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  1. Everything is canceled - the season is over. 12-4; #7 in the nation.
  2. So far, at least, there haven't been any announcements about terminating the college tennis season in the wake of the coronavirus panic, but that could change quickly as it has with other sports. A bunch of pro tourneys have been canceled though. Tennis is (mostly) outdoors and there are far fewer fans, but panic is panic and if players or coaches start testing positive, that could be it. As of now, we're scheduled to play Illinois in Champaign-Urbana on Saturday. It would be part of a doubleheader in which the Illini would host Tennessee State at 12:00 noon (CDT) and the Frogs at 6:00 p.m. The Illini are only 5-6 on the season, but that's misleading because they have played a very tough schedule. They have W's over Tech, Chicago State, Notre Dame, Northwestern and Purdue and L's to Mississippi, Duke, North Carolina, Florida, UCF and Baylor. Teams have to finish above .500 to make the NCAA's, so they're under a little pressure to accomplish that. We know them fairly well having played them frequently in recent years. Their players include #15 Alex Brown, #41 Aleks Kovacevic, #64 Siphosothando Montsi, Zeke Clark, Fletcher Scott and Vuk Budic. They are coached by Brad Dancer. The match is scheduled to be played indoors (it's still pretty chilly at night up here), so maybe that'll be a factor in deciding whether to play. We'll see.
  3. Fomba clinches!! TCU 4 Rice 0!! We're now 12-4, with a 9 straight winning streak!
  4. Thanks! But I think I'll just give up on updates. Rice's scoring page really blows! Relying on our twitter page, Sander and Teddy got a late break to take their set and Fomba/Kruger are at 5-4 and Gray/Kurzban 5-all. Luc and Bertus clinch the doubles point!! TCU 1 Rice 0!! (Rice took the doubles point from Texas on Sunday). Our singles players will be Gray; Fomba; Paroulek; Jong; Kruger and Jirousek.
  5. The doubles line-up is Paroulek/Jong; Fomba/Kruger and Gray/Kurzban. My update capability is going to be limited because Rice's score page also includes the streaming, which typically crashes my (very old) browser.
  6. It depends. There is no set rule. Sometimes it's decided before; sometimes, it waits right until the clincher. Available time; travel arrangements; weather; injuries or the possibility thereof; a coach wanting players to get more action or to get a W to improve their ranking; a match being competitive and almost finished. It's within the coaches' discretion. Because there is already a result, it doesn't really matter, so it's just ad hoc. TCU-Rice will start shortly.
  7. The Rice Owls are 4-7 on the season; 4-3 at home and 0-4 on the road. They have W's over Incarnate Word, A&M-Corpus Christi, ACU and Prairie View A&M and L's to Dartmouth, Harvard, Louisiana, A&M, LSU, SMU and Texas. They are unranked. They don't have any big wins, but they did play the Mustangs tough, losing 3-4 in a tight one. They just lost 1-6 to the Longhorns on Sunday, winning the doubles point, but falling in all singles matches. Their players are Sumit Sarkar, Jacob Eskeland, Campbell Salmon, Karol Paluch, Eric Rutledge, Conrad Russell and Wes Barnett. The Owls are coached by Efe Ustundag. All-time, the Frogs lead the Owls 35-13 and we've won the last 5 straight, including a 7-0 W last year in Ft. Worth. Which sounds like we dominate them, but we did lose 8 straight between 2004 and 2012, not that long ago. This will be the 2nd time we've played them at their brand new facility. We should be heavily favored, but they are a long-time rival and they know us pretty well, so it might be closer than expected. The match is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon (CDT) tomorrow.
