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  1. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Georgetown lost to (ahem) Syracuse today, so the undefeateds are down to 5 teams - Villanova, Miami, Florida State, TCU and one other (Wichita State?).
  2. ESPN close to buying Fox Regional Sports Nets

    Well, they've announced the deal, but it will still await regulatory clearance, so it won't be a done deal until then. And, given the hold-up of the Time Warner deal, the clearances aren't a given. And sometimes, the regulators withhold approval unless changes are made. So, we'll see. But this is probably at least close to what will eventually occur. The Big10 stays with Fox, but the other 3rd tier deals go to Disney/ESPN.
  3. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I am outraged that we aren't at least as high as 12th!
  4. CDC gone to Austin

    8. Hiring David Roditi.
  5. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    He's been an assistant in the NBA for 4 teams for 16 years.
  6. CDC gone to Austin

    The worst thing about this is that Texas is finally noticing us and no longer ignoring us. It was fun for 6 years of them living in their own world and pretending that we don't exist, but now they've taken notice. Shaggy Texas is generally happy (for now) and some are hoping that CDC will bring Patterson (and others).
  7. That was quite a game! Congrats to Army on shocking the world and winning the C-in-C trophy!
  8. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Good for him. I wonder what he'd do as TCU's coach. My other school - Georgetown - is, like TCU, also undefeated under first-year coach Patrick Ewing. Not ranked though, which shows the value of winning the NIT.
  9. CDC gone to Austin

    Like Hyman and Morrison, CDC did a good job for us while he was here. I certainly don't wish him well though. I suspect that UT's fans and boosters will tire of him soon. We should probably hire an up-and-comer, but Hyman's available now.
  10. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    7:19 in the first half and we're looking good so far. A few too many turnovers. Still on ESPNNews due to the volleyball. 32-19!
  11. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I hope I'm able to stay up long enough to see the end of this game - probably our toughest yet of the season. It'll probably be delayed because of the earlier games. Nevada's good, but if Tech can beat them, then so can we. I remember beating them in football in 2000; we got a lot of sacks. And their W over Boise in 2010 was key to getting us into the Rose Bowl.
  12. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I'm pretty sure that they're not on probation any more, but they certainly should be for all the nonsense that their fans say on Pony Fans.
  13. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    In the college version of the Davis Cup - the Masters U BNP Paribas - the U.S. lost 4-2 to Team Great Britain in Lille yesterday in the finals, snapping a 5-year winning streak for the Americans. The traditional coach is Boise State's Greg Patton and this year's U.S. team included Martin Redlicki from UCLA, Alfredo Perez from Florida and USC's Brandon Holt. In other British news, Frog killer Alexander Ward (who recently beat Rybakov at the Champaign Challenger; Gray in the first round at Waco and Johnson in the semis at Waco) ended up winning the Waco Futures tourney over Danny Thomas. He's the #1 seed at the last U.S. Futures tourney this year which just started in Tallahassee. I would have thought that Rybo and Nick Chappell might have been there but neither entered (and Alex recently tweeted that he was basically done for the year). And in Vietnam, Oklahoma State's Arjun Kadhe beat OU's Andrew Harris in the finals at the Thu Dau Mot City Futures tourney - luckily, neither Kadhe nor Harris will return to college this Spring. At Stellenbosch in the RSA, the tourney that Bertus Kruger was in, Mississippi's Nik Scholtz was the winner.
  14. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    A new academic year has started and that means a new TCU tennis thread! Last year, we finished #4 in the nation, made the Elite 8, Cam Norrie finished as the #1 ranked player in the country, 4 players made All-American status, we started really slow but got hot and won the Big12 regular season championship and the Big12 tournament championship for the 2nd consecutive year, we had two Davis Cup players (Norrie and Lopez) and 1 Davis Cup captain. With Norrie gone and Rybo's status up in the air (I think he'll be back, but who knows), we might not be as dominating as in recent years but we're still likely to be a good team, which probably means Top 16 or so. Alastair Gray will likely be eligible and we've got some new highly touted freshmen to go with our returning vets (Eduardo Nava has transferred). On Monday, Coach Roditi released the season schedule. This fall, we open up again at Newport for the Hall of Fame Invitational on September 15 - that's an invitational so only a few players will be there and the rest of the team will be in Midland that day. Then comes the ACU Invitational and the Battle in the Bay Classic in San Francisco on 9/22 with the team splitting up again. Then, there'll be the ITA All-American Championships in Tulsa on 9/30, the Collin County Invitational in Plano on 10/12 and the ITA Regionals on 10/19, which, if we qualify anyone, will precede the ITA Nationals two weeks later. The Spring season will start at Arizona State on 1/21, followed by 3 home matches against San Diego, Louisville or Duke and USF on 1/27, 1/28 and 3/9. Then it's the Ponies in Dallas on 2/11 and then Tulsa at home on 2/28. Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (I just might be there) on 3/3 and then Penn at home on 3/8. After that, it'll be Duke at the USTA Center at Lake Nona on 3/13 and then Florida at Gainesville on 3/14. Columbia at home on 3/18, the Aggies at College Station on 3/20 and a doubleheader at home against Tulane and UTA on 3/28. Big 12 conference play will start on 3/30 at Texas followed by 3 straight home matches against OU, OSU and Baylor and we finish up on 4/22 hosting Tech. The Big12 tourney will be in Austin (they'll have their new center by then) on 4/26. If we make the NCAA's, that'll be two weeks later and hopefully, we'll be in the Top 16 and will host a regional. This will be the last year of the "old" format with super-regionals (like baseball) in the cards for 2019. The schedule looks tough; our last year's nation's-best 1-2 punch will be missing one of the two players (at least) so we're gonna need stepped up play from some of the newbies to be nationally competitive and to win our third straight Big12 championships. But hopes are high! (What would be really special is if our Boston-area correspondent could make it to Newport next weekend to give us his usual sterling on-the-spot reports).
  15. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Very good win for the Frogs!! We broke our 5-game losing streak against SMU, we shot 50% 3-pointers, 80% from the foul line, we have the longest winning streak in the nation (9-0 this year) and we're ranked 20th. Not bad!
  16. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Good late comeback to lead by 7 at the half. We're still playing spottily, but the 3's are bailing us out.
  17. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    25-22. We're playing okay (especially Kendrich Williams) , but I think SMU is going to settle down at some point.
  18. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    The Pony Board already has a 3-page game thread on it and the SMU fans are claiming that they're going to take over the Scholl in attendance (because the Frog fans aren't even aware that there's a game on and it's finals week). They've beaten us 5 games in a row and USC was ranked 14th when SMU beat them. Nevada at the Staples Center will be big, but this one is clearly the biggest game of the year so far. I hope Dixon's got em ready and that the fans show up.
  19. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Huge game against the Ponies tonight! It'll be on FSSW at 8:00 but I don't get that and will have to await the replay on FCSC at 11:00. SMU is 7-2, just beat USC and is 3rd in the nation in points allowed at 56.3 ppg. They've played a much tougher early schedule than we have, they've beaten us consistently in the past few years and will be a stiff test. But we've won 13 in a row and are ranked 20th - this could be the year we finally beat them.
  20. ESPN close to buying Fox Regional Sports Nets

