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  1. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Cam v. Kypson has started in Miami and Norrie trails 3-5 in the 1st set. 4-5. Cam needs to break the Aggie to level the set. Yes!! The Boer/Kiwi/Welsh/Scot/Frog gets the break over the hated Aggie!! 5-5! 6-all. Into a 1st set breaker. Aw man. Kypson takes the breaker 7-6. 1-1 in the 2nd set. Cam came close to getting the break but couldn't convert. 2-all. Cam gets the break and goes up 5-2! Norrie wins the 2nd set 6-3! 2-0 in the 3rd! 4-1!! Cam takes the first match in the Aggie-Frog doubleheader! He whips the lugie hocker 6-7, 6-3, 6-1!
  2. Fantasy Baseball 2018

    Okay, I'll do it if you absolutely need someone to fill the slot. But I'm terrible at it and will undoubtedly finish last yet again in an embarrassing way.
  3. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Agreed, but with tennis, you always have to put the qualifier "in the Open era" in there. We'll just never know how many majors Laver, Talbert, Tilden, Rosewall or even Lacoste would have won if they had been eligible to play at those "strictly amateur" events. Personally, I think Frog Fan Fed would wallop Laver because the game has evolved so much and the equipment just isn't the same, but we'll just never know. And I'd go with Martina for the women. The new ITA rankings are just out and TCU jumped 21 spots(!) and are now ranked 11th!! Which just shows how completely transformed the season has become because of our hot play. Here they are: 1. Wake Forest 2. Ohio State 3. Stanford 4. UCLA 5. North Carolina 6. Texas A&M 7. Illinois 8, Michigan 9. Florida 10. USC 11. TCU 12. Texas 13. Missisippi State 14. Georgia 15. Oklahoma State 16. Oklahoma 17. Columbia 18. Duke 24. Baylor 29. Tech 30. California 32. Tulane 34. Arizona State 48. San Diego 49. Louisville The Frogs are once again tops in the Big12. Rybakov has leaped up to 12th; Gray is 33rd; Johnson is 64th; Nunez debuts at 114th. In doubles, Rybo/Nunez are 21st; Rybo/Gray are 26th; Kruger/Stalder debut at 42nd. Needless to say, the rankings are reflecting our hot play. Beating the Aggies will surely move us into the Top 10 and hopefully, Cam will also beat Kypson in Miami. 11th!!!!
  4. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Texas A&M is ranked 6th and is 12-3 on the season, with W's over Arizona State, LSU (twice), Cal Poly, Tulsa, Tech, Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Notre Dame and L's to only Ohio State, UCLA and OU. They are undefeated at home and in the SEC. Contrary to what I said above, Arthur Rinderknech has not graduated and he is ranked 10th in singles (it helps to actually look stuff up), Jordi Arconada is 37th, Valentin Vacherot is 31st, Catanzariti is 109th and Kypson is 27th. The reason for Kypson's relative lower ranking is because he has fairly frequently not played; probably because his "deal" was that he be allowed to play pro tourneys when he wanted - he hasn't actually played for the Ags since the Georgia match a week or so ago. So he and Rinderknech have both been playing at the #1 slot and it hasn't really altered the Aggies' winning ways. (Which means that missing Kypson won't necessarily be as determinative as Columbia missing Pham was). Steve Denton has been their coach since 2006; he played for UT and was a very good pro, once winning the U.S. Open in doubles. (He's gained a lot of weight since then). The Aggies have won 5 straight. All-time, TCU leads the rivalry 38-19 - in the last 45 years, we've played them at least once a season 43 times. We've won 4 straight (the last 2 just barely with 4-3 W's) and are 15-11 at College Station. I'm still fairly pessimistic, but if Kypson isn't there, our chances are decent-to-good to win. Roditi was "ecstatic" over yesterday's wins and said the guys were clearly pumped to play A&M. Can we pull off yet another stunning upset? Norrie leads Kozlov 3-0 early; Kypson-Smyczek has been delayed. Cam takes the first set 6-1! Kypson still delayed. Cam wins 6-1, 2-0 (retired)! On to the next qualie for the Camster! But, uh, Kypson is getting smoked - 1-4 in the 1st. Kypson storms back - 5-4 in the 1st. And Kypson wins 4 and 3. So, Norrie v. Kypson tomorrow and a Kypson-less Aggie team v. TCU tomorrow as well.
  5. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Unfortunately, Frog fan Roger Federer lost in the finals at Indian Wells yesterday to Argentine Juan Martin del Potro. The next ATP event this week will be the Miami Masters and Cam Norrie will be attempting to qualify for it today in a qualie against Stefan Kozlov, a Macedonian-born and now American player of Russian descent. Kozlov is ranked #169 in the ATP. If Cam wins, he will be playing Aggie Patrick Kypson (if he also wins his qualie match against Kryczek). This is potentially good news for the Frogs because it means that Kypson may not be available for tomorrow's TCU-A&M match. If the lugie hocker remains in Miami (and we definitely want him to win today!), our odds have improved for tomorrow! We could beat them at College Station and Miami! Both Cam's and the lugie hocker's matches begin shortly.
  6. The Worldwide Leader is BACK!!!!!!

