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  1. The #25 Sun Devils easily swept Grand Canyon last night 4-0 in under 2 hours, starting the season 1-0 with a W. But at least we got the opportunity to scout their line-up. They put (1) Makey Rakotomalala; (2) Andrea Bolla; (3) freshman Christian Lerby; (4) freshman Tom LeBlanc; (5) freshman George Stoupe; and (6) freshman Jonah Wilson out in singles and Rakotomalala/LeBlanc; Stoupe/Lerby; and Ruehl/Bolla in doubles. Undoubtedly, we'll see more of their upperclassmen tomorrow. They'll have the advantage of prior action, but it wasn't competitive and the opponent wasn't all that impressive, so I'm not sure it's that much of an advantage. Still, though, with virtually their whole team back and the Frogs having lost Rybo and Widow, I'm not really liking our chances on the road. I'll be working tomorrow, so no live reports from me, but the re-cap will be available tomorrow night.
  2. Rybo and Svajda lost their doubles match 3-6, 6-1 (6-10) at Rancho Santa Fe, so that concludes a bad week for Frog tennis pros with early losses by all. The main draw for the Aussie has been announced and Cam Norrie's first opponent will be Pierre Hugues Herbert (ATP#64; France), who most recently was in Doha where he went into the 3rd round and lost to Rublev. It's scheduled for the 20th, in about 4 days. Heavy rains have diminished many of the fires in Australia, so hopefully, the tourney can go on without too much trouble. Herbert is mostly a doubles specialist, but his singles ranking is similar to Cam's, so it should be an even match. But the big news is the upcoming season opener against Arizona State. There are a lot of unknowns - what will our line-up be? Will we see our new freshmen? Which ones? How good are they? Has Kruger recovered from injuries? Is Gray our #1? It's scheduled for Saturday at 1:00 p.m. (MST). The Sun Devils open their season tonight against Grand Canyon, so they'll get a dual match in before they host the Frogs. ASU is coached by Matt Hill; they return some very good players, including Andrea Bolla (Italy), William Kirkman (Dominican Republic), Nathan Ponwith (Scottsdale), Makey Rakotomalala (France) and Tim Ruehl (Germany) (basically, their whole team from last year), but they also have a bunch of highly touted freshmen.
  3. With Cam and Jerry losing, it was already a bad day for Frog pros and it just continued with Rybo unaccountably losing to Nava 6-7 (4-7), 3-6 at Rancho Santa Fe. He's still in it in doubles but not singles. #1 Florida v.#2 Texas has just started; with the Gators leading in all 3 doubles matches. Florida takes the doubles point. In singles, it'll be Oliver Crawford v. Yuya Ito; Sam Riffice v. Christian Sigsgaard; Duarte Vale v. Siem Woldeab; Andy Andrade v. Eliot Spizziri; Lukas Greif v. Chiu Huang; and Blaise Bicknell v. Cleeve Harper. Texas takes it 4-2, w/ singles W's from Ito, Sigsgaard, Woldeab and Huang. A huge early season W for Texas, who will undoubtedly move up to #1. And the Longhorns had lost several seniors while the Gators lost less so. Texas beat Florida 4-2 in the NCAA semis last year and just did it again.
  4. Cam Norrie and Rhett Purcell lost their doubles match 4 and 2 to Bopanna/Kontinen so Cam is now done in Auckland. And because his ATP points from last year's finals run have now rolled off, he's dropped to ATP#61. But, he is already into the main draw at Melbourne, so he'll have an opportunity to make up for that loss if he can advance deep there. The draw hasn't been released as yet, but it should be shortly. Jerry Lopez (o Gerardo Lopez Villasenor) was favored in Cancun over Brandon Walkin but he unexpectedly lost the first set 2-6 and then retired, so he's out there. After so many good performances in Cancun, this is a surprise and not good news. Jerry is now at ATP#508. Alex Rybakov (now at ATP#524) is scheduled to start in just a few minutes at Rancho Santa Fe against Emilio Nava (ATP#940). This is not former Frog (and now Wake Forest Deac) Eduardo Nava, but they may be related. Rybo should be favored, but we'll see. In college tennis though, the big event is Texas v. Florida in Gainesville later today. UT is the defending champion and Florida enters the season as the preseason #1. If this were football, it would be an epic matchup and would be hyped extensively.
