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  1. That setting and landscaping is so pretty. That looks like Bertus on the near court - I wonder if Tadeas, Tomas and Jacob are in town yet.
  2. Hawaii with the potential clinching TD against Zona - the Rainbow Warriors lead 45-35, with 5:02 left.
  3. The U.S. Open main draw has been announced and Cam Norrie (ATP #60) is scheduled to play Gregoire Barrere (ATP# 109) on Monday at 1:15 in the afternoon. Barrere is from France, he's 25 years old and he's currently at his career high ranking. They've played once before and Cam won.
  4. It was a pleasant surprise to actually watch GameDay this morning. The biggest game, I think, is Miami v. Florida and I guess I'm for the Canes. BYU-Utah is on Thursday night.
  5. Jared

    AP Poll

    I'd guess Utah, UCF and Syracuse. The Utes are getting a lot of hype and I think it's setting up to be sort of a "Quest for perfection-like" thing that bedeviled BYU in 2008. I know that they made the Pac12 championship game last year, but I think they've now got a target on their backs. UCF, I think, is due not to be the AAC champ. And I have my doubts about Syracuse - other than Clemson, the ACC is pretty weak and the Orange might be the other good team there, but I suspect it'll be someone else. I also don't think Bama, Georgia, LSU and Florida all will end up in the Top 10.
  6. Jared

    AP Poll

    Here's the preseason poll. TCU is 31st in the ARV category. 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Georgia 4. Oklahoma 5. Ohio State 6. LSU 7. Michigan 8. Florida 9. Notre Dame 10. Texas 11. Oregon 12. A&M 13. Washington 14. Utah 15. Penn State 16. Auburn 17. UCF 18. Michigan State 19. Wisconsin 20. Iowa 21. Iowa State 22. Syracuse 23. Washington State 24. Nebraska 25. Stanford It looks a lot like last year. I predict changes.
  7. Alex Rybakov (ATP# 655) is currently playing in a qualie round for the U.S. Open against Facundo Bagnis (ATP#165). Alex is up a break 5-3 in the first set! 5-4. Bagnis holds. Alex takes the first set 6-4! 0-1. Bagnis serving first this set. 1-all. Rybo survives a break point to hold over the Argentine. 1-2. 1-3. Bagnis gets the early break... Alex falls 1-6 in the 2nd. Ugh. On to the 3rd set! 0-1. Serving first, Rybo is broken in a loong 18 minute game, with multiple deuces. 0-2. Not looking good. 1-2. Alex holds for the first time in awhile. 1-4. Down 2 breaks... 1-5. 2-5. Still alive... Alex falls 6-4, 1-6, 2-6 and is out of the U.S. Open. And Reese Stalder lost in the qualies in both singles and doubles at the Memphis Futures tourney.
  8. Cam Norrie didn't automatically qualify for Cincinnati, so he played a qualie round yesterday and lost to Denis Kudla 3 and 4. He'll qualify automatically for the U.S. Open though.
  9. Do you mean taking the "C" out of TCU by offering beer?!! Goodness Gracious!
  10. Blacklock starts and the Frogs cruise 61-6.
  11. Sadly, probably because I was bragging on him yesterday, Tadeas Paroulek lost this morning in a close 3-setter at Novi Sad 4-6, 6-3, 4-6 to Miladinovic in the semis and is out of the tourney. Because he probably will be travelling to Ft. Worth soon to enroll as a Frog, this may be his last tourney as a non-Frog. He's had a good summer, but I may have to revise my guess as to where he will play on the Frog team, I mean, if you can't even beat Miladinovic, how can you expect to be playing at the #3 position for TCU?
  12. Here's a current look at where all the various past, present and future Frogs stand in the ATP singles and doubles rankings as of today. Bear in mind that, starting this year, there is also a separate ranking - ITF World Rankings - which is really only applicable to those who play only ITF events (Futures and transition tour tourneys) and which then determines eligibility for ATP events (Challengers , ATP 250's, ATP1000's, Slams), but to list those too will only confuse me/you, so let's ignore them for now. Cameron Norrie - 62 (singles) and 170 (doubles); Nick Chappell - 553 (singles) and 1006 (doubles) Gerardo Lopez Villasenor (Jerry Lopez) - 568 (singles) and 1171 (doubles) Tadeas Paroulek - 610 (singles and 615 (doubles) Alex Rybakov - 651 (singles) and 1527 (doubles) Tomas Jirousek - 828 (singles) and 2281 (doubles) Alastair Gray - 986 (singles) and 1373 (doubles) Trevor Johnson - 1479 (singles) and 1262 (doubles (hasn't played since last November and appears to have "retired") Reese Stalder - 1551 (singles) and 997 (doubles) Eduardo Roldan - 1792 (singles) and 1789 (doubles) Jacob Fearnley - NR (singles) and 1441 (doubles) Bertus Kruger - NR and NR Sander Jong - NR and NR Luc Fomba - NR and NR Max Kurzban - NR and NR Juan Martin- NR and NR Given this list, you can see why Tadeas Paroulek's recent performance is so impressive; he's moved past Rybo in ATP rankings even though Alex has principally been playing Challengers and Tadeas has only played a series of Futures. And when Rybo actually plays Futures, he wins them (Iowa City). He's also ahead of Alastair Gray, but Ali has only played 4 tourneys this summer and 1 of them was an ATP250 and 1 was a Challenger. And Kruger, Fomba, Jong, Kurzban and Martin haven't been playing tourneys this summer at all. Cam has been slipping a little since his CH of Top 50. How does all this translate into our projected line-up next year? Only Roditi really knows. My guess at present is Gray at #1, Kruger at #2, Paroulek at #3, Fomba at #4, Jong at #5, Roldan at #6 and Jirousek, Fearnley, Kurzban and Martin either in doubles or on the bench. But who knows until they start playing each other this fall?
  13. Tadeas Paroulek won yet again this morning in a 3-set victory over Oliel at Novi Sad. He won the first set 7-6, got bageled 0-6 in the 2nd and then came back and took the 3rd set 6-4. This puts him in the semis in singles for the second consecutive week in Serbia - this is very impressive for an incoming college freshman. Is he that good or are the fields at these tourneys not so strong? Next up tomorrow will be Marko Miladinovic, an 18-year old Serb, playing on his home courts.
  14. Tadeas Paroulek was in the same singles bracket as Tomas Jirousek at Novi Sad and he thus played the guy who beat Tomas this morning - Maciej Rajski - and won in a tight 3-setter, 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 and has advanced to the quarters where he will now face Yshai Oliel (ATP# 569), a 19-year-old Israeli, who is also a two-time Junior Orange Bowl champ. He's only alive in singles now as he and Darko lost in doubles yesterday.
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