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  1. He needs to be in the Top 56 on June 8, 2020, he needs to have been nominated for the British Davis Cup team twice between 2016-2010, he needs to be in the Top 6 of all British men players and the Brits are limited to 4 total men players and he needs to be in good standing with the Olympic Committee. He's 54th currently, he's already been on the British Davis Cup team twice and he's #2 of all male Brits right now. I'd say the chances are good so long as he stays ranked high enough.
  2. Football and basketball players receive full scholarships covering all tuition, room and board. A partial scholarship only covers part of that. Unless you're Cam Norrie, though, college tennis players rarely receive full scholarships because of the scholie limitations. There are no standings in the Fall - that only starts in the Spring. The ITA preseason rankings won't come out until January but the TCU team has generally been picked about 10th in the nation so far by the various prognosticators for the Spring season.. We made the Elite 8 last year. The defending national champion is Texas; we'll probably be picked to finish 3rd in the Big12. Our Spring schedule is listed on the first page of this thread - it'll be a tough one. Here are the current individual singles rankings for the Frogs: Cameron Norrie - 54th best player in the world. Alex Rybakov - 531. May be in Champaign-Urbana for the Challenger this week. Gerardo Lopez Villasenor - 544. Nick Chappell - 571 (will be in Houston this week - he's playing Sebastian Fanselow (ATP#394) this afternoon). Tomas Jirousek - 774 (will be in Milovice, Czechia this week - he's playing Petr Hajek (ATP#994) tomorrow morning). Tadeas Paroulek - 785 Alastair Gray - 1076 Reese Stalder - 1159 Jacob Fearnley - 1323 Eduardo Roldan - 1799 Bertus Kruger - NR Luc Fomba - NR Sander Jong - NR Juan Martin - NR Max Kurzban- NR
  3. There is no limit on the number of roster players; there is, however, a limit on the number of scholarships that may be awarded. For the men, it is 4.5 full scholarships, which are rarely offered in full and are instead usually given partially (and then can be combined with academic or other types of scholarships and grants and loans). For the women, the limit is 8 full scholarships. I post scores from wherever the tournaments are and they are from all over the planet. Tennis is an international sport and future Frogs, current Frogs and former Frogs play in tourneys that span the globe. The entire roster rarely travels in full; in the Fall, the players are eligible to play in pro tourneys and they pick and choose where they want to play (college-only amateur events or pro) depending on a wide variety of factors, including cost, available prize money, location and the level of tournament it is (Transition; Futures. Challengers; ATP-level events). There are variances between the women's and men's games but they are mostly the same and the differences could be the subject of a much longer post. During the fall, there are no "standings;" just rankings. In the Spring, when team competition begins, there are standings in each conference and overall. The best TCU tennis coverage anywhere is on the Froghorn and in this thread because it synthesizes all of the multitudinous sources that cover things partially.
  4. Chad Morris fired by Arkansas. What a dumbass! If he had stayed at SMU, he could have enjoyed this season and then parlayed that into a better job if he wanted. But Arkansas, shorn of their Texas recruiting is a death knell for coaches now.
  5. Row the boat. Minnesota is my new favorite for the CFP.
  6. Nick lost in the semis yesterday to Reis di Silva 7-5, 1-6, 3-6, but another semis performance will give him some more ATP points. So far, this is Nick's best pro season ever since he graduated. I'm guessing Alastair lost at Newport Beach but I can't find the results anywhere.
  7. I got it wrong (or they reported it wrong this morning) - Lopez lost to Reis di Silva and did not advance in Cancun. So Nick will play Reis di Silva tomorrow morning in the semis. Sorry! Also, Widow and Corwin lost in the semis today in doubles at Malibu. So, still alive going into the weekend are Chappell in Cancun in the semis (which is a very good performance) and Gray in the ITA Nationals at Newport Beach.
  8. The early results from Cancun are in for this morning and both Nick Chappell and Jerry Lopez won their singles matches and have advanced to the semis. Gerardo won easily; 2 and 3 over Reis di Silva. For Nick, it was a lot tougher against Khan (who, as everyone knows, was/will be Kirk's greatest adversary after being awakened on the Botany Bay after being placed in suspended animation following the 21st century Eugenics Wars) - Nick started slowly and lost the first set 4-6, but came back to win 7-5 (fighting from down a break and breaking in the final game at love), and 6-3 in the 3rd.
  9. At Newport Beach in the ITA Nationals, Gray and Fearnley lost in doubles today to Aubone/Hannestad in a hotly-contested match 6-2, 6-7 (1-7), 9-11, so that's it for the Frogs in doubles there. Ali, however, is still alive in singles and he'll play tomorrow (presumably) although I can't figure out who his opponent will be as yet. At Cancun, Nick Chappell and Ajeet Rai retired in doubles after trailing 1-2 in the first set. Not sure why. But Nick is scheduled to play in the singles tomorrow against Zane Khan (ATP#1279). And Gerardo Lopez Villasenor will play Joao Lucas Reis di Silva (ATP#607). Both are in the quarters. And in Malibu, Widow and Felix Corwin won their doubles match against Altamirano/Song 2 and 3. They will now play Redlicki/Rapp tomorrow - also in the quarters.
  10. In Cancun this morning, both Nick (ATP# 571) and Jerry (#544) won their singles matches - Nick went 1 and 2 over Skyler Butts (ATP# 1235) and Gerardo won 3 and 2 over Mateus Alves (#851). So they've both advanced there. Nick is also teaming with Ajeet Rai in doubles. In Malibu, Widow (#1159) is teaming with Felix Corwin in doubles and they will face Altamirano/Song later today. The ITA Nationals start today and Alastair Gray and Jacob Fearnley will play MTSU's Slump/Moti (the Ohio Valley ITA Regional champs) in the first round this afternoon.
