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  1. Wasn't that in 2010? If so, it's been 8 years.
  2. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Jerry Lopez (or Gerardo Lopez (Villasenor), as the case may be) just won his first ever pro title by winning 6-4, 6-2 over Harrison Adams today in Mexico City! His ATP ranking of #1035, will surely rise to a career high (it used to be 1019) after this result. So we've now got 3 former Frogs having success in the pros - Cam, Nick Chappell and Jerry Lopez. Jerry already won a Davis Cup round playing for Mexico a month ago but hasn't been having a whole lot of success on the Futures circuit (mostly in Mexico and environs). Until now. Felicidades a Gerardo! A&M v. Florida and Wake v.Illinois have just started (still outside for now) in Winston Salem.
  3. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    It finally stopped raining in Winston Salem, so they re-scheduled the quarters to early today so that they could actually play some matches outdoors (too bad it didn't happen before the Frogs were eliminated). This is "supposed" to be an outdoors tournament. So far, the matches have been 4-3 thrillers, with UCLA beating USC for the 4th time this season. And Ohio State v. Mississippi State is currently 3-3, with the #1 match between Torpegaard and Borges currently in the third set to decide it. Only Wake v. Illinois and A&M v. Florida remain. Cam Norrie has decided to enter one more tune-up prior to the French Open and he will play in the Lyon Open tomorrow in the Round of 32 against Jose Hernandez-Fernandez of the Dominican Republic (who played at UNC), who won two qualie matches to advance to the main draw. He's #267 in the ATP rankings so Cam should be favored. And Torp takes the final set 6-1 and Ohio State goes to the semis (and joins UCLA). Only two spots remain.
  4. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Yep, no joy in Frogville as we got swept. But at least Alex and Trevor and Reese fought back and split sets and Eduardo was still fighting at 5-all in the 2nd before we ultimately succumbed. Once we lost that tiebreak to lose the doubles point, however, the outcome was more or less pre-ordained. It was a good season, though, and we're still alive in the individual tourneys once the team competition is over. Today's winners set up tomorrow's quarters: Wake v. Illinois; A&M v. the Florida-Mississippi winner (Fla. leads 3-2 late); Ohio State v. Mississippi State and UCLA v. USC.
  5. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Singles has just started - after such an emotional losing tie-break, I can only hope that we'll bounce back and take 4 matches, but it's doubtful. Early on it's Rybo 1-1; Johnson 2-1; Nunez 0-2; Stalder 0-1; Roldan 1-0; Kurzban 0-1. Rybo 2-all; Johnson 2-all; Nunez 0-3; Stalder 1-2; Roldan 1-1; Kurzban 0-3. We lead nowhere and trail in 3 matches. This is sad. This is walking like a loss, talking like a loss and quacking like a loss. Luckily, I have plans and won't have to sit through this. Hopefully, I'll get back tonight and discover that we made a stunning comeback, but I have my doubts. Congrats to the Illini! The injuries caught up with us. Still, we made the Sweet 16, went to Winston Salem and then Chapel Hill and won the Big12. Next up for us will be the singles and doubles competitions for Rybo, Rybo/Nunez and maybe Johnson. Rybo 2-3; Johnson 2-4; Nunez 0-4; Stalder 2-2; Roldan 1-3; Kurzban 0-4. Wake just blew out Columbia.
  6. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Okay, we're about to start. The line-ups will be as projected above. We're serving first on all three doubles courts. Go Frogs! Rybo/Nunez 1-0; Johnson/Stalder 1-0; but Kurzban/Roldan broken early 0-1 (to Vuks/Budic). R/N 2-1; J/S 3-0!; K/R 1-2. R/N 2-1; J/S 3-1; K/R break back and even it at 2-all. 3-2; 4-1!; but Roldan and Kurzban broken again 2-3. 3-all; 5-2; 3-5. 4-3; 5-3; 4-5. Roldan and Kurzban fall 4-6. We need both of the remaining matches. Johnson and Stalder win 6-3!! It's up to court #1 where it's 4-all. 5-4. Aw man, Brown double faulted to take it to no-ad and match point, but we didn't convert. 5-all. 5-6 as we get broken at the key moment.(sigh). 6-all! On a double fault!! On to a tiebreak!! We lose a heart-stopping tie-breaker 9-7. We had a match point at 6-5, they had two match points, both of which they double-faulted away, but then we fall. Illinois1 TCU 0 and I'm very pessimistic now.
  7. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    All indoors, USC beats UNC (bad for my bracket) and UCLA takes down Michigan (good for my bracket) as both advance to the quarters. Texas v. Mississippi State is moving to Chapel Hill. I'm guessing we will too but it hasn't been announced as yet. SlamTennis is describing TCU v. Illinois as the closest match of the day - hopefully, this link will work: https://slam.tennis/compare/ncaam/602. They've announced our move to UNC at Chapel Hill - it'll start not before 5:00 (EDT). Cam Norrie just tweeted his support (and that he'll be wearing Roger Federer's shoes at the French). UT lost the doubles point to Mississippi State. I think that match definitely needs more cowbell. And Mississippi State wins 4-1 to take out Texas. We're the last Big12 team standing now... Ohio State advances as well, and Wake leads Columbia.
  8. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Rain, rain go away, come again some other day. The women played yesterday - all indoors. It's like we're having yet another National Indoors. This does not bode well for the Frogs.
  9. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    The women are starting today (and no, Arkansas didn't make it) and it's raining. So, the matches will probably move indoors and over to Chapel Hill. If we have to move indoors tomorrow, that's a bad sign because the Illini are a better inside team and we're clearly a better outside team. The rule will be that the higher seeded team stays in Winston-Salem and the lower seed will travel the hour and a half to UNC (which probably means us). Here are some other factoids: UI's Zeke Clark was won 13 straight, all in straight sets Aleks Kovacevic has won 10 straight Alex Brown has won 9 out of his last 10 Rybo/Guillermo have won 13 straight at #1 doubles Reese has won 9 straight, all in straight sets (and 12 of his last 13) Trevor has won 8 of his last 9 College Tennis Today and Cracked Racquets are both picking the Illini, but close (4-3) and are heavily weighting whether we're inside or outside.
  10. Jared

    So now who's the unstable one?