  8. The Frogs leaped up to our highest ranking of the year at #7 in the nation in today's ITA rankings - we were helped by Stanford beating Ohio State and A&M jumping back into the Top 10 (both the Cardinal and Aggies having been Frog victims). Here they are: 1. USC (L) 2. North Carolina (L) 3. Michigan (L) 4. Texas (on our schedule) 5. Ohio State 6. NC State (W) 7. the Fighting Frogs of lil ole TCU 8. Stanford (W) 9. Florida 10. A&M (W) 11. Georgia 12. Tennessee 13. Wake Forest 14. Columbia (on our schedule) 15. Mississippi (W) 16. Oklahoma State (on our schedule) 17. Harvard 18. South Carolina 19. Pepperdine 20. Iowa 21. Miami 22. UCF 23. Princeton 24. Cornell 25. UCLA 27. Tech (on our schedule) 30. Baylor (on our schedule) 31. Northwestern 34. Illinois (on our schedule) 35. Virginia (L) 38. Arizona (W) 40. Oklahoma (on our schedule) 47. Tulane (W) All 6 Big12 teams remain in the Top 50. After the Feisty Night Birds, we've got ranked Columbia and Illinois prior to conference play commencing. TCU, Stanford and Florida are all bunched tightly so there could be some changes in the next few weeks.
  9. Another solid W for the Frogs as we wrapped up our homestand with a 5-2 victory over Tulane. Roditi did some line-up changes - most significantly, resting Ali Gray and moving Luc Fomba up to #1 for the first time in singles. In doubles, TCU moved to 26-11 overall for the season with W's from Fomba/Kruger (now 12-1 overall) and Jong/Paroulek (their 10th win) which gave us breathing room for the rest of the match. Gray did play doubles; teaming with Max Kurzban again, and they went unfinished at 5-all. In singles, Fomba beat Moore in a 3-setter, giving him perhaps his biggest W ever as a Frog and clinching the match. And, Tomas Jirousek returned to action with an easy straight setter, as did Kruger, and Sander Jong provided the 4th W at #3 (remember, he had been playing #6). Only Paroulek and Fearnley had real difficulties. We're now 11-4, we've won 8 straight and we'll have a quick turnaround as we head to Houston on Wednesday to play the Rice Owls. I'm guessing we'll stay 8th or so in tomorrow's rankings. CTR's live rankings, however, have moved us up to 5th in the nation, and their projection for tomorrow's ITA rankings has moved us up to 7th.
  10. If they're advertising the match with a picture of Tomas wearing one of Roditi's hats, I'm predicting that he plays today. I'm going to miss the match due to work, but hopefully we'll take care of that Green Wave and Ali beats Ewan.
  11. Bad news in the semis at Vegas as both Rybo and Nick lost. Alex lost to Petros Chrysochos 7-5, 4-6, 2-6 and Nick lost to Justin Butsch 6-7 (3-7), 7-6 (7-3), 6-7 (3-7). It was a good singles tourney for both although I was hoping for better. And in doubles, Widow and Nick lost in the finals 6-7, 3-6.
  12. Tulane is 5-5 on the season with W's over Jackson State (twice), LSU, then#20 Mississippi State and SMU and L's to Stanford, Miami, Virginia Tech, Tech and Texas. The Green Wave are 3-1 at home, 2-2 away and 0-2 on neutral courts. They are ranked 43rd by the ITA, mostly as a result of their 4-0 sweep of the Bulldogs. Yesterday, they lost 5-2 to Texas at Austin. Like our match against TU, it was really 4-0, but they finished it out and Tulane was able to get 2 W's. Their players include #77 Ewan Moore, from England, who is also Alastair Gray's close friend and long-time doubles partner while they both came up in the juniors. Moore beat Texas's Christian Sigsgaard yesterday. #50 Hamish Stewart (a Scot who probably knows Jacob Fearnley) is also ranked and other players are Luis Erlenbusch, Dane Esses, Tim Ruetzel, Akos Kotorman and Benji Jacobson. The Green Wave are coached by Mark Booras. All-time, TCU leads the series 5-1, with the last match-up a 4-3 W last year. We should be favored - it's scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m. (CDT). Don't forget to spring forward!