  11. I think it's weird that Delton is gone. I understand that he's displeased about not getting more playing time, but with Duggan hurt, and 4 (maybe 5) more games, he probably would have gotten more action. I guess Baylor won't have to prepare for him now.
  12. Alastair will be competing in the singles and he and Jacob will also team up in the doubles. I thought it was going to be in New York, but it will instead be on the other side of the country in Newport Beach, California and it starts this weekend. Ali is currently ranked 18th by the ITA and he qualified because he made the Round of 16 at the ITA Texas Regionals 2 weeks ago (even though the results couldn't be found in real time while that tourney was ongoing). I guess Ali and Jacob went deep enough in the doubles to qualify as well. 9 Big 12 players will be in the singles; 7 Big 12 doubles teams will be there too. Tomas Jirousek lost in Prague this morning to Peter Makk 6-3, 3-6, 6-7 (4-7) in a marathon match lasting nearly 3 hours.
  13. I think we should just run the WildFrog all day with Sewo.
  14. Tomas Jirousek's singles match against Makk was delayed until tomorrow. Meanwhile, he played doubles today with Lukas Jirousek (brother?) and they lost 7-6 (8-6), 4-6, 6-10. Rybo is actually in Knoxville where he's been practicing with Tommy Paul and hoping to qualify for the Knox Challenger at the University of Tennessee. Unfortunately, they had a very small qualifying draw and he didn't qualify. Next week, he'll probably try to qualify for the Challenger in Champaign-Urbana.
  15. I'm feeling much better about our chances against Baylor than I did against Oklahoma State. We're at home and even though they have a gaudy record, I've seen some of their games and they don't look all that impressive. If we can play like we did against Texas and Purdue, I think we can take this. It sure would be nice to beat Baylor and Texas in an otherwise down season.
  16. On TCU's schedule, the team was supposedly going to SMU over the past weekend for the inaugural Ralston/Neufeld Coaches Challenge, but after searching and searching, I could find no TCU results at all and the tourney is now over. The SMU site listed the brackets and there were no TCU players on it, so I'm guessing that we skipped it (SMU's Carles Sarrio ended up winning). Which leads me to speculating as to why - is Alastair Gray injured after having retired at the Ft. Worth tourney in the rain?; are they doing okay at school? etc... I have no idea why. Also, the schedule lists the Birmingham ITF Futures tourney as the next event but the ITF site says that tourney was moved to next week and then cancelled altogether, so no player is going there either. There is a tourney in Naples this week but no Frogs are listed there either. So basically, they're taking a break, and I'm not sure when the next event will be. Tomas Jirousek is in Prague this week and will play Hungarian Peter Makk tomorrow.
  17. So far this season, I'm disappointed in Cohen's performance. Last year, at a key point, he personally intervened in a game and individually contributed to providing a tipping point to an ultimate W. This year, he as yet has not personally contributed much in his on-the-field performance. In fact, it seems to me at least that he has deliberately attempted to stay off the field rather than provide a direct impact upon our games. Instead, he seems more focused on promoting the team through media rather than actual football play. What's his deal? If he actually wanted us to win, don't you think he should be on the field trying his best like he's done in the past?
  18. They didn't release that - they're doing the Top 10 one-by-one and we were the first (and I think they're largely going by last season's year-end rankings). But I'm guessing that UT is #1 (as the defending national champ) and Baylor is above us as well. The official pre-season ITA rankings won't come out until January. Stay tuned...
  19. Much difficulty in finding out the results at the ITA Texas Regionals in Waco. I'm guessing that, beyond, Fomba making the quarters, we didn't do so well because we're not bragging on twitter or putting up articles on the TCU tennis site. I don't think Alastair Gray played, so I'm now very concerned that he got injured in the rain at the Ft. Worth tourney. I did discover that Baylor's Sven Lah won it and will advance to New York, beating A&M's Valentin Vacherot in the final. David Roditi was featured on two podcasts - available at Bobby Knight's collegetennistoday site and crackedracquets in which "experts" discuss TCU's chances in the Spring - we're currently regarded as #10 in their unofficial poll. Next up for the team will be the SMU Wildcard Tournament on 11/1.
  20. Rybo lost today 6-7, 6-7 to Mnoh. Arrgh! Two tiebreaks and he lost both. So close to a Challenger breakthrough.
  21. I'm not feeling too good about this game - the Cowboys usually torch us in Stillwater. And they're coming off a big upset over the Clones. But if Duggan plays like he did against Texas and we actually have a passing offense again, maybe we have a chance.
  22. That thread is hilarious. The Longhorn fans seem so entitled, but I guess that's expected for a team that has been vastly over-rated all season. They seem to think that they are the most perfect team ever, but it's only their coaches (or the refs) that get in the way. When, in reality, they are an injury-riddled team with a porous defense, and average QB, no running game, but some pretty good receivers.
  23. Cam Norrie lost to Milos Raonic (ATP#32) today at Paris in the first round of the main draw, so no championship for him this week. But Rybo (now ATP#534) is playing in about 2 hours in the first round at the Charlotteville Challenger against Michael Mnoh (ATP#278). But the team has been in Waco for the ITA Texas Regionals. Unfortunately, finding the results is difficult - all I can determine is that Luc Fomba has made the quarters.
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