  5. Rybo's qualie match against Lucas Gerch (Germany; former OSU Cowboy; ATP#436) has started at Rancho Santa Fe and it's all square in the first set 3-3 (w/Alex serving first). He's also in the doubles - already in the main draw - and he's teaming with Zachary Svadja. Their opening round match will be tomorrow against Leshern/Serdarusic. 4-3. Still even on serve. Rybo's ranking improved slightly after making the quarters at LA - he's now at #524. 4-all. Cam Norrie is now officially into the main draw at the Aussie Open (qualies started today) and he just signed a deal w/ K-SWISS. 5-4. Alex had to save 2 break points to hold. I don't think I mentioned that Serbia won the ATP Cup based on Joker beating Rafa. YES!!! Rybo gets the match's first break and takes the first set 6-4! 0-1 in the 2nd as Gerch breaks back (albeit not at as key a moment). Jerry Lopez opens up at Cancun tomorrow against Brandon Walkin. 1-1!! Alex breaks back (a tennis adage is that the "pros" always break back)! Cam's doubles match in Auckland is at 9:00 p.m. (CST). 2-1. Rybo had to save a break point to hold. 2-all. Gerch holds for the first time in 3 tries. 2-3. Rybo gets broken again in this topsy-turvy set. 2-4. Not looking good this set... 3-5. 4-5. In the longest game of the match so far, Rybo saves 4 set points and fights back to stay in the set. But he needs a break right now. 5-ALL!!!! Alex saves 3 set points after being down love-40 and storms back to even the set!!! He's saved 7 set points in the last 2 games! 6-5! It's not quite Nicklaus on the 17th at the '86 Masters, but Alex has just taken the lead! 6-all. Gerch gets motivated and holds at love to force the breaker. It wasn't easy, but Alex Rybakov gets a good W over Lucas Gerch 6-4, 7-6 (7-4) to advance at Rancho Santa Fe!!
  6. As far as the game goes, it looks like LSU has got this.
  7. He's gonna show Gundy something when they go on break!! Why? Show us now!! (something about what happens when players go into the transfer portal).
  8. Why aren't they slide protecting when they're in tight splits??!! I mean, WTF??!!
  9. Where's TowelGirl when you need her??
  10. Gundy: "Yeah, say that next year when your nickel and your LB are holding our WR's."
  11. You'll never see a TCU player "tanking."
  12. Why wasn't "14" in the "B" Gap!!!!!!!????
  13. Frickin "18" couldn't come out from under that! And that #3 is playing the QB so much, he's not sinking down to help with the RB!!
  14. I want my GaryTV! Screw Disney and their need for money.
  15. What's with the commercials??!! Gary was about to make a salient point about the Texas game!!
  16. Gary was right about that WR pushing off to get clear for the TD catch. Also, I like it that "88" doesn't seem to have a name. Players are all just meat to Gary...
  17. It has apparently been raining all day in California, so no matches have been played in the qualies as yet. So rather than just delay the whole tourney, they've been canceling the matches and moving the higher seed to the next qualie round. Edit - Rybo finally got his match in and beat Tashbulatov (Kazahkstan) 1 and 4 - he'll play Lucas Gerch tomorrow.
  18. This is enjoyable getting to listen to Gary call the game.
  19. Unfortunately, Cam Norrie lost to Monteiro 6-7 (3-7), 2-6 and is out of the singles in Auckland. This is a bad result for him; especially because he made the finals here last year and will lose ATP points but also because it's his hometown. He's still in the doubles, however, and he and Purcell will play Bohannon/Kontinen later today. Alex Rybakov's first qualie match at Rancho Santa Fe will be against Dostanbek Tashbulatov (ATP#872) at noon today.