  13. They decided to finish it our and Alastair, Luc and Teddy were all able to score victories, so officially, it's a 7-0 sweep!
  14. Finally! Sidearmstats starts with the tennis updates instead of the LSU v. Arizona beach volleyball match! I was doing the streaming, but it only allows one court at a time and it's difficult to tell what the score is and it freezes a lot. Early on, it's Gray 1-all; Fomba 2-1; Paroulek 2-love; Jong 1-love; Fearnley 1-love; Kruger 1-all. Gray 2-all; Fomba 2-all; Paroulek 3-1; Jong 2-love; Fearnley 3-love; Kruger 2-1. Ali 3-2; Luc 3-2; Teddy 3-2; Landlord 4-love; Jacob 3-1; Bertus 4-1. This is going well so far. Gray 3-all; Fomba 5-2; Paroulek 3-all; Jong 5-love!; Fearnley 4-1; Kruger 4-2. Ali 4-3; Luc 5-3; Teddy 4-3; Landlord 5-1; Jacob wins 6-1!; Bertus 5-2. I'm predicting a quick sweep! Gray wins 6-4!; Fomba wins 6-3!; Paroulek 5-all; Jong 5-3; Fearnley 1-0 in his 2nd; Kruger wins 6-2! 4 first sets won!! Ali 0-1 in his 2nd; Luc 1-all in his 2nd; Teddy 5-all still; Landlord wins 6-3!; Jacob 2-1 in his 2nd; Bertus 2-1 in his 2nd. Teddy Paroulek makes it 6 first set wins with a 7-5 set! All 2nd sets: Gray 0-2; Fomba 1-2; Paroulek 0-0; Jong 2-0; Fearnley 3-1; Kruger 3-1. Jacob Fearnley wins 6-1, 6-1 and it's TCU 2 Tulsa 0! But otherwise, the momentum is shifting. Gray 0-5 in his 2nd; Fomba 4-all; Paroulek 2-all; Jong 5-2; Kruger 5-3. Jong takes his match 3 and 2! And Kruger takes his match 2 and 3! And the Frogs sweep it 4-0 in less than 2 hours! We take the lead over Tulsa all-time 13-12 and we win our 7th straight match! Just a few weeks ago, we were 3-4 and struggling - now we're 10-4 and into the Elite 8! Great job!! Add that to Alex and Nick advancing to the semis at Vegas and it's a great day overall for Frog tennis! Tulane is next on Sunday at home!
  15. Roditi switched the line-up for today's match - at #1 doubles will be Sander Jong and Teddy Paroulek; #2 will be Luc Fomba and Bertus Kruger and Alastair Gray and Max Kurzban will be at #3. They're just starting. (And frickin sidearmstats is still showing the beach volleyball score..sigh). Early on, it's Jong/Paroulek 2-1; Fomba/Kruger 4-0!; and Gray/Kurzban 2-1. Luc and Bertus get a bagel as the Frogs take 1 of the 3 doubles matches! Jong/Paroulek 3-2; Gray/Kurzban 4-1! Looking good! Jong/Paroulek clinch the doubles point with a 6-2 W! TCU 1 Tulsa 0! The singles line-up will be Gray; Fomba; Paroulek; Jong; Fearnley and Kruger.
