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  1. Nick easily won 2 and 1 this morning over Bortsch and is now into the semis. But Widow's run ended against Mochizuki after falling behind 2-5 and then retiring in the first set. I'm not sure who Chappell will face in the semis tomorrow, but he's now shooting for consecutive titles in two weeks, which would be outstanding for him and his ranking. Reese apparently isn't injured as his doubles match has just started in the semis - he and Tanner Smith are currently tied 2-all in the first set.
  2. Earlier this morning, Nick Chappell beat Tanner Smith (Reese Stalder's doubles partner) 4 and 2 and advanced to the quarters. And Reese Stalder beat Alexis Canter (ATP#819) 3 and 2 and also advanced to the quarters. So both are still alive going into tomorrow when Chappell will play Justin Butsch (ATP#901) and Widow will play Shintaro Mochizuki (ATP#1039). In doubles, Nick and Kirkov lost to Ribeiro/Yamacita 2-6, 5-7. Widow/Smith will play their doubles match later today.
  3. Nick beat Wozniak this morning 1 and 3 and has advanced at Cancun in singles. And Widow beat Khotkov 7-6 (14-12), 3-0 (retired) as well. Chappell will next play Tanner Smith (who teamed with Reese in Tallahassee in doubles and is once again his doubles partner in Cancun) (ATP#1240) and Widow's next opponent in singles is undetermined as yet. In doubles, Chappell and Kirkov are about to play Ribeiro/Yamacita and Widow/Smith will play Bradley/Butsch. It must be really rough waking up in Cancun and having to play some tennis every day.
  4. Nick Chappell is sticking with his formula to vastly improve his singles ranking. Fresh off his Cancun title, he's staying in Cancun for yet another ITF tourney; this time in both doubles and singles. He's playing his doubles match right now (he and Kirkov just won love and love) and will play Michal Wozniak (ATP - NR) tomorrow in singles. And, this week, he'll be joined by Widow (Reese Stalder), who will play Oleg Khotkov (ATP#1057) tomorrow as well. Widow is also into the doubles and he and T.K. Smith are currently leading in the first set 4-1 in the opening round.
  5. The finals in Cancun have already started and Nick Chappell has taken the first set 6-3 and trails 0-1 in the 2nd. He is playing Jorge Brian Panta (ATP#505) for the title. 1-all. Panta serving first. 2-1! Nick gets the key early break! 3-1. Nick is in control. Nick has earned nearly 15,000 euros this season - the best ever of his pro career. 3-2. Panta holds. 4-2. Still up a break. 4-3. This one's tight. 5-3! One more game for a title. Nick Chappell takes the title with a 6-3, 6-3 W over Panta!!!
  7. OU pass defense very porous. Not looking good.
  8. Lineman downfield was pretty obvious.
  9. OU re-takes the lead!! 20-13!!
  10. OU strikes first!! 7-0!!
  11. First game I've watched all year - poor performance.
  12. Nick easily defeated Ortlip yesterday 2 and 3 and then won again this morning 4 and 3 in the semi-finals against Gage Brymer in Cancun. So, he's back into the finals with a chance at a title tomorrow. Chappell has found a great formula for his career best singles performances - just go to Cancun and stay there.
  13. Wow - what happened to Utah? I thought they were good. Well, I guess that makes me a Sooner fan this weekend. I certainly don't want 2 SEC teams in the CFP so I'm for LSU over Georgia. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing Ohio State and Clemson lose but I'm not sure if that would make much difference for the playoff. So, by default, it's Big 12 conference pride and Baylor-hate that drives things today.
  14. Uh, I was still holding out hope that we'd get a bowl bid due to there being a shortage of bowl-eligible teams, but I just checked and we're out because our APR isn't in the Top 5.
  15. Utah-Oregon is tonight. Go Utes! Represent the MWC!!
  16. Sad to hear it. Wes was a great Frog fan, that's for sure!
  17. Nick Chappell is back in Cancun for yet another ITF tourney there (it seems like they hold one just about every week) and he's 3rd seeded and already into the quarters after beating Noah Berry (6-2, 7-6) and Austin Ansari (7-6, 6-3) and will now play Joshua Ortlip later today. Nick is now at his career high in singles - ATP#520. Jerry Lopez is apparently not there for some reason. The ITF has completely revamped their website and navigating around it is fun, if you're into that sort of thing.
  18. Well, I certainly don't want Baylor to win, but I'm hoping Utah sneaks into the playoffs rather than the Sooners. The Utes don't have a victory over a ranked team as yet (USC is ranked but that's their only loss) but a W over Oregon will give them that.
  19. USA! USA! USA! Yet again, the U.S. demonstrated that it has the strongest college tennis system in the world by winning the Master'U competition in Grenoble over the weekend, prevailing over Team Great Britain 4-1 in the college version of the Davis Cup in international competition. This is the U.S.'s second straight W and 8th of the last 9. The team was coached as usual by Boise State's Greg Patton and the male players were Illinois' Aleks Kovacevic (who won the clinching match) and UCLA's Keegan Smith. The female players were Alexa Graham and Michaela Gordon. Like normal, the U.S. team's habit of vocally cheering each other on and running on to the court to dramatically hug each other after winning completely shocked and offended the (mostly European) other teams, as well as the spectators. Compared to football, which allows 85 scholarships, college tennis is small-time by only allowing 4.5 scholarships (for men), but that is still light years ahead of all other countries which effectively have no college system. The Frogs have never had a player on this team but it would be cool if we did.
  20. Gotta go to work shortly. No spoilers please until I get to watch the replay tonight!
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    Tech 14 Texas 0 so far. One team playing; one team watching them play.
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