  20. I really can't believe we're 3-0! Dare we hope for a winning conference record and a NCAA bid?
  21. Cam's first round singles match in Auckland will be against Thiago Monteiro (ATP#87; Brazil) tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. (CST). Alex Rybakov is on the qualifying list for the ITF tourney at Rancho Santa Fe in California, which starts Monday - the qualie draw hasn't been released as yet though. Gerardo Lopez Villasenor is into the main draw at Cancun (where else?) for yet another tourney there. Serbia and Spain are the finalists for the ATP Cup. The Big 12 preseason poll has come out and the Frogs, as expected, were picked 3rd behind Texas and Baylor, who each received 3 first place votes. Oklahoma State is 4th; OU 5th and Tech 6th. The Frog women were picked 7th. The Big 12 season actually started today with OU beating ACU 7-0. OSU plays San Diego State and OU hosts Tennessee tomorrow. But the biggest opener will undoubtedly be Wednesday when defending champ Texas visits preseason #1 Florida in Gainesville.
  22. It looks like the Tempe Collegiate Cup has been cancelled and replaced by a simple road match against Arizona State in Tempe which will take place a week from today on 1/18. Last year, it was a 4-team exhibition that didn't actually count in the official standings but the Frogs got 3 victories anyway (over ASU, Mississippi State and Illinois). This year, it'll count but we won't get as much early experience against top teams. All-time, TCU leads ASU 5-0, but that's a little misleading as we beat them twice in the 80's, but then the Sun Devils went on a decade-long hiatus and only re-started their program 3 years ago. They have nonetheless recruited well from overseas players and won't be a pushover at all (they're ranked 25th). Cam Norrie has gone home to Auckland and will play the tune-up tourney prior to the Aussie like last year. His doubles match has already been scheduled - he'll team with Rhett Purcell and they'll play Bopanna/Kontinen tomorrow. Last year, Cam made the singles final (his first-ever at the ATP level) and lost to Tennys Sandgren in a thriller that was selected by the Tennis Channel as the match of the year.
  23. And just to remind everyone, here are the final fall individual singles rankings (for the Top 10): 1. Daniel Cukierman )USC) 2. Yuya Ito (Texas) 3. Valentin Vacherot (A&M) 4. Sam Riffice (Florida) 5. Richard Ciamarra (Notre Dame) 6. Jack Lin (Columbia) 7. Keegan Smith (UCLA) 8. Joseph Guillen (UCSB) 9. Mor Bulis (USC) 10. Hady Habib (A&M) 51. Alastair Gray (TCU) 100. Luc Fomba (TCU)
  24. The preseason ITA rankings came out yesterday and the Frogs will start the Spring Season at #8 in the country! Here they are: 1. Florida (5 first place votes; 4th last year) - they look especially tough (w/Riffice) 2. Texas (4 votes; 1st last year; defending champs) - likely the Big 12 favorite (w/Ito and others) 3. USC (3 votes; 8th last year) (Brandon Holt; Daniel Cukierman) 4. North Carolina (7th last year) 5. Baylor (6th last year) 7. Wake Forest (2nd last year) 8. The Fighting Frogs of lil ole TCU (3rd time in the last 5 seasons starting in the Top 10)(finished 10th year-end last season) 9. Texas A&M (14th) 10. Virginia (5th) 11. UCLA (11th) 12. Stanford (12th) 13. Illinois (15th) 14. California (18th) 15. Oklahoma State (22th) 16. South Carolina (19th) 17. Michigan (20th) 18. Tennessee (13th) 19. Columbia (16th) 19. Georgia (21st) 21. Mississippi State (9th) 22. Oklahoma (17th) 23. N.C. State (23rd) 24. San Diego (25th) 25. Arizona State (24th) ARV: Alabama, Arizona, Florida State, Notre Dame, UCF Personally, I think #8 is a little high given the loss of Rybo and Widow and several unproven freshmen. I think this will be a transition year for the Frogs. But other teams lost players too, so we'll see. The Frogs will open up next week at the Tempe Collegiate Cup!
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