  16. TCU v. Tulsa will be starting in about an hour at the tennis center. Meanwhile, in Vegas, both Nick and Rybo have started their quarter-final matches and the news is not good as both have lost their first sets. Rybo lost 6-7 (4-7) to Redlicki and Nick lost 3-6 to Sarkissian. Rybo 1-all in the 2nd; Nick 3-2 in the 2nd. Alex 1-2; Nick gets a key break and leads 4-2! Rybo 1-2; Chappell 5-2! Rybo 1-4 - not looking good; but Chappell takes his 2nd set 6-3! Alex 3-5; Nick 0-1 in his 3rd set. Rybo breaks back 4-5!! Nick 1-2. Rybakov 5-6; Chappell 2-all. Rybo 6-all and into another breaker in his 2nd set; Nick 3-all in his 3rd. Alex takes the breaker 7-2 and it's on to a deciding 3rd set!; Nick 3-4 in his 3rd (even on serve). Both 3rd sets: Rybo 1-0; Nick 4-all. Alex had 2 break points but didn't convert 1-all; Nick 4-5. The Bounce House is up at the tennis center for the kids. Rybo 2-1; Chappell 5-all. Nick gets a break and takes a 6-5 lead! Nick Chappell advances to the semis at Vegas with a 3-6, 6-3, 8-6 win over Sarkissian! Rybo 3-2. 3-all. This one looks like it might go to a third breaker. 4-3. YESS!! Rybo gets the key break and leads 5-3!! It looked dicey for awhile but Alex Rybakov also advanced to the semis with a close 6-7 (4-7), 7-6 (7-2), 6-3 W over Redlicki!! The only bad news, I think, is that Nick and Rybo will now have to play each other.
  17. Good news from Vegas today as both Nick Chappell (ATP#443) and Alex Rybakov (ATP#481) advanced to the quarters in the ITF Futures tourney there. Nick beat Austin Rapp (ATP#672) in a real thriller - 2-6, 7-6 (7-4), 7-6 (7-3), making a comeback and winning two straight breakers to take it. He will now play Alexander Sarkissian (ATP#402). Rybo's match was also a 3-setter; he won over Colombian Nicolas Barrientos (ATP#770) 6-1, 4-6, 6-4 and he'll now face Martin Redlicki (ATP#511). And in doubles, Nick and Reese are still alive; having made it to the semis, with W's over Chrysochos/Dempster (7-5, 3-6, 10-6) and 3 and 4 over Perez/Zhu. They'll now play Rapp/Redlicki. Rybakov/Butsch made it one more round but lost today 6-7 (3-7), 2-6 to Barrientos/Ore.
  18. Chappell ended up beating Widow 7-5, 6-4 yesterday and he's advanced at Vegas. But Stalder isn't done yet as he is teaming with, you guessed it, Nick Chappell in the doubles competition. They'll be playing former Deac Petros Chrusochos and Ian Dempster later today in the opening round. Meanwhile, Alexandrovich Rybakovsky and Justin Butsch have already advanced in doubles with a win yesterday over Kodat/Smola 7-6 ( 7-3), 6-3 and will now be playing Nicolas Barrientos and Junior Alexander Ore. And Rybo is in the singles and will be playing Toby Boyer later today. And if you're wondering about the Camster, he's at Indian Wells. He was scheduled to play Roberto Marcora today but for some reason (rain?), it was canceled.
  19. In the individual singles and doubles rankings, Alastair Gray and Luc Fomba both achieved career high rankings this week. Ali is 30th (jumping 20 points higher), Luc is 77th, "Teddy" Paroulek is 105th and Jacob Fearnley is 119th. In doubles, Fearnley/Gray are 27th and Landlord/Teddy (er, Jong/Paroulek) are 55th. And Alastair Gray was named the Big12 Player of the Week for the 2nd time this season after beating Sandkaulen and Geller over the weekend. Chappell v. Stalder is just about to start. Who should we root for? The Frog or, maybe, the Frog? And they're off! The Frog is serving first. 1-0. The Frog takes the early lead. 1-all. The Frog takes it and evens the score. 2-1. The Frog holds again and it's even on serve. All square at 2-all for the Frog. 3-all. The Frog has held on every serve. Sadly, no service breaks for any Frog as yet. 3-4. Chappell gets a break. 3-5. The Frog takes control, but unfortunately, the Frog falls behind. 4-5. The Frog stays in it, but the Frog now has a chance to serve for the set. 5-all! The Frog breaks back, but sadly, the Frog couldn't clinch the set. 5-6. Very competitive game as the Frog breaks back. 5-7. The Frog (Chappell) takes the first set. Disappointingly, the Frog (Stalder) falls. Stalder up 2-1 in the 2nd. I've got to go to work shortly, so I'll find out if the Frog was able to prevail later tonight...
