It Factor this year. How times have changed.
  11. Both Eduardo Roldan and Max Kurzban won two matches in the pre-qualifying rounds at the All-American in Tulsa yesterday and have advanced to (potentially) two more rounds today. Roldan beat UNLV's Zach Garner 1 and 1 and Wichita State's Alex Richards 2 and love and will now play Tennessee's Andrew Rogers. Max beat Pacific's Coby McCaib 2 and 2 and MTSU's Stijn Slump 7-5, 6-7 (5-7), 6-0 and will now face Baylor's Ryan Dickerson. The other guys won't get started until tomorrow in the regular qualies nd Ali Gray is already into the main draw. This is a HUGE tournament - with hundreds of players competing. Last year, we skipped it because it conflicted with the Houston ITF tourney. This year, we're going all in.
  12. What a disappointment! ESPN2 switched to Baylor and I missed the whole second half, but I guess it didn't matter because we looked bad enough in the first half that I can guess what happened. No passing game; defense not really all that stiff. We're going to struggle to get bowl eligible.
  13. I'm not confident at all in either of the next two weeks; which is why I think these games are pivotal for our season. If we play like we did against Purdue and KU, I think we'll win. But if we play like we did against APB and SMU, I think we'll lose. If we fumble in our red zone multiple times, we'll lose. It's all iffy and not necessarily dependent upon how talented we or our opponents are.
  14. Various college tennis news items. USC's Daniel Cukierman won the Oracle Masters in Malibu. The ITA All-American tourney in Tulsa is going to be covered live on ESPNU. Texas picked up a top recruit in Elliot Spizzirri , who won the U.S. Open Juniors this year and is rated as the top recruit by at least one service. And, according to the UTR ratings, TCU's Tadeas Paroulek is the 4th highest rated newcomer/freshman this year. Otherwise, we're still in mourning over Cam losing to Andy Murray. And Nick Chappell is into the main draw at Norman where he will face Michael Geerts, a Belgian with a ranking of #480. He and Widow lost last night in doubles. Nick falls 3 and 3 to Geerts.
  15. On to the second set! Cameron will serve first in this one. 1-love. Cam saves a break point and holds. 1-all. No signs of Murray weakening at all. 2-1. Cam is really fighting for this; saving 2 break points en route to the hold. 2-all. Still even on serve, but Murray is having easier service games. 3-2. Finally, Norrie gets a love hold. Woo hoo! Cam gets the early break! 4-2! 5-2! Cam has to save a break point to do it though. 5-3. Cam will serve for the set. 5-4. Cam chokes and gets broken easily. 5-all. Cam gets a set point but can't break. 6-5. Longest game of the match; Norrie saves 2 break points and holds. This is a very competitive even match. 6-all. Another breaker. Cam takes the 2nd set breaker 7-4!!!! Even steven!! On to the third set!! Terrible start to the third set as Cam goes down 0-4. I'm going to bed now - he fought hard, but it was not to be.
  16. Cam Norrie v. former #1 Andy Murray in Beijing will begin shortly. Murray is attempting a comeback after his hip surgery earlier this year and how good he is is at this point is unknown. I like Cam's chances... Unfortunately, the Tennis Channel is showing the matches from Tokyo, another ATP 500 event being played simultaneously. And they're off. 0-1. Murray serving first and he holds. 1-all. Cam holds. He's now ranked #69th. 1-2. The reason Garin retired last match was because he took a really nasty fall in the tie-breaker. The U.K. media is all over this match. 2-all. Cam has earned 613.1 thousand euros this year; 1.4 million for his career. 2-3. Sofascore is saying that Cam has a 25.74% chance of winning (but that's based on how many bet on each player). 3-all. Cam turned 24 years old on 8/23. 3-4. So far, no signs of Murray's pain affecting his play. 3-5. (sigh) Murray gets the key 1st set break. YESS!! Cam breaks right back (the pros always do). 4-5! 5-all. The Camster squares the match. 5-6. Murray gets a love hold. 6-all. A breaker will decide it. Cam falls 6-8 in the breaker. He fell way behind and fought back by saving 4 set points but couldn't turn it around...
