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  1. Jerry Lopez continued his hot streak with a gutsy 7-6 (7-3), 7-6 (7-2) victory over former Hurricane Christian Langmo in the semi-finals at the Futures tourney in Cancun. He's now into his second consecutive final there where he will play Hady Habib, a Lebanese player who also happens to be an Aggie. So tomorrow, it'll be yet another Frog v. Aggie match for all the glory in Cancun. Jerry is playing some of the best tennis of his life - 2 consecutive titles would vastly improve his ranking and earn him the most money since he became a pro.
  2. Eduardo Roldan may be out of the Cancun ITF tourney but Jerry Lopez (o Geraldo Lopez Villasenor si prefiere espanol) is still in it (having made the main draw and not having to go through qualies). Yesterday, be beat Nevin Arimilli, a Longhorn recruit, 4 and 2, and today, he beat Jorge Brian Panta, a Peruvian, 2 and 1. He's now into the semis and has a good chance to take his 2nd straight title at Cancun. He'll be playing former Miami Hurricane Christian Langmo tomorrow.
  3. It's 4-all in the 3rd set between Eduardo Roldan and Eduardo Ribeiro in Cancun in what I think is the quarterfinals. Roldan lost the first set 4-6, but came back and won the 2nd 7-5. 4-5. Just as I start following it, Eduardito gets broken (sigh). Roldan falls 4-6, 7-5, 4-6. Reese Stalder's doubles match in Wichita starts in an about an hour. After losing to Ponwith in singles, he got a lucky loser bid into the Round of 16 but lost earlier to John Dunbar (aka Dancing with Wolves) 0-6, 3-6. Widow and Kessler ending up losing a close match to Lebedev/Kirscheimer 6-7 (5-7), 7-6 (8-6), 7-10.
  4. Two Frogs are currently in action this morning. Eduardo Roldan is playing in the qualies at yet another tourney in Cancun - he's into the 3rd set against Luis Patino after winning the first set 6-4 and losing the 2nd set 3-6 and is currently leading 2-0 over Patino. Reese Stalder is playing Ponwith in Wichita and just lost the 1st set 4-6. Eduardo now up 4-3 (up a break) in his 3rd set; Reese is at 3-all in his 2nd. Eduardito 5-3; Widow 4-3 (barely). Roldan advances 6-4, 3-6, 6-3! Patino is ranked at ATP#574, so this is a very good W for Eduardo. Widow still at 4-3 on serve in his 2nd. Stalder 5-3! He gets a key break! Widow takes the 2nd set 6-3!! On to the 3rd and deciding set. 0-1. Ponwith serving first this set. I'm trying to get used to regular scoring with deuces and ads. (I suspect Widow is too). Strike that! It's not regular scoring - they're playing a pro-set tie-breaker. (First to 10 points wins - I think). Reese trailing 1-3. 2-3. 3-all. 4-all. 5-4! Reese takes his first lead in the breaker. 5-all. This is moving quickly. 5-7. (sigh). 5-8. Not looking good. 5-9. Quadruple match point. 6-9. Triple match point. Stalder falls 4-6, 6-3, 6-10. His doubles match will be later this afternoon.
  5. The Red Widow has traveled from Champaign to Wichita and will playing tomorrow at the Futures tourney where Cam Norrie once won the title. He'll be facing Arizona State's Nathan Ponwith, who the Frogs know fairly well from playing them so often - Ponwith used to play for Georgia before being kicked off the team for marijuana possession (which will be legal in 6 months if they had stayed in Champaign). This time, Reese will be teaming with Florida's Mcclain Kessler in doubles. No word on Rybo as yet - I'm thinking he may have just quit the game or something (but he did tweet "insane" about the fact that Rafa, Fed and Joker have won 22 of the past 25 Slams).
  6. Jerry Lopez (o Gerardo Lopez Villasenor si prefiere espanol) won the first set in the finals in Cancun 6-1 over the Trojan and is looking good for his 2nd ever pro singles title. This tourney is a $15,000 ITF Futures tourney, so he wouldn't earn that much money, but at least it's not just a transition tourney. 2-1 in the 2nd set. 3-1. Up a break. 4-1! Jerry gets another break! (As Rafa beats Thiem at Roland Garros - Rafa's 12th French title). 5-1! After multiple deuces. 6-1! Jerry takes the title with a dominant 6-1, 6-1 W! He's worked his way up to an ATP #548 ranking and this should really help move him up further.
  7. And now, he's into the finals, having beaten Nick Hardt 6-2, 6-1 in the semis. He'll now face former USC Trojan Connor Farren in the finals tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Go Jerry! He's won 1 Futures championship (last year) in his career - this would be a sweet title if he stays hot.
  8. Widow lost to Fawcett 2 and 4 yesterday, so I guess that's it for all the various Frogs this week. Norrie should be at Nottingham next week (although according to twitter he needs new shoes and will pay top dollar) and Rybo will debut at some point soon.