    We're starting Big12 play already?
  7. The Worldwide Leader is BACK!!!!!!

    The Frogs swept Columbia in tennis! Now, I can follow the baseball!
  8. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    So, it's a 3rd straight win over a highly-ranked team for the Frogs! We're 10-3 on the year which equals Columbia's record, and they were ranked 9th. I don't think we're gonna finish it out, so it goes in the record books as a 4-0 sweep, which is even more impressive. Clearly, we're hot, but we were greatly helped by Victor Pham's absence today - maybe it's an injury and he needed a rest after a long road trip. The #6 Aggies are next on Tuesday in College Station; perhaps our toughest road trip or at least on a par with Carolina, Illinois and Florida. I think the new rankings will be out on Tuesday morning - we should make a huge jump! This season has been transformed - can we continue it against Krypson and Catanzariti??!!
  9. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Confidence is high with Victor Pham missing from their line-up and with a 1-0 lead! Our "usual" line-up of Alex, TJ, Ali, Guillermo, Reese and Bertus will play. Early on, Alex 2-0; Trevor 1-1; Ali 2-0; Guillermo 2-0; Reese 2-0; Bertus 0-2. Very good start! Rybo 6-2!!; Johnson 6-2!! Gray 4-5; Nunez 6-1, 2-0!!; Stalder 6-0, 1-0!! Kruger 2-6! 4 first sets won in quick fashion! The Frogs are hot!! Rybo 1-0 (2nd set); Johnson 1-0 (2nd set); Gray falls 4-6; Nunez 4-0 (2nd set)!! Stalder 1-1 (2nd set); Kruger 0-0 (2nd set). Fantastic so far! The Little Beast wins 1 and love!! TCU 2 Columbia 0. Nunez is playing some of the best tennis of his life! All others in 2nd sets. Rybakov 2-0; Johnson 2-0; Gray 1-1; Stalder 2-2; Kruger 1-1. We just need 2 more and it's over. Only a matter of time now barring a stupendous Columbia comeback. Rybo 3-0; TJ 3-0; Gray 1-2; Stalder 3-2; Kruger 2-1. Perhaps I spoke too soon - the Lions are fighting. Alex 4-0!; TJ 3-2; Gray 2-3; Stalder 4-3; Kruger 2-all. Still a big lead, but... Rybo 5-0; Trevor 5-2; Ali 2-4; Reese 4-all; Bertus 3-all. Rybo 5-1; Johnson 5-2; Gray 3-4; Stalder 5-4; Kruger 4-3. Trevor Johnson prevails 2 and 2 and TCU is up 3-0!! Rybo 5-2; Gray 4-all; Stalder 5-4; Kruger 4-3. Columbia mounts a very late comeback - Rybo 5-3; Gray 5-4; Stalder 5-6; Kruger 5-4. Alex Rybakov clinches it 2 and 3 and the Frogs win 4-0!!
  10. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Baseball and tennis today on campus! The matches will be starting shortly. In doubles, it'll be what is now becoming our usual line-up: Rybakov/Nunez (v. Tang/Matheson); Gray/Johnson (v. Ambrozy/Rolski) and Kruger/Stalder (v. Lin/Pandole). Pham not playing doubles or singles for the Lions. Our chances have definitively improved! And we're off! 1-1, 2-0, 1-1 early. Lookin good in the neighborhood! R/N 2-1; G/J 3-0!; S/K 2-1! R/N 2-3; G/J 4-1; S/K 2-all. The Lions fight back. R/N 3-4; G/J 4-2; S/K 3-2. This is tight! R/N 4-4; G/J 5-2!; S/K 5-2!! Key breaks late! 5-4!; 5-3; 5-3. The Frogs win the doubles point (at virtually the same time on all 3 courts)!!! 6-4; 6-3; 6-3!! TCU 1 Columbia 0! On to the singles!
  11. The Worldwide Leader is BACK!!!!!!

    The tennis will be starting shortly - it'll be a crowded day for TCU fans. Between the doubleheader, baseball fans could check out the tennis!
  12. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Columbia beat UTA 4-1 yesterday, moving their record to 10-2 before tomorrow's match (11:00 a.m.) with the Frogs. They won the doubles point and then won the 4, 5 and 6 singles slots fairly easily. All-time, TCU is 5-4 against the Lions, but we lost 4-3 last year in New York, so we've got some revenge to accomplish tomorrow. It should be a close competitive match; I'm optimistic, but there's a reason they're #9 in the country.
  13. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    In the long run, a NCAA appearance (even if one and done) is better than an NIT championship. But in the immediate aftermath of a terrible performance in losing to a team we should have beaten, the one and done seems worse. SuperToad has it right - this is a step-by-step process and we need to return to the NCAA's and make a run as step 3. We were probably likely to lose to Michigan State even if we had won over Syracuse, so this was merely a loss one step before we were probably going to lose in any event. It was good that we made the Dance for the first time since 1998 - hopefully, we'll be back next year.
  14. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Down go the Shockers! We are Marshall! (after the refs turned 58 seconds of basketball into 25 minutes of real life...)