  17. On to the deciding 3rd set! Nope, it's a pro set tiebreaker! First to 10 points wins! Widow up 8-4! 8-5. 9-5! 9-6. Widow wins!! Reese Stalder advances to the main draw with a 3-6, 6-2, 10-6 W! His 3rd straight W!
  18. The Camster is doing his best to steal all the attention in Beijing away from the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC - he'll be facing his "mentor" Andy Murray tomorrow morning in a huge quarterfinal match at the China Open. Murray is lowly ranked (ATP#503) but that's because he "retired" earlier this year due to chronic pain which his operations didn't really fix, but he's been playing doubles (notably with Serena in mixed at Wimbledon) an has been trying to make a singles comeback the last few weeks. Cam and Murray know each other well - they started practicing together back when Cam was still in college, they tweet and message each other frequently. They're both "Scots" and are the highest ranked Scotsmen and their paths often cross. This'll be the first time they've "officially" played. Widow v. Logan Zapp will be starting shortly in Norman. Zapp (ATP#1356) is a Junior who is a highly rated recruit this year who hasn't as yet chosen a school. 2-all in the first set. Even on serve - Reese is serving first. 3-all. Winner gets into the main draw. 3-4. (sigh) Zapp gets the first break. 3-5. Multiple deuces but Zapp holds. 3-6. Widow falls in the first set. 0-1. Zapp serving first this set. 1-all. Widow holds. 2-1!! Widow gets the early break this set! 3-1. Reese consolidates his 1-break lead. 4-1!! A second break and Reese takes control of the 2nd set! 5-1! Looking good! 5-2. 6-2! Widow squares the match with a dominating 2nd set W!
  19. Cam just beat Garin 7-6 (7-5) 1-0 (retired) in Beijing this morning and has advanced to the quarters at the China Open. I'm not sure why Garin quit but the first set was a grueling one lasting nearly an hour and a half. Whatever - to beat #33 is definitely a good W. He'll play the winner of the Andy Murray v. Matteo Berrettini match which will occur in an hour or so.
  20. Ni hao ma! Cam Norrie is in Beijing this week and has already played and won 2 qualie matches over Yecong He (ATP#573) and D. Dzumhur (ATP#93) - both good wins. Now, he's scheduled to face Cristian Garin (ATP#33) in the Round of 16, which will be a tough test. Garin is a Chilean who's been hot lately. Reese Stalder is in Norman and has already won 1 qualie (over Peter Bothwell (ATP#735)) and is scheduled to play another tomorrow against Shane Monroe. Nick Chappell is also in Norman into the main draw where he will face Zane Khan tomorrow.
  21. To me, this is a key game that will determine whether we're going to have a successful season. A W will position us well for the meat of the schedule - undefeated in conference and 4-1. A L could send us reeling...
  22. Jared

    AP Poll

    TCU didn't even receive 1 vote in the AP. Here are the new rankings: 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Georgia 4. Ohio State 5. LSU 6. Oklahoma 7. Auburn 8. Wisconsin 9. Notre Dame 10. Florida 11. Texas 12. Penn State 13. Oregon 14. Iowa 16. Washington 17. Boise State 18. UCF 19. Michigan 20. Arizona State 21. Oklahoma State 22. Wake Forest 23. Virginia 24. SMU 25. Michigan State 25 (tie) A&M It seems weird that so many teams with 1 loss (Texas?!) get a pass and that 1 team with 2 losses (A&M?!) does too.
  23. Jared

    AP Poll

    The Coaches Poll has TCU at 40th and SMU 27th. And Bama passed Clemson for #1. The AP will be released later.
  24. Baylor takes the lead 23-21 on a late FG.
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