    I agree with RSK on this one. I don't think the Pac-12's problems have much of an effect on conference realignment issues other than that the window for a potential Pac-12 invite to Texas is closing due to the money disparities. They'll still have the Big10 and the SEC as options in 6-7 years if and when conference realignment rears its ugly head again. And sure, we should be worried about that if/when it comes because we're so small and (yada yada yada)... But I'm not worried today. I'll think about that tomorrow. Angelo suggested on the surlyboard that the Big 12 and Pac12 should consider an alliance to pool their TV negotiations/leverage and to do a scheduling alliance. That sounds like a great idea except for the fact that that's exactly what the SWC did with the Big8 and we all know how that turned out. For that reason, I'm inclined not to do that and instead enjoy watching the Pac12 deal with their issues on their own and let the money disparity continue to grow.
  11. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Against the Illini, it's an even match. We're ranked 8th; they're ranked 9th. They're seeded 8th, we're seeded 9th. We beat them last year in Ft. Worth; they beat us this year in Champaign (5-2). We beat them last year at Athens. We're ranked higher in singles and doubles. We've got two players out due to injuries. All their players are healthy. Vuks beat Norrie last year; Vuks beat Trevor Johnson this year; Rybakov beat Hiltz this year; Vuks/Hiltz beat Gray/Stalder this year; Rybo/Nunez beat Clark/Kovacevic this year; Johnson/Kurzban lost to Brown/Chakravarthi this year; Brown beat Gray this year; Kovacevic beat Nunez this year; Stalder beat Clark this year. The match-ups will be different than they were on 3/2. We hadn't hit our stride by then. Other than against Ohio State, they're very hot. They've played a tougher schedule, but it lightened up as they got into Big10 play. It's hard to say - we could win or we could lose. It's about 50/50. If we play like we did against Oregon (and A&M), we should win. If we play like we did against Baylor or USD, we'll lose. Because of our injuries, I'm moderately pessimistic because our margin for error is slim. We have to win the doubles point. If we do, I'll be moderately optimistic, but we're basically conceding #5 and #6. And if Vuks beats Rybo, our chances are low. As you can see, I'm not very confident, and if we somehow win, I'm not confident at all against Wake.
  12. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Rain is forecast in Winston Salem for both Thursday and Friday, which might play havoc with the scheduled times of the match. Wake has 8 indoor courts right next to the outdoor courts, so 1 of the 2 scheduled matches could be moved indoors - the other would be sent to UNC, which is about 90 minutes away. The college tennis observers are all unanimously pessimistic about TCU's chances given our multiple injuries and the fact that we're more or less conceding the #5 and #6 spots, together with the fact that the Illini have yet to lose at #5 all year. But I think that we still have a chance if we can win the doubles point (which we didn't against the Illini earlier this season) and then get three W's from Rybo (who'll be playing Vuks), TJ (he'll get Alex Brown), Nunez Guillermo will face Hiltz) and/or Stalder (against Kovacevic). The local media ran a segment on the Illini and focused on the fact that TCU knocked them out of the NCAA's last year - they're seeking revenge. But we're also seeking revenge for our L earlier this season. The two teams know each other fairly well - this is the 2nd straight year that we'll play them twice.
  13. Jared

    Michael Collins, Gary Patterson

    Michael Collins was certainly a great Irish patriot, leading the Rebellion against the Brits as a revolutionary and then turning into a diplomat, befriending Churchill and negotiating the creation of the Irish Free State which then transformed into the Republic of Ireland. His untimely assassination in County Cork was one of the worst tragedies that ever befell Ireland (until the murder of Veronica Guerin). It's great that Coach Patterson is honoring him in this way. But what I don't get about the other article is where does the SMU coach get off gratuitously insulting TCU in this way? Everyone knows that, at the very least, TCU is a Top 10 coaching job and probably in the Top 5. Relegating us down to merely the Top 15 is so typical of an SMU coach! This just burns my hide and sticks in my craw and I hope we wallop SMU in every conceivable sport this season just as a retaliation against Dykes' mind-blowingly insulting attitude!
  14. 4-all Top 8. Bases loaded for the Froggies. But Shepherd flies out (F7). 4-all into the 9th. Humphreys walks. Ballwhacker walks. Air Mail walks. Bases loaded with reptiles; no outs. Lumberjacks (who are okay) take Jesus out and put in a non-deity named Ridgely to pitch. Balta walks. 5-4 TCU as Balta gets a RBI and Humphreys scores. Rico Suave. 2-run sangle!! Ballwhacker and Air Mail score and it's 7-4!!!!!!! Rizer walks. Bases full again. Obiwan HBP! 8-4!! Eve's husband. F8. Mr. Shepherd. Lines out. Augie Mihlbauer in to pitch the 9th w/ a 4-run lead. K and then another K! Boyles in for the final out? And another K and the Frogs WIN!!
  15. Isn't Mr. Shepherd "the Clapper?" And if a ball is hit into outer space and never lands, how do we know it's a HR?