  20. For the professional Frogs, all eyes have turned to Vegas as each of Alex Rybakov, Nick Chappell and Reese Stalder have traveled to Sin City for the ITF Futures tourney there. In the qualies, unfortunately, Nick (ATP#443) and Widow (ATP#1056) are scheduled to play each other shortly, so sadly, one Frog will be eliminated. Alex (ATP#454) isn't listed in the singles, but he is teaming with Justin Butsch in doubles and they are scheduled to face Toby Kodat and Maciej Smola tomorrow. I'm guessing that he's already into the main draw and his opponent just isn't set as yet.
  21. The new ITA rankings just came out and, as projected, the Frogs have hopped into the Top 8, coming in at #8 in the nation after our impressive W's over Mississippi and Stanford. As I think I've said a time or two, making the Top 8 is our goal because that would enable us to be eligible to host a super-regional if we can advance in the NCAA tourney. Now, the challenge is to stay there, which means continuing to win, especially against highly-ranked teams. Here are the new rankings (still based on the Top 5 W's): 1. USC (L) (by a huge 10-point margin) 2. North Carolina (L) 3. Texas (on our schedule) 4. Michigan (L) 5. Ohio State 6. Florida 7. NC State (W)(buoyed by their W over Texas) 8. the Fighting Frogs of lil ole TCU 9. Columbia (on our schedule) 10. Georgia 11. Mississippi (W) 12. A&M (W) 13. Stanford (W) 14. Wake Forest 15. Harvard 16. Cornell 17. Alabama 18. Princeton 19. Tennessee 20. Tech (on our schedule) 21. Oklahoma State (on our schedule) 22. UCLA 23. Northwestern (maybe they're "elite" after all - glad I went to see them) 24. Duke 25. Florida State 27. Baylor (on our schedule)(still slipping due to few quality W's) 32. Oklahoma (on our schedule)(still falling even though they just beat FSU) 34. Arizona (W) 38. Virginia (L) 43. Tulane (on our schedule) 47. Illinois (on our schedule) The Ivy League continues to impress. We're 5-4 against the current Top 50, with a bunch of ranked teams remaining on the schedule. We've played (or will play) all of the Top 4 and 6 of the Top 10.
  22. Tulsa is 10-5 on the season (but 0-4 on the road), with W's over Mercer (twice), Bryant (twice), Utah, Arkansas, Binghamton, NMSU, Omaha and Oral Roberts and L's to Ohio State, Cornell, Tech, A&M and Alabama. So, no real quality wins, but they do beat everyone else they're "supposed to" and are a good team. Historically, we're 12-12 all-time and the Golden Hurricanes have been a thorn in our side many times, including beating us 4-2 last year in Tulsa in January 2019 (in one of our usual slow starts). Even though we'll be favored, Tulsa is always a tough test for us. Their "easy" schedule so far is about to get tough as they have TCU, Texas, OU, OSU and LSU in a row this March prior to commencing AAC play. Their players are Jarod Hing, Connor Di Marco, Juan Pablo Cenoz, Boriss Kamdem, Tom Thelwall-Jones and Daniel Siddall. They are coached by Vince Westbrook. They recruit well because they have a premier facility that has hosted NCAA's as well as the Fall All-American tourney multiple times.