  9. Thanks! It's hard to follow every single Frog playing all over the world. Paroulek/Styler lost 3 and 4 in doubles today at Karlsruhe, so Tadeas is done there. Reese Stalder/Luke Gamble lost 6-7 (3-7), 7-5, 8-10 in doubles at Champaign. He's scheduled to play Tom Fawcett (ATP #472) in about 10 minutes in singles. Gray's loss (2-6, 5-7) at Surbiton was to Soon Woo Kwon, a Korean with an ATP ranking of #135.
  10. Tadeas Paroulek lost to Guinard 1-6, 6-3, 4-6 in the Round of 16 in singles today at Karlsruhe but he and Stlyer won their doubles match 6-2, 7-5 over the Taylor Brothers and have advanced to the quarter-finals against the team of Frawley/Negritu tomorrow. The Red Widow began his full-time pro career in style today, upsetting Iowa's Alex Brown 7-5, 7-6 (7-3) at Champaign in singles and has advanced to the 2nd round of qualies against Stanford's Tom Fawcett (ATP#472) tomorrow. Reese and Luke Gamble are playing their doubles match right now and trail 3-4 in the first set (even on serve).
  11. Reese Stalder's debut as a full-time pro will begin tomorrow in Champaign in the Futures tourney at the U of I - he'll play Alex Brown (formerly an Iowa Hawkeye) tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and in doubles he'll team with Princeton's Luke Gamble and they are scheduled to face Darryl Hale and Gonzaga's Nicholas Kamisar in the first round tomorrow as well. In Karlsruhe, Tadeas Paroulek (ATP #643) beat Gibril Diarra today 2 and 4 in singles and he'll now face Frenchman Manuel Guinard (ATP #421) in the round of 16. He and Ondrej Styler have yet to play their opening round doubles match. Unfortunately, however, Tomas Jirousek lost 4 and 2 to Styler today so he's done in Karlsruhe.
  12. I haven't been able to figure out where Alex Rybakov will be making his full-time pro debut - there's a Challenger starting tomorrow in Little Rock and Florida's Oliver Crawford and USC's Brandon Holt will be there, but Rybo isn't listed. There's also a Challenger in Columbus next week but they haven't listed their draw as yet, so maybe he'll be there. (It sure would be helpful if he tweeted his schedule). The Winnetka Challenger here in the Chicago area is in about a month. Both Nick Chappell and Jerry Lopez just finished an ITF tourney in Cancun - they both lost in the 2nd round in singles. Cam Norrie is likely headed to Surbiton and Nottingham as the French Open wraps up. (He's still recovering from a hip injury he suffered in Houston). Tomas Jirousek has traveled from Most to Karlsruhe, Germany and is into the qualies there - he won his first round 6-3, 6-2 today over Belarus' Mikalai Haliak and will play Tadeas' doubles partner Ondrej Styler tomorrow. Tadeas is also there - he won his first match in the qualies 2 and 4 over Germany's Marvin Rehberg and will face Austria's Gibril Diarra tomorrow. In doubles, Tadeas is ignoring Tomas and will continue to partner with Styler - they're already into the main draw. Karlsruhe is on the Rhine and is the 2nd largest city (behind Stuttgart) in the state of Baden-Wurtemmburg - Thomas Jefferson visited there while he was ambassador to France and it's known for its chemistry conclaves and for its Institute of Technology. It also hosts an annual Handel Festival.
  13. Well, in the major men's sport, we made the Elite 8 (and our 5th consecutive Sweet 16), losing only to the eventual national champ, we finished in the Top 10 yet again, our top player made the semis for only the 2nd time in history and lost only to the nation's #1 player and a recent grad vaulted into the ATP Top 50; the fastest rise of any college player in over a decade. And in golf, I think Alexa Shaw said that we finished in the Top 15; and in rifle, we won the natty. In the minor sports, we won the most entertaining bowl game of the entire bowl season, we made our 3rd consecutive basketball post-season; and we finished in the Top 32 in baseball after making a regional final against a national seed. In 1977, we went 0-11 in football (however, as usual for a tennis school, we were in the Top 25 in our principal sport) and if you had told me these would be the 2018-19 results for the other sports, I wouldn't have believed you. I guess the definition of "well short of expectations" varies.
  14. I'm not sure if it matters all that much. Basically, we need to win 3 straight games and we've really only got one starting pitcher and if we lose once, then we're done. So do you play one at a time just to advance or do you plan ahead assuming you'll win? Tough call. That's what gets Schloss the big bucks. I'd probably hold Janny for later but that probably means that we'll lose to Central Connecticut and he won't get to play all series. Aggies trailing the Eers 2-love.
  15. Central Connecticut is about to upset Cal - they lead 7-3 going into the 9th. The Pac12 is suffering from money problems, attendance problems, TV problems and competitiveness problems across the board. Final CCSU 7 Cal 4. (And McNeese State is leading Ohio State 8-5 in another elimination game).
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