    Wow - if and when finalized, this will be a big deal. Some of the Fox regionals are doing well, with strong contracts with dominant pro and college teams in their markets, and some aren't doing so well (like Fox Chicago, which folded a few years ago). And I guess we don't know (as yet) what this means for the Big10 Network and/or the Pac12 Networks, in which I think Fox has some stakes. For TCU and the Big12, I guess this means that ESPN will inherit our Tier 3 stuff, some of which is scheduled to be re-negotiated in the next few years. And we have no idea what ESPN would then do - presumably, they could fold some or all of those networks into their existing platforms or they could continue them or change them somewhat. Fox will still be relevant, but they would be more like CBS and NBC; which are more like niche players with the SEC, Notre Dame and others while ESPN will be the behemoth, with contracts with virtually everyone. Without all the details, it's hard to know how it will all shake out until it's finalized and implemented. I think ESPN likes TCU better than a couple of decades ago, so maybe this will be good for us. But that's a constantly evolving thing, which depends on how successful our teams are (both on the field and in the ratings). And, like RSK said, it eliminates at least one impediment to a conference network (the Tier 3 deals across both Fox and ESPN), although there are several others that still make that unlikely.
  21. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Here are the current ATP rankings for the Frogs (former, present, possibly future): Cameron Norrie - singles (114); doubles (581); career highs (110/391) Alex Rybakov - singles (635); doubles (991); career highs (584/603) Nick Chappell - singles (975); doubles (491); career highs (627/416) Trevor Johnson - singles (1116); doubles (1045); career highs (he's at CH's in both because of recent performance!) Alastair Gray - singles (1578); doubles (NR); career highs (986/1373) Guillermo Nunez - singles (1604); doubles (1025); career highs (674/704) Bertus Kruger - singles (NR); doubles (NR); career highs (1479/NR) Reese Stalder - singles (NR); doubles (NR); career highs (NR/NR) Cam didn't quite make Top 100 for this season so it's a goal for 2018; Alex has steadily improved but still has a ways to go to make a consistent money-earning pro level; Nick has been peaking in doubles; Trevor is at CH's from Waco/Laguna Niguel; Alastair has only been playing a handful of pro tourneys; Guillermo is recovering from foot surgery; Bertus we've only just learned about and Reese is still fighting to earn his first-ever ATP points.
  22. Bowl Matchups 2017-18

    I like the match-up with Stanford - quality school, well-respected football program. In our 5 bowl games in the Big12, we've had 2 SEC teams (Georgia, Mississippi), 1 Big10 team (Michigan State) and now 2 Pac12 teams (Stanford, Oregon). But to make this a good season, we need to win. if so, we could make it back to the Top 10 and have some momentum heading into next year. On UCF, I'm sort of in the middle. I don't think they're 1 of the top 4 teams, but I do think they should have been rated higher earlier in the season and in recent weeks so that they would have been effectively in the conversation. Kirby Hocutt and the committee should have been asked about them repeatedly and all last week the ESPN/Fox shows should have been discussing them as having a chance. They (the media and the committee) should have been forced to justify why they (UCF) weren't in the Top 4 and there should have been at least some controversy about it. As it was, everyone just wrote them off because their conference was poorly regarded; kind of like with Tulane/Marshall/Louisville/TCU/BYU in the original BCS. Now, they'll probably have to go 12-0 again just to get in the conversation and then 12-0 yet again to have a real chance. It would vastly help, however, if they would have played a Top 25 BCS/AQ/P5 team though.
  23. CFP Rankings

    15th. (sigh) Alamo Bowl, here we come!!
  24. CFP Rankings

    1. Georgia 2. Alabama 3. Notre Dame 4. Clemson 5. Oklahoma 6. TCU 7. Miami 8. Wisconsin 9. Washington 10. Auburn Northwestern and Iowa enter the rankings, which helps Wisconsin. UCF at 18th. Oklahoma State at 15th; ISU 21st.
  25. CFP Rankings

    I think I'd go with Clemson, OU, Georgia and Ohio State and leave Alabama out. Let's see if the Committee agrees.