  23. Now that we've entered March and the season is approaching its midway point, it's time to begin focusing on our Big 12 competitors even though we're still in the non-conference portion of the schedule. Here are the current standings: Baylor - 11-3; 9-1 at home, 2-0 away, 0-2 at neutral sites; current streak W3; Texas - 10-3; 6-0 at home; 2-2 away; 2-1 neutral; current streak L1 (to NC State over the weekend) Tech - 12-4; 6-0 at home; 2-1 away; 4-3 neutral; current streak W6 Oklahoma - 8-3; 6-1 at home; 1-1 away; 1-1 neutral; W5 Oklahoma State - 8-3; 5-1 home; 2-1 away; 1-1 neutral; L1 TCU - 9-4; 5-1 home; 2-2 away; 2-1 neutral; W6 But the standings don't reveal all that much because everyone has played different schedules. Baylor has W's over Boise State, UTA, Nebraska, Louisville, Gonzaga, Wake Forest, Penn, Wisconsin, Omaha, Grand Canyon and Illinois and L's to Arkansas, Wake Forest and Columbia. Wake was #6 at the time and in Waco, but they also lost to the Deacs at the Indoor Nationals in Madison The Bears started in the Top 10 but have been sinking due to the dearth of big W's. Texas, by contrast, has W's over then-#1 Florida, SMU, Indiana, then#21 Florida State, then#18 Georgia, then#16 UCLA, then#8 Stanford, Nebraska, UTSA and Stanford (again) and L's to Ohio State, Michigan and NC State. This much tougher schedule has kept them in the Top 5 after briefly being #1 in the first weeks. And, of course, they are the defending NCAA champs. Tech started slow but has been very hot lately. They have W's over Iowa, UTRGV, ACU, Tulane, then#20 Mississippi State, Mississippi Valley State, MTSU, Fresno State, NMSU, Tulsa, UNM and UTSA and L's to Michigan, Illinois, A&M and Alabama. They've climbed back into the Top 25. OU has W's over ACU, Bryant, Oral Roberts, then#20 Kentucky, Arkansas, San Diego, Incarnate Word and#15 Florida State (this weekend) and L's to Tennessee, South Carolina and Mississippi State. They've been slowly falling in the rankings but the FSU win will help them this week. OSU has W's over SDSU, Lamar, Bryant, then#25 Arizona State, Memphis, San Diego, Northwestern and a huge win over then#4 Michigan and L's to Columbia, Mississippi and Wake Forest (yesterday). The win over the Wolverines gave them a big jump in the rankings. As usual, all of our conference mates are solid teams - only having 6 men's teams leaves out those programs that might be weak. And the conference race will be wide open. Texas is the defending regular season champ and they are the highest ranked squad so they are clearly the favorite. Baylor, the defending tournament champ, started out as the 2nd favorite, but I think the Frogs have displaced them with our better W's. We've got the Cowboys, Sooners and Bears at home this year. But first, we've got Tulsa, Tulane, Rice, Illinois and Columbia before conference play commences. CTR does a projection of the next ITA rankings and we're projected to be #8 tomorrow. They also do their own ranking and we're 6th in that.
  24. TCU won its 6th straight match today, with a 4-1 W over the #8 Stanford Cardinal; earning yet another victory over a Top 10 team! We started with a solid win in the doubles competition, with Sander Jong and Tadeas Paroulek winning quickly 6-1 over Rotsaert/Sridhar. Fearnley and Gray then lost a close one 4-6, but Fomba and Kruger took their set 6-4 and it was TCU 1 Stanford 0. In the singles, Fearnley lost 4-6, 5-7 to tie it at 1-all, but Alastair soon got a quality win over Axel Geller 4 and 2 to give the Frogs a 2-1 lead. Then, Sander Jong (Roditi is calling him "the Landlord") added a 7-6, 6-3 W to make it 3-1. And then, Tadeas Paroulek (Roditi is calling him "Teddy") provided the clincher with a 7-5, 6-3 W over Sridhar. This is our 3rd Top 10 W in the last two weeks. This takes us to 4-1 all-time against Stanford. And just this weekend, we took down #20 Mississippi and #8 Stanford. I'm thinking we have a good shot at moving back into the Top 10 when the next rankings come out - possibly passing Stanford and Columbia. We'll see. We're now 9-4 and peaking. Tulsa is next up on Friday and then Tulane on Sunday - both at home. CollegeTennisRanks has already moved us up to 6th in the nation! This